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Marissa spied her ex-husband Franklin before he saw her and decided to make a break for it. He was walking hand in hand with his new girlfriend and she had not the time or the patience for his snazzy remarks. She quickly looked for a way out of the huge mall without passing them. Marissa’s eyes searched back and forth frantically until she saw a Sports Authority packed full of shoppers, she decided to make a break. Thirty feet from the store her heart beat as if she had just did a double shot of espresso with energy drink back. She did not like Franklin and she knew like hell, she wasn’t going to like his girl friend. Ten feet from the store she passed All-American Cookies glancing briefly at the double fudge macadamias. She ran the last five feet.

The leathery smell of baseball gloves inside the store reminded her of her old high school’s locker room. It was in a locker room were her and Franklin first had sex. She made her way to the rear of the store next to the golf clubs and punching bags. The odor of burlap and machine oil recalled memories of that day. Marissa remembered sneaking into the equipment room and making a makeshift bed by pushing the volleyball nets into a jumbled pile. She quickly lifted her skirt and pulled her panties off as Franklin tried to open a small condom wrapper. She remembers lying there on that dusty pile and being confused when she touched herself, finding her hand covered in a tangy slickness. It took Franklin three tries before he pushed into her. At first a cold jolt shot through her sex and the stinging sensation of pain. She remembered gritting her teeth and squeezing her eyes shut hoping it would end soon. Her hands gripped those dirty nets as Franklins eased his penis deep inside her wetness. She wanted to stop. But as the sensation went away as she became wetter with each stroke. Her tender nipples ached and strained against her cotton bra as her breasts swung in unison with his strokes. His pudgy hand pulled one breast out of its cup sucking greedily at its swollen nipple. Her toes curled in her sneakers as his wet balls slapped against her soft ass. Franklin pumped faster and faster until she felt that familiar tingle, the kind she would get when she touched herself too long. But only that tingle made her love throb. The throb turned into contractions that squeezed down hard on Franklin’s dick. She could feel the pressure in her back as it poured down her legs, and she remembered liking it. Franklin grunted as he came then rolled right off. Only when Coach Melton cleared his throat did they know he saw the whole thing. Only after they had been married for three years did she realize he had a dick the size of a used tic-tac. She grinned as Frankie boy and his girl marched pass.

Later that night Marissa climbed up on her queen sized bed bored and pissed off. She was set on not watching any reality show that had the words love, romance, couples or marriage. She didn’t want to see reality programs where a handsome man had a whole host of women begging him for marriage. She needed meat, raw unadulterated meat that dripped sex from the television screen drenching her bedroom in electronic pheromones. Marissa ordered pay per view Butt Wizards 5 then leaned back on her bed. She removed her panties and spread her legs. Scene after scene passed as she teased herself. She rubbed her swollen lips bahis firmaları and played in her stickiness. Marissa was careful not to touch her erect nub or push her fingers past the opening. The television screen was filled with women with huge asses and lubricated penises being slid deep into them. Her clit jumped with each stroke. She lay back against the headboard and pushed her hand deep into her pajama top. Her mouth moistened as she grabbed her right breast and rubbed it up and down inside of the soft top. Marissa imagined a hot mouth sucking her asshole. She imagined the disembodied tongue rimming the tender flesh before pushing past her sphincter exploring her musk. . She quickly turned her head towards the nightstand where her special toys were located. This madness could be over in seconds. However, Marissa didn’t want toys she wanted dick and lots of it. She flipped open her cell and dialed Peter with her hand still on her vagina, lovely Peter her late night pussy eater. The phone rang and rang but Peter never picked up. She called his home phone, but no one answered. Shit, it was going to be a long night. Marissa jumped out of the bed and ran towards the bathroom, where she stripped and stayed under the frigid spray for nearly an hour.

