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This Book, like the others in the series, hopefully can be read as separate entities, and if the reader finds the story interesting he or she can investigate the tale from the beginning.

Mary’s Evolution was originally going to be put up here in one piece as a novel/novella, but I thought that since there were so many things in the story that were likely to offend as easily as titillate, I decided to break the story up into segments that were clearly marked.

Mary Koutusis, for those new here, is an 18 year old girl who up until recently had been a portly virgin who was content with a life of scholarly honors. Once her best friend’s father took a liking to her, Mary began to change in every way imaginable, losing some weight while experiencing a rather abrupt change in her libido.

Now, having moved out of the sphere of influence of her first lover, Greg Mullin, she had her sights on Colin Heath, the state assemblyman who had managed to cast his spell over Mary.

Mary’s Evolution: Book Ten


Chapter One: Colin Heath here.

“Hi!” Mary said in a voice that betrayed how badly she had wanted to hear that voice on the other end of the phone, and as she eased herself into the computer chair and brought up the picture of the tall, handsome politician that was her background image, she immediately felt the moistness between her legs. “I hadn’t heard from you in a while and I was getting worried.”

“Busy time for me, I’m afraid,” Colin Heath replied. “Plus, there’s a lot of things going on for me lately.”

“Good things?”

“I think so,” Colin responded. “But I thought that this might be a good weekend for us to get together.”

“You and me?” Mary said excitedly.

“Yes, and there’s somebody else I would like you to meet as well.”

“Somebody else?” Mary said in a tone that indicated her disappointment.

“Yes. Someone very important to me. Someone who has helped make me what I am today,” Colin explained. “I’ve spoken so much about you that she really wants to meet you in the flesh.”

“She?” Mary said.

“Yes. I think it’s essential you meet the people that are important to me. The ones that have helped me so much over the years. That is, if you want to be part of my life.”

“Yes!” Mary exclaimed too loudly, and kicked herself while she flicked through the photos she had gotten from his campaign stuff on line. “I mean, sure.”

“Because I thought we really seem to click together, don’t you Mary?”

“Oh yeah,” Mary said with a giggle.

“I’m here in Washington in my hotel room,” Colin lamented. “Wishing you were here.”

“I wish I was too,” Mary said.

“If you were here, what would you do?”

“Anything you wanted,” Mary heard herself saying.

“Those things we did last time,” Colin recalled. “Did you like that?”

“Yes. It hurt, but I liked it.”

“You seemed to like Johanna. I guess it’s safe to say that you like women too.”

“I guess so,” Mary agreed. “I like Johanna.”

“Have you had any other experiences with women?”

“Just with my best friend,” Mary confessed, leaving out that little escapade with Tracy Mullin out in the driveway.

“Ah yes, the little blonde – what’s her name? Brianna is it?”

“Yeah,” Mary said, sounding confused. “How do you know about her?”

“Colin Heath knows all,” he chuckled. “Knows all and tells nothing. A good policy to have, isn’t it? Do you know what I’m doing right now, besides talking to you?”

“I’m looking at you,” Colin said without waiting for a response from a bewildered Mary. “Looking at you and talking to you and doing something to myself. Care to guess?”

“Jerking off?” Mary giggled.

“Give that lady a cigar,” Colin announced, and while she wasn’t exactly right, the idea was the same.

The device he had slipped onto his cock was doing the work for him, and all he had to do was lit the switch and let his auto-suck device do the work.

“What are you doing, my dear?” Colin asked.

“Looking at pictures of you. From the net,” Mary explained. “Your wife – she’s very pretty,” Mary added while looking at the distinguished looking redhead posing next to Colin in the campaign photos, who certainly was attractive.

“You can tell her that when you meet her,” Colin said.

“Huh? I don’t want to meet her. I want you.”

“You shall and you will. So tell me, are your nipples hard?”

“Yes,” Mary admitted. “They always are when I’m thinking about you.”

“Mmm… that’s nice to hear. Extraordinary nipples you have Mary. How I wish you were here right now, looking up at me from between my legs as your lips slide all the way down my cock. You’re such an incredible cocksucker, you know that?”

“So I’ve been told,” Mary said. “It helps that you’ve got such a beautiful cock.”

“Do tell.”

“It’s so long and beautifully shaped,” Mary said, her hand going down between her legs as she pictured the guy on her monitor naked. “The way it tapers down makes it seem like it was designed especially for my mouth – and casino şirketleri throat.”

