Magic Man in Mexico

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I was going on a fishing trip into Old Mexico – a trip I’d dreamt of and planned for years, because at first I couldn’t afford it and then because I could never find the time. The last thing I needed was a handful of trouble in the form of my neighbor, Cassie’s, daughter.

When Jessie was a lot younger, I was sort of her adopted Dad, because her real one just left in the middle of the night – a school teacher that ran away with one of his students.

In typical small town fashion, I’d known Cassie for more years than I’d known my own wife, so it wasn’t any big deal being a sort of Dad for her kid (besides, we had a history that pre-dated my marriage) and her kid had seemed to like me for several years.

Jessie was now eighteen, rarely ever disciplined in her life, and a real handful for her mom, likely due to Cassie’s inability to crack the whip (which is interesting in itself, but another story).

Attractive, very bright, a bit on the slender side, a mane of golden red hair that always touched my soul when I saw it, but clearly developing into a stunner if she didn’t kill herself first. Booze, drugs, sex – no matter – she’d taken her walk on the wild side and seemed to like it well enough to want more of everything.

In the last few years, she seemed to take a strong disliking to me, but I figured that this was because she knew I was strict and probably bad medicine for snotty little girls unable to show respect for Mom, tradition, or social norms.

Not that I don’t appreciate a nifty little civil disobedience from time to time. I just think that it’s important to become familiar enough with traditions, norms, and mores to know which ones merit continued observance and which ones need amending or discarding.

Frankly, because of her snarly side, I’d no longer found this kid to be very sociable or otherwise pleasant to be around and, in general, someone to be avoided due to her unpleasant outlook and demeanor. While Cassie was pleasant enough to me and still the same warm wonderful woman I’d dated way back then, I avoided her invitations to come over when I knew that Jessie was going to be home.

I just didn’t feel that tanning her hide in front of Cassie was the thing to do, even when she was being unreasonable with her – especially in light of the ancient history Cassie and I shared.

At two o’clock, the morning I was to leave, the phone rang Jill and me awake. It was Cassie, near hysteria, saying she had to come over right now and was bringing Jessie and that there was some kind of trouble, but that Jessie hadn’t really done anything (yeah right!).

Jill went down and made coffee, while I pulled on a pair of wash pants and an old Medinah golf shirt. Cassie scooted in the back door with Jessie and, for once, even Jessie was treating the occasion and her Mother with respect.

There had been trouble. Gangs had moved even into our small town and Jessie had seen something that she should not have seen and Cassie wanted to get her out of town before one of these hoodlums caught up to her.

When I suggested the police, even Jill joined in the laughter. So I would leave a few hours early, like “right this moment” so that they would think that it was someone who looked like Jessie, ’cause we had “left the day before for Mexico”.

So it was that I, with Jessie in tow, pulled out of my drive at three in the morning with both Jill and Cassie safely in their beds. She spent about an hour telling me what she would and would not do while on this trip and made it clear that she planned on calling her shots.

Finally I said, “Jessie, shut up! You will do as I damn well say or I will bust your ass! Your Mother made it abundantly clear that my firm hand will guide you for so long as you are in my care. She knows me and how I discipline children and expects me to treat you as if you were my own. So, we’ll have no more about what you will or will not do while with me on my vacation.”

She lapsed into a sullen silence and finally nodded off to sleep. It was no truce, though, just a gathering of strength. Generally surly, she seemed to be going out of her way to irritate as we made our way toward the Baja Peninsula.

At one point, in a diner in South-central Missouri after being a loud bratty kid during our meal, she literally jumped on my back over a trivial matter and started pounding on me. I flipped her to the floor and delivered three open-handed shots to her bottom that sounded like a .22 pistol to the applause of every patron and the waitress.

She collapsed to the floor in utter shock, staring at me as if I’d lost my mind. Her look soon became the sort of distant, musing, calculating one that I was used to seeing on her face as she was obviously filing away her error in pushing too far.

Imagine my surprise when two days later she came at me with a nail file after I told her that she could not go swimming after our late dinner, because we had to get an early start. I was really angry with her at that point because mecidiyeköy eskort dinner had been delayed just so she could swim before we dined.

