Making A Queen Ch. 04

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Jack’s bed was huge. It had to be custom made. Isabella had a California king in her bedroom, and this thing put it to shame. His bedding was done in shades of dark blue and gray, very masculine, very… Jack. She thought that the deep gray color of his duvet set off the bright red of the lingerie she wore perfectly. It would be better if it was black, of course, but this was damn close.

Izzy had gone all out tonight. She’d spent the afternoon shopping for lingerie, finding the best pieces. She’d planned it all right down to the deep red of her lipstick and the perfect black flick of her eyeliner. She wanted to leave a lasting impression on Jack, wanted to stand out. When he had to make his final decision on who would take over the Queen’s spot, she wanted him to close his eyes and picture her like this, splayed out on his bed, waiting for him in her perfect lingerie.

The stockings went up to her mid-thigh, black and lacy, they were held up by a garter belt that wrapped around her waist. For panties, she went with a red lace thong, and she was smart enough to put them on over the garters, in case Jack wanted them to come off and to keep the garters on. She was willing to bet that was the case. The top was simple, a red baby doll made out of sheer material that framed her abdomen but gaped open enough to show the flat expanse of her stomach.

It wasn’t much up top, just some sheer material that was held together by a perfectly tied bow between her breasts like a present waiting to be unwrapped. She’d curled her thick, dark hair into gentle waves that fell down around her like the perfect frame. She’d never felt sexier, and she couldn’t wait for Jack to finally walk through that door… Well, she could, she had too. Wait and wait and then wait some more.

Melissa had said he’d be running late. Apparently, he’d had a whole lot of meetings today, which meant his normal schedule was a bit fucked up and he had to stay later. Isabella understood, of course, but that didn’t make waiting for him any easier. She’d expected him after dinner, so around sevenish.. It was now approaching eight-thirty and Isabella had run out of things to do to occupy her time.

She really didn’t want him to walk into the room, her wearing all this lingerie, and find her scrolling through Instagram on her phone. That definitely wasn’t the image of seduction she wanted him to see when he finally got here. She took her time trying to find the perfect pose, and for a few minutes, she even sat on his dresser, legs crossed and chest poked out. She couldn’t hold that one for very long, however, and ended up on the bed, sprawled out in comfort.

Isabella was starting to worry that she was going to pass out waiting for him and have him walk in and find her snoring and drooling on his pillow or something awful like that. But, the sound of footsteps finally echoed through the hallway. She quickly sat up onto her knees in the middle of his bed, ran her fingers through her hair and fluffed her tits up towards her face. She adjusted everything she could, right to the last second so that when Jack pushed the door to his room open, he was met with the sight of her kneeling in the middle of his bed, her painted red lips curved into a little smirk.

The sight stopped Jack dead in his tracks, his gaze shifting from the woman’s beautiful face all the way down to where her knees met the bed. After the day he’d had, he was ready to end it the way he started it, with the woman before him and her hot fucking mouth. She looked so fucking good in red, and that lipstick… Fuck, it was going to make a mess and he couldn’t wait to see it smeared across his skin.

“Welcome home,” Isabella practically purred as she lowered herself down to her hands and knees and started to crawl towards the edge of the bed, her movements were sensual and cat-like. It had Jack loosening the tie around his neck as he started to stride forward. His hands making quick work of the first few buttons of his shirt, and then cuffs, shoving his sleeves up to his elbows. Isabella found that little display about as hot as he found her lingerie.

They met at the edge of the bed, Isabella rising up onto her knees to meet him. The two collided together, their lips meeting in a desperate crush. The sweet taste of Isabella filling Jack’s senses as his tongue clashed with hers in a rolling, grinding battle for dominance. His hands grabbed hold of her waist, his fingers digging into her soft skin and squeezing as the tension from his day and the anticipation she’d stirred up with how the two of them had started the day all came crashing down around him and exploding out wards in a wave of lust so fucking strong no one would be able to guess that Jack had gotten off twice that day.

He kissed her like a man who was starved for her, his gripping, squeezing fingers moving from acıbadem escort her hips to her ass as he yanked her body against his as his hips surged forward. Isabella made a little moaning sound as his imprisoned erection presses into her soft stomach, her excitement fueled by his enthusiasm. The knowledge that Jack wanted her as much as she wanted him gave her a little fucking rush of power, along with a serious fucking ego boost.

