M Club Ch. 17

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Andy didn’t need to worry about the conspicuous state of his cock while stepping onto the patio, as Vida was busy locking lips with her boyfriend in the hot tub and neither noticed their approach. Lisa, who’d disappointingly let go of his erection before going outside, hesitated at the sight. It felt like they were intruding, even though they’d been invited.

Leon spotted them and broke off the kiss long enough to wave them over. “C’mon in.”

Andy felt both Leon’s and Vida’s gaze fall to his crotch, but neither made any big deal over it. Why should they? He’d just jerked off in front of everyone and Leon was almost certainly hard under Vida’s attention.

Lisa wrapped her fingers in Andy’s and pulled him toward the hot tub – a built-in, elegantly tiled affair that butted up against the swimming pool. The tub was circular with bench seating and fewer jets than the one at Lisa’s house, but it was also capable of holding far more people if pressed into service. Had Denby and Sean stuck around, the six of them would still have had plenty of room to spread out.

Stepping into water that glowed blue from underwater lights, Andy could just make out the entangled bodies of Vida and Leon. Leon had his legs stretched out while Vida was pressed up against his side, one leg draped over his. Even with the rippling surface of the water, there was no mistaking his state of arousal.

Lisa settled onto the bench a few feet away from Vida and Andy sat beside her rather than trying to squeeze in between the two girls, fun as that might be. The water was pleasantly warm without testing the threshold of tolerance as some hot tubs were set. Before he had even relaxed into his seat, Lisa had a hand on his thigh, high enough that her pinky brushed against his balls. No chance of his cock settling down any time soon, he figured.

“So, you two a couple?” Leon’s attention was mostly on Andy and Lisa, though he continued to stroke Vida’s shoulder with his fingers.

Lisa glanced to Andy and he answered. “I think we’ve settled on friends.”

“With benefits, still being negotiated,” Lisa added. At that she gave his cock a quick, playful squeeze before returning her hand to his thigh.

Leon chuckled. “Fair enough. Benefits are always good.”

Andy found himself self-conscious, hoping the older guy wouldn’t dig further into their sexual history. Compared with Leon, Andy’s experiences were surely lacking. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but he wanted to look good in the other’s eyes.

Fortunately, the conversation quickly changed to school and other safe topics. Leon was every bit as personable as Vida and they talked a lot about college life – classes, dorms, parties, and money. Andy was able to drag some more about the football program out of Leon before the girls lost interest and the topic shifted to television.

For at least half an hour, they talked and laughed. Lisa didn’t tease his cock, now soft, and no one else made any overt sexual advances on their partners. Amazingly, after the energy of their M Club session, they were all able to act like their state of undress was incidental. How things in his world had changed over the last month.

After a lull in the conversation, Leon asked, “So, how exactly did this wanking club of yours get started?”

Andy was only surprised it took this long for that question to come up. “Because I stuck my nose in someone else’s business.”

Leon cocked an eyebrow at that.

“And he did that because I did the same,” Lisa said. Andy nodded when she looked his way, encouraging her to continue.

“It started a little over a month ago,” she said, snuggling into the crook of Andy’s shoulder. “Den and Sean were making out, getting all hot and heavy, and she wanted to go further, but couldn’t. See, she’d made a promise to her mom that she wouldn’t have sex, pretty much genital contact, with a boy until after graduation.”

“Don’t think I could have done that,” Leon said, then he glanced at Vida. “And I know you couldn’t. Props to her for sticking to it.”

Lisa shrugged. “Well, apparently our poor boy Sean had a severe case of blue balls on the rise, so he asked if he could take care of himself. She was more than happy to let him and watch, so he did.”

“And she liked watching,” Andy said.

“Who wouldn’t?” Vida said, smiling.

Lisa nodded. “She liked it enough that she asked him to do it again the next chance they got, and then she started playing with herself, too.”

“Did she tell you about this at the time?” Leon looked genuinely interested.

Lisa rolled her eyes playfully. “Of course. We’re best friends.”

“Of course,” Leon said. “And what did you think?”

“I thought it was awesome. So much so, I asked her to invite him over to our sleepover, where I asked him to give us both a show.”

Leon grinned. “Nice.”

“He agreed, as long as both me and Denby joined him.” Lisa sighed, probably in happy reminiscing. “I was nervous as hell, but wanted to see him so bad that bakırköy escort I agreed. And, well, I had a lot of fantasies about guys seeing me naked. I had to know if I could follow through.”

