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Melinda’s obsession

This story happened when I was a senior college student. By that time, I already had a girlfriend, Melinda, and occasional sex with her when we could stay together. We both lived in a dorm each with our roommates. It was pretty rare that her roommates were away long enough for a quickie. On those occasions Melinda swiftly raised her skirt, took off her panties and offered herself in a Doggy position.

Melinda always reminded me about her roommates coming back soon and other people going to visit her. So, she encouraged me to cum as quickly as possible.

“Why do you like only Doggy style?” I asked one time.

“That way most of your juices stay inside my body, giving me health benefits and raising no urgency to shower,” answered the girl.

I was curious if she really enjoyed holding those sticky and smelly substances in her body but said nothing.

After we’d finished, we both used wet tissues or napkins to clean ourselves and then sat together drinking coffee and discussing all kind of business unrelated to sex.

My affair with Melinda started in a pretty interesting way. She was one of my classmates in many courses. Coming to university from girl scouts, she became a leader in many student activities: organizing parties, volunteering, collecting funds for charities and tons of other similar businesses.

While Melinda lived a very social life, she never had any close friends. I believed that girl also didn’t have a boyfriend and she might have been even still a virgin in her twenties.

Melinda was totally indifferent to sex and any special relationships with the opposite gender. She treated males and females equal in all her activities and didn’t care about which gender her peers belonged too.

One day we were in Melinda’s room discussing the next event at a children’s hospital, where we were going to bring some toys for poor sick kids and entertain them. There were few other boys and girls including Melinda sitting in the room.

Eventually, they all had to go as the meeting was over, leaving me alone with Melinda. I was the last in her room and was going to leave too, saying, “See you tomorrow at the hospital.”

Suddenly Melinda told me with the same tone as we just talked about volunteering, “Kevin, can I request you about some favor?”

I asked, “Sure. How can I help you?”

Melinda casually told me, “Three days ago, I broke up with my boyfriend and my body urgently needs semen.”

“What?!” asked I awkwardly.

She explained me in a mentoring voice, “Male hormones and vitamins in sperm are very beneficial for the female body, protecting it from troubles with skin, PMS, and sleep disorder. Also, they improve metabolism, immunity, raise mood and give stamina for all other activities.”

Then Melinda asked, “Can you donate me some of your sperm for that particular purpose?”

I was very surprised. While it sounded like many other of her businesses, apparently Melinda asked about sex.

I couldn’t believe in that and asked, “How and where do you want it?”

The girl’s answer in her usual business-like tone was, “Traditional way — from your testicles through your penis into my vagina. And I want it right now if you don’t mind.”

I asked Melinda, “Aren’t you afraid of pregnancy?”

“No, as I have an IUD in my body preventing me from getting pregnant.”

“What’s that?”

“IUD is an Intra-Uterine Device, a T-shaped plastic or metal part inserted by a doctor into the uterus of the patient. It prevents an egg from fertilization by sperm,” explained Melinda continuing her mentoring.

After short thinking, I said, “Ok,” with little sensation of embarrassment and tried to hug and kiss her.

The girl moved aside and told me with slightly raised voice, “Not needed!”

Then Melinda stood up and took off her skirt, neatly folding and placing it on a chair. There were no panties on her, and I saw her cleanly shaved pussy.

I realized that the girl had had the intention to use me from the very beginning of our meeting and she came prepared.

“Can you doff your pants and underpants too?” Melinda asked.

I did that and we were standing next to each other, both bottomless. Melinda stayed in her blouse, and I still had my T-shirt on.

Seeing a half-naked female body, I felt my dick raising. Melinda opened a drawer of her nightstand and took a can of wet disinfecting tissues. Opening that can, she grabbed a couple of them and gave them to me, saying, “Please thoroughly clean your genitals. I don’t want any germs in my body.”

Her voice sounded pretty the same way as if she had asked, “Can you give me some salt and pepper?” at the dining table.

Melinda watched me clean my penis and ordered with the same tone, “Move your foreskin back and thoroughly clean under the glans as well.”

When I was done, the girl scrupulously cleaned her groin, labia, clitoris, and all skinfolds around. Taking a fresh tissue, she sincan sınırsız escortlar opened her pussy wide using her fingers and cleaned inside, finally saying, “We are ready now.”