The breathing on the other end of the phone was getting deeper and louder, and Mary’s own legs were twitching as she stroked herself.

“You still shaving your armpits?”

“Every day,” Mary said. “Told you I’m like a werewolf.”

“You liked it when Johanna shaved you. I could tell.”

“Yes. I wish she would do it for me every morning. I never can get myself as smooth as she did.”

“That’s because you’re such a hairy little wench,” Colin said. “I’m going to cum soon.”

“I wish I was there to swallow it,” Mary said.

“Me too,” Colin grunted. “Just thinking about that hairy pussy and those big jugs of yours makes me wild.”

“Just think how much fun we could have if we were ever all by ourselves,” Mary said hopefully.

“Soon,” Colin said as the device began taking him to orgasm. “This weekend will be – interesting.”

“I haven’t had sex in like, days. I’m so horny I could scream,” Mary said.

“Go ahead. Scream if you want.”

“Can’t. My parents are home.”

“Then tell me what you’re going to do to me.”

“I’m gonna suck your cock until you beg for mercy,” Mary explained. “I want you to put your cock between my breasts and…”

“Tits,” Colin grunted. “Not breasts.”

“Between my tits,” Mary said. “I’m going to squeeze my tits around your cock until you cum all over my face, and then I’m going to lick your asshole until you get hard again, and then…”

“ARRRGH!” Colin groaned as he filled the sleeve of the device with his ejaculation, and the sounds he made blended with Mary’s stifled whimpering as she sunk to her knees with the force of her orgasm.

“That was good,” Colin said eventually, sliding the device off of his cock and looking at the pool of semen he had deposited inside of it. “This weekend, right Mary? The car will pick you up at 7 Friday.”

“Who is this woman that you want me to meet?” Mary asked.

“Someone very important to me, like I told you. It will be a very nice evening.”

“I don’t want a nice evening. I want you to fuck me like an animal. Come on,” Mary said playfully. “Give me a hint.”

“Must everything be about sex?”

“No, but almost everything,” Mary said with a giggle.

“You’ll be meeting my psychiatrist,” Colin replied just before disconnecting the call. “Seven o’clock.”


Chapter Two: Meeting at the cabin.

Mary ran out to the limousine, which was a couple of minutes early, and as she ran out the the car she could see her father looking out the window at her. Something that was going to be tough to explain, Mary thought as the tall black guy driving the limo opened the door for her, but that would be for tomorrow.

Mary could feel the driver’s eyes on her as she climbed into the backseat, and when her short skirt rode up a bit high she made no effort to keep it down, giving the sharp dressed guy a good long look at her creamy white and slightly plump thighs before he closed the door.

What a feeling it was to be gawked at by people, Mary thought to herself, especially after all those years of covering herself up. Still a little chubby, but maybe she could get rid of those reminders of the Mary of the past from her butt and thighs.

Her waist was still a bit thick too, Mary admitted as the limo pulled away from her house, but the way her boobs hung down hid most of the evidence of that. The boobs – well, it appeared that they were not going anywhere. To think of how ashamed she had always been of them in the past. Nowadays she wore clothes designed to draw attention to them, and the way she felt when she got looked at was beyond description.

Like the way the limo driver kept glancing back at her in the rear view mirror. He had subtly tried to look up her skirt when she got into the car, and he was the same guy that had driven her up to the cabin the last time. He had been checking out her breasts last time, but given the very conservative way she was dressed tonight – blue blazer and matching skirt, with a white sleeveless top underneath – it was nothing very provocative, unless she took off the blazer.

“You take a lot of people up to the cabin?” Mary asked through the open glass panel at the driver, who smiled when he saw Mary take off the blazer.

“I took you up not long ago,” he said with a smile.

“I know. I remember,” Mary said, feeling her nipples push out the fabric of the bra and blouse. “I meant other people. Other women.”

“Like I said, I do remember taking you up a while back.”

“Oh, I get it. You’re the strong, silent type. Don’t like to drive and tell?” Mary said with a smile.

“That’s right.”

“Too bad,” Mary said, looking at the thickly padded seat and wondering what it would be like to have sex in a limo.

The driver was good looking enough, and certainly seemed interested enough in her body. Maybe not fucking, because it would be bad form to show up at the cabin with her pussy full of cum, but giving some head would casino firmaları take the edge off of her nerves. This meeting Colin’s psychiatrist – what was up with that?

