Lynn’s Alley Ch. 19

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“Glad that you’re back home?” Ali asked as the wheels hit the tarmac at the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans; well, in Kenner actually, a western ‘burb of the Big Easy.

“Oh yeah,” I truthfully answered, “It’s definitely good to be back home.”

I had flown into the Twin Cities on a Wednesday, and it was as cold as a well-digger’s ass in Siberia.

Not going to miss this shit, I thought to myself as I drove from the rental car lot at the airport.

I drove to my lawyer’s office in St. Paul, on Snelling Street; Teri was waiting for me when I arrived. We hugged and kissed each other, both of us trying very hard to keep a smug smile from our faces.

The meeting was brief, the paperwork from the buyers all in order, and all the numbers as they were supposed to be. Agreeing to meet for breakfast the next morning with him, before we went to the signing, Teri and I left to go to our office.

I made the announcement to my crew, Teri having called them all to come in for a group meeting. After assurances that nobody was losing their part-time jobs and that they were guaranteed transition to the buying company, we were hugged and kissed and thanked by as good of a bunch of geeks as there ever was.

“Yes, I cried,” I told Ali when we talked that evening over the phone, “You’re damned right I cried; some of these kids have been with me since their freshman year at college.”

“I would’ve expected nothing less, Lynn Marie,” Ali’s voice soothingly said in comfort to me.

Ali would be flying to the Cities for a board meeting on Monday, and she’d help me pack the few remaining personal items I had left at my condo for shipment to our home in New Orleans.

Teri asked to buy my condo, as an investment property, to use as a rental; she and Nat were still cohabitating and seemingly, still very much in love with each other. That bit of news made me happy as well. We agreed on a price that would include the remaining furniture as well, and shook on it; she called a real-estate agent friend of hers to start drawing up the papers for us to sign before I left the Cities next week.

I drove to my parent’s farm on Friday morning, looking forward to spending a weekend with my family and my sibs. Yes, my sibs; Jan hadn’t been a bitch to me in over a year and we were able to have normal, stress-free interaction now.

Daddy and Mom were as glad to see me again, as I was them. Mom did her best that weekend to make me gain a hundred pounds with all of the wonderful meals and desserts; she ‘thought’ that I looked a bit ‘thin’, but I was happy with the 120 lbs that I carried on my frame but I ate anyway, vowing to begin running again when I returned to New Orleans.

Ali arrived as scheduled, had her meeting and we spent Monday night and most of Tuesday packing up my crap for shipment. Teri would oversee the pickup of my goods after we returned to N’awlins.

We took Nat and Teri out to dinner on Tuesday evening, the table overflowing with good vibes and genuine happiness for both Teri and I. Hugging and kissing them goodbye before we left the restaurant was very bittersweet for me, my mind overflowing with ‘snapshots’ of my time with them over the past couple of years.

Yes, I cried that last night in my soon-to-be-sold condo, Ali’s arm holding me tight to her body as I did so.

I spent a huge part of my life in the Cities; I discovered a side of me that I didn’t know was in me and in the end, I had found my soul mate, here, in the Cities.

So, yes, I cried.


The Gallery was very busy these days; Mardi Gras season was in full swing, visitors were dropping in as they toured the art district, and Sami had been successful in getting our site designed and running. Her choice of a web designer was outstanding and all three of us were very pleased with the resulting ‘hits’ after just a few days.

For her part, Sami was working like a woman possessed; first to arrive and usually, the last to leave at night. She had set up a network of burgeoning unknown artists on a rotating schedule of showings, which resulted in a lot of sales; the artists were happy with their sales, and we were pleased with our commissions.

Win-Win; a good thing, no?

About a week after Ali and I had returned from the Cities, the three of us were at home, devouring a delicious Shrimp gumbo that Mama Jo had made for us and had one of her sons drop off.

“How’s your mama?” Ali had asked Jerome when he dropped off the gumbo.

“She’s really good, Ms. Alice; really enjoying spoiling her grandkids,” he laughingly said.

“Good. I’m glad to hear that,” Ali told him and giving him a message that Ali and I were going to take Mama Jo out to dinner in a few days, he left, waving as he pulled onto the boulevard in front of the manse.

“Damn, this is good!” Sami exclaimed between spoonfuls of the gumbo.

“Oh yeah, Mama Jo can cook!” I chimed in.

“So Sami, any luck with Sharon finding you a place?” Ali asked as we cleaned up balçova escort our dishes.

