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I had to make several changes on this so I don’t know how the finished process will be. The character named Maddie that will appear in this story is not the same as the one that appears in my Chloe and the Rocker series. I don’t want to start another series as I’m already behind on all of them so this will be a stand alone for the foreseeable future. Feel free to leave comments.


Maddie woke up and softly nuzzled her boyfriend’s muscular chest. She always considered herself to be perfect. 5’4″, golden blonde hair just past her shoulders, blue eyes, full pouty lips that were naturally pink enough to look like she wore lipstick, modest breasts that were almost a B cup, shapely legs and cute little abs. Maddie was part submissive, part troublemaker and all girlfriend, another reason she styled herself as perfect.

It was quite early in the morning. Her love was an early riser and she wanted to make sure she was up first to make breakfast for them. He hadn’t asked her to but it was her first day of school and she wanted to make up for being away so long. Maddie padded to the bathroom, passing many of her trophies along the way. She was a track and field star skilled in several different events and had already earned an impressive amount of trophies for an 18 year old. She was a literal trophy girlfriend, which she enjoyed calling herself.

In the shower, Maddie reflected on the past summer. She had been kicked out of her parents’ house back in June, when she was still 17. They found her Instagram account and hadn’t liked all the slutty photos she had posted. Refusing to stop, they kicked her out. That was when Johnny invited her to live with him. Maddie had been dating him for over a year in a non-sexual relationship.

He wasn’t much older than her. He was 23 years old currently. But Maddie didn’t mind. He helped her move in, getting her clothes, trophies etc. As soon as she had turned 18 sometime in August they were having sex every day. It was perfect. She was reluctant to leave him for 8 hours every week but knew she had to go. She hoped none of the teachers called her Madison today. She was Maddie, or Mads to her closer friends. Madison was a special thing to be used if she misbehaved.

After drying off, Maddie returned to the room she shared with Johnny and slipped into pink panties with a matching bra and her school uniform: a blue and grey checkered kilt-like skirt(which she had shortened the hem on) and a white blouse with the school initials over her left breast. She packed her backpack with spandex shorts and a t-shirt in case she had gym class this semester. Then she went to the kitchen to start breakfast.

As Maddie was cooking, he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up as she giggled. When her feet touched the floor she leaned back against him and purred. Then she turned around to kiss him deeply. This required her to stand on her toes since he was over 6′ but she never minded that. She noted that today Johnny was wearing tight jeans with a blue muscle shirt and sky blue button up t-shirt with the buttons undone. His hair was tied back too.

Maddie served breakfast and sat at the table, moving her chair as close to her boyfriend as possible. She kissed him again.

“Good morning honey,” she said happily.

“Good morning my love. Do you have everything you need for school today?” he asked.

“Yes. Notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers. I have everything.”

“Did you remember to put your running shoes in your bag in case you have gym this semester?”

“Don’t like shoes,” Maddie replied. It was true. She was fine wearing them for track meets and other sporting events but ultimately she hated wearing them when she felt it wasn’t necessary. Which was a lot. Even in Canadian winters. She didn’t really like wearing clothes too much, either.

“You have to wear them. Otherwise they’ll make you sit out the class. And I know you like to compete with others,” Johnny said.

“But honeyyyy,” Maddie whined playfully.


As always, hearing her full name from him compelled Maddie to action. She went to her room and got her backpack, bringing it to the front door and placing her runners at the top. Then she ran back to the kitchen and settled into his lap, looking into his handsome face.

“There. All better?” she asked.


Then he kissed her deeply and passionately, to which she responded eagerly. When they were finished, Maddie snuggled into him, resting her head on his shoulder. She sighed happily when he held her. Her life was perfect.

“When do you want me to pick you up today?” he whispered into her ear.

“At 2:30 when school ends. I don’t want to be away from you longer than I have to.”

They stayed cuddled in the chair until 7:15am, when it was time to leave. Maddie walked over to the front door and slipped into flip flops. Since it was early September it was still really hot out so she’d be comfortable like this. Johnny followed her outside shortly after and opened the passenger door for her. Maddie got in and was joined by her love seconds after. They bahis firmaları were at her high school 15 minutes later.

“Bye my darling” Maddie said, giving him a hug and kiss.

“Have a good day sweetheart. I love you,” he replied.

“Love you too.”