Then Melinda stood in Doggy position, spreading her legs wide apart. Using her fingers of one hand, the girl stretched her pussy wide open and told me, “Go!”

I started pushing my penis into her body, feeling the narrow opening, tough strained muscles, and dry surfaces inside. The girl was absolutely not aroused.

I asked her, “Can you relax?” and heard her, “Ok, I’ll try.”

Fortunately, I already produced some juices enough for both of us and doing several shallow frictions, I managed to go deep inside, all the way in.

I tried to rub the girl’s body with my hands and fondle her boobs through her blouse. However, Melinda told me, raising her voice, “Stop, don’t do it!” and asked if I could move more actively inside of her.

Melinda said, “I’m expecting other students in half an hour to bring toys for the tomorrow’s hospital event.” Then she started recalling what else we should take with us for that hospital visit and how much money we collected for gifts, sounding like she totally forgot about any sexual activity done to her body at that moment.

Suddenly Melinda’s cell phone rang. She answered and started giving directions to the caller for driving to the hospital next morning while I continued my thrusting into her.

As Melinda was distracted from her body by the conversation, her pussy relaxed a little and even produced some juices making my movements easier.

A couple of times the girl asked me rhetorically, “Are you ready to cum?” and then continued talking about charity without waiting for my answer.

Those talks distracted me and prevented my ejaculation. I felt like I was at doctor’s appointment undergoing a medical procedure instead of having sex for pleasure. Also, my arousal was going down and I was on the verge of completely losing my erection and failing.

I told Melinda about that, and she replied, “Ok, I’ll be silent, but please be quick.”

In order to speed up, I massaged my balls with hand and pretty soon unloaded all my sperm deep inside her pussy.

Melinda asked me, “Have you cum?”

“Yes,” I mumbled quietly.

She stood straight and said, “Ok.”

Melinda gave me more wet tissues to clean myself and she wiped her vagina with another tissue.

Being still bottomless the girl walked to the dresser and pulled several clean panties from there. She carefully selected one garment, neatly put the rest of lingerie back and placed a thin panty liner in her selected panties. Those were long and tight non-sexy briefs that women often wear during their periods. Then the girl put them on, followed by her skirt taken from the chair.

Melinda glanced at me without any emotions, saying, “Put on your pants,” and instantly began talking about charity fundraiser starting next week.

Before dressing up, I asked her, “Can I take a shower?” sensing the smell of sex from my body and feeling awkward.

The girl answered with slight irritation, “I don’t permit any males in my bathroom.”

“Going yourself?” I asked.

“No. I’ll take a shower tomorrow before going outside. Until then, all your juices should stay inside my body absorbing all substances into my blood and giving me as much benefits as possible,” explained the girl with a lecturer’s tone.

Then Melinda said with business-like voice, “I’m happy with your behavior and the absence of primal instincts. So, if you want, our next appointment would be at 9:25pm in three days when my roommates will go to theater.”

She gave me instructions, “Please take a shower with soap and sponge before our session, shave your face, underarms, and all pubic hair. Also put on fresh underpants as I don’t like any male smell. Then you’ll get unloaded into me and I’ll get your hormones and vitamins for my health.”

I asked, “How did you let me in to yourself without all those prep steps?”

“My body needed semen so urgently that I couldn’t wait,” the girl answered.

From the entire experience of sex with Melinda I was still under the impression of a medical procedure at hospital I just attended. It was not very pleasant, but it gave me relief. So, I didn’t care too much.

Finally, I had a ‘kind of’ a new girlfriend at least for my health after my old one moved to a different city to attend the university there.

I was happy I didn’t need to masturbate anymore to relieve myself and I told Melinda, “Ok, let’s do it.”

Then we spent the rest of the evening talking about charity with friends who came with more donations.

The smell of sex was in the air and our friends exchanged covert glances with each other. However, nobody said any word about it as there were six or seven people in the room, and they didn’t know for sure who of them brought that fragrance.

I met all requirements of my new girlfriend before elvankent suriyeli escortlar our next ‘sperm donation’ session, coming very clean and thoroughly shaved everywhere.