Laughing, Sami said, “Why? Have I worn out my welcome already?”

“Hell no, babygirl, you’re welcome to stay with us however long you want, I just figured that you’d like to get your own ‘space’ is all,” Ali said, and my head nodding in agreement.

“Well, truthfully, Sharon does appear to be dragging her feet a bit; oh, she’s showed me a few places but they weren’t quite right, you know?”

“Yeah, I know what you mean; it took me a long time before I found my place in St. Paul,” I chimed into the conversation.

“I think she’s more interested to see if she can get me into bed, if you want to know the truth,” Sami offered up, “She damned sure drops enough hints and innuendoes.”

“The woman does like to fuck, that’s for damned sure,” I agreed.

“Well, there’s no rush, baby; like I said, you’re welcome to stay with us as long as you’d like,” Ali said to her, giving her a quick kiss to her lips.

The three of us cohabitating was working very well, all of us enjoying the sorority atmosphere of the manse with Sami there. Yes, the three of us still had joyful romps as a triad and, a couple of times, Sami had even brought her new friend, Gina, to spend the night. The sounds from Sami’s room on those evenings certainly indicated that they enjoyed each other’s company in bed, that’s for damn sure.

Gina had not told Janice, her boss, that she was fucking a client and we didn’t feel the need to inform her either. Work was work, but after that, they were entitled to enjoy each other was Ali and I’s view.


“It’s a shame that Sami’s not able to go with us,” Ali mentioned as we got into our costumes.

Ali’s family had belonged to a Mardi Gras Krewe for years, and with her dad’s passing, Ali inherited that, as well.

A Krewe is a private, usually expensive, ‘club’ that holds its own parade sometime during the long, festive Mardi Gras season. The Krewe’s parade was that night and we were riding on one of the floats as ‘throwers’, tossing beads and trinkets to the parade watchers.

“Most of the float riders will probably be drunk before we even leave the staging area,” Ali explained to me, “but its great fun and one huge fucking party.”

“Do I look okay?” I asked her as I twirled in my get-up.

“Good enough to eat,” Ali said as she embraced me before kissing me with passion.

“Baby, we just got dressed and we have to be there in an hour,” I said as she felt me up, kissing me and getting my horny motor running fast.

“Yeah, I know, but still…”

We were only fifteen minutes late.

The parade was the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in a long time. Drunks on the floats tossing beads and shit; drunks on the street catching them and yelling, “Throw me something, Mister,” fighting each other for the goodies that were flying from the floats. Old women, young women lifting their shirts flashing their titties hoping to attract attention from the throwers; one hell of a good time was had by all, I can truthfully say.

Our particular float was the third in line and when we reached the end of the parade route, we boarded chartered busses that would take us back to the staging area and our cars.

One of the other riders was a married woman of about forty-five’ish, and had been next to Ali and me on the float. The three of us had shared nips from the flask of Cognac that we had brought, and when we finished it, she had produced one of her own, sharing it with us. Her husband was also on the float but was very busy chatting up some of the other women and girls on our float. Ali knew her, casually, introducing me to her when we started the parade.

“Any chance that I could get a ride with you gals back to my place?” Jane had asked when we arrived at the staging area on the bus. The three of us had sat together, finishing her flask and laughing on the trip back. Her husband had chosen to sit with a couple of ‘young things’, obviously more concerned with scoring with them then being with his wife.

“Your husband’s not going with you?” I asked Jane as we stood next to Ali’s car.

“Him? Fuck him! He’s more interested in trying to fuck one of those girls,” Jane answered, “Me? I’d just as soon go home and get plowed rather than watch him embarrass himself and me.”

“Not much fun for you,” Ali said, a glint of ‘something’ in her eyes, I noticed.

“Yeah, well, I’m use to it,” Jane said, “So how ’bout it; want to give an old lady a ride home.”

Ali’s eyes quickly flashed me signals, and leaning in towards me, Ali gave me a long, lingering kiss while feeling my breast.

“Oh my, am I interrupting some plans for you two,” Jane asked, not as much shocked by what she had just witnessed, as she was, intrigued.

“No, not at all, we were just going to head to our place for a little hot-tubbing and maybe enjoy a bit of ganja,” Ali said, wiping her finger across my lips, smoothing karşıyaka escort my gloss back into place.

“Well, that sounds like fun,” Jane said, her eyes moving between Ali and I as we stood with our arms around each other’s waists.

