Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 09

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I moaned as I licked the tip of Matt’s penis, then the length of his shaft. Smiling up at him, I stared into his eyes as I took him in my mouth. Matt groaned softly then lay down on the bed from his sitting position. I went to work on him, bobbing my head, my hand wrapped around his shaft, pumping him as I slid my mouth up and down. Every other minute or so, I would take a breather, letting Matt slip from my mouth but continuing to stroke him with my hand. I watched as his bare stomach moved up and down as his breathing intensified. Matt had his head pressed back against the pillow and his eyes tightly shut. I sunk my mouth back down onto him and began sucking. When I felt Matt raise his hips, I lowered my mouth all the way down, taking as much of his shaft into my mouth, and holding him in. Sealing my lips tightly around the base of Matt’s cock I held him inside my mouth until I felt myself just about to gag. I quickly slid him out and began bobbing my head, slurping my way up and down his cock.

Matt was breathing heavily now, and I could feel the tenseness in his legs beside me as he stretched them,

“A little faster baby, and squeeze harder,” he whimpered.

I was all too happy to oblige and immediately bobbed my head faster and tightened my grip around Matt’s cock. About a half a minute later, I felt Matt raising his hips again,

“Almost there baby, I’m so close,” he whispered.

I continued my actions and sure enough, seconds later, Matt pushed up into my mouth and grunted. I moaned as I felt his warm cum shooting into my mouth. Matt’s body wriggled about and I slowed the pace of my mouth, but continued stroking him with a tightened grasp. I sucked every glob of cum that spewed from Matt’s cock and swallowed the mouthful with a smile.

I cautiously wiped the tip of Matt’s penis then licked my fingers clean. He finally came about and slowly opened his eyes to me,

“Come here,” he whispered.

I crawled up to Matt’s side and lay down beside him. He rolled over to me and we kissed, deep and long.

“That was outstanding,” he stated as we pulled our lips apart.

I smiled at him and pressed my nose against his,

“I was just returning the favor, my body’s still trembling from the orgasm you just gave me,” I replied.

We kissed again briefly then parted.

We laid there staring up at our bedroom wall, gathering our strength.

“So Kimmy, tomorrow’s day one of our one month abstinence pact. You think you’re up for it?” Matt teased.

“Yes I am! It’ll be torture but I know I can do it, and I know it’ll be worth it,” I stated.

“We can still kiss n stuff right?” Matt comically asked.

“Of course! Oh my god, that I wouldn’t be able to handle,” I frantically responded.

“Ohh okay, just making sure,” Matt replied.

I turned over to him and smiled. Watching Matt’s body, I noticed every few seconds he would shiver.

“You cold baby?” I softly asked.

The air conditioning was on, but no colder than usual.

“A little,” Matt replied.

“Come on, let’s get under the covers,” I suggested as I raised the sheets up.

I covered Matt and myself up and we went back to chatting,

“Did I give you that check for the flower store?”

“Yeah, I’ll drop it off on the way to work tomorrow,” Matt confirmed.

“Okay good, I couldn’t remember, there are so many things to keep track of,” I confessed, “Did you hear from Summer or Adam? Did they book their flights yet?”

“Yup, Adam told me they were buying the tickets yesterday, said he’d send me the itinerary when he did. What about you and Summer? Did you guys find the bridesmaid dresses?”

“Yeah, we found them online, then Summer went to the store to see em in person, she said they were beautiful,” I informed.

Matt and I continued going over some of the details of our upcoming wedding when I noticed him still shivering under the covers,

“Awww baby! What’s the matter?” I sweetly asked, genuinely concerned.

“I don’t know, I can’t stop, weird huh?” he laughed.

“You want me get a thicker blanket or raise the temperature on the AC?” I offered.

“Nah, I’ll be fine,” Matt stubbornly replied.

“Come here, I’ll keep you warm,” I instructed.

Matt scooted over to me and we intertwined our legs as I held his body right up against mine,

“This feels better?” I whispered.

“Much,” Matthew replied as we kissed.