The next morning Marissa headed to work at Partnum Law where she was a Paralegal slash receptionist. It was a small firm, but they paid really well. Her job in the morning was to make coffee and clear the firm’s inbox. She went about her business as usual. Turning on lights and sitting the plants in the windows when she noticed someone sitting at their desk. It was the newest lawyer Clyde.

“Attorney Elps you been here all night?”

He raised his head, “Yes ma’am gotta show and prove around here.”

“Would you like some coffee?”

He nodded his head and continued working.

The day crept by as people complained about the usual, their bills, and their kids being arrested on the same trumped up charges. Marissa watched as the clock creep towards 5:00pm as she prematurely grabbed her things. Clyde closed his office door, pulled on his hounds tooth blazer and loosened his tie

“Hey, would you like to get a professional bite to eat?” Clyde punctuated professional.

Marissa stood up straight, “Only if you’re buying.”

Clyde smiled, “Sure.”

The restaurant was nice and dinner was full of small talk. Marissa didn’t know how to take Clyde. He was a tall and quiet man who smiled more than he spoke. He was a mystery. She had never taken a call from a girlfriend or a wife for him. Marissa couldn’t just sit there, the suspense was killing her. Finally she threw her napkin on the table and asked, “Where is your girlfriend or um…boyfriend?”

Clyde choked on his key lime pie and reached for his lemon water, “Boyfriend, Ms. Marissa do I give off gay vibes?” He took a sip; his eyes were frantic as he searched Marissa’s face for an answer.

She became nervous, “Honey, I didn’t mean it that way; I didn’t want to offend you if you were gay.”

“Gay, OH LORD NO!” He leaned back into the booth. Tossing his napkin down on the table he sat up straight.

“I was married, but my wife decided she liked my boss better than me or better yet he wanted her more than I did. I still have yet to figure that ouf.”

Marissa shifted uncomfortably in kaçak iddaa her seat. “Didn’t mean to ask that, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, well I chalk that up to a lesson learned.” Clyde removed his tie and asked for the check.

The weeks passed by as Clyde paid attention to his work and very little attention to her. Every man in the office had tried to get in her panties and she would only blow them off. At 5’6 with long brown hair and a round ass that drew men like fruit flies on rotten bananas, Marissa generally had to politely fend off attorneys. It got so bad at one point she stopped wearing blouses and skirts and started wearing pants suits, even in the summer. Marissa watched as Clyde came and went almost unaware of her presence. Finally, one Friday morning as he came in early she stopped him, “Would you have a professional dinner with me tonight?”

“Sure.” He smiled softly, and then disappeared behind two solid oak doors.

Five o’clock came Marissa gathered her things and waited until Clyde walked by. She passed him a slip of paper that contained her address and phone number.

“Anytime after seven.” She didn’t know what she was doing but she was doing it.

She drove home frantically she had to get ready. Pulling into the drive-way, Marissa parked then sprinted up to her apartment. She opened the door and pulled out outfit after outfit finally deciding on a pewter gray dress with black overcoat, heels, and earrings that said screamed sexy but not whore. She jumped in the shower and by 6:45pm she was sitting at her kitchen bar. At exactly 7:00pm there was a knock at the door and her date began.

They rode all over the city of Birmingham Alabama looking for a nice restaurant, but everywhere they stopped was booked. Clyde became frustrated.

“I am sorry I didn’t think this through, I have been so busy, how can I make this up to you.”

Marissa laughed, “I asked you to dinner silly. When is the last time you had a good home cooked meal?”

“It’s been a minute.”

“Well let’s go back to my place.

Back at the apartment Marissa kicked off her heels and had Clyde take a seat. She pulled out a couple of steaks, peeled a few of potatoes and onions then made a green salad. Clyde watched as Marissa moved effortlessly through the kitchen, flipping steaks and frying potatoes. Clyde’s stomach growled as the apartment filled with the smell of grilled onions and steak. He couldn’t take anymore Clyde stood and walked into the kitchen. Marissa’s dress rode her curves as she moved back and forth. Her breast jiggled as she opened a can of croissants and then quickly made cinnamon butter. He walked towards her.

