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This story is a work of fiction. None of the characters or events herein is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upsets you, do not read any further. By reading further you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you are an adult 21 years of age or older. You also certify that you are NOT a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement officer, official of the United States Postal Service, acting in the capacity of a representative of a telecommunications firm, and that this material does not offend the standards in your area, nor is it in violation of any of local, state, or federal law of the United States or of the country you belong to, and in which, you are a citizen.

My sincere thanks to Literotica volunteer editor “Lovepriya” for all the good suggestions and editing.

Hi friends, I am Mohan and I grew up in a small town just north of Cannanore in Kerala. I welcome comments to help improve future stories.

Part 1 – Margaret’s first orgasm.

This happened when we were having our summer holidays. Our usual activities include riding our bicycles, fishing, watching the sunset at the local Payambalam beach and of course teasing the young high school girls. My friends and I had our own girlfriends that we teased each other about. My girlfriend was eighteen-year-old Margaret. She had a medium brown complexion, petite (34B) boobs, short shoulder length black silky straight hair, medium build, great legs which make a very sexy figure. Her petite 5′ 1″ height, accentuated her firm boobs that were crying out to be squeezed and fondled. After sunset, the garden behind her house was quite dark and provided all the privacy that we needed. This is where I meet her every evening after dark and we would both sit on the concrete pad behind her house to enjoy each other’s company.

Our meetings would begin with some talking, kissing and hugging and then my hands would wander over her firm shoulders and back. This went on for a few days and as we got bolder and bolder, we took more and more liberties. One evening, Margaret told me that she could feel my heart beat. I took this opportunity to put my hand inside her blouse to feel her heartbeat, and in the process caressed and fondled her breasts. I could feel my half-awake cock stirring and begin to harden. She helped me fondle her breasts by reaching behind her back and undoing her bra. Her breasts were firm and I felt her nipples harden to my touch. I played with them and teased them with my fingers. By now, both her boobs were exposed to me and she moved my head towards her nipples. I put one nipple inside my mouth, kissed it and then started to suck it. A little later she moved my lips to her other nipple and I sucked on that one. I switched back and forth from one nipple to the other, sucking one and caressing the other.

My cock was rock hard by now and was straining against my underwear. While I continued to suck on her delicious nipples, I undid my belt and loosened the buttons on my pants. I reached for her hand and placed it inside the elastic band on my underwear. She felt my rock hard cock, the head wet with my pre-cum, held it and squeezed the shaft. Her mouth opened in surprise and she let out a slight scream.

“Oh my God, what’s this? It is so huge! Oh God! Are they all this big?”

She felt the size of my cock, my mushroom head, and felt my pre-cum. Until this moment, Margaret had never seen any pictures of an erect cock, much less held one in her hand. Even though I had a medium sized six-inch cock, she was terrified by the size. Until now, she had only heard stories about boys’ cocks from other girls and thought that boy’s cocks were slightly bigger than a finger.

She never knew that it could get so big and thick and how something so big could get inside her tiny pussy. All she had ever done was to occasionally masturbate with her finger which was so tiny compared to the size of my erect cock which seemed monstrous in comparison. I reassured her and tried to calm her down.

“Darling, don’t worry. Some boys have bigger cocks, and some have smaller cocks. My size is average”

“Bigger than this? Oh my God!”

I knew mine was average because my friends and I would compare each other’s cocks during school outings, picnics and when we played at the beach. Margaret seemed to relax, but was still apprehensive. Her nineteen-year-old friend Jeanette, who was bolder, had told her that her boyfriend had a 5″ long cock, güvenilir bahis and both girls thought that this was normal.

“Just hold it darling, and play with it; we will both enjoy it”

I continued to play with her boobs that were getting a little bigger with all the fondling. By now, my erect cock was fully outside my pants and underwear. She did not know how to play with my cock or what to do with it; so I taught her how to hold my cock, pull the foreskin down, and stroke it back and forth.

“Eeek, this is wet and slippery”

“That’s my lubrication darling; it’s known as pre-cum”

“Pre-cum? And what is cum?”

“Pre-cum is a clear very slippery liquid that lubricates during sex, and ‘Cum’ is another name for semen”

Margaret laughed, “Oh; you boys!”