Nevertheless, Melinda repeated the entire procedure disinfecting her pussy with wet tissues and asking me to do the same with my penis. She thoroughly inspected it, for any residues of smegma and finding none said,” Fine.”

When we started sex, I tried to rub her body again with my hand when I was already deep inside her.

Melinda yelled with anger, “Please stop touching me!”

Then she asked more calmly, “Do you know why I broke with my old boyfriend?” and added, “That was because he tried to touch my clitoris, rub my back or fondle my breasts while his dick was inside of me. I don’t like that!”

Melinda continued, “The guy touched my anus with his finger and my patience was completely over when he tried to hug and kiss me before sex next time. I considered that as sexual harassment and gave him a boot.”

I thought, poor guy. He wanted to be just a little more playful showing his affection. I need to be more cautious with this ‘colonel in skirt.’

“Kevin, if you want to keep using me for dumping your juices, you must follow my rules,” explained the girl while I continued my movements inside her.

“Ok,” I said quietly.

It looked like Melinda’s bottom part lived its own life while her head was full of thoughts totally unrelated to sex and distracted from what was going on with her body.

My movements inside of Melinda didn’t produce any reactions in her mind, pretty much the same way as if she were in a foot care salon with a specialist taking care of her toes.

Seeing no reaction from Melinda to sex, I also started feeling distracted. It was hard to focus on my sensations and achieve orgasm. I looked around the room while my penis continued its pumping in Melinda almost automatically.

Her room was shared with two roommates and there were three beds including hers. Each bed had a nightstand and a small dresser standing next to it. Those belonging to other girls were full of cosmetics, makeup kits, fashion magazines and lots of typical women’s items lying on them.

Melinda’s corner was totally different. Her nightstand had a book on Neuro-Linguistic Programming with lots of bookmarks. A stack of handwritten notes was inserted between pages. There were more books on Business Management, Psychology, Politics, Mind Control and other similar topics standing and lying on her dresser and bookshelf.

I noticed a thick binder with lots of printouts and notes in it. Many of them were worn out from frequent usage. The title on the cover was ‘The art of Demagogue.’ I have never seen a book with such a title as Demagogue was always deemed as negative practice of corrupt politicians. But apparently Melinda was studying that ‘art’ to muster it at best.

The wall next to Melinda’s bed had several black and white portraits hanging in thin frames with glass. All those depicted women of power: Angela Merkel, Kamala Harris, Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II and some historical characters: Elizabeth I, Cleopatra and Russian queen Catherine the Great.

My mind was brought back to sex by Melinda, who seeing no cum from me grabbed my testicles with her hand and gently massaged them pressing with her thumb and index on my prostate under the scrotum and the root of my dick.

Melinda’s actions triggered contractions of muscles around my prostate and finally, the ejaculation into her body. So, I instantly unloaded all my juices there feeling almost no pleasure. It was just a leak, spontaneous body reaction on a physical stimulus like leg jerking if a Neurologist slightly knocked it under the knee to test the reflexes.

I don’t know what a dairy cow feels being milked at the farm, but my thought at that moment was like I was just milked out by farmer concerned only about milk production.

Melinda sighed with relief, “Finally,” and then repeated her procedure putting on briefs with an absorbent pad and a skirt. She gave me a napkin to clean myself and set up an appointment in her planner for my next ‘sperm donation.’

A few days later we had a great fundraiser for Salvation Army collecting over a thousand dollars of cash in one day and some old dude gave us a check for five grand to charity. So, Melinda and all our team decided to have a small party at a local bar two blocks away, celebrating our success.

Melinda was pretty much boozed, and on our walk home I asked her, “Can you tell me about yourself and your family? We started from sex, but I know almost nothing about you as a person.”

The girl giggled. She was less reserved under alcohol than usually and told me a little about herself.

Melinda was a single child of her parents. Her mother passed away in labor giving birth to her. Her dad was a very rich old guy having millions of dollars in stocks and banking business. However, he didn’t etimesgut türbanlı escortlar recognize Melinda as his daughter and didn’t keep any communication with her. So, Melinda had never seen her parents in person. She lived in a foster family since her birth and then in a series of boarding schools and dorms.