So, after securing the nail file, I turned her over my knees and started whaling away with my bare hand. I must have hit her a dozen times when my conscience grabbed my arm and stopped me, fearing that I might injure her.

Again, the musing look after -this time- tears. But with just a bare hint of a smile – or so it seemed. Obviously, I am a naïve and stupid man, or I would have seen the danger lurking so near, but since such things, in adolescents, were foreign to me I blundered onward. Anyway, the spankings seemed to remind her that I was not her mom and would not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

We reached our destination without further incident and, as luck would have it, she hooked into a really nice Sail the first day out. Give her credit, nobody but her was going to land that fish – nobody!

It was this stubborn refusal by her to accept help, and my body’s refusal to respond to my new water-proof sun block that landed both of us in dry-dock at the ‘villa’ the next day -her with stiff and cramping back and shoulder muscles, and me with severe enough sunburn to want to avoid sunlight for a day or so.

In spite of our best efforts of the night before to tend our respective aches with aloe, hot compresses, and soaking in the appropriate temperature waters, we remained on land and indoors, too sore to venture out.

I slowly prepared a pretty large hungry-fisherman’s breakfast, taking care to avoid aggravating my reddened skin. After eating, I gingerly rose to clear the table commenting that another ten minutes in the sun would have ruined the trip for me.

Jessie said about the same concerning the duration of her fight with the fish and graciously volunteered to apply gel to the spots I could not reach and did so with a tenderness hard to imagine from one whom I suspected harbored a secret kinship with bin Laden.

She then asked if I had anything other than hot compresses for her sore muscles, as the lodge shop was out and would not restock for two more days.

Since I always carry a small first aid kit when traveling and am especially careful to have it well stocked when out of the country, of course I had a tube of analgesic ointment which should ease most of her pain. Indicating that it was in my bathroom, I told her to take off her shirt and lie down.

When I came out of the bathroom with my kit containing the ointment I found that Jessie had followed me into my bedroom and stood in the middle of it -nude.

I am no saint, but I absolutely refused to look anywhere but directly into her eyes as I walked to her, gently embraced her, kissed her forehead and each eye, and told her to put her skirt back on as her butt needed no ointment. I further opined that if it did it would be the sort that she had just put on my back for sunburn, because her next spanking was going to be a bitch-kitty of a whipping.

Probably a mistake, as she nastily replied that there was no reason for me to just sneak looks at her tits under the pretext of rubbing ointment on her sore shoulders, when she was willing to show me the whole thing.

“After all, you’re just dying for a chance to stick your dick in me.”

Now it was my turn to be stunned. Nothing that I had done or said could have conveyed this falsehood. I really hadn’t liked this kid all that well to begin with and was now outraged by this affront to my ‘Samaritan-ship’.

I was not, however, stunned for long. I manhandled her to the bed, pushed her face down on it, and began to spank her. Bare ass aside, I was going to teach her about respecting her elders and otherwise generally decent people in dramatic fashion.

After all, I’d given more than a couple of good old fashioned ass-whippings in my day and wasn’t about to back down from what I saw as my duty. Relentlessly I bore down on her cheeks and upper thighs. She began to sob, moan, and squirm about on the bed and, as she tried to rise to her knees, got an accidental shot right between her cheeks on her puckered little rose of an anus which appeared to wink at me just above her little flame covered slit which was, by now, open and shiny from the moisture of arousal.

Son-of-a-bitch, I thought, this is crazy. This kid’s on the verge of coming and I’m as hard as that Mahogany bedstead. This is wrong and I’m stopping right now.

As I turned away, she wailed “Oh no! You fucking bastard don’t you dare quit on me now,” leapt to her feet and began smacking my poor old sunburned back.

That’s all it took. I pushed her half back on the bed with her knees on the floor and began to work her ass, thighs, and back.

“Yesss, oh Jesus Christ yesss!” she moaned. “I’m coming! Oh fuck yes. Oh God don’t ever let this stop.”

Well,…, I couldn’t stop. No,…, I didn’t stop! No excuses! I was just an old fool in heat. A man who knew better, but chose to let his hard-on guide taksim eskort him.