She slid her fingers up the side of his face and held on to him as he kissed her stupid, his tongue rolling and flicking over every little bit of her mouth he could reach. She wanted to feel more of him, taste more of him. He had far too many articles of clothing in the way for her liking, fuck, even she had on too many articles of clothing. She wanted skin on skin, fucking needed it. Him.

Jack’s line of thought was going in the same direction. He eased his mouth off of Isabella’s and grinned down at her, the lipstick smeared over her chin making the grin take on the edge of a smirk. His hands gripped her ass cheeks hard enough to pull them apart only to let them clap back together as he eases out of her reach.

“Lay on your back, Isabella. Let your head hang off the bed,” Jack said, his heated gaze doing a back and forth from her mouth to her tits like he couldn’t decide just what he wanted to stare at the most… Then he let his gaze drift even lower, tracing the way that sheer red fabric framed her body. It was impressive, the way he could practically see her ass from the front. The swell of her hips and her thick thighs… His cock was so fucking hard it hurt as it strained against the front of his Armani slacks.

Jack pulled his tie looser, working it with one hand while his other went to his belt. Isabella grinned at him, a knowing glint in her dark eyes. She made every movement like a dance, taking a few indecisive seconds to just sway her hips back and forth before she started to comply with his demand. She turned around, giving him a view of her magnificent, heart-shaped ass. Out of all the girls he had she had the most perfectly shaped ass he’d ever seen. Fuck, maybe out of every caretaker he’d ever had.

The way Isabella moved as she started to crawl higher up the bed, she fucking knew it too. Every time she slid one knee forward, her ass cheeks would slide apart just enough that he could get a glimpse of the red lace than ran between them. That color against her beautiful caramel complexion was fucking perfection. She made his dick throb and his mouth water, and all she was doing was crawling.

It wasn’t just her appearance, it was the chemistry between them that made Isabella the stand out in this competition. It was electric, undeniable. If this job was biased around who he wanted to fuck more, Isabella would have fucking won. Today, anyway. His tastes vary, and they varied often. Just like how Jack couldn’t stand to eat the same thing every single day, he couldn’t stand to fuck the same thing every day, either.

Well, there were two exceptions to this. Garlic bread and Melissa. That’s why this trial week was so important. It seemed absolutely impossible to replace Melissa but watching Isabella crawl her sexy ass across his bed gave him hope that he could for the first time this week. He pulled his tie off, unbuckled the belt around his waist, and kicked off his three thousand dollar shoes, his gaze never leaving Isabella’s perfect fucking body.

She had a body that people paid thousands of dollars to try and achieve, except with Izzy, it was one hundred percent natural. Her curves would undoubtedly be a plastic surgeon’s muse, but no matter how skilled there was absolutely no recreating the perfect hourglass shape of her waist and the way her ass cheeks rippled as she crawled forward and sat back on her feet.

Isabella laid back on the bed, having to wiggle a bit backward to send her dark hair cascading over the side of Jack’s orgy sized bed. She found herself at the perfect angle to watch as he slid the leather belt free from his expensive suit pants. It sent a little thrill through her, the leather sliding through his palm as he let it fall to the floor. His hands flicked buttons, pulled a zipper, and with a little shove, gravity did the rest of the work. His cock shot free the second the material was out of the way, long, hard, and fucking perfect.

With a little wiggle of anticipation, Isabella parts her lips. Full and a little swollen from their kiss, there was still some lipstick clinging to her lips. That little wiggle made Jack’s lips twitch because it was fucking cute. Her lips parting made his cock twitch because her willingness to be used as a cock sleeve was insanely hot. He wasn’t going to deny his beautiful, cock hungry Latina, who the fuck could?

Taking those two steps forward, Jack didn’t even get a chance to grab his dick and guide it into her mouth. Isabella had an entirely different plan, her hands shot back and around akbatı escort him, gripping his thighs and pulling him forward. His cock slid across her face and her hot mouth was suddenly on his balls. She licked and sucked at his sac with a firm, get gentle pressure that spoke of someone who knew just what the fuck they were doing.