Our kiss was long and passionate, lots of tongue twirling and moaning, and lots of me rubbing my palm along Matt’s skin trying to warm him up. He of course was up to his old ways, reaching behind and grabbing a handful of my butt cheeks, softly massaging them. It wasn’t too long till I felt Matt’s erection growing between or pressed together bodies. I rolled Matt onto his back and crawled onto him. I immediately pressed his cock against my folds and felt him slide into my pussy. We continued kissing and Matt began to slowly thrust his hips. His cock glided in and out of me so tenderly and unhurried, it felt amazing. I laid beşiktaş escort my body against Matt’s pressing our chests together as he squeezed my ass. If this wasn’t getting him warm, nothing would have. I licked and kissed Matt’s neck as he continued his delicate pressing. I had stopped kissing Matt’s neck now, and was just panting my hot breath against him as his cock ground against my clit with every inward stroke. Matt’s hands had moved from my ass to my back as he hugged me tight against him. He too was breathing heavily, his breath rushing against the side of my face. I began to whimper as I felt my pussy convulse. My orgasm took control of my body, and I squeezed the muscles in my vagina hard around Matt’s shaft, to which I heard a soft groan from Matt. He had begun pushing a little faster into me and I felt him press his teeth against my shoulder.

I felt Matt’s cock twitch inside me and he squeezed his arms around me even tighter.

“Ohh fuck, ohh fuck, mhmm,” he kept repeating as we both hugged each other tight.

I remained on top of Matt, but held myself up so I could look into his face. He had such a peaceful serene smile on his face as he stared up at me,

“A whole month huh?” he pondered.

We both chuckled and I delicately rolled myself off Matt’s body.

After lying in each other’s arms for a few moments, we got up and quickly cleaned ourselves. I made it a point to adjust the air conditioning and we found ourselves curled up in bed, drifting off to sleep.


“Did you check the flight status babe?” I asked Matt as I got ready for bed.

The past three and a half weeks had flown by, and now it was the Wednesday before Matt and mine’s wedding, which was taking place on this coming Saturday.

“Yeah Kimmy, the flight’s on time,” Matt replied as he grabbed his car keys.

It was close to midnight and Adam and Summer’s flight was coming in tonight. I had been so busy all day I was exhausted and Matt said he’d go by himself to pick up our friends and drop them off at my parents’ place. Our guest bedroom was already occupied by Matt’s sister Maggie, her husband Jeff and their daughter Kelsey who had flown in the day before. Everyone was flying in for the big day. Most guests were going to be staying at the hotel where our wedding was taking place, a beautiful beachside luxury hotel on Ft Lauderdale beach. Matt took off and I crawled into bed.

It must have been a couple hours, but I was awoken by some soft noises in the corner of the room. I got up and looked over. Matt had switched on the corner lamp and was in the process of hopping out of his jeans. The clock on the wall said it was almost 2am.

“Everything went okay?” I whispered as I squinted my eyes in Matt’s direction.

“Awww babe, I was trying not to wake you. Everything was fine, dropped them off, your dad was up to welcome them; they were heading to bed when I left. Go to back to sleep honey, Sum said she’d call in the morning.”

I waited for Matt and held the covers open for him to get in. Minutes later I was sound asleep once more.

The next morning, I let Matt sleep in. After using the bathroom, I joined Maggie, Jeff, and Kelsey out in the kitchen for breakfast.

“Hey Kim, morning, everything work out with Adam and Summer last night?”

“Morning Mags, hey Jeff, hi Kelsey! Yeah Matt said everything was fine, he got back around two this morning.”

I proceeded to help Maggie make breakfast, bacon, toast, and eggs.

The four of us sat around the table and ate,

“So Kels, do you know in a couple days, when your Uncle Matt and Kimberly get married, Kim’s gonna be your aunt. You’re gonna have to start calling her Aunt Kimmy. How does that sound?”

The little girl laughed cutely and went back to her breakfast.

Maggie and I smiled at each other and did the same.

“So Kim, how’s all the planning going?” Jeff inquired.

“Yeah sweetie, if there’s anything you need, we’re here to help, please put us to work,” Maggie kindly offered.

“Thanks you guys, right now it’s just mainly keeping up with phone calls with the wedding planner who’s been great. I’m sure there’ll be lots to do on the day itself, I’ll be sure to let you know, but Matt and I really just want you all to relax and enjoy yourselves.” I replied.

As we wound down breakfast, I turned to Kelsey,

“So Kels, are you excited about being the flower girl? Your mom showed me your dress, it looks so pretty, I can’t wait to see you in it,” I stated joyously.

“Uhhuh, I’m excited,” the nine year old replied.

“And how do you feel about walking back down the aisle with my little cousin Sebastian?” I teased.

Kelsey hid her face behind her glass of juice and blushed, to which her mom and dad chuckled.

A couple minutes later, Matt came walking out of the bedroom, holding my cell phone to his ear,

“Hold on, here she is,” he stated as he held out the phone to me.

“It’s Summer,” he informed.

I beşyol escort took the phone from Matt and he sat down and helped himself to some eggs.

