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Millicent Parker slammed her glass down on the bar. “Gimme another double,” she demanded.

“Millie I think you’ve had enough,” Jerry the bartender replied.

“Aw come on, just one more.”

“Okay, but this is it. You’re eighty sixed.”

He poured her another double vodka which she immediately sucked down.

“I gotta go piss but I’ll be back,” she declared.

She stumbled off the barstool, staggered about three feet and passed out cold on the barroom floor. A pool of urine formed around her splayed legs. Millie had pissed herself.

Ed Ames walked into the bar, looked down and saw Millie. He stepped over her and sat at the bar. “What happened? Did somebody shoot Millie?”

“Naw, she just tried to drink up all my vodka and passed out on her way to the can. Then she pissed all over herself.”

Ed really wasn’t interested in Millie’s drinking problems. “Well, call the cops and let her sleep it off in the drunk tank.”

“Nope, that’s the third time this month she’s managed to drink too much in here. They could give me a ticket for letting her drink too much. I’m hoping some sober guy who knows where she lives will drive her home.”

“I know where she lives but I don’t want to handle that drunk, piss soaked bitch.”

“Come on Ed. I’ll let you drink beer on the house for a month if you’ll haul her ass out of here.”

Ed thought over the free beer offer. Then he smiled and said, “Okay, but we’ve got to clean her up a little first. I don’t want her pissy ass in my truck.”

“Thanks Ed you’re a real pal. Help me drag her out back so we can hose her down.”

The two men dragged Millie out in back of the tavern. The bartender hosed her off while Ed held her legs apart.

“Get your truck,” Jerry said.

Ed pulled his pickup around back. They dragged her over to the truck. Jerry opened a door.

“No way!” yelled Ed. “Load her drunken cunt in the bed.” He dropped the tailgate and helped the bartender load her.

“How are you gonna unload her?”

“That’s not your problem. Your problem is keeping me in beer for a month.”

Jerry shuffled back inside. Ed fired up the truck and drove to Millie’s. Then he changed his mind and drove her to his house. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her to his basement, dumping her in the exercise room. She’ll probably raise all kinds of hell when she wakes up, Ed thought. He retrieved some of his never used neckties and gagged her. Then he bound her arms and legs and tied her to the weight machine.

He didn’t have to work. He lived on a big trust fund. The next day was Saturday. He decided he could take care of her in the morning. He thought about what to do with her once she woke up. He didn’t want to have to do this again. He also didn’t want her to completely destroy her own sorry ass. He sometimes helped sad cases get out of trouble. He decided he’d help Millie.

Saturday morning Ed got up and fixed his breakfast. He was halfway through it when he remembered Millie tied up in his basement. He finished breakfast, cleaned up and then went downstairs.

Millie was struggling mightily at the weight machine. She stopped when she spotted Ed.

“If you’ll be quiet, I’ll take the gag out,” he told her.

She shook her head ‘yes’ and he loosened the gag. An uninterrupted stream of loud obscenities poured out of her mouth. Ed tightened the gag again.

“That’s not nice Millie. I’m gonna try to take the gag off one more time. If you do that again, I’ll tighten it back up and leave you here all day. Do you understand?”

Once again she affirmed that she would be quiet. Ed loosened the gag. She uttered not a sound.

“Do you know where you are?” Ed asked.

“” she stuttered.

“You are in my basement. Do you know why you are here?”

“Yeah, I guess I had a little too much to drink last night.”

“Millie, you had a lot too much to drink last night. You totaled yourself out and passed out in the bar. Then you pissed all over yourself and the floor. Jerry and I had to hose you off. I should have taken you to the drunk tank.”

“But why am I tied up in your basement?”

“I wasn’t gonna let you in my house and I knew you’d be a shit load of trouble when you woke up. That’s why you’re tied up down here.”

“Okay, you’ve got me, now what are you going to do with me?”

“I could just let you go but then you’d be right back on the barroom floor again tonight. I’ve decide to rehab your stupid ass.”

“You’re not rehabbing me! I’ve got rights. You let me go right now.”

