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Continuing the sensuously charged adventures of Jenny, the beautiful 18 year-old Latina office prick teaser who has just come through one of her most sexually explosive experiences while having her clitoris pierced.

It is now a week later and she is on her way for what is to become her most endearing moment so far: making love to a woman she has never met before.Jenny is doing this purely to please her randy 55 year-old filthy rich boss Raymond now she is promoted as his personal secretary, getting a huge pay rise and a gleaming metallic silver BMW convertible.

She is driving it to his favourite uptown business haunt, the 6-star Ritz Hotel where he’s hired a lavish private suite for Jenny to meet Laura.

Raymond, while normally devious, arranges the meeting as a ‘straight up’ return favour to a golfing associate. The man’s niece is in the city for a week from mid West Country and is unashamedly bi. She wants a romp with a pretty girl a bit younger than herself but it must be overnight.

Her uncle convinces her he will arrange a meeting with a very sexy young lady by personal introduction rather than risk his niece going to the Internet looking for a one-off encounter with a total stranger.

The uncle assures her he trusts his golfing partner, the very influential businessman Raymond, to find a decent, but sexy, young woman about her age as an ideal partner for some erotic dalliance.

Jenny doesn’t know much about the woman but after initial trepidation about doing this, she convinces herself it is harmless fun, and may answer lots of thoughts about women who are bi. Can it be as riveting as being seduced by a man? Jenny’s mind is ticking over as she drives into the basement’s reserved parking area, talking aloud to herself in the car.

“Who will start something? Will we kiss? How far will we go? Will the boss be angry if nothing happens? What if we don’t like each other?”

Jenny knows Raymond wants her to make love to the young woman to satisfy his own curiosity. While Jenny is one very hot teenager when it comes to straight sex this is a new threshold she is yet to cross.

What Jenny doesn’t know is that her boss spent more than an hour over drinks at the bar getting to know Laura and promoting Jenny as a warm and wonderful playmate.Ironically, Laura is somewhat entranced by Raymond and is already thinking beyond curling up in bed with Jenny. Is Jenny about to meet her match and will she get jealous if this stranger makes a pass at her dear boss?

Jenny is wearing white platform high heels, a slightly longer than usual denim mini skirt that zips up bottom to top at the front, a low cut black lace bra, a black lace thong-style semi see-through panties that are more loose fitting in the crotch than what she normally wears.

Her black ponytail hair trails half way down her back and she is wearing earrings, neck chain and anklet ‘slave’ chain. She wears hot pink lip-gloss and is perfumed to perfection.

Raymond meets her in the foyer under a giant 200candle chandelier and leads her to the bar where Laura is still sipping a cocktail. He introduces them as Laura stands up.

The first thing Jenny notices about her is that she is not the blonde girl of 20 in the photo with blue eyes, but an elegantly attired attractive woman about 30 years of age with beautiful dark brunette almost Afro-styled thick shoulder length curly hair, the kind Jenny always admires but doesn’t see often. Laura is the same height as Jenny at 5ft. 8in and from first glance her breasts are probably small, though firm.

Laura is wearing sexy lip-gloss too, and her mouth is perfectly formed like a film star’s with full lips that Jenny imagines must be exciting to kiss. As they give each other a quick tender hug and big smile, Jenny estimates that Laura has a good firm body.

She is wearing a neck high silver satin figure hugging dress with sleeves that go half way to her elbows and matching six-inch high heel shoes that expose most of her feet but for a two-inch section at the toes. Thin silver leather straps wrap around her ankle and criss-cross over the arches of her feet to hold her in. Jenny notices that when she stands she looks very elegantly poised.

Raymond suggests they take the elevator to the 30th floor for drinks and food to be served on the private balcony of the $2000 a night penthouse apartment. It comes with its own fully stocked 20 foot long bar, spa, games room, computer room, 10ft wide home entertainment screen for videos and many other rich life perks. The expansive balcony looks out over the lights of the city and Raymond figures this is a pretty romantic setting for anyone in the mood for sex.

As they walk to the elevator Jenny glances at Laura’s tanned shapely legs. The older woman’s shimmering satin dress is almost as short as hers. Laura’s bust is hidden in a black lace bra and Jenny notices that her buttocks are tight and very well rounded for a perfect shape in a close fitting outfit. They hold hands as they walk from the elevator casino şirketleri into the massive penthouse.