“Fuck, Isabella,” Jack groaned, unable not to reach down and wrap his fist around his cock and start to pump it up and down as she sucked on his heavy balls.

“Mmmmphh…” She practically purred her response, her tongue sliding along his sack and flicking against his taint in a way that made his whole body tense as it sent a jolt of sensation through him.

Jack’s gaze slid to her tits and the lace little bow that kept them pushed together and covered in that brilliant red color. He couldn’t help but to scoot a bit higher so he could slide his cock underneath that bit of fabric and start pushing his hips forward in slow, rhythmic thrusts. Isabella seemed very okay with this plan because her hands left his thighs and appeared, one on each of her tits so she could squish them around his thick dick, squeezing all that soft flesh around him with an eager moan that vibrated against his balls.

Jack grabbed one end of that little bow and tugged. That was all it took to have the material of whatever sheer, lacy thing she’d been wearing to fall open. Her nipples were hard, peaking the tops of her perfectly round breasts. They looked amazing wrapped around his cock. The whole thing was erotic, the way that she so eagerly sucked and licked at whatever part of him she could reach. Her tongue slithered along his taint, that stretch of skin between his balls and his asshole, and he was pretty sure she’d licked a little bit of that, too. She didn’t seem to give a fuck.

He watched her thighs rub together, the way her skin rippled slightly every time he thrust his cock between those big tits of hers. He wasn’t sure he’d ever seen anything as good in his life, or maybe he was just beyond fucking horny. Her tits were perfect, and this was fun, but he wanted more. He’d had plans of his own when he’d told her to lean her head over the edge of the bed, and he was going to execute them.

He slid back, pulling his balls from her greedy, sucking little lips and sliding his dick free from her tits. She sucked in a breath and he stole a glance of her pretty face. That lipstick was smeared to hell and back, and none of it was on her lips. Her mouth and cheeks were glistening with her saliva and she was staring at his dick the way a fat kid stared at his birthday cake. He moved forward again and her mouth opened wide, meeting his cock without a second of thought or hesitation.

He shoved every inch of himself into her mouth, not stopping until his balls were pressed against her nose. He cursed loudly as the sensation of her throat constricting around his dick sent a wave of pleasure through him that only came from being balls deep in a woman’s throat. Isabella gagged on him, but he knew she could take it and ask for more. The woman was a fucking trooper.

Her hands slid up his thighs, her red painted nails digging in just a little. It only added to the sensation as his cock jerked within the warm, wet confines of her throat. The way her muscles rippled around his dick, it was almost like she was trying to swallow him whole. The vice-like tightness of her throat was almost too good, too fucking tight and hot and wet. He could probably cum just feeling her squeezing around him like that.

Jack didn’t want it to end like that, however. So after several blissful fucking moments with his dick embedded inside her throat, he forced himself to slide himself out of her mouth. He felt the air rush past his wet cock as she sucked in a lungful of air, only giving her a second to catch her breath before he slams forward again. “Fuck, yes. Take it, baby, take every fucking inch,” He hissed out through his teeth as he starts to fuck his cock between those beautiful lips of hers.

Isabella had only ever seen this particular position done in porn, and while it looked hot, she never expected to actually find it hot in practice. But, here she was, lying across the bed while Jack started to fuck his big cock down her throat. Maybe it was the way he used her without a fucking care in the world that turned her on so fucking much. Whatever it was, she was fucking into it, and she let him know by moaning around his dick the second she had any oxygen in her lungs, the vibrations sliding across his skin as he muffled the sounds by continuing to push his cock in and out of her throat.

She knew her face was probably a mess. Red from hanging upside down, covered in saliva because, well, she’d always been a messy cock sucker. The tears probably had her makeup running, and who knew what the lipstick looked like at this point. But, Jack couldn’t see that. All he could see was her body, and Isabella wanted to give him something aksaray escort to look at, especially since he was doing all of the work.