Maddie walked through the courtyard in the warm sunshine and stepped into the school’s main entrance. From there she turned left and went down the stairs to the cafeteria. It was a large, open room and was where they put up the lists of students’ nanes and where their homeroom for the first semester would be. As her blue eyes scanned the pages she felt a tap on her shoulder. She gasped softly and turned, only to break into a wide, dazzling smile.

“Lexi!” Maddie exclaimed.

“Hey Mads!”

Alexis had been Maddie’s closest friend for a long time. She had offered to let Maddie move in with her when she had been kicked out in June but of course Maddie had politely declined. Alexis was 4 inches taller than Maddie with the same blonde hair and blue eyes. They could have been sisters; they practically were anyway. Maddie hugged Alexis and gave her a short kiss on the lips, which was how she always greeted Alexis and her other two close friends.

“Are Jenny and Melissa here yet?” Maddie asked.

“Yep. We were all waiting in the grad lounge upstairs. You’re late, Mads,” Alexis replied with a smile.

“I’m like an hour early,” Maddie protested.

“Okay okay. You’re right. Well come on, then.”

Holding hands, Maddie and Alexis walked through the cafeteria to another set of stairs. They went up and walked into the grad lounge, where their friends were waiting. Jenny was Maddie’s height with dirty blonde hair, darker blue eyes and C cups. Melissa was the same height as Alexis and a sports queen like Maddie. In addition to track and field, Melissa excelled in swimming and skating too. Maddie hugged and kissed both of them in turn and the four friends all sat down at a table. They briefly lamented over being in different home rooms but still hoped to share classes at some point.

“So Mads, what’s it like?” Jenny asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You live with your boyfriend while the rest of us get to be at home with our parents. Plus you’re 18 already,” Jenny elaborated.

“Um, I’m 18 too,” Melissa stated.

“So am I,” Alexis added.

“Yeah well sorry for not being born in the summer, okay? But anyway, Mads is the only one with a boyfriend. And she gets to be with him A LOT. I mean, we’ve seen your Instagram pics and he’s really hot but how is he?” Jenny pressed.

“Oh, that. He’s really great in so many ways,” Maddie answered.

“When can we meet him, Mads?” Alexis inquired.

“After school. He’s picking me up,” Maddie replied.

They talked about their summers next and made plans to hang out Friday after school. When the bell rang they all hugged one another and went off to their seperate home rooms. Maddie’s first class was English, which she found to be boring. Her other three were history, gym and drama. At least two of those were exciting. About 20 minutes after class had actually started Maddie was incredibly bored. They were reviewing punctuation, proper use of nouns, verbs and adjectives and other boring things.

She quickly snuck out her phone and texted Alexis. The reply came immediately. Maddie told Alexis to meet her in the third floor girls washroom. Lexi agreed so Maddie got permission to go to the washroom. She walked down the hall, passing lockers and the art classes before reaching the washroom. Alexis was already there, posing for a selfie.

“How the hell did you get here so fast?” Maddie asked.

“Art class. It’s literally right there beside the washrooms,” Alexis replied.

“Oh okay. Here, just a sec.”

Maddie locked the bathroom door and went into the handicap stall followed by Alexis. They locked that too just in case. Maddie pulled out her phone, showing her friend the pics that even she hadn’t posted to Instagram(at least not yet, she was still debating on that). They were almost all nudes of Maddie posing or just naturally in place. As she scrolled through the gallery the photos became ones of Maddie tied to the bed, kneeling in chains and several where she wore a collar.

“Wow,” Lexi commented.


“So you’re like a kinky girl?” Alexis asked.

“I’m somewhat submissve,” Maddie replied.

“Why are you showing me this though?”

“Because you’re my best friend and I wanted to show you before I show Jenny and Melissa,” Maddie explained.

She cycled through more pics, these ones in various erotic poses. There was one where Maddie bit her index finger in a rather seductive way while giving one of her dazzling smiles. She sat on the bed, her full body on display. Then there was a few pics of her boyfriend, most of them where he was shirtless but had the rest of his clothes on.

“Go back to the one where you were sitting on the bed,” Lexi instructed.

Maddie did as she asked. Alexis stared at it for a long time. Then she asked to see the ones of Maddie’s boyfriend again. After looking kaçak iddaa through them, Lexi lowered her skirt and panties then looked at Maddie. Maddie put her phone away and lowered her skirt and panties as well. Both girls began fingering the other’s pussy. They had never had sex beyond this but had come up with this way of essentially masturbating each other some time ago. They moaned in unison as their fingers danced inside the other.