“Well girls, this is it,” Raymond says proudly.”Nothing but the best for you two.” The two women, still hand in hand, walk to the balcony and look at the city below.

“It is wonderful Raymond, and for a country girl like me, this is quite different. It’s a real buzz,” Laura confesses. She squeezes Jenny’s hand and Jenny squeezes back. Jenny feels a fingertip drawing a small circle inside the palm of her hand as they stand there. Jenny squeezes her new friend’s elegantly manicured hand with long painted nails again, recognising her subtle message.

Raymond excuses himself so the two girls can talk privately over their meal and wine, saying he will return before bedtime with some accessories they may like to use. Both women smile and look knowingly at each other, confident they are one step in front of Raymond and know what he is up to. The two women spend the first 30 minutes over their meal and wine talking about their childhood on the huge balcony under a starlit sky.

Afterwards, thev retire to the more comfortable huge sofa inside that looks out to the city below. They sit close together looking out to the open sky. “Do you love men?” Jenny asks to get things going. “I mean, when I said I would come here tonight I was not sure if you were a lesbian.

“No, I’m not a lesbian Jenny, don’t be afraid of me. Good-looking men like your boss really turn me on, but I don’t make it much with younger ones. Most of them haven’t got a clue. After 30 they start to get some sophistication into their lovemaking, but older men yes.

“To be honest, even though I love making it with a man I get a greater sense of release kissing and touching another woman. My original parents were extremely affectionate with me; they divorced when I was just 18 but my mom taught me how to love kiss at a very early age and being young I didn’t know it was called incest.

“They were very strict with me. I had to kneel by the bed at night and say prayers, but never was allowed to wear pyjamas or nighties. We all slept in one big king size bed, mom and pop on each side. When mom taught me how to kiss and other things I had to show pop that I was learning properly.”

“Gee,” says Jenny. I live with my stepdaddy and you know, ever since he had to raise me on his own after I was just eight, he was never like that. He would kiss me good night on the lips but just a light kiss; he never used his tongue on me anytime.

“Mind you, I look back and wish he had so many times. I really love my stepdaddy and to this day I wish I knew how I could get him to have it with me. He is so handsome and physical for his age, he does turn me on.”

Laura drapes her arm around Jenny’s shoulder, pulling her slightly closer.”Do you like talking about sex,” she asks.

“If it’s something exciting, yes I do,” replies the younger one. “I dress rather provocatively at work in my mini skirts and things I know my boss can see through to turn him on. I like to feel I can control him by controlling his attention. I get off on using my mind power as well as my body.

“At night I can touch myself and think of how I must make him twist up inside and want me and how he probably jerks off thinking about me. I do get his attention by being a bit cheeky.”

“I know what you mean,” Laura says. “I must admit some of my early lessons at home have stayed with me and I guess in all respects my parents were very much into erotica; you know, the kind of games they played with me.

“You know what you should do to get your stepdaddy’s attention, play one of the games I had to play. One night when he is watching TV, come out and put a beach towel on the floor in front of him between where he is sitting and the TV so he can’t help but notice what you are doing….”

Jenny is excited already before Laura can even finish and she leans her head towards her so they touch. “Anyway darling, just come out with a bath robe wrapped around you and a jar of honey. Adults love eating honey. Lie down on your back and pour the honey thick on your pussy and smear it over your breasts.

“You can bet he will be dumbfounded and locked on to what you are doing. Just say in your most innocent voice, ‘oh daddy my honey pot is overflowing and I’ve spilt honey over me. Please lick it up for your sweetie pie.’

“Laura, that is fantastic. I can just see it now. If he doesn’t get down on me after that kind of opportunity I should give up.”

“Oh he will. He will. And Jenny it is a really great feeling, especially when you feel their tongue lapping into you.”

Jenny says she will definitely try it out at home and make sure there is a very big jar of honey in the pantry. “Did your mom help out too?”

“Oh yes, always. But that was just one of many games we played and I didn’t know any better at the time except that everything felt really good and they never harmed me

“So Jenny, being bi all started casino firmaları with kissing and went on from there. They taught me that our tongue is a wonderful sex organ, or maybe better put, an organ for sex. It was fun discovering my erogenous zones so early.