“You’ll either agree küçükçekmece escort to being in rehab here, or I’ll take you to choice number two.”

“And just what is choice number two, asshole?”

“I know a guy on a freighter. His specialty is white slavery. I can sell your stupid ass to him and he’ll sell you to a whorehouse in the Middle East or Africa. You’ve got ten minutes to make up your mind. If you’re thinking about choosing rehab and then escaping, forget it. I’ll track you down and then it’ll be choice number two. Think hard Millie. You know that in your current state you can’t stay sober overnight. It’ll be easy to recapture you.”

Ed turned on his heel and went back up the stairs. Ten minutes later he returned to the basement. “Well?”

“I’ll take the rehab.”

“Okay, let’s discuss terms. I make all the rules. There will be no negotiation. First, you cannot leave this house unless I tell you to. Second, you will drink nothing stronger than coffee. Third, you will do anything I tell you to do without question. If you break any of these rules, you’ll be taking an ocean voyage. So what’ll it be? Do you still want rehab?”

“Yes, yes! Just don’t sell me to a slaver.”

“I’m gonna untie you now and give you your first order,” he said as he removed her bonds.

She sat up rubbing her wrists and ankles.

“Remove all your clothes and throw them in the corner.”

She started to falter, but his threats were still fresh on her mind. She was soon nude.

“You will remain naked at all times unless we have company or I have to take you someplace. Go wash and dry those clothes, fold them neatly and stow them away. After that, go wash yourself thoroughly. Do not miss a single square inch of your body. There will be an inspection. GO!”

Millie gathered up her dirty clothes and took them to the washer. He’s probably going to fuck me all night, she thought. Then she went to the downstairs bathroom and ran some extra hot water. She was happy to be able to take a bath. It was her first in weeks and she was really filthy. He came into the bathroom while she was bathing and took a leak.

“My, but you were a dirty girl weren’t you?”

“Yes…uh..what do I call you?”

“You can call me ‘sir’ until further notice. Don’t forget to wash your hair. There’s a bottle of lice killer in the laundry room. Use it.”

Millie scrubbed herself almost raw. Finally she dried herself and went to the laundry room where she put her clothes in the dryer. Then she went to the living room. Ed was watching a football game. He looked up when he noticed her standing there.

“Come over here in the light.”

She obediently moved into the light from the window.

Ed dragged a chair up to her. He examined her body and her head. He was pleased that the lice were gone. “Open your legs,” he ordered.

She spread her legs apart and watched as he examined her pussy and asshole. He sniffed both of them. “Arms up,” he ordered. She raised her arms and he examined her armpits. He sniffed them too. She couldn’t believe he didn’t at least feel her up.

“Okay Millie here is what you will do. You must shave your armpits, legs and pussy. You will take as many baths as necessary to insure that you are squeaky clean at all times. Can you cook?”

“I don’t think so. I used to but I’ve forgotten how.”

“I have some cook books. You will read them and learn how to cook. You can wear an apron when you’re cooking. How much stuff did you leave where you were staying?”

“Nothing I can’t afford to lose. Throw it away.”

“We’ll take a trip to your old apartment and get your stuff. I don’t want you to just disappear. Do you write to anybody regularly?”

“No I haven’t heard from any of my people for years.”

“Good. Leave no forwarding address. Sit down here and talk to me.”

“How did you get into this mess?”

“My parents kicked me out when I was fifteen. I was pregnant. I lost the baby but they didn’t want me back so I went on the road. I heard later they were killed in an airplane crash in Central America. I’m only twenty seven and I look like I’m fifty. I haven’t been sober in five years.”

“You know that withdrawal is going to be a bitch, don’t you?”

“It couldn’t be worse than what I’ve been through. The only money I got was from sucking dicks and handing out pussy to bar flies. I’ve been in jail a thousand times. If it weren’t for the free clinic I probably would have died from some horrible venereal disease by now.”

“We’ll küçükyalı escort take you to a proper doctor Monday morning and have you checked out.”

“Don’t you have to go to work Monday?”