The juices running out of her were soaking the spread under her and the aroma just made me crazier than I already was. I spread her legs and began very deliberately and gently smacking various exposed parts to determine her response.

Slapping the curve of her cheeks just above the thigh seemed to elicit very satisfactory results. When I smacked her inner thigh up close to her slit, she gave out a high pitched moan, as she did when I actually smacked the wide open oily lips of her vagina.

Most interesting of all was her response to my holding her cheeks hard apart and smacking the insides, she’d moan out loud and when I connected with her winking little rose she began to tremble.

I couldn’t believe this! One single, chance opportunity with this child and I’m behaving like the Marquis de Sade! I tried caressing the spots I’d hit, and this too, elicited little sighs, coos and wiggles.

Making note of her little rose’s apparent sensitivity, I began rubbing around and over it lightly and then more firmly with my thumb and was rewarded with a slight rhythmic in and out pulsing of the puckered hole and a barely perceptible rocking of her hips. Wishing to experiment further, I slid my hand down to her labia, lubricating my thumb with her own juice and then began rolling around and over her anus with even more pressure until it just slid right into her.

I was pushing into it rather gently, working it around, taking care not to scrape her inside with my nail and she immediately was bucking and snorting like a rodeo mare. Christ, what is this? I wasn’t exactly a stranger to a woman’s anus and knew of couples enjoying anal sexual games with their mates, and had even done so myself, but knew that attaining climax from just that was rare for a lass.

I actually started fucking her anus with my thumb -slowly in and out- and she responded by matching my rhythm.

“That feels really good, Jackie.” She breathed. “Ooh my! I had no idea that this was even an option and I think I’m about to come again. Oh, Oh, YESSS!”

I thought she was going to break my wrist with all of her gyrations, but she slowly returned to earth. So,…, I slowly slid my thumb out of her and she began to moan “Noo noo, please put it back in”.

By now, I was lost. No excuses. I take full responsibility. I was going to do something that was terribly wrong – I knew it – and it excited me even more to know that I was flying in the face of morality and convention to bring satisfaction to both myself and this young woman.

Reaching over to my spilled kit, I snagged a tube of lubricating jelly that I use to lubricate the O-rings on various items, such as water proof cases. Lifting her to the bed on her hands and knees, I stripped off my shorts and began working the lubricant onto my cock and into her anus.

Gently, I prised her cheeks apart and rubbed her rose with the head of my cock which was, by now, leaking pre-come like grease from a sun-baked sausage. Slowly I pushed the head past the ring of her sphincter and stopped.

She had not been expecting anything quite this large and was holding her breath to see what was coming next.

“Easy honey. I don’t want to hurt you. I won’t move until you want me further inside you. You’re in charge.”

“Oh, Jackie. This doesn’t hurt. It may be indescribable, but it does not hurt. I love this.”

Holding very still, I began caressing her back and shoulders, along her sides, and slowly inched my way around to her breasts taking care only to soothe, avoiding contact with her faintly pink buds for a time so that anticipation would raise her to another level of excitation.

As I stroked closer to her nipples, lightly passing over the aureoles, she began to pant slightly with the merest hint of a back and forth bumping of her hips, just testing the sensation. When I finally brushed over her nipples, she gasped and pushed back a bit harder.

Very, very gently, I continued this hellish massage slowly rubbing her breasts and sporadically her nipples until she began to moan and hump up and down slightly. As softly as I knew how, I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and as simply as that, she came.

With absolutely no sound coming from her, nor any real movement, she started quivering, trembling just as if she was in an earthquake, or one was inside of her.

“Nnnngh! Uuunngh! AIEEEE!”

Finally, sound! Of pain? Pleasure? Who knew? Miss Jessie did, for sure. I really cannot accurately describe the sounds that accompanied her shudders, but she squeezed another inch of herself onto me as she shivered for what seemed like several minutes. At last, she finished and went limp, nearly collapsing to the bed, but I was able to hold her erect without slipping out of her or forcing more of myself into her.

“My God, I didn’t know” she groaned.

“Know what?”

“That anything like this could happen. I’ve never felt şişli eskort anything as good as what we’ve been doing.”