I would probably never have known. I guess some of that erotic naughtiness stays with me and I find it exciting to share my love with a man or a woman, even a couple together although I haven’t done that yet.”

They move closer. Laura unstraps her high heels and kicks them off, urging Jenny to do the same.”You know something Jenny, I do get turned on by a man who gets on to my wave length and into my mind, not just into my pussy if you know what I mean.”

“Yes I do.” .

“Well Jenny, I think that our brain is our most powerful aphrodisiac. You know, the power us women have in our emotions are much more powerful than men’s in my opinion at least. The mind is our greatest source of inspiration for everything we do and when it comes to personal relationships and sex generally, the mind is probably our number one sex organ.”

“Gee Laura, we think so much alike. That’s how I always feel about it too.”

“Well Jenny, it’s an organ for creating sexual pleasure, that’s what I mean. And everything surely must start in the mind don’t you think?”

“Oh yes, my boss Raymond has a great imagination and he is the one who wants me to make love to you.”

“Ah, see what I mean Jenny, don’t you think he’s done that for my benefit, your benefit and his own kinky benefit? I think your boss is a very nice looking man having just met him at the bar but I bet his mind works overtime turning you into more than a figment of his imagination. He will be wondering all night what we are up to and no doubt filling his mind with all kinds of erotic possibilities.”

They both laugh.

“Do you mean he wants me to have sex with you because that turns him on?”

“Of course,” why else?”

“Why did he give me a picture of someone younger than you and making out it was you? Why would he do that?”

“Jenny, I gave my uncle a picture of me as I am today to pass on to your boss and he switched it maybe in case you thought I was too old for you in this sort of dalliance”

“Gee Laura, I don’t think you look too old for anything. You are very, very attractive. Sort of like the girl next door.” They laugh.

“Jenny, I know this much, I am 30 to be honest and I am at the time when women are usually around their sexual peak. Still young in the body, but a lot more experienced than women 10 years younger like you.

“I think women my age are hotter sexually in passion than at any other stage of their lives and here I am living in a little country town where my chances of getting off with a man or a woman for that matter,are very limited compared to you living here in a big city.”

Jenny is fascinated by the conversation and the thought of exchanging mind games stirs her from deep within.It is something she believes in but puts it down to just being a sexy little animal, not thinking there could be other women out there who also have very vivid imaginations and use it in sexual situations.

They move closer as they talk, shoulders now touching gently. Laura hops up to dim the adjustable glow of the light to a more relaxed softer mood. Jenny likes that. “Let’s get one thing straight,” says Laura, a soft light for a soft heart and maybe a soft touch.” They giggle girlishly.

“You know Jenny, you are one hell of a sexy young woman. I think I can enjoy being close to you tonight and it will be a very, very long night.”

Hearing that, Jenny squirms inside in great anticipation. She has still never kissed a woman passionately. They kick their shoes off and Laura slips out of her satin dress. “This dress cost me a fortune so I’m putting it aside so I can wear it outside and not look like I’ve been rolling around on the ground.”

“That’s a good idea,” chirps Jenny, “I’ll do the same.” They are both now sitting side by side in just their low cut bras and skimpy black lace panties looking out to a bright moonlit evening sky through the wide opening sliding doors to the balcony. They can feel the gentle night breeze caressing their legs. It is a romantic setting, they agree.

Laura’s figure is slim and well proportioned but without the audacious kind of breasts Jenny can’t hide in her low cut bra. Jenny notices that the older woman’s legs are slim, unblemished, shapely and lightly suntanned. Her perky breasts sit up inside her cupped black lace outfit and Jenny guesses they must measure about 32B or maybe more. Smaller, firm, delightfully sexy. She can’t wait to find out.

The suspense is killing them. They look each other and smile. “We are gorgeous aren’t we,” Laura laughs, “and my goodness, what lovely breasts you have.” Jenny blushes. “Well, they are all mine.”

“I like she shade of your lippy Jenny, it seems to make your lips really mmmm.”