“Nope. I live on the proceeds from a large trust fund. My needs are small so I’ll never run out of money. I’ve got lots of time so I sometimes get involved with charity cases. You are my first hopeless drunk. Don’t make me sorry.”

“Yes sir, I won’t. I want to be clean. I don’t want to drink anymore. I know that I’ll get the urge, but you’ve given me a lot to think about with those sweaty, nasty foreign whorehouses.”

“I keep a little booze in the house. You cannot have any of it. Don’t even touch the bottles. I’m not giving up my evening brandy because of you. You are going to have to help with your own rehab. I will not fight with you, argue with you or play sex games with you. I’ll help you in any way I can but I’m not your daddy. If you are unsure about something, ask me. Don’t make small mistakes out of ignorance. Follow me and I’ll show you your room.”

Ed opened the door to a small bedroom. “This is your place. That is your bed. At night, you will be tethered to it. If you need something you can’t reach like the bathroom, push that red button and I’ll come help you. Any questions?”

“Yes sir. Am I free to roam around the house in the daytime?”

“Yes you are, but don’t go outside and stay out of the garage.”

“Yes sir.”

Ed got her dressed and took her to his own doctor on Monday. “Check her for everything. I specifically want to know about STDs including AIDS. Give her a good thorough pelvic exam. I want to know if she has anything that is rotten, broken or infected.”

The doctor checked her thoroughly. “She has a non specific urethuritis. We can eliminate it with antibiotics. Aside from having numerous scars in numerous places she should be good to go. Her blood tests will be back in two days. I’ll let you know if there is a problem.”

“Thanks doc. I really appreciate your help. Bye.”

As soon as she walked through the door of the house she shed her clothes and put them in the washer. She came into the living room where Ed was watching a sports show. “Sir, what did the doctor say?”

“You have a mild urinary infection. That’s what the pills are for. I’ll make sure you take them properly. These kinds of infections can get serious if they’re not treated. I have noticed that your clothes are pretty raggedy. Sometime this week, we’ll go get you some new ones.”

She smiled broadly. “Thank you sir.” She started crying.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, it’s just that nobody ever did anything nice for me before. All my life I’ve been kicked around and nobody gave a damn. Now a total stranger rescues me from my drunken stupor and treats me like a queen. If I can do anything, anything at all, sir, just tell me and I’ll do it.”

Ed knew what was being offered. He also knew that she wasn’t ready for anything except getting clean and sober. “That’s very generous of you Millie, but you’re not ready for anything heavy yet. You’ll have plenty to do, learning how to cook and keeping my house and clothes clean. All I want is for you to get sober and stay that way. It’s gonna be a long, hard journey and you really don’t need any complications.”

Millie wept again. Why couldn’t he have been the father of my baby? She asked herself.

Millie had the DTs for two solid weeks. She shook continuously and got diarrhea. She lay in her bed sweating and trembling. She begged Ed for ‘just one’ little drink. He tethered her to the bed so she wouldn’t go crazy and do something stupid. Finally on the eighteenth day she stopped shaking and wailing.

Ed heard nothing but silence. He thought she might have died. When he opened her bedroom door, she was sitting on the floor sobbing quietly. He knew then that the worst was over. He lifted her up and gave her a hug. She hugged him back. “Let’s get you cleaned up. I’ll help you.”

“After you help me, take me to bed. I wanna screw you tonight.”

“Washing first. I ordered a pizza. We’ll eat and think about things. We need to talk.”

Ed half carried half dragged her limp body to the shower. He got undressed and helped her into the stall. She let out a little scream when the cold water hit her back. “It’ll warm up in a minute,” Ed told her.

She looked down and saw his limp dick. “No wonder you speak softly. You’ve got a big stick,” she commented.

“We’re here to get you clean. maltepe escort Turn around so I can wash your back.”

Ed washed every inch of her. She shuddered when he soaped her tits and she screamed when he soaped her pussy. Soon, too soon in her opinion, she was pronounced clean. She felt great. Ed dried her off just as the doorbell rang signaling the arrival of the pizza. He jerked on his pants and answered the door.