“Where are your plates?”

She pointed above his right shoulder. Clyde set the table with plates, napkins and forks. He watched as she bent over removing the rolls from the oven. He noticed the tops of breasts were tanned and creamy smooth. She suddenly looked up.

“You get an eyeful mister?” She stood up straightened her dress then placed the rolls on the table.

Clyde stood grabbed Marissa by the shoulders softly and said, “No.”

His hands were hot as oven mitts. He looked directly into her eyes and loosened the banana clip that held her hair high atop her head. Her hands slid to his waist as he pulled her closer him. She couldn’t stop. She pressed her chest kaçak bahis close to him as her arms began to tremble.

Clyde picked her up off of the carpet and took her to the couch. He laid her down gently as he peppered kisses around her neck. She rubbed his wavy hair as she pushed him deep into her cleavage. He inhaled her scent; he loved the soft folds of her breasts as his tongue pushed underneath her thin bra. Clyde slid her dress up and reached for panties that weren’t there. Marissa grinned, “No panty lines.” Marissa undid his tie and unbuckled his pants letting them fall to the floor before running to the bedroom. Clyde hobbled close behind.

Clyde pulled his pants off and removed his shirt. In the dim light Marissa strained to see what lay underneath his boxers. She took off her dress and reached in the drawer for a condom. But when she looked up there was the largest penis she had ever seen in her life. She grabbed the Magnum XL’s. The rubber rolled over his massive head and rolled it down to the end of his shaft.

She crawled back on the bed unsnapping her bra throwing it on the floor. Clyde’s un-calloused hands slid up her body as he parted her legs with his body. He pulled his full 6’2″ muscular frame on top of her, teasing her nest with his swollen head. She bit his nipple as he slowly entered her.

“Oh, GOD!” she struggled to keep her composure. “Clyde, Oh, SHIT!” she pushed away from his assault, but he raised her legs up high while easing his dick deep between her moist folds. Marissa took short sips of air as he went deep inside of her. He rose up on his knees holding both of her legs with one hand he tapped her clitoris with his penis. The sensation was too much. She felt the juices ooze from her sex and drip onto the mattress. Clyde pushed inside of her again and she swore she could feel the head of his dick tap the tip of her cervix. The flashes of pain drove her wild. “THAT’S ALL YOU GOT!” She blurted “GIVE ME THAT DICK!” Clyde stopped and turned her over on her stomach. He pulled her ass high into the air and mashed her ass cheeks together tightly. Sliding his dick into her love he gyrated slowly until Marissa’s back broke into beads of sweat. She tried to crawl away when suddenly his hot dick was replaced by his cool mouth. He sucked at her swollen flesh, lightly licking at her brown-eye, and nibbling at her rotund ass. Clyde stuck a finger into her ass and then eased his dick in from the back. Marissa leaned forward on the bed bouncing her ass against his dick. He reached around and grabbed both of her nipples, twisting them at the same time. Marissa felt a hot wave pass over her as she became lightheaded. Her clit felt heavy as her orgasm started….then slowed….started then slowed…..started then faster and faster and faster until she could feel juices squirt from her. “DAMN” Clyde yelled as the juices soaked his socks and the bed sheets beneath him. He pumped and pumped until he could feel his sac draw tight. . Pulling off the rubber he came all over Marissa’s ass before she collapsed into a heap.

“You ready to eat steak?” Clyde asked.

Marissa’s sex was still throbbing; she rolled over on her back and lifted her legs.

“You ready to eat me?” She shoved two fingers deep inside of her, pulling them out and tasted the juices.

Clyde crawled beside her and put her hand in his mouth. “I guess so.”

Marissa smiled and opens her nightstand drawer pulling out a tube of lube.

“Go easy this time when you are in my ass.” She smiled knowing it was going to be a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32