Andy still wished he could have been there for that first episode. “Sean didn’t get into the gory details, but he told me what happened. And when I figured out the three of them were up to something the next day after school, I kinda invited myself along. Like hell if I was going to miss out on something that awesome.”

“But we made him perform for us first,” Lisa said. “And that’s where the rules for the club and the idea it was a club at all came together. After that, the four of us got together every chance we could to…play.”

Leon gave them an approving nod, which made Andy feel like a million bucks. The older guy then turned to Vida.

“So, the other weekend when you were texting me about the couple wanking in the school library? Not much of a guess to say it was either these two or the others?”

Vida cringed slightly. “Well, you’re close. It was Andy and Denby, not Lisa.”

Leon looked genuinely surprised. “Oh? You guys into swapping, too?”

Andy felt a heat on his face that had nothing to do with the hot tub. “Not exactly,” he said. “It was just a circumstance thing, since we were stuck and couldn’t get our club meeting started on time.”

Lisa said, “Den and I had agreed to entertaining the boys. Sean was already at my place, so we played a bit. Masturbating, mostly.” Mostly. Andy suspected there had been more and wasn’t sure if he was jealous or not, even now. “That was the only time we played one on one like that, with Sean and Den split up.”

Andy’s thoughts immediately turned to his private time with Denby in the band practice room, when he’d jerked off in front of her and dropped a load in her panties. It was one of the hottest, riskiest things he’d ever done, and he still felt a small twinge of guilt at it being a secret from the others. Had Lisa and Sean ever done anything in private, something other than that one day, without he or Den knowing? He didn’t think so, but how would he know for sure? Did it matter?

“Leon didn’t believe me,” Vida said. “He wanted me to take pictures for proof. I didn’t feel comfortable doing that, though.”

Andy was relieved, even after all this time. “You seemed content to let me think you did, though.”

Vida looked sheepish. “Sorry. I really just wanted the truth, after hearing what I thought I’d heard. About the club.”

“I think we’re all glad you didn’t,” Lisa said. “Take pictures, I mean. Not that I mind being seen naked, but I prefer it stay in the circle, so to speak.”

“Anyway,” Vida said, nuzzling back up to Leon, “I had an idea what they were up to and had to know for sure. You know how my curiosity gets the better of me.”

Leon chuckled. “If you were a cat, nine lives wouldn’t have been enough.”

Vida punched him in shoulder. “And you’d have gone down with me. Like I was trying to say, I asked…”

Andy coughed into his hand. “Threatened.” Coughed again, getting a healthy chuckle from everyone, Vida included.

“Asked intensely,” Vida said. “And they let me audition. Which pretty much amounted to me playing with myself while they all watched.”

Leon cocked an eyebrow. “Not at school, I take it?”

Lisa said, “Andy’s place. And we did give her a little inspiration.”

“Very grateful for that, too,” Vida said. “Not entirely sure I could have gone through with it otherwise.”

Lisa shifted, leaning more fully into Andy and placing her head on his shoulder. He liked the feel of her body pressed into his, the way he could wrap his arm protectively around her. She seemed to like it as well, as she placed a hand over his and subtly guided it upward from her ribs to breast. The gesture was just under the surface of the water, but unlikely to go unnoticed by the others. He gave her a gentle squeeze and rubbed his palm across the hard nipple.

“Wish I could have seen it,” Leon said. “I mean, I just did, but that first time. I’ll expect a private show later.”

Vida kissed her boyfriend, unabashedly using a lot of tongue. “Of course, honey.”

When their kissing resumed and gave no sign of abating, Andy placed a kiss on Lisa’s cheek. She exposed her neck to his attention and sighed as he nibbled and sucked the sensitive spots. Under the water, he felt her free hand slide the rest of the way up his thigh until she grasped his now fully erect cock. He was very happy with this new, full contact arrangement between them, and found it doubly arousing that they were comfortable doing it in front of others.

Lisa began stroking his cock with a nice, casual pace. She held him firmly and comfortably, not with the hesitancy of one doing it for the first time. He briefly wondered if she had done this with Sean already. She’d said Den used her as a stand-in for doing something with Sean but hadn’t exactly spelled out just what that entailed. Hand job? Blow job? Full bakırköy bayan escort on sex? He doubted the last, but the other two seemed very possible if not likely.