Lexi was thrusting 3 fingers in Maddie’s small pussy. Maddie was only working two inside Lexi’s pussy. Their moans filled the bathroom. If anyone caught them and reported them they would both be suspended. But they didn’t care. They were also sure no one would find them with the stall and bathroom doors locked. Lexi inserted a fourth finger into Maddie, who moaned louder. Maddie didn’t add any more fingers but she started thrusting harder, pushing them as deep as possible.

“Oh fuck Mads…” Alexis gasped.

Maddie giggled and started humping Lexi’s hand. Lexi started bending her fingers inside Maddie’s pussy. She felt her abs tighten and her pussy tighten over Lexi’s fingers. Maddie screamed out Lexi’s name and came all over her best friend’s fingers. Alexis removed them right after. With her free hand, Maddie pinched Lexi’s clit while fingering as hard as she could.

“Mads!!” Alexis screamed.

Alexis came all over Maddie’s fingers. Then she brought her hand to her lips and sucked Maddie’s cum off. Maddie did the same, licking up her best friend’s cum. It was actually the first time they had ever tasted each other. But then, they hadn’t been doing this for that long. The two friends kissed each other and stepped outside. They checked their hair in the mirror, making sure nothing was amiss. Then they posed for a pic that Maddie took with her phone. She immediately uploaded it to Instagram. It was 9:25 now. They came in at 8:50. Maddie was happy she killed so much time.

“Do you think your boyfriend is interested in more than one girl?” Alexis asked.

“Dunno. Never talked about it. But Lexi, you’re not really submissive and that might play in,” Maddie pointed out.

“I could learn,” Alexis replied.

“Well I’ll mention it to him later.”

When Maddie returned to class the teacher gave her a disapproving look. She knew Maddie had been cutting class intentionally after being gone for thirty minutes but couldn’t bring it up in front of the whole class. Maddie had no intention of staying after class to get in trouble either. When the bell rang at 9:45 she gathered her things and bolted from the class as fast as she could wearing flip flops.

In her history class, Maddie was excited when Alexis walked in. She jumped up and hugged Alexis immediately. They opted not to follow with a kiss this time. Alexis sat down at the desk next to Maddie’s and the two held hands in secret for much of the class, letting go only when writing was required. Maddie was happy when class ended at 11:05. It was lunchtime and she wanted to get one of the picnic tables outside in the courtyard. At her locker she grabbed her lunch bag and hurried outside, texting the girls to find her at one of the picnic tables.

She was joined by Alexis, Jenny and Melissa a few minutes later. This time they did include a kiss after exchanging hugs. Maddie sat down and pulled out the lunch Johnny had packed for her: an 8 inch cold cut sub with a juice box and some of the brownies Maddie had baked yesterday. She listened to her friends’ conversation while happily sipping her juice box.

“Mads,” Jenny said.


“Why do you have a juice box?” Jenny asked.

“Because the bottles won’t fit in my lunch bag. Also, pretty convenient,” Maddie replied. Which was true, more or less.


Even if Jenny thought it was a bit odd she wasn’t going to say anything that might upset her friend. However some other students, their grade unknown since none of the girls had seen them before, made several insulting comments as they walked by. It was enough to make Maddie angry and she stood up. Before she could leave the table she felt a hand on her wrist. Melissa, who had been sitting next to Maddie, had reached out to grab her arm.

“It’s okay Mads,” Melissa said in a consoling tone.

“But…” Maddie began.

“Who cares what they think when you have us? We’ll always love you no matter what.”


Maddie sat back down and finished eating. She was still feeling upset. Although she was tough when it came to sports and wasn’t shy otherwise, she could be sensitive about things like that. Seeing Maddie pout, Melissa gently pulled Maddie into her lap. There was just enough room under the table to do this without hitting their legs. Maddie’s instinct when she was upset and being held was to snuggle so she leaned back against Melissa and settled into her arms. It felt good being in Melissa’s arms with the warm sunshine on her body.

“I have gym after this,” Melissa said. “I hope there are some people who can make it a challenge.”

Maddie perked up immediately. “I have gym next too!”

“I’d hate to be whoever had kaçak bahis to go up against you two on the same team,” Jenny commented.

“Hehe,” Maddie giggled.