“Yours too,” replies Jenny. “The colour güvenilir casino suits you perfectly. This is so new to her, she hopes Laura will take the lead and suddenly she wonders if Laura is thinking the same. Laura snuggles closer and gently guides a finger across the top of Jenny’s thin,lace edged bra, moving in a line along top of the bra where it just covers her nipples but tracing her fingertips along Jenny’s milky smooth skin.

Jenny, feeling this is her cue, responds by pulling Laura’s bra straps down on each side and tugging them away to reveal her naked perky breasts. They are firm, upright with fairly big and slightly upraised areolas surrounding strong erect nipples.

“Mmmm,” coos Jenny. “Your boobs are so good you don’t need to wear a bra, you know.”

Laura smiles. The 30 year-old woman gives Jenny a peck on the point of her nose with her soft lips and unclips Jenny’s bra, then flicking it to the floor. She cups one hand under the younger woman’s fulsome breasts and tilts her face towards her younger companion.

“When did you first have sex with another woman outside the home or am I the first? she asks Laura.

“It was after my parents broke up and I was in my final year at school. I’d just turned 18 the week before one of my teachers called me aside and said I would not pass my final exams unless I got some after school coaching. She was aware I went through a difficult time that year with my parents breaking up the marriage and there was a lot of disruption to my schoolwork.

“I agreed because of that to go to her house two nights a week for personalised coaching to catch up, as she called it. She was not married but very attractive and somewhere between 35 and 40 I guessed. She never wore anything really sexy to make me think she was randy and I never thought twice about going there of an evening in my very short skirts, lace knickers and button up blouse. I always wore a half-cup bra.

“For the life of me I can’t recall the very thing that started something off but she was asking me questions about how I felt about myself and suggested I was very tense and needed to let go a bit.

“I remember telling her that’s only because of the uncertainty of passing my exams.She put her arm around me as we sat on the couch and said all I needed was some reassurance. Before I knew it she started cuddling me and saying I had lips that men would die for. She pushed me back on the couch and had her mouth over mine, her tongue inside me and I suddenly melted.”

Jenny is agog, and feels some excitement stirring in her loins as Laura pours out her confession.

“I was taken by surprise. I was too scared to fight her off and I started to like what she was doing. Her hand went down under my short skit and she was running her fingers all over the outside of my lace knickers. Without realising it I found myself opening my legs wider for her as her fingers probed along my slit and got me quite wet down there.”

Jenny is wide-eyed. “Wow, that must have been something.”

“Well, she ended up giving me a climax, the first woman to do that outside opf my home. Funny thing though, I was not angry with her when it was all over. In fact, I even thanked her which now, at my age, must sound really corny.”

Jenny leans against Laura’s semi-naked slim body with its perfectly proportioned frame and drapes an arm around her.

“Laura, please show me what she actually did to you and how she did it. I want to know what it must have felt like when you were still at school and she was your teacher. Just hearing makes me feel horny.

“Was it like this?” Jenny suggests as she moves her other hand on to Laura’s black panties and proceeds to slide her fingers under them, touching the older woman’s immaculately shaved pussy other than a small tuft of cropped pubic hair the older woman grooms carefully for show.

Laura takes her by the wrist and drags it back and forth under the scant coverage. Jenny’s fingers are forced to slide into Laura’s wet opening. Their shoulders touch, their faces draw closer and closer and in an eclectic moment, their mouths meet for the first time.

“Mmmmmm,” they both moan softly as Laura moves her hand between Jenny’s open legs and drags her panties down to her ankles. Jenny kicks them off and widens her thighs to accommodate the older woman’s probing.

“Mmmmm, No, this is how the teacher touched me,” Laura purrs as she runs her longer fingers up and down and into the 18 year-old’s wet snatch that’s in full view as Jenny slides back into the couch.

They both withdraw their hands from each other’s loins and hold each other around the head, pressing their moist full lips gently together. They are like two delicate butterflies circling a flower. Their lips press together and they squirm as the taste of new sex arouses them.

Laura’s tongue penetrates Jenny’s mouth, swirling around like a snake in the grass. Jenny grabs it tightly between her lips, holds the wriggling invader and massages it affectionately with probing, sliding movements up and down, under and over, and then sucking her tongue passionately as though it were her daddy’s penis. Laura groans. “Mmmmmm, mmmmm” her muffled responses to Jenny’s internal lashings are building a fire.

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