He forced down the thought. She was with him now, not Sean, and it was his cock getting the attention. The last thing he should be worried about was something in the past over which he had no control.

Lisa leaned in to his ear and whispered in a sultry voice, “I think he likes this.”

Andy nodded. “Very much.”

He took the opportunity to reach between her legs. Lisa parted readily for his fingers, exposing the clean-shaven slit. For all the opportunities he’d recently had to see pussy up close, it was the first time Andy had touched one since that brief fling last summer. Unlike that inexperienced fumbling, he was prepared to take his time and use Lisa’s masturbation techniques as a roadmap.

Lisa sighed, almost melting into him under the contact. They continued to kiss, but their focus was clearly below water. Andy worked his fingers through the folds of her labia, feeling a heat beyond that of the hot tub water. Each time he almost grazed her clit, she lifted her hips in urgent need.

Andy spared a sliver of his attention to glance over at the others. Vida had fully straddled Leon and lifted up high enough to feed a nipple into her boyfriend’s mouth. The water around them was sloshing from some hidden action down below, but he didn’t think they were fucking given how high she was. Whatever it was, they appeared to be every bit as lost in lust as he and Lisa, and the sight of it ramped him up further still.

Andy broke off their kiss to suck Lisa’s earlobe for a moment, to which she responded by pausing in her stroking to fondle his balls. “I want to taste you,” he whispered.

He felt her smile against his cheek. She whispered back, “Oh really? Right here, in front of them?”

In private or in public, Andy was beyond caring. Maybe the close proximity of the others was rubbing off on him and driving him to be more aggressive. He didn’t really care why, he just knew what he wanted.

“Yeah. Here. Now.”

Lisa responded by extricating herself from his arms and sitting up on the edge of the hot tub. Andy watched in fascination as the water dripped off her curves, each bead lit blue by the underwater lights. It was surreal, exotic, and very easy on the eyes. She caught him staring and smiled, knowing full well the effect she had on him.

“Like this?” Lisa leaned back, propped up on her arms, and spread her legs. Andy’s mouth watered at the sight.

He nodded, not trusting his voice. Shifting in the tub to kneel before her, Andy leaned in and kissed his way up and down the inside of her thighs. Lisa spread wider, as if imploring him to hurry up, but he resolutely took his time as he closed back in. When he finally ran his tongue up her slit and across the hard nub of her clit, she let out a moan that ended in a squeak.

“I like how you think,” Leon said.

Andy, without removing his mouth from Lisa’s pussy, glanced over at the other couple and saw Leon’s nod of approval to their change of position. The older boy lifted Vida out of the water as easily as he would a kitten and gently deposited her on the side just a couple feet away from Lisa. In moments, he was nose deep in Vida’s black fuzz.

Emboldened, Andy turned his full attention back to the young woman before him. He explored the folds of Lisa’s labia with his tongue and lips, absorbing her unique taste and smell – each of which further fueled his own arousal. He tested a variety of techniques, from quick fluttering to long, sustained pressure. Lisa seemed to almost cringe when he gave too much direct stimulation to her clit, but as soon as he eased back she wrapped a leg around his back and pulled him in tight.

“Oh, fuck, yeah.” Vida moaned beside them. “This is how Friday night is done right.”

Lisa just whimpered in agreement.

Despite the temptation to glance over at the couple beside them, Andy maintained tongue contact with Lisa and refused to give her a moment’s reprieve. His lack of experience was seemingly not a problem as she was quick to respond to his every touch and any time he did something she liked she pulled him in tighter, forcing him to continue. He savored every moment and every taste, indulging in the control he exercised over her building state of arousal.

Lisa’s breath became frantic and she clamped her legs around his neck, almost painfully. He could feel her orgasm in the undulations of her hips and kept at it with his tongue until she pushed his head back.

“Oh,” Lisa said, catching her breath and looking down at Andy with spaced out eyes. “That’s so much better than care of myself.”

Andy swelled with pride at her compliment and utterly satisfied appearance. He’d been waiting a long time to get another opportunity to do that with a girl, be it her or Denby or even Vida, and he couldn’t be happier that it had gone well. Just like Christmas, it was better giving bayan escort bakırköy that receiving.