Maybe just another way of getting into her head. Colin liked to do that, just as Greg had before. It had affected her enough to dress in this business-like manner for tonight, and made her apprehensive about what was in store for her.

“Am I supposed to tip you?” Mary asked innocently. “I’m not used to this sort of thing.”

“No, ma’am,” the driver said. “I’m well compensated.”

“Does Mr. Heath do a lot of business with your company?”

“Mr. Heath is the company.”

“You mean,” Mary said as she tried to understand. “You work for Mr. Heath?”


“Oh, I didn’t know that,” Mary said.

“And now you do.”

“Guess there’s a lot of things I don’t know,” Mary mused.

“I guess we could all say that.”

“Does that mean I couldn’t show you my appreciation for driving?” Mary asked while biting her lower lip and staring at the rear view mirror.

“Afraid not,” the driver said.

“Hope it isn’t because you don’t find me…”

“This is a great gig,” the man said. “And I plan to keep it, no matter how uh… big,” the driver said, pausing while adjusting the mirror downward. “The temptation.”

“But Mr. Heath lets you look, and talk, I see.”

“Correct. He doesn’t mind what kind of conversations I engage in as long as the passenger initiates it, and he doesn’t mind my looking at whatever the lady – wants me to see.”

“Interesting,” Mary said, adjusting her skirt so that she could ease her left leg up on the seat while stretching her arm over the back. “How do I look?”

“You look fine, ma’am.”

“You can call me Mary.”

“No, I can’t ma’am, but thank you. And you do look fine.”


“I see you got rid of the hair under your arms,” the driver said as he readjusted the mirror.

“Oh,” Mary said, feeling the color rise in her cheeks. “I guess you really are observant. You didn’t care for the hair either, I take it?”

“Like I said, I can look, but the hair didn’t move me one way or the other,” the driver explained. “Frankly, you have many other parts that interest me more.”

“That’s more like it,” Mary giggled. “So what would you think about pulling over to the side of the road and coming back here so I could suck your cock?”

“I think that sounds like a wonderful idea.”

“You’d like to do that?”

“Of course I would!”

“Well?” Mary said after the car continued flying down the road.

“You told me to think about it and asked me if I would like to do it, ma’am. As for doing it, I’m afraid that I can’t, but I do appreciate the offer. And Mr. Heath will be amused when I tell him about it.”

“You’re going to tell him what I said?” Mary asked.

“Absolutely,” the driver assured Mary as the car began the bumpy ride up the dirt road to the cabin.

“No need to worry about that, ma’am,” the driver said as he pulled up to the cabin. “It’s not like he’s going to get mad as you for coming on to me like you did. Matter of fact, Mr. Heath – he likes to hear things like that.”


Chapter Three: The psychiatrist.

“Mary!” Colin exclaimed loudly and dramatically as he opened the door with a flourish, ushering the nervous teenager into the den of the cabin, and as he gave her a hug Mary saw the other guest over by the bar.

A tall willowy woman with brilliantly red hair that fell to her shoulders was holding a drink and looking amused at the scene that unfolded at the doorway. As Colin led Mary over to the bar, Mary was trying to think about who the woman reminded her of, but she was drawing a blank as the three of them met in the corner.

“This is my… psychiatrist,” Colin said, and Mary noticed the subtle glances between the two of them while trying to figure out how she recognized the woman.

She was probably around Colin’s age, perhaps in her middle 40’s, but she was a stunning woman for any age. Smooth skin and a shapely body, the redhead was almost as tall as Colin was, which made her a good foot taller than Mary.

The redhead was wearing a beautiful floral print short-sleeved dress, which showed a lot of her slender and shapely long legs as well as revealing much of her arms, which were coated with a galaxy of freckles all the way up to where the sleeves started at her biceps.

“Colin’s being funny – or at least trying to be,” the woman said in a cutting tone, and as she extended her hand Mary’s eyes were dazzled by the enormous diamond that sparkled on her slender ring finger. “I’m Whitney, and you must be Mary.”

Mary’s face turned ashen, and she looked to Colin for assistance. Colin’s only help was to shrug his shoulders and hand her a vodka and tonic before moving toward the door.

“I’ll let you two get acquainted,” Colin said, and in a flash he was out the door.

“There’s no reason to be upset,” the woman Mary now recognized suggested. “I take it you know güvenilir casino who I am.”

“Yes,” Mary said, her heart jumping when she heard the sound of a car starting up outside, followed by the sound of tires flying down the gravel road. “You’re Mrs. Heath. Colin’s wife.”

