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Theo Stone (28), on an extended working holiday in New Zealand, permitted by the visa he held and currently working on a mixed farm on the Canterbury Plains, muttered a curse as he was awakened by a 6.20 a.m. phone call.

“Yeah, Theo.”

“Answer phone politely please Theo. You are a well-educated Englishman, not some punk from the slums of Liverpool if they still exist.”

“Pardon me, Mrs Hamilton (wife of his boss Gordon Hamilton). Good morning, Theo Stone speaking.”

“Excellent. Gordon has just called saying he has taken Mick and Ian to the run-off (off-shoot rough dry-stock farm land) and will be fencing all day and they don’t expect to return before night-fall. He’s suggested I take advantage of you (giggling) to shell peas.”

Fuck, cooped up all day with Mrs Motor Mouth while the two permanent hands worked leisurely all day with the boss on the sub-Alpine farmland shifting cattle and fixing fencing and enjoying “crystal-clear air and the spectacular views of the plains and sea below, he scowled.

“Okay, then I see you at 9.00, Mrs Hamilton.”

“Like hell, there’s no slacking off on this farm but nice try, Theo. Breakfast in my kitchen as usual at 7.00 and starting work hand-shelling peas for the freezer by 7.30.”

“Okay, he sighed, and terminated the call before she had time to think of more jobs for him around the house.

At 11 o’clock next morning,, Mrs Hamilton said they had been going great guns (progressing well) and they could stop in thirty minutes for a pre-lunch drink.

Molly was eleven years younger than the boss whom he married bahis firmaları three months after his first wife had died after falling off her horse in a show ring jumping competition, crashing head-first against the rock wall jump. Molly was his late wife niece.

She was athletic though a little chubby and was banned by her husband from horse riding. She ran cross-county two or three times a week with female friends, cycled considerable distances with a group on Saturdays, played mixed tennis, skied and skated on iced lakes in winter for fitness and, he assumed, to get away from the house.

She looked almost stunning when he’d arrived for breakfast. Her hair was down and she was wearing the dress the boss favoured that showed heaps of tit flesh although the nipples were under-cover as, um, expected.

“How do I look?” she asked, making Theo she might be off later for lunch and to get a bit on the side. She’d better be careful because the boss was a hard bastard and would probably hospitalize any guy he caught with his wife.

“Quite a delectable package, I have to say.”

She turned a little pink and delivered a beautiful smile.

They began shelling peas sitting on stools opposite each other at the breakfast table.

Molly had put on an apron and so the cleavage was hidden but he noticed her boobs appeared very mobile.

Jeepers, she wasn’t wearing a bra. His dick began to stiffen as a result of that discovery but subsided as he began counting the peas from a number of pods as he shelled them to keep thoughts of sex at bay.

Just after 11.30, Molly left kaçak iddaa the table and returned with a bottle of New Zealand red wine on to the table gently placed two wine glasses on to the wooden surface.

“Right, let’s have a long break. We are much further ahead than I’d expected. Pour please, Theo.”

His pouring hand shook and he kept glancing at Molly removing her apron. All of her upper body appeared to wobble. He looked up and found she was staring at him intently.

“Like what you see?”

He nodded.

“Have you been getting your share of sex since you have been with us?”


“Will I know any of them?”

“I prefer not to say.”

“Ah, discreet, are we?”


“I approve of that, Theo.”

He glanced at her boobs, and realized she’d caught him looking at them again.

He cringed and then heard her say “You are free to look at them, sweetie. That’s part of the reason why they are there.”

His dick was attempting to uncurl in his underpants, having difficulty because he was seated, stretching the material of his pants across the top of this thighs.

Molly tabled her glass after taking a long sip of Pinot Noir and appeared to be thinking or checking what she was about to say.

“Have you ever thought of touching me?”

Theo nodded and took a big gulp of wine, thinking fuck, he was the target, not some lucky chap he’d surmised would be taking her to lunch.

His bunched-up cock was hurting him.

“Good, come over and sit next to me. Pull my tits out and play with them. I’m totally kaçak bahis switched on at the thought of having a young man called Theo Stone pound me into ecstasy.”

Picking up his glass, Theo cleared his throat and said, “What if…”

“What if Gordie comes home unexpectedly and catches us at it?”

Theo nodded.

“I’ll check my phone.”

“Ah, he’s in the foothills where he’s meant to be, at least his vehicle is, according to my tracker app.”

“That’s great to know. Um, I’ve never fucked a married woman before.”

“What, not even your mother.”

“Hell, no.”


“That’s okay.”

“Theo, fucking a married woman is no different from fucking an unmarried female, especially unmarried ones who fuck a great deal. And to relax you, I won’t move to get you fired for fucking me and I absolutely will not be telling Gordie or anyone else that I’ve played filthy with you.


She asked what did that mean and Theo said to pull up her dress hem because he was coming to sit beside her and work her up until she was jerking his erection and yelling for him to take her inside to a sofa

Later as they lurched into the lounge after long and very messily pre-sex warm-up activity, both wearing little clothing and with Molly leading Theo with a good grip on his resolute erection, she said she knew a few females under thirty that she played tennis with, who could be interested in being banged by Theo.

“Bring them on, discreetly,” he said, chopping a hand down to clip her swaying butt.

“You bastard,” she snarled. “I’m about ready to spray all over you.”

“Bring it on,” he goaded happily, feeling more like one lucky man farmhand now endowed with warm consent to discreetly dip into the boss’s horny wife, repeatedly.

The End

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