I could hear her breathing getting deeper and clearly, she was enjoying this new activity to which she was just introduced. With one nipple still in my mouth, my hands went up her thighs that were slightly parted by now, and I slipped my fingers inside the elastic of her silk panties.

This was the first time that I had my fingers inside her panties. I felt the thick curly hair around her pussy, and ran my fingers through it. Her pussy hair was abundant and almost appeared like she never even trimmed it. It felt so good! Margaret did not know how to react. This was the first time anyone had touched her there. She was shy, scared, and at the same time felt good. Her feelings of pleasure overcame her shyness and she started moaning softly.

“Aaaaaaahhhh…! Aaaaaaahhhh…! Mohan that feels good.”

That’s when I realized how wet she had become. I removed her silk panties and in the semi darkness, felt the wetness at the front. She opened her legs slightly while my fingers wandered through her dense curly bush, and easily found her very warm wet pussy lips. I moved my fingers between her pussy lips and started stroking her inner pussy lips. This was the first time a boy had sucked her nipples and touched her pussy. Her soft moans got louder.

“Oh… Oh..! Oh my God….! Ooooohhhhh…! Ooooohhhhh…! Keep going, darling! It feels so good!” she cried out in the semi darkness.

Our eyes were slowly getting accustomed to the dim light coming from the nearby street light. Pretty soon we could see each other rather well. Margaret kept stroking my cock with one hand and with her other hand she guided my fingers to her clitoris. Her clit was quite swollen and erect by this time, and she let out a scream when my fingers found her hardened, blood engorged love button. My fingers were already wet from her pussy juice and I played with her clit and massaged it. I gently moved her hood upwards and stroked her exposed slippery clit up and down and from side to side with my wet finger.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!.. Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Oh my God! This is sssoooooo lovely Mohan!”

Then I felt her body jerk and her pussy muscles tighten around my fingers and she bucked like a wild horse. I massaged her swollen, erect clitoris rapidly. This was going to be the big moment for her.

“Oh my God! Something’s happening to me! I’m feeling butterflies all over! Oh my darling! Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…! Aaaaaaahhhh…! Aaaaaaahhhh…!”

I felt the rush of her sticky cum all over my fingers. In the dim light, I noticed that her face was flushed and she felt some shyness about what had just happened to her. This was her very first real orgasm!

She kissed me, “Oh my God! That was terrific! I never felt like this ever!”

“You just had your first orgasm Margaret; it’s known as ‘cumming’ – don’t the girls in your school talk about it?”

“Oh no; what do you think of us? You think that we talk about these things?

“Sorry darling; I thought that all girls masturbated, had orgasms, and talked about it.”

“Oh that; yes we do that and tease each other about the different ways of masturbating. But we don’t openly talk about orgasms. My best friend Jeanette asks me and teases me about masturbation, but I am too shy to tell her.”

“Well, do you masturbate?”

“Only once”

“Oh come on sweetheart; tell me about it; it will make me get even more excited.”

“O.K., I do it sometimes, but don’t tell Jenny. If you tell her I will rip your cock off. Just kidding. I just touch myself sometimes at night and it feels good. But nothing like what happened just now. This feeling is totally new to me” and she laughed.

She continued to squeeze and stroke my cock and said, “Now Mohan, it’s your turn. Jenny told me about how a boy’s semen comes out. She told me that she does this for Steve. I think she does a lot more than this when she is with Steve”

By now, I was very excited and enjoyed Margaret’s stroking. I continued to kiss her, massage her wet pussy and clit, and knew that I would not last very long.

I told her to go faster and faster, which she did quite well and then I felt my body stiffen, my cock enlarge, and get harder. I was on the verge of türkçe bahis ejaculating. She stroked faster.

I screamed, “Oh Margaret! Faster darling! Faster! Ooooohhhhh…. Ooooohhhhh…. I’m cumming darling! I’m cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…!”

My cum shot out of my cock in several strong spurts, spraying the concrete pad as she continued to vigorously stroke my cock. Margaret felt the contractions too. In the dim light she saw my semen spurt out and was in a high state of arousal.

She cried, “Oh my God, I’m getting that same feeling! I’m cumming again!”