Millie and Ed sat in the dinette eating pizza and drinking sodas.

“I get the distinct impression that you don’t want to fuck me,” said Millie.

“That’s not true. I would love to run some dick into you but I’ve got to get you back together first. I don’t want ‘gratitude’pussy. Someday when I know you are really ready, if you still want it, maybe we will get together but right now, I’m not gonna fuck up a good start.”

“Well, I know what I want. If you ever get the urge, just take me. I’m yours twenty four seven.”

Ed took her shopping the next day. She wanted his opinion on everything, but he told her he wasn’t a fashion consultant. Like most men, shopping with women was his least favorite thing to do. She bought five dresses and ten sets of bras and panties along with all the other stuff that females consider essential.

As soon as they got home she stripped naked and threw her old clothes in the trash can. “That’s the end of the old me. Good riddance!”

Ed was impressed. She had kept nothing from her old apartment and had now rid herself of her final attachments to her old life. She was finally getting so she could cook a meal that was actually edible. Two days later Ed took her to the beauty shop.

“Don’t even believe that I’m gonna help you with this stuff. Just get what you want. I sit here until it’s time to pay.”

She giggled and went into the back room with the beautician. When she came out she was twenty years younger.

“Jesus Christ!” exclaimed Ed. “Who are you and where’s my girl?”

Millie giggled and spun around. She was radiant. Her once tangled mass of hair hung straight and long down her back. Her eyes had been treated as had her face and hands. But it was her red, red hair that really set off the whole treatment.

“Damn, Millie. You look like a million bucks. I’m sure glad I didn’t sell you to the whorehouse!”

“Come on sugar daddy, take me home!”

As they drove home, Millie said, “You know my metamorphosis is complete, don’t you?”

“I guess I can’t deny it anymore. You are outstanding! You’re even a pretty good cook.”

As they stepped through the door into the house, Millie shucked her clothes.

“You don’t have to do that anymore,” remarked Ed.

“Oh no! You’re not getting off the hook that easily. Naked I was and Naked I’ll be…..for you!”

“Millie, what exactly are you saying?”

“Once you told me that you didn’t want to fuck up a good start. Start is over. I still want you. This isn’t ‘gratitude’ pussy. This is love pussy and the time has come for you to indulge. So come on, big boy, let’s see if you’re all talk or all cock!”

“I think I should at least try to emulate your mode of dress,” Ed said as he shucked his clothes.

He snatched the wiggling, giggling Millie off her feet and headed for the bedroom. They lay beside each other getting carnally acquainted. Millie had some significant tits and Ed was sucking them. Millie had his stick in her hands and was manipulating it toward ultimate hard. Ed moaned as Millie squealed.

“I haven’t had any pussy in a long time, so I may not last long,” Ed told her.

“That doesn’t matter to me. Get your nut and stay with me. We’ve got all night and we don’t have to set any records. It’s been a long time for me too so you may outlast me.”

Ed felt her bald pussy and shoved a finger in it. She was wet, so wet. She quivered on his finger, humped her hips and drove it all the way into herself. “Yyyyeeesssss!” she hissed. Her fingers tightened around Ed’s shaft.

“Put it in me! Put it in me!” she demanded.

Ed slipped his big cock up to her pussy entrance. “Don’t tease me! I want it now! Gimme it!”

He slid forward and impaled Millie with a single stroke. Now, deep within her, he felt her vaginal walls massaging his manhood. He started stroking into her. He knew he wasn’t going to last very long. He could already feel his climax building in his balls.

“OH! DAMN!! I’m there,” Millie screamed and clenched his cock in her velvet vise.

“AAAAaaaaaahhhhh!” Ed groaned as released his seed deep into Millie. Every muscle in his body was pulled taut releasing his seed.

“I feel it! I feel it!” cried Millie. “Put some more in me!”

“That’s all I’ve got. We’ll have to wait while I reload.”

She got up and went to the bathroom. Ed heard the water running.

“I used a strawberry douche. I hope you like strawberries,” she giggled.

“My favorite fruit! Especially when served with Millie’s Muffin!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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