Midnight Rendezvous

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Mike was having quite an interesting dream. To begin with, he found himself lying under a tree, his arms behind his head, while someone gently slid their mouth over his erect shaft. It had that surreal quality that all dreams had, where the sensations were muted, but unmistakable nonetheless. Either way, he didn’t often have erotic dreams, so he decided to enjoy this one while he could. He attempted to sit up, but he seemed to be tangled up in the weeds that were growing under the tree.

As Mike returned to consciousness, he became aware of two things. One, that he really couldn’t move his arms, and two, there did indeed seem to be someone’s mouth on his cock. He jerked down, and was rewarded with a sharp pain, as the metal of the handcuffs bit into his wrists. The figure at the foot of the bed raised his head. “You awake, Mike?”

“I am now.” He shifted his position slightly, to ease the pressure in his shoulders. “Paul, what the fuck are you doing? It’s the middle of the night.

Even though he could only see his friend dimly, he knew he was grinning. “Your online friend. It was her idea.”

“Are you drunk?” Mike twisted his hand around, trying to slide it out of the handcuff. He’d discovered a long time ago that if they weren’t clamped too tight, he could usually slide out of most sets of cuffs. Unfortunately, Paul knew that, and he’d fastened them rather tight; just shy of being uncomfortable, in fact.

“Nah, just fucking horny.” Paul lowered his mouth onto Mike’s shaft again.

Mike moaned, closing his eyes momentarily. It was difficult to focus his thoughts with the sensations flowing through him. His hips pushed up towards Paul. “Mmm. A little harder, please. That feels good.”

Paul chuckled, but didn’t change anything. In fact, Mike could have sworn Paul slowed down even more. He huffed in frustration. “C’mon, Paul, quit fooling around.” He decided to change tactics. “I thought you said you were horny. Let me up and I’ll help you out with that.”

Paul stopped what he was doing, and moved on the bed to lie next to his friend. His fingertips scraped lightly over Mike’s chest, making him shiver and twist in the bed. He smiled in the darkness. “Well, I can’t. I promised someone I’d Top you tonight.”

“What?” Mike groaned. “I knew I should have never let you talk to her. You’re telling me this is all Kaleena’s idea?”

Paul laughed. “Yeah. She’s fucking cool, Mike. Too bad she’s a chick. Anyway, I told her I was gonna handcuff you to the bed, and she said to Dom you, and I think that’s a good idea. You don’t sub nearly enough.”

Mike’s breathing was harder, and his deep voice had an edge to it. “I’m not a bottom, Paul. You know that.” He could feel the familiar tingle of uncertainty in his stomach at Paul’s suggestion.

“C’mon, Mike. You just need to relax a little.” He leaned down to kiss the older man gently on the jaw. “Besides, you could write it up like a cool story. That girl on the computer would like it. What’s her name again?”

“Kaleena.” Mike took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. “Paul, please. I haven’t gotten enough sleep as it is this weekend. It’s just not a good time. How about you let me up, and I promise we’ll do a scene later this week, and you can top. Okay Paul?”

Paul continued to kiss along the edge of Mike’s chin, up towards his ear. He bit lightly on his earlobe. His fingers found one of Mike’s nipples in the dark, and twisted it between his thumb and first finger, hard.

“Aaaaarrgh! Paul, you son of a bitch! That hurt!” Mike’s back arched and he bucked away from his friend, trying to throw him off. Paul held on, throwing his leg over one of Mike’s own. He continued to twist his nipple.

Despite his irritation at Paul, the pain aroused him, and Mike knew that his friend was aware of this as well. He licked his dry lips; his breathing was rapid and shallow now. He could feel himself breaking out in a light sweat, though the night was cool. “Fine. What the fuck do you want me to do?” he said in a clipped voice. He trusted Paul; he just hadn’t been a bottom for a while, and didn’t know if he could be.

Paul knew his friend was pissed, and that he probably would pay for it later. He grinned, though; paybacks were always fun when Mike was involved. He leaned over to whisper into the older man’s ear, making sure his voice was as commanding as he could manage. “You want out of those cuffs, you’d better fucking do exactly what I tell you, bitch. You got that?”

Mike winced at Paul’s word choice, but figured it wouldn’t do any good to argue with him at this point. “Fine, I got that.”

Paul twisted Mike’s sore nipple hard again, causing another jump, and another sputtered curse. “You got that what, bitch?”

Mike glared at his friend in the darkness, his lips pressed tightly together. He swallowed hard before he spoke. “I got that, Sir.”

Paul smiled, and released Mike’s nipple from his fingers. Mike drew in a sharp breath and groaned; Ankara bayan escort Paul could feel Mike’s cock twitch and throb next to his leg. “That’s better. Now, why don’t you tell me who you belong to?”

Mike didn’t speak for a moment; he knew what Paul was trying to do, but he wasn’t ready to give up control just yet.