She had a second orgasm, not as powerful as her first. She was very fascinated as this was her first introduction to semen spurting out from a stiff cock.

“Oh wow! She didn’t tell me that it shot out in spurts! This stuff is so sticky. Eeek! Did you feel good?” and wiped her hand on my shirt.

“Good? My cock in the hands of the most beautiful angel; it was terrific my darling.”

“You must show me this again. I want to see it during the daytime. I felt it expand during each spurt. Wow, it was exciting”

We held each other, embraced, kissed, and stayed like that for about ten minutes, completely relaxed in each other’s arms.


This became our routine for quite a while. Since she was still a virgin, she was timid and scared to fuck my big hard cock. She was fully convinced that my big cock would not go inside her little pussy. She was scared about getting pregnant; she was scared about the size; she was scared about the pain when her hymen ruptured; she was scared about everything! Therefore, I had to think of ways and means to get her aroused and bold enough to let me fuck her. I was getting impatient and was just longing to fuck her.

The tension and the stress were building inside me, and I had to come up with a plan quickly. I had my work cut out for the next few weeks. Her friend Jeanette was bolder, and I thought that I should get her to convince Margaret to fuck me. I knew that with a little patience and some careful innovative planning, this would become a reality. Even though my cock liked the handjobs, it was really longing for Margaret’s virgin pussy.

Part 2 – Encounter with Jeanette.

One evening, I went to my girlfriend Margaret’s backyard as usual and waited. This was our rendezvous place, but there was no sign of Margaret. A few minutes later, I saw a figure walk towards me in the semi darkness and presumed that it was Margaret. Instead, it was her best friend Jeanette who had come to tell me that Margaret could not join me that evening. She had gone to baby-sit her sister’s kid, would sleep over, and be back the next day.

Jeanette noticed the disappointment on my face, and started to comfort me. She held me and gave me a hug. She held me very tight, and moved her hands all over my back. I felt that this was way beyond a friendship hug. I was already in a state of excitement waiting for Margaret and anticipating her foreplay and handjob. Now Jeanette was in my arms hugging me, and her perfume was very alluring. I returned her hug, held her tight and planted a kiss on her lips. Jeanette responded well and we French kissed for a few minutes. Jeanette was nineteen, a year older than Margaret and a lot bolder than she.

French kissing sexy Jeanette was very arousing. My erect cock was now straining against the restraints of my underwear. Jeanette was in a devilish mood, moved her thigh between my legs and felt my erect cock. Coolly she placed her hand on my bulge and started rubbing it. She had some prior experience with Steve. Unlike Margaret, she knew what she was doing. It was the point of no return for me, and I unbuttoned Jeanette’s blouse, and undid her bra. Jeanette had perfect breasts, firm and perky. I started caressing her boobs and played with her erect and upward pointing hard nipples. Jeanette moaned with pleasure. I sucked one nipple, then the other and switched back and forth. Jeanette continued to moan softly.

While I was caressing her breasts and nipples, Jeanette undid my zipper and had my fully erect cock out. She gave me a smile of approval when she saw my six inches of rock hard meat. She was particularly happy when she saw the big, bulbous mushroom head. Her boyfriend Steve’s cock was five inches long and therefore she liked my six-inch size; bigger than her boyfriend’s, yet not too big to hurt her. She felt that she could derive a lot of pleasure and handle this one with skill and ease. We lay down by the concrete pad and my hands went straight under her skirt.

I got a pleasant surprise. Jeanette was not wearing any panties! My hand felt the softness of her luxurious silky bush. Her abundant, thick, silky curls were over an inch long; maybe an inch and a half long. Her pussy was very wet and she moaned as I caressed her pussy lips and let out a scream when my finger went into her wet vagina. I moved my finger in and out of her vagina, and my wet thumb gently caressed her plump and erect clitoris.

Jeanette güvenilir bahis siteleri moaned, “Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…! Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…!”

I continued my in and out movements with my finger, and curved it slightly towards the front of her vagina, and easily located her G-Spot. I gently stroked and stimulated it with my middle finger. She gave my cock a hard squeeze and a few rapid strokes.

Her body squirmed with pleasure and after a few minutes, she cried, “Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Uuuuuummmmmm…! Fuck me! Mohan fuck me now! Pleeeaaasseeee…!”