“Want to join in the fun?” Ali asked locking Jane’s eyes with her own.

“Really? You wouldn’t mind a third wheel along for the ride,” Jane said, her voice indicating more than a passing interest in us, now.

“Not at all, Jane,” I now said, “Ali and I enjoy having ‘third wheels’ around us, at times,” my smile evolving into more of a leer.

Jane might be forty-five, but her body was more like that of someone in their mid-thirties. She was on the short side, maybe 5’3 or so and no more than 110 lbs I thought as the three of us stripped in the Aquatic room, none of us feeling any pain with all the Cognac we had consumed. For her part, Jane showed no reluctance at getting naked in front of us.

She noticed my pink panther tattoo over my nookie’s trimmed bush and just fell in love with it, laughing at the image. Glad to say that my panther still received rave reviews when seen for the first time by somebody.

We brought our freshly poured snifters with us to the hot tub and while they got in first, I rolled us a quick joint to share.

“I haven’t smoke this crap in a few years, so I’m warning you ahead of time that I don’t know how it’ll effect me,” Jane said as she took the doob from my hand after I had fired it up and taken a hit.

Jane inhaled, tentatively at first, drawing it a little deeper as the smoke proved to be rather smooth; gulping it down and holding her breath, she passed it to Ali, for her turn.

“Holy crap but that tastes soooo good,” Jane commented as her smile grew into a huge grin.

“Glad you like it sweetie,” Ali said as she passed it to me. Two more rounds and I put it out, saving the last half for later.

The stone was working its magic on us now, the three of us sort of melting into the bubbling water, resting our heads on the edge of the tub. All of us had our eyes closed, enjoying the mellowness and the sounds that Ali had piped into the room from her sound system.

Breaking the silence after about five minutes, Jane asked, “So, are you two an item, or just really good friends,” laughing a bit.

“We’re definitely an item,” Ali answered, “we’ve been an item now for about a year.”

Crap! Had our ‘anniversary’ come and gone and I’d missed it? I wondered.

“It’ll be a year, next week,” Ali said.


“Good to be able to find a good love,” Jane said, sort of wistfully, “Hank and I use to have that, but these days, not so much.”

“Sorry to hear that.” Hell, what else could you say to something like that?

“Oh, don’t be sorry, Lynn; when my daughter graduates from college next year, I’m divorcing his cheating ass and finally, I’ll have a life of my own for whatever time I have left on God’s green earth.”

The three of us were silent for a few minutes, enjoying the stoning and the music, as well as the warm, soothing water.

“By the way, you two, whenever ya’ll are ready for some privacy, let me know and I’ll call a cab to get home,” she said to us in passing.

“That’s one option,” I offered up.

“There’s more than one option?” she asked, her eyes still closed, the stone having fully hit her now, judging by the silly grin on her face.

“Yeah,” Ali said, leaving ‘our’ side of the tub to move closer to Jane, “another one could be that you stay for a while longer, with us, and we’ll bring you home later,” Ali’s hand rising from the water to lightly brush across Jane’s very nice C-cup breasts.

Jane’s eyes popped wide open at the touch of Ali’s hand.

“Ali, I’ve, er, well, I’ve never been with a woman, you know, like that,” Jane said, but making no move to stop Ali’s hand from what it was doing.

Moving to the other side of Jane now, putting her between Ali and me, I asked, “Ever think about it,” my hand joining Ali’s now, lightly brushing across her boobs.

“The thought’s crossed my mind from time to time, Lynn, but, well, I’ve just never done anything more than think about it,” she answered, not stopping my hand either.

“Would you like to, sweetie,” Ali said as she leaned in and lightly kissed the side of Jane’s face, “with us, here, tonight?”

“I wouldn’t know what to do, Ali” Jane said to us, her breathing a bit labored it seemed.

Kissing the other side of her face, I nibbled her ear, whispering, “We could show you, Jane; we can teach you all sort of things, baby,” moving my hand to finger-walk, gently, across her abdomen, just above her neatly trimmed bush.

Before she could answer me, I brought my mouth to her chest, kissing and licking my tongue up her neck as she tilted her head back in response. My fingers were now walking across her pubes, lightly brushing the skin as I did so.

Ali moved her hand to cup Jane’s breast, tenderly, softly rubbing çeşme escort the nipple with the palm of her hand, the nipple hard and erect in arousal.

Jane was silent for a short while, letting us kiss and touch her as we were doing, when she answered us; “Yeah, I think I’d like that,” she said, putting her hands on the back of our heads, her fingers rubbing through our hair.