When Mike didn’t speak, Paul brushed the tip of his fingers over Mike’s already sore nipple. “Hey, you’re the one who wants to sleep. I can get out the flogger and the clamps, and we can do this all night. Answer the question, bitch.”

Mike shivered and twisted slightly. He sighed, and tried to give himself over to the role. “I am yours, Sir.”

Paul grinned, feeling himself getting horny again. “Say it again.”

“I am yours, Sir.”

Paul gave Mike’s sore nipple one last brief pinch, before lowering his head to the other one. He licked it lightly, his tongue tip drawing circles around the outside, spiraling in slowly towards the center. Beneath him, he could feel the older man stirring, moaning softly, his hips bucking slightly off the bed into the air. He lowered his mouth onto the now hard nipple and sucked, his lips forming a seal. Mike moaned louder, his large hands instinctively wrapping around the rail to relieve the pain from the handcuffs. When he had suctioned up enough of Mike’s nipple inside him, he bit down again. The effect was electric. Mike yelled, and his entire body arched upwards, lifting Paul off the bed a few inches. Paul grinned, and slid his hand down Mike’s torso, wrapping his fingers around Mike’s hard shaft, but not sliding it yet, just giving it little squeezes. Mike whimpered and tried to buck his hips, but Paul wasn’t having any of that. “Did you want something, bitch?”

“Ah, god. Paul, Please….” Mike panted, quite out of breath.

“Please what, bitch?” Paul squeezed Mike’s shaft a bit harder.

“Aaaah! Please, Sir. Please, I need to cum.”

Paul chuckled. He endeavored to make his voice as low and dark as possible. “Beg me for it, slut.”

Mike whimpered and sighed. “Please, Sir, I’m begging you. Please let me cum, Sir.”

“Tell me what a slut you are, then.”

Mike shook his head. “No, Paul, that’s too far. Don’t.” His voice had returned to its normal deep timbre.

Paul opened his mouth automatically to apologize to his friend, and then realized what he was doing. He took his hand off Mike’s shaft, and moved it up to twist his sore nipple again. “Bitch, you’re gonna fucking tell me what a slut you are!” he growled.

Bright spots flashed in front of Mike’s eyes, as the pain exploded in his brain. He yelled loudly. “Fine! I’m a slut! I’m a slut!” Paul released his nipple, and he panted a moment, trying desperately to catch his breath. His balls tightened up, and his cock throbbed painfully now.

“Say it again,” urged Paul.

Mike looked over towards his friend’s darkened face. “I’m a slut, Sir. Please, I’m begging you to let me cum.” He felt helpless and humiliated, but at that moment, it was exactly what he wanted. He lost himself in the delicious feelings of uncertainty that accompanied this moment. Would Paul give him what he wanted, or would he make him wait further? He felt that he might explode if he didn’t gain his release soon. But for the moment, there was nothing to do now but wait. Normally he hated waiting, and endured it with his usual stoic nature. But waiting here felt like standing on the edge of a vast chasm, dizzy, with no way of knowing when he would fall into it.

Paul smiled, hearing the change in his friend’s voice. “That’s my little bitch.” He leaned down to kiss the older man on the lips, sliding his tongue between them. Mike opened his mouth eagerly, sucking Paul’s tongue into him, his own tongue wrapping around it, sliding back and forth along the length of the muscle.

They kissed in this manner for what seemed like an eternity, Paul simply holding the other man’s shaft firmly at the base, his hand acting like a cock ring, keeping Mike erect. Mike’s entire attention was focused on the sensations produced by their kisses, and the growing heat building in his groin. Existing completely in the moment, he did not think; he simply felt, and reacted.

Paul eventually ended the kiss, with a regretful whimper coming from his friend, as their lips parted once more. He smiled. “Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from.” He reached over to the bedside table, picking up the key to the cuffs. “Now listen up, bitch,” he growled. “I’m gonna undo these cuffs, and you’re gonna roll over for me. You got that? And don’t even think about trying anything, or you’ll be very sorry. Do you understand?”

Mike felt empty when Paul’s tongue left his mouth. He was only dimly aware of Paul’s instructions. When he felt one of his hands being released from the cuffs, a small thought in the back of his head intruded, telling him he should resist, but his limbs felt heavy and he didn’t think he could move even if he Escort bayan Ankara wanted to. Soon he felt someone pushing at him, and heard Paul’s voice ordering him to roll over. He did so, enjoying the pressure of his aching shaft trapped between the bed and his stomach. He began to buck his hips into the bed, losing himself into the sensations again.

A sharp slap on his ass brought him back to reality. “Fucking knock it off, bitch!” Paul growled behind him. Mike sighed, and tried hard not to give in to the desire to move as his hands were recuffed tightly behind his back. As he felt the cuffs tighten around his wrists, he knew he had lost his window to escape, and noticed that he didn’t really want to anymore.