“Hey Sum!!. . . .I know right! . . . .Uh huh. . . .Yeah . . . .Okay babe, see you then.”

I hung up the phone and rejoined the table.

“So what’s the plan?” Matt asked as he took a bite off his toast.

“Oh we’re just meeting up in a bit, she’s gonna run some errands with me,” I replied.

“What about you guys?” Matt asked as he turned to his sister.

“Well we’re heading down to the hotel, we booked from today, figured we’d enjoy the beach,” she replied.

After a couple more minutes, I said my goodbyes and quickly got ready. Thirty minutes later I had picked up Summer and we were taking care of some last minute errands.

“So are you excited?” Summer asked as we walked around downtown.

“Sooo excited,” I giddily replied.

“And how’s your guys’ one month ban going?” she followed up with a sly smirk.

“Oh my god Sum, I’m going stir crazy. I swear to god, I never thought it’d be this hard. Matt’s leg brushed against mine a couple mornings ago in bed and I had to fight every fiber of my being from jumping him.”

Summer burst out laughing and put her hand around me,

“Don’t worry sweetie, only a couple more days to go,” she consoled, caringly rubbing my arm.

After running my errands, Summer and I returned to my parents’ place. We saw Matt and Adam out in the yard as I pulled up into the driveway.

“Hi Adam!!” I excitedly greeted, “Finally woke up huh?” I teased as I walked over to hug him.

Adam kissed me on the cheek and we broke our embrace,

“Hey Kimmy, yeah, late night,” he replied.

“So, are you guys busy planning Matt’s bachelor party for tonight?” I chided.

“Nah, it was all taken care of months ago,” he proudly stated.

“Just bring him back in one piece please.”

“Hey, I have him for one night, then you can have him for the rest of your life,” Adam teased as he wrapped his hand around my shoulder playfully.

We all chatted for a bit then went out for lunch.


That night, Matt went out with Adam and their friends and Summer and my friends took me out. We started off with dinner then hit up a couple clubs for some dancing. As the night drew on, Summer insisted we go to a strip club since that’s what the boys would be doing. We all relented and found the nearest strip club, which didn’t even have male dancers; it was a regular strip joint. Since our party was all girls, we didn’t have to pay the cover charge, and Summer saw to it that we were given a table. I had to admit, the night was extremely fun, never had I thought I’d enjoy sticking dollar bills into some woman’s thong.

I dropped Summer off and gave her a hug before heading home. Stumbling into the apartment and over to the bedroom I looked to the clock, it was minutes past 2am. I sat on the edge of the bed and let out a tired sigh. Kicking off my heels, I reached behind and was about to unzip my dress when I heard the front door. Matt entered the bedroom and walked right over to me.

“Hey baby!” I greeted.

“Hi sweetie, you just got in?”

“Yup,” I replied, “How was your night?”

“Great, but I’m sooo exhausted,” he sighed as he crawled onto the end of the bed with me and laid his head on my lap.

I began to stroke Matt’s cheek with my palm when he turned his head and stared up at me,

“What about you? Did you have fun tonight?”

“Lots baby! Even got a lapdance,” I teased.

I watched as Matt’s eyes brightened and we both giggled.

We didn’t ask for too many details of each other’s night, I knew that Matt trusted me and I trusted him, I was just happy he enjoyed his night.

I sat there for a few minutes, lightly stroking Matt’s hair. When I saw the time, I glanced down at Matt,

“Come on babe, time for bed, we’ve got a big day tomorrow,” I stated.

Matt got up off me and began to unbutton his shirt. In the meantime, I reached out and undid his belt buckle, then the zipper on his slacks. I tugged on Matt’s pants and let them fall to the floor. I almost groaned out loud when I saw the slight bulge in Matt’s navy blue boxer briefs, I wanted so bad to reach out and caress it but I knew I had to fight the temptation.

“Off you go,” I instructed as Matt trekked off to the bathroom.

I heard the sound of the shower and leaned back into the bed, waiting patiently.

Matt was quick, and emerged in just a pair of boxers. I stood up with my change of clothes in hand,

“Babe, could you unzip me please?” I asked with my back to Matt.

I felt Matthew’s hands on my neck, slowly moving down as he worked the zipper on the back of my dress.

I walked over to the bathroom and had a quick shower.

Returning to the bedroom in a t-shirt and one of Matt’s boxers, I scurried over to the bed and joined Matt under the covers. It was such a relief to snuggle up to Matt’s beykent escort side and to feel his arm around me.