“Isn’t it, though?” Vida purred from where she laid completely on her back with Leon’s face between her legs. It was clear she’d been watching the whole thing, and that pleased Andy even more.

Andy quietly watched the other couple while absently stroking the inside of Lisa’s thighs and occasionally planting gentle kisses. She ran a hand through his hair, an encouraging and affectionate gesture, but her focus was also on the others.

Before long, Leon had Vida on the cusp of an orgasm. Vida begged him to keep going, all while she pinched and pulled hard on her nipples atop her tiny breasts. Andy’s cock swelled at the display, having no trouble imagining himself in Leon’s place, face between the petite girl’s thighs.

Vida, spent, let her body go limp on the ground, a satisfied smile spreading across her face. “Oh yeah, just like that.”

“You know how I like my dessert before dinner, baby,” Leon said, licking his lips.

Vida lifted her head an inch to look at her boyfriend. “You haven’t eaten yet?”

“Just a Powerbar on the way over.”

“There’s still plenty of Chinese left in the kitchen,” Lisa said.

“Sounds good,” Leon said, standing up to reveal his hard, black cock jutting out above the water. “After I take care of one other thing.”

Andy couldn’t help but admire the guy’s cockiness. There was no doubt as to what Leon meant by his comment, not with the way he hungrily looked down at Vida’s splayed pussy. He knew from firsthand experience that the couple had no problems performing in front of others. Probably got off on it. He was wondering what Lisa might think of the two of them openly fucking in front of them. Would she just watch or be moved to do more?

Vida smiled coyly. “Do I get to help?”

Leon said, “Of course.” He then twirled his finger in a circle, indicating he wanted her to turn around. Vida rolled up onto her hands and knees, ass hanging out over the lip of the hot tub just inches away from Leon’s cock. She wiggled invitingly.

Leon held her by the hips and positioned his cock at her pussy. Andy couldn’t directly see the act of penetration from the side, but he knew the moment it happened by Vida’s expression. Leon, too, looked lost in bliss.

The guy rocked gently in and out until finally buried as deep as he could go. “Nice thing about Vee being so petite is she’s always tight.”

Andy was a little taken aback by the comment, but Vida smiled as she took his easy thrusting in stride. Apparently, she enjoyed a little dirty talk and had no qualms about having the characteristics of her pussy described.

Lisa, enamored with the display, quietly slipped into the water beside Andy. She was soon reaching for his cock and began stroking him while they watched. Andy knew he was nowhere near being ready to climax, nor was her pace likely to bring him to the limit, but he thoroughly enjoyed the stimulation.

Vida glanced back at the two of them. “Lisa? Mind if I borrow Andy for a little? There’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time.”

Andy’s heart pattered harder. He had a pretty good idea what she wanted, since Vida had been in this exact same position the last time he’d been over. It had taken all his will to resist her offer to suck him off while Leon fucked her from behind. His concern over the state of his relationship with Lisa had been the only thing holding him back then. Now, Vida was taking that out of the equation by going directly to the other girl.

“Please,” Lisa said. Andy was afraid she would agree just out of peer pressure, but he heard a hint of lust in her voice. She’d always liked watching and this was probably no different. He felt a little guilty about letting Vida suck him off before she did. Maybe they could take turns or work together? His cock throbbed in Lisa’s hand at the idea. She gave him one last tug and then let go.

Andy climbed out of the tub and felt the cool night air quickly begin sucking the hot tub’s warmth out of his skin. His internal heat of arousal countered nicely, though, and he sat before Vida where she patted the ground for him. Her head hovered just above his cock.

“Finally,” Vida said, the words coming out haltingly between Leon’s thrusts.

Andy was, if anything, surprised that she hadn’t done this already. Given her reputation and access to college parties with her boyfriend, and all his football buddies, he’d just assumed she had been with more than one guy at a time before. Maybe she had, but not at the same time. Or perhaps she just meant this specific position? He had no idea and it really didn’t matter…not when she lifted his cock to vertical and wrapped her lips around it.

Heaven. Andy’s coherent thoughts vanished as the petite Indian girl started working him over with her lips and tongue. She clearly had experience and skill, her tongue doing magical things around the head while her fingers massaged his balls. He could get used to this and jealously admired Leon’s relationship with her.

Leon met his eyes and nodded, as if to confirm his thoughts. Leon’s abs flexed with each slow, deep thrust, and he looked entirely comfortable with the act and their audience.

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