“Let’s relax,” Whitney said, escorting Mary over to the rustic couch. “You look like you need to sit down.”

Chapter Four: Apologies.

“I’m sorry,” Mary managed to say as she was led over to the couch.

“Sorry?” Whitney said with a laugh. “About fucking my husband or about me knowing about it?”

“Both, I guess,” Mary said, after draining the glass.

“Well, don’t be,” Whitney replied. “For the record, the name is Whitney Collier-Heath. Rather important really, at least the Collier part. You’re probably familiar with the company of the same name. Cosmetics? Then again, maybe not. Colin says you’re more of a natural girl.”

“Heard of it,” Mary nodded, and although she bought the cheaper stuff at the drug store, she knew of the pricier cosmetic line. “Uh – can I get another drink?”

“Help yourself Mary,” Whitney said, and her eyes followed the girl as she walked over to the bar, noting her plump yet shapely calves as well as the voluptuous figure than moved beneath the painfully business casual outfit she was wearing.

Mary felt the woman’s eyes on her as she made a strong drink with shaking hands, and when she got back to the couch she tried to compose herself enough to converse like an adult.

“Having trouble getting a handle on what’s going on?” Whitney asked as Mary sat down at the other end off the sofa. “I can almost see the gears turning in your brain trying to figure it all out. Who is this old bag? Where’s Colin off to?”

“Sort of,” Mary confessed, and the thought that this elegant looking woman was going to pull out a hatchet and split her skull open had crossed her mind, although that was probably more a reflection of the many horror movies she had seen than anything Mrs. Heath said or did. “Not the old part though. You’re beautiful. Even prettier than in the campaign photos.”

“Those?” Whitney scoffed. “Oh yes, those are priceless, aren’t they? Me holding onto an ear of corn pretending I’ve got a clue about how to grow it, or even cook it? Amusing, isn’t it? It’s all marketing. Selling the product. Can’t have the wife of their representative seem to above that sort of thing. Part of the price you have to pay to get where you want to go.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will, dear,” Whitney said. Colin says you’re quite intelligent – for your age.”

“Where did he go? Your – Colin I mean.”

“Off to Washington, I think. Has to kiss some important ass I think. You don’t follow politics much do you, Mary?”

“No,” she confessed.

“You will, or at least you should. If you want to get where you want to go, that is.”

“I don’t know where I’m going,” Mary admitted, her eyes sheepishly traveling along the woman’s body from her slender ankles right up to the prominent breasts that strained the floral print of her dress. “After seeing you, I don’t know why I’m here. You’re stunning looking. Compared to you, I’m…”

“Just what Colin is attracted to,” Whitney said in cutting her off. “Thanks for the kind words though. I’m glad you find me attractive looking though, Mary. “

“He – Colin said you were his psychiatrist.”

“I am, in a way,” Whitney said. “That’s my calling. Colin has great confidence in my opinion and values my guidance.”

“As well as my money,” Whitney said with a chuckle. “So when he told me about you, I thought we should get to know each other. I know a great deal about you, so it’s only fair that you should know a little about me too, as well as Colin. That way, when you need to make a decision, you’ll know what the score is.”


Chapter Five: Whitney and Colin.

“We met in college, and it was clear that we both had similar ambitions and dreams,” Whitney began. “We also found out that we had other common interests, but I’ll save that for later. Anyway, Colin had a dream. He wanted to be the President of the United States.”

“I had an ambition of my own. I wanted to be Jackie Kennedy. A little before your time, but since I was a child I wanted to have my own Camelot, like the Kennedy’s did. Being the First Lady was my ambition, and since my family had the money, all I needed was to hitch my wagon to the right horse. The horse I chose was Colin.”

“Things didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped,” Whitney continued. “After I put Colin through law school and we got married, he began to make his way through the system. Ward leader. City Council, and then this current thing as Assemblyman. Had a little bump in the road in the early going, as dear Colin has a problem keeping his rocket in his pocket, as you have figured out by now I’m sure.”

“Anyway, a few years ago we thought that we were on the way. Colin was going to become a United States Senator,” Whitney said. “Until a certain woman from Arkansas decided that she wanted it, that is. Now she’s gone, and there’s somebody keeping the seat warm for now, but not for long.”

“Colin a United States Senator?” Mary asked.

“Next fall,” Whitney declared with confidence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32