Ali and I spent a deliciously long time kissing and fondling Jane, her body’s response clearly showing that she loved what we were doing to her. We sort of ‘tag-teamed’ her, taking turns kissing her, sucking her titties, playing with her nookie, keeping her on the edge of orgasm for an awfully long time; long enough that she started asking, really almost begging, us to let her climax.

“Not yet, Jane,” I said, reaching for one of the towels on the side of the tub to dry my hands, “let’s finish the doobie and then, we’ll take you upstairs to our bed, where we can properly make love with you, to you.”

Handing over towels to them to dry off after I had gotten out of the tub and dried myself, I lit the doob and passed it to Ali; three rounds and it was gone and so were the three of us.

Jane walked upstairs with us, none of us feeling any pain at all; between the Cognac and the weed, we were feeling just peachy-keen fine.

Ali and I climbed onto bed, placing Jane between us, her arms going around us when we leaned down to suck and lick her breasts, soft moans escaping from her lips. Ali moved up her body and kissed her lustfully, their tongues in each other’s mouths; I kissed my way down her body from her very suckable breasts until I had maneuvered myself between her legs.

Placing my mouth on her nookie, my tongue flicked across her clit which drew a muffled gasp from her mouth; taking that to be a sign that she liked it, I placed my hands under her ass and lifted her crotch to my mouth, sliding my tongue easily into her pussy.

Her moans were now louder, much louder and her kissing of Ali became even more lustful and carnal, Ali responding in the same way. Jane’s pussy had a very nice scent and tasted honey-like which fueled my cunnilingual assault of her snatch all the more. Her hips were moving, grinding against my mouth and tongue, her hands feeling and fondling Ali’s breasts as they kissed and touched each other.

“Oh dear God,” she suddenly screamed, as her hands flew to my head, holding it to her pussy as she bucked upwards, hard against my mouth, “I’m going to come, oh damn, damn….” Her voice becoming a whimper of pleasure as her orgasm shook her body unmercifully.

Placing small kisses to her face as Jane’s climax ebbed, I had crawled up to lay beside her as well, she turning to kiss me lustfully, tasting her juices on my mouth. We snuggled for a bit when Ali broke the silence as she moved between Jane’s legs; “My turn now, sweetheart, strap yourself in,” lowering her head to Jane’s very wet pussy.

We dropped Jane at her house around three in the morning, her husband’s car not in the driveway. She didn’t fucking care whether or not he ever came home, she said. We loved her that evening, taking turns getting her off, taking turns getting her hot; she wanted to please us but we told her no, not tonight; tonight was all about the two of us pleasuring her. Later? On another day or evening if she wanted to come back to play with us, we told her that we’d let her join in the fun of giving a woman an orgasm, but not tonight.

“Promise?” she asked as she took turns kissing us goodnight, “promise that we can do this again?”

“You have the phone number to the house, baby; give us a call when you’d like to get together again, okay?” Ali said as they shared a last kiss.

“That was fun,” I stated as I drove us home from Jane’s place.

“You bet it was,” Ali agreed.

“Think she’ll call?” I asked, “Or do you think she’ll be remorseful in the morning?”

“Nah, she’ll call, Lynn; they all want more of us once they’ve had us in bed.”

That wasn’t an untruth.


Ali and I had talked about her apartment in the French Quarters a couple of times; we hardly used it anymore, and she even thought about selling it but I dissuaded her from that thought.

“It’s too valuable,” I had told her, “Hell, if anything, use it as a rental or a lease property,” I had suggested. I could almost see the light bulb going off above her head when I said that.

“You know, that’s not a bad idea,” she agreed; “What would you think about me offering it to Sami, as a rental?” She asked.

“I’ve heard worse ideas,” I agreed.

That night, after we had closed the Gallery and finished with some paperwork and all, we sat upstairs in our studio space, enjoying a couple of cold beers as we decompressed from the day. Ali mentioned to Sami her idea of renting her the Quarters’ place and mentioned a price that was definitely affordable for Sami, now.

“Are you fucking serious?” Sami said with a bit of a shock on her face.

“Serious as I can be, Sami.”

“But don’t you guys still use it from time to time?”

“Hardly at all,” I piped up, “the last time we were there was to collect a bunch of junk mail and check on things.”

“Think about it, Sami,” Ali started to say, “and whenever…” Ali’s speaking was interrupted by Sami.

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