Jeanette was no virgin and had fucked before. She was lying down with her skirt raised, her knees bent and the scene was so inviting. She wanted no more foreplay. Therefore I mounted her in the missionary position. She quickly grabbed my stiff cock and guided it to her vaginal opening. Jeanette had a small tight pussy and my cock had some difficulty getting in. She raised her pelvis, I pushed harder and I was in. Once inside, Jeanette’s pussy held my cock firmly and she squeezed and released my cock with her pussy a few times. This squeezing caused my cock to slip out a couple of times, and each time, she promptly guided it back inside. This felt really good. Each entry felt divine! I pumped her with full long strokes and she responded with good upward thrusts.

“Come on Mohan, fuck me harder! Fuck me! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Your cock feels so good! Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…! Fuck baby! Fuck mmmmmeeeeeeeeeee…!”

Unlike the timid Margaret, Jeanette was a wild girl, moaned and screamed a lot. Her loud screams were very arousing, and each upward thrust sent my rock hard cock fully inside her cunt. I just wished Margaret would do this with me soon. For a few moments, I tried to imagine that I was fucking my sweet Margaret. However Jeanette’s loud screams, her powerful upward thrusts, her tight cunt, and her wild movements made it impossible to think of anyone else. I realized that Jeanette was the source of all my pleasure, and I turned all my attention to her.

She wanted to try something different. She made me lie on my back, got on top of me, inserted my cock in her cunt and rode me like a wild cowgirl. She did something very different. Jeanette started to tighten and relax her already tight pussy during her strokes. She would relax her pussy during the in-stroke and then tighten her pussy muscles during the outstroke! She was milking my stiff cock and I enjoyed that very much. I wondered how such a young convent school girl learned milking so well. How long could either of us take this type of wild action? Sure I was just eighteen and like typical eighteen-year-olds, could fuck like a stallion. However, the pleasure from milking was incredible!

Jeanette screamed, “Oh darling, fuck me! Fuck me harder, make me cum! Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…! Aaaaaahhhhhh…!”

I wanted to reciprocate and give Jeanette a good G-Spot orgasm. I adjusted the depth of our strokes so that during each inward stroke, the large bulbous head of my glans would find her G-spot and give her unbelievable pleasure. She was bucking like a wild horse and I had to hold down her hips firmly to prevent my cock from slipping out.

Jeanette seemed to slow down a bit. Then I realized that she was just changing strokes. She took the entire six inches of my cock in her cunt and started a back and forth fucking motion; almost withdrawing it from her cunt each time and then came pounding down. This had the effect of providing direct clitoral stimulation as her erect swollen clitoris came crashing down against the base of my cock. Her moans got louder, and I wanted to further increase her level of pleasure. I reached over and massaged her breasts, and played with her erect hard nipples as she fucked me.

She cried out, “Fuck me darling! Faster! Bury your cock inside my cunt! Leave it there forever!” and she moved her hips even faster.

This was unbelievable coming from the lips of a nineteen-year-old convent schoolgirl!

Her swollen, erect clitoris was protruding from under its hood and was fully exposed; like a miniature penis clearly visible in the dim light. With my wet fingers I stroked it and massaged it up and down through her clitoral hood like jerking off a tiny penis. Jeanette went faster and faster with her downward strokes, and I matched her with an unrelenting massaging assault on her clitoris until we reached a crescendo. Her body shook and her pussy muscles tightened even further in a stranglehold around my cock.

She screamed, “Aaaaaaggggghhhhh…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Oh God, I’m cumming! I’m cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…!”

Simultaneously my body stiffened and my cock enlarged. I was about to ejaculate.

I cried, “Oh my God! Oh Jenny, Jenny! Jennnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee…!”

My stiff cock spasmed and shot its hot semen in about nine strong spurts deep inside her tight spasming pussy. Jeanette felt my hot cum deep inside her cunt, and continued to fuck me, and milk my cock during my entire ejaculation. After a while, she relaxed, with my cock still inside her and our juices ran down her pussy lips, down the length of my still erect cock to the base.

I felt my cock get soft, but Jeanette would not let me withdraw.

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