She slid her hands up and down her stomach, grabbing her big tits and squeezing them between her fingers hard enough to make the flesh bulge from between the fingers. She pushed them together and moaned for him. She grabbed her nipples and twisted this way and that, the sensation combined with just how hot this whole thing was had her rubbing her legs together, the ache between them growing, and with it, a damp spot on the crotch of her panties. Part of her wanted to get herself off, but Isabella was a good girl, she kept her hands out of her panties. This was, after all, all about Jack’s pleasure, not hers.

Jack watched Isabella’s hands slide over her body, his hips pushing forward and pulling backward in a steady rhythm that had his balls slapping into her nose every time he buried his cock down her throat. Her fingers were on her nipples and she was tugging in a way that drew sounds from her lips. He could only hear them when he’d nearly pulled his cock out completely, in that split second before he drove his hips back towards her mouth. He liked the sounds she made, the way the escaped her in little bursts before his cock muffled them.

After a moment, Jack had to slow down, his orgasm had started to build, that knowing pressure at the base of his spine, the way his balls drew tight up towards his body… But, fuck he so wasn’t done with her, not yet.

His hips slowed, his thrusts becoming longer, his cock lingering in her throat for several seconds before he withdrew it completely. Needing to hold onto something, Jack found himself wrapped his fingers around her slender throat. Not tightly, but just enough to hold onto her and to send a little thrill of fear through Isabella. He tried to slow his heart rate by catching his breath, his body kind of hunching forward as he rocked back and forth, in and out past her slippery wet lips.

To his shock and amazement, Jack could feel his cock inside her throat underneath his palm. Every time he shoved his cock inside of her throat, he could feel it bulge out wards as he forced her to stretch around him. It was… Really fucking hot. Every time he swallowed he felt her throat move underneath his hand. It made him squeeze a little bit tighter, wanting to feel it all.

Feeling her swell from the invasion of his cock was damn near enthralling, and once again he found himself getting lost in her. Without him even realizing it, he was thrusting his hips forward towards her lips with a hard, unyielding pace. The sensation was so fucking perfect, the tighter he squeezed the tighter her throat was around his cock. He could feel her convulsing a little bit, Her hands left her tits and found his thighs, her nails digging into his skin hard enough to leave little half-moon imprints. He didn’t care, everything felt so good that the little bite of pain just became another sensation for Jack to lose himself in.

He did realize how roughly he was using her after a solid minute, his hand around her throat vanishing immediately, his cock drawing back enough to let her suck in air. He was going to double-check if she was okay, the head of his cock slipping from her lips. Before he could, Isabella let out a low moan, her thighs rubbing together as her body writhed on the bed before him. He was a little awestruck by her in that moment. The way she took it, and how it’d leave most women a sobbing mess… Christ, she didn’t just take it, she fucking enjoyed it.

Jack reached for her arm, his fingers wrapping around her wrist and tugging at her until she got the idea. Isabella didn’t take long to get the idea, rolling over and rising up onto her knees, just the way this had started. Jack’s hand slid up her arm and over her shoulder in a way that made a shudder dance up her spine, little goosebumps breaking out across her skin. His fingers trailed over her neck before he took her chin between his thumb and forefinger, tilting her head up towards him.

“You’re such a good fucking girl, aren’t you, Isabella?” He said, his voice low, almost a whisper.

“Si, I am *very* good,” She agreed, her gaze locking onto his.

“I want you,” Jack murmured, his lips so close to hers that they brushed on his last syllable.

“I’m yours,” Isabella’s reply was instant and eager.

“Fuck, yes you are. I’m going to pump your pussy full of so much cum you’ll never forget that,” Jack’s words came out on a growl, the last one barely past his lips before he was kissing her.

Jack’s tongue pushes from between his lips and Isabella is quick to dart out and meet it. The kiss was demanding, passionate, and a bit messy as the two of them swapped saliva. Jack’s hands were suddenly everywhere. Squeezing her tits, teasing her nipples, roaming down her stomach, gripping her ass and tugging her body harder against his. Everything felt good, everywhere her skin touched his felt like it was on fire.

She could feel his cock, wet with her spit and hard as a fucking rock, digging into her lower stomach. It made her fucking soaked, thinking about how fucking good it was going to feel when he shoved all of it inside of her. She missed her opportunity this morning, but there was no way in hell she wasn’t going to cum all over Jack Stone’s cock tonight.

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