Melinda’s father was killed in fiery accident, driving a sports car at 150 mph and colliding on the freeway with a wrong-way driver on a rusty pickup truck a few days after Melinda graduated from the High School.

According to her dad’s will, Melinda could use his heritage to pay for food, shelter, medical services, college expenses and some personal needs. However, without any luxury. In order to get full access to her fortune, she had to meet several requirements.

First, to become 21. When we met, Melinda was already 23 and it wasn’t a problem.

Second, Melinda must graduate from the college, and she was already a senior coming close to that goal.

And third, Melinda must give birth to at least one live child. She was not ready for that yet, placing it on hold until graduation.

After all requirements would have been met, Melinda and her child would be multimillionaires sharing her fortune.

I was curious and asked the girl, “Why do you live in the dorm?”

“I enjoy the student life and socializing it involves. Also living that way, my expenses meet my allowance.” Then Melinda added after small pause, “It’s easier to find sperm donors in the dorm than living anywhere else.”

The girl was always very austere. Hence when she asked about donation of my sperm to her at our first sex, I believed she felt chemistry with me and considered me as her potential boyfriend even without affection.

So, I was totally confused with her term ‘sperm donors’ and asked, “What do you mean?”

Melinda answered, “Sperm is very beneficial for the female body. I learned it from my friend in girl scouts and decided to try it when I turn 18. All I needed was to find some males who can cum in me on regular basis. But I was afraid of sexual intercourse. Especially of the first one as it might be painful and bloody breaking my hymen.”

“Why? Billions of people did it for eons and continue doing it nowadays.”

“The idea of a boy thrusting his dick inside my body sounded scary for me. My friend told me from her own experience that it’s painful and bloody for the first time, and boys also urinate through their dicks. So, sex looked for me like some dude was going to use me as a toilet. Gross!”

Melinda’s words sounded awkward for me. I have never thought about sex as something associated with restrooms.

Previously I had sex with other girls, and both me and them were aroused during the process producing fluids with exciting smell and taste not associated with anything dirty. Also, I always felt if not love, but at least some affection and chemistry with my partners. So, I enjoyed eating a girl’s pussy or if she wanted to give me a blowjob.

I asked, “How did you overcome your fears?”

Melinda continued, “First, I learned that sperm and urine are totally different fluids produced by males. And a man cannot urinate into me when he is aroused. Hence, I was eager to get sperm into my body when I turned 18.

“However, before my first sex I decided to make some preps. Right on my birthday I came to the doctor and asked him to have my hymen surgically removed.

“The doctor was pretty surprised as he had seen many girls before who wanted a broken hymen to be restored. But nobody wanted it to be removed. And I was first.

“Since I paid cash and insurance wasn’t involved, the doctor didn’t care much and instantly completed the procedure under local anesthesia. Then at my next period, the same doctor inserted an IUD in my body, arguing it’s the best and most reliable contraceptive for the unprotected sex I wanted.”

“Did you start dating then?”

Melinda continued casually, “I wasn’t looking for any boyfriend or dating. I needed just a healthy male ready to cum in me as often as I wanted. And finding one was easy. There are always tons of men wanting just sex without spending lots of efforts for dating and winning love. As soon as I suggested sex to one of the male students with a big bulge on his pants, he instantly agreed.”

Seeing Melinda pretty talkative under booze, I continued questioning her to get more familiar with that strange girl.

I asked about Melinda’s first boyfriend, “Were you happy with him? Did he love you? What was about his personality?”

The girl mumbled, “I dunno,” and then giggled.

“Was he a good man at least to try a relationship with him?”

Melinda just shrugged continuing giggling, “I didn’t care. He had a big and dry penis hurting my vagina. However, his testicles were almost empty. So, I gave him a boot soon and found another one.”

Melinda was very happy with her next ‘donor’ as he called him. While his penis was not too big, he produced lots of sperm which dripped from her even in the next morning and she had to stay without shower for the entire next day to let all his juices soak into her blood.

Unfortunately, that guy couldn’t control his ‘primal instincts,’ as Melinda called them, and she had to fire him too.

“So, I’m third on your list, am I not?”

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