They spent the rest of lunch talking, Maddie still cuddled up with Melissa. After the 11:50 bell they went to their next classes. Maddie returned to her locker and grabbed her backpack. Then she went from the third floor all the way down to just in front of the drama class. From there she followed the hallway, going past the two music rooms before eventually emerging in the cafeteria. Circling around, she walked down a ramp and finally reached the gym area, walking all the way down to the change room.

There weren’t many girls in the change room by the time Maddie got there. She slipped out of her flip flops and had just stripped to her bra and panties when Melissa came in. She wore a black crop top that revealed her abs(which were better than Maddie’s or so Maddie always thought) with matching black shorts and runners.

“Don’t bother,” Melissa said simply.

“Why not?” Maddie asked.

“I asked what we would be doing today. Laps, warm up stretches and dodge ball.”

“Lame,” Maddie declared.


“I wanna show you something,” Maddie said after awhile.

Melissa sat next to Maddie on one of the benches. Maddie, still in her bra and panties, retrieved her phone and started showing Melissa the same pics she had showed Alexis that morning. Melissa looked at all of them, admiring how beautiful her friend always looked. And admiring her hot boyfriend. When the pics of Maddie in restraints came around, Melissa raised a slender blonde eyebrow.

“You’re a submissive.” It was a statement rather than a question.

“Sometimes,” Maddie replied.

“I have an idea on how to pass the time then,” Melissa declared.

“What is it?” Maddie asked.

“Undress me first,” Melissa ordered.

“But…” Maddie began.


Recognizing the tone of command, Maddie’s submissive side took over. She obediently removed Melissa’s shoes and socks, then pulled her shorts down her long, powerful legs. Next she took off Melissa’s top and then removed her bra and panties. Afterward, Maddie sat back, awaiting approval. Melissa caressed Maddie’s face, making her purr.

“Good girl. Now take off your underwear,” Melissa instructed.

Maddie obeyed, stripping quickly. Melissa got up to lock the door then returned to the bench and sat down. Snapping her fingers, she pointed to the floor. Maddie silently slipped off the bench and knelt at Melissa’s pretty feet.

“Lick them.”

Again Maddie obeyed, grabbing Melissa’s long leg and holding it. Her tongue danced across Melissa’s toes before travelling up and down from her toes to her heels. Maddie repeated this many times before sucking on Melissa’s toes. Melissa moaned from her friend’s attention, enjoying how well Maddie followed orders. Maddie repeated this with both feet before getting adventurous and licking Melissa’s legs next even though she wasn’t told to. Her friend allowed it anyway.

It seemed perfectly natural for Maddie to submit to Melissa. She knew Melissa was much stronger, toning her body with weights whereas Maddie used calisthenics instead. In her mind, it didn’t seem like she was betraying Johnny. He knew about her relationship with her friends and how close they were. He would probably see it as a natural progression like Maddie herself did. She loved him and wanted to be with him forever and ever. But she also loved her friends. It was a different kind of love to be sure, but just as strong.

“My breasts need attention too, Mads,” Melissa said after awhile.


Maddie climbed into Melissa’s lap and started licking her breasts, which were moderate B cups. Her tongue traced the outlines of both breasts, moving slowly. Melissa tossed her head back and sighed in pleasure. She wasn’t a real dominant but had been curious about that kind of thing for a while now. When she saw those pics of Maddie, Melissa couldn’t help but try to take advantage and give her beautiful friend some commands. She hadn’t expected it to work but she wasn’t complaining. This was way better than what was going on in gym class at the same time.

Maddie started licking more, making sure her tongue reached every single inch of Melissa’s breasts. She wasn’t sure if she’d have this opportunity again and didn’t want to waste it. When she was finally satisfied that she had licked absolutely everywhere several times over, Maddie began sucking on Melissa’s nipple. She had never done any of this herself but it had been to her lots of times. If it made her feel good then chances were it would make others feel good too. And with her fantastic lips, she was sure she’d do a good job.

Melissa moaned louder and louder as Maddie sucked harder. Her pink lips felt amazing. If Maddie kept it up, Melissa was certain she would cum. Maddie stopped before that happened though and looked into Melissa’s eyes, seeking approval once again. Instead of answering, Melissa kissed Maddie deeply. They were quickly locked in an intense make out session, both girls trying to outdo each other with deeper and more passionate kisses each time. It must have been from their competitive nature, Melissa guessed. As they continued, Melissa powered Maddie down onto the floor.

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