The next morning, Matt was off early. He set out to pick up Adam then to the airport to pick up Adam’s parents. Summer’s mom and dad were arriving as well but rented a car and were driving up to the hotel. I drove over my mom and dad’s to get Summer and we drove up to the hotel. Matt and I had separate rooms so I was able to check in. Summer, who was rooming with Adam, waited in my room for the boys to show up.

Around lunch time, all the necessary guests gathered outside on the hotel back patio where the wedding ceremony would be taking place. We did a quick rehearsal under the guidance of the wedding planner. Everything went according to plan and we were done in about an hour. I said a quick goodbye to Matt who took off with Adam to do some last minute errands, it was probably the last time I’d be seeing him till the big day tomorrow. Summer and I and some of the other girls in the bridal party headed upstairs to change then met up at the beach. I saw Maggie and Kelsey down on the sand and went over to chat for a bit,

“Hi Kels, you did so well today, you think you’re ready for tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yep, I think so,” the girl chirped as she played in the sand.

“How are you guys liking the hotel?” I asked turning to Maggie.

“It’s wonderful, really nice choice, and the patio is so beautifully decorated for tomorrow,” she replied.

We chatted for a bit more, then I noticed Summer and the girls heading into the water. I said goodbye to Maggie and rejoined my friends.

Back up in my room, Summer joined me for some room service dinner.

“So, is there anything else that needs doing?” she asked.

“No, I think everything is covered.”

“How are you doing? Holding up okay?”

“Yeah, I just can’t wait for tomorrow,” I anxiously replied.

As we both scraped our bowls of ice cream clean, I turned nervously to Summer,

“Sum, do you mind if I ask you what your wedding night was like?”

Summer looked up at me and smiled,

“Of course not hun, umm let me think, it was really special, Adam was so sweet and tender, I remember the hotel had a bottle of champagne chilling in the room for us. If you want I can talk to the hotel staff and get them to arrange something, maybe some candles, some roses. . .”

“That sounds wonderful,” I replied, “So you didn’t feel any pressure to, I dunno, up your performance, to make it really special or something?” I asked.

“Not at all babe, we were together which already made it special. Just be yourself Kimmy, that’s all Matt expects, that’s all he wants, and I guarantee you, it’ll be very special. A couple tips, don’t rush, you’re probably gonna feel exhausted so it’s okay to take a breather before, and definitely have a snack” Summer advised.

Summer’s words had really set me at ease,

“Thanks Sum.”

“Don’t mention it Kimmy,” she kindly replied, “So can I see it?” she asked.

“See what?” I queried.

“Don’t play dumb, can I see what you bought from Agent Provocateur,” Summer asked with a smile.

I cleared our dishes and set them on the room service cart, then walked over to the closet. A sly smile crept up on me as I retrieved the lingerie set and held it up for Summer to see.

It was the snowberry lingerie set in ice blue which consisted of three parts; demi cup bra, thong, and suspender. Everything was french lace with silk lining. The only additional item was the flesh colored stockings.

“Wow, I bet you look amazing in that,” Summer gushed, “One month of no sex and that outfit, Matty’s gonna blow in no time flat,” she joked.

We both laughed like schoolgirls as I tucked the outfit back into the closet.

Turning back to Summer, another nervous feeling snuck up on me,

“Can I show you something and you promise not to laugh?” I asked.

“I dunno babe, it might be funny,” Summer teased.

“Fine then,” I abruptly stated and folded my arms.

“Okay okay, I promise, you big baby.”

I smiled and walked over to Summer,

“So, um, it’s been about a month since Matt’s seen me, ummm down there, I thought I’d have a little fun,” I explained.

With that, I began to peel the front of my sweat pants down, along with my pink cotton panties, baring my vagina to Summer.

I watched her reaction to the sight before her. I had shaved my lowly trimmed pubic hair into the shape of a small heart, right above the lips of my vagina.

Summer giggled.

“Summer!” I faux scolded as I pulled my sweats back up.

“It’s adorable Kim, Matt’s gonna love it,” she stated.

“So I shouldn’t shave it off?” I asked.

“No, it’s cute,” Summer reaffirmed.

I sat back down, my face flush with embarrassment.

Summer and I hung out a little while longer then decided to call it a night.

“Okay hun, see you in the morning for hair and makeup,” Summer reminded as we hugged.

After she left, I took a shower and crawled into bed and watched some television. I was so excited I couldn’t even concentrate on the show I was watching. At around 10pm I switched of the television and tried to go to sleep. I kept tossing and turning, my mind racing with so many thoughts of the next day. Just then, my phone began to ring. I reached over and looked at the screen, it was Matt,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32