“We’re not finished you know. I’m going to finish this wrong as right as I am able.”

“Oh my God Jackie, I don’t think that I can take any more.”

I had been caressing her hips and inner thighs and simply slid a finger up onto her and very, very lightly and gently began to massage around and over her clitoris.

“Oh Christ!” she moaned and slammed back into me, forcing yet another inch of me into her. All of this time, I had been very careful not to move, but the pre-come still flowed, seeping into her, mixing with the lubricant, her own essence and preparing the way for what was to come.

Maintaining light pressure on her clitoris, I eased slightly backwards and then slightly forward to spread the juices a bit. I watched her anus clasp and cling to my cock, distending as I slowly withdrew so that only half of its head remained inside her.

Then, just as slowly I began pushing forward and watched as the ring of her anus disappeared, grasping my shaft on its inward journey. God, what intense sensations; touch and sight become synergistic in passion.

After making a couple of small slow in and out movements, I held still and told her that from now on, she would only get what she wants and must control it by moving on and off of it by her own movements. She could only grunt, because she was coming again. I was truly amazed at this purely sexual creature and begin to doubt my ability to do right by her, as she seemed able to come as often as she liked.

By now, she had forced herself all the way onto my cock and was moving back and forth on it as fast as she could. Replacing my hand with her own on her clitoris, she grunted “Oh Jackie, please just fuck me! No more teasing, just fuck me!”

With my hands gripping either side of her hips, I fucked! In and out as fast as I could. A beast, interested only in taking his own pleasure without regard for his mate.

As slick as her anal canal was with our commingled lubricants, it was much tighter than I was used to and I was going to come any second, so I just begin pumping in and out as she groaned “Oh Christ, I’m coming again”.

At that point, I could feel my come start its way up through my cock, but slow because of the tightness which somehow seemed to intensify and prolong the actual shock of orgasm and made it last so long that I began to wonder if I could take this.

Finally, my sperm flowed into her rectum as I fucked wildly and she screamed “Jackie, I can feel your come and I’m coming again. Oh my…”

She fainted. Maintaining our connection, I eased us over onto our sides, and gently rubbed her neck and forehead until she began to come around.

As my cock slipped out of her, she turned, slid her arms around me, murmured “Mmmmm, Jackie, that was perfect.” and snuggled in so that she lay half on me with her leg thrown over mine and drifted into sleep as I tenderly moved my hand over her back and buttocks.

We lay that way for twenty minutes or so with her sweet breath drifting across my face and our juices seeping from within, gradually coating most of my upper thigh, and soaking the sheet below. Eventually, I noticed that whenever my hand moved onto her bottom, her cheeks would shiver slightly and her groin pressed against my leg so softly as to be almost undetectable – both sure signs that she was having either really good dreams or perpetual orgasmic aftershock.

Continuing my light stroking of her back, I focused a bit more on her buttocks and initiated a soft kneading each time I reached them -especially the lower portion and near the split of her cheeks.

When her inward motion became more defined, I drifted from her bottom into the juncture of her thighs where she was still so wet that my fingers slipped over everything they encountered.

“My word, could she be coming in her sleep?” I thought.

As I eased my fingers between her lips and lightly slid the length of the slit, the rhythmic pressure against my thigh grew even more pronounced. Not content with this, I persisted in my digital exploration, sliding down to the area surrounding her now hard clitoris and delicately teased until she was gently humping my thigh.

Keeping up the pressure there, I started pushing my thumb into her when, suddenly, it seemed as though it was simply sucked the rest of the way into her. Now, I’m pretty sure that this cannot actually happen, but I was trying to slowly ease my thumb in when abruptly, it was inside her, as if she simply sucked it in.

“Mmmm!” – Jessie, still asleep, was expressing her satisfaction with the proceedings.

Allowing my thumb to continue its probing, I did not neglect Jessie’s clitoral region and stepped up my finger’s examination of that area as well. I can’t really say for certain when Jessie became fully aware of what was happening to her, but I do know when I realized that she was fully awake. As I persisted with my multiple manipulations, my thumb coursed in over the underside of her pubic bone and onto or over what must be the area popularly called the ‘G’ spot. An electric shock could have produced no greater reaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32