“Let’s get you up on your knees, my little slut.” It was difficult for Mike to raise himself up with his hands behind his back, but he did manage to raise his ass up enough for Paul to slide his arm under his chest, supporting him as he raised himself up. He was now kneeling on the bed, his arms behind him. He stared over at the silhouette of Paul’s head in the near darkness.

“I need some light,” Paul said, and reached over to turn on the small reading lamp that stood on the table. Mike turned his face away and closed his eyes, allowing his sight to adjust slowly. He opened his eyes, and then turned back to face his friend.

Paul was blonde, and sported a tan, attesting to his frequent days out of doors. He was on the slender side, with almost no chest hair, which often made him look younger than he was. His blue eyes shone with a combination of weed, lust, and the power he currently held over his friend. He arranged himself at the head of the bed, leaning against the wall, one leg up and bent, the other straight out in front of him, shaft rising straight up between the two. Looking over at Mike, he growled, “C’mere, slut. Time to earn your keep around here.”

Seeing the lust in Paul’s eyes just made Mike even more aroused; he found that he couldn’t hold the younger man’s gaze, and so dropped his eyes towards the bed. He crawled forward on his knees, trying not to fall forward onto his friend. When he was within arm’s reach, Paul grabbed Mike’s head, pulling him down towards his waiting shaft. They’d been friends for years, so Mike knew what Paul wanted; he eagerly opened his mouth, sliding it down the length of Paul’s cock.

Paul gasped, losing his focus for a moment. “Fuckin shit, Mike!” He remembered afterwards he was supposed to be in charge, and added, “Yeah, you suck it good, bitch, and I just might let you cum afterwards.”

Mike smiled to himself, continuing to bob his head slowly up and down Paul’s length, sliding it into his throat each time. He had learned to suppress his gag reflex years ago, and he enjoyed the power it gave him when he swallowed while holding a man’s cock down his throat. Watching their eyes roll in the back of their head was well worth it. Because of his position, he couldn’t see Paul’s face, but he could feel and hear his reaction; Paul gasped again, and his entire body tightened up. The hand in his hair tightened painfully. “Fuck!” Paul yelled again.

Mike had to fight the urge to speed up, to make Paul cum quickly. For one thing, Paul would figure out what he was doing, and two, he wanted to get Paul back for going so slowly on him earlier. So he kept up a steady, slow tempo, sucking hard and soft, tongue darting back and forth to provide additional stimulation, occasionally pulling off Paul’s member entirely, to lick at just the tip. Once, he gently drew his teeth up the length of the shaft, causing another gasp and another string of derogatory expletives.

Paul realized he was losing control again, as the familiar sensations built up in him. He didn’t think he could hold out much longer, and he wanted to keep Mike in sub mode, so he pushed him off entirely, just so he could catch his breath and gather his thoughts. Mike sat up on the bed, looking confused. “You okay, Paul?”

Paul shot Mike his best angry look. “Yeah, bitch. I’m fine.” Mike’s mouth tightened, but dropped his gaze again; Paul had seen the irritation in them, however. “You’re a fine cock slut, aren’t you? Say it. Tell me you’re a cock slut.”

Mike sighed. “I’m a cock slut, Sir.”

Paul laughed. “Damn straight, you are. Now, you’re gonna wrap that pretty little mouth on my dick again, but this time, I’m driving. You got that, bitch?”

Mike nodded mutely. Even the small control he had was gone now. “Yes, Sir.”

Paul grinned, and grabbed Mike’s head again, tangling his fingers firmly into the thick dark hair at the back of his head. He pushed Mike back down towards his groin, feeling that willing mouth sucking his cock back into it. He pushed and pulled on Mike’s head, deliberately breaking the rhythm and depth. At first Mike resisted, struggling to settle into an even rhythm. “You will submit to me, bitch!” Paul roared, pulling hard on Mike’s hair. Mike relaxed, then, and let Paul do what Bayan escort Ankara he wanted, focusing instead on working his tongue around Paul’s shaft.

Paul finally decided he’d had enough, and started pushing Mike’s head fully down onto his shaft, forcing the head into his throat. Mike obligingly swallowed around his knob, and Paul felt his arms and legs go weak. “Yeah bitch, like that,” he managed to gasp out. “Okay, slut, I’m gonna cum now, and you’d better swallow every drop.”

Mike bobbed his head down harder and faster onto Paul’s shaft in response, thrusting the head of his cock as far down his throat as it would go. He felt Paul’s whole body tense, and as he thrust in, felt Paul’s shaft twitch and explode into his mouth, hot liquid filling it. He swallowed quickly, and swallowed again, as Paul pumped himself hard into Mike’s mouth. Mike continued to swallow until most of it was gone, and then began to suck on Paul’s shaft, relishing the salty taste of the last of his semen. He pulled his head back, and looked up. Paul was staring off into space, and his mouth was hanging open. Mike chuckled softly at the sight, and Paul’s eyes snapped down to his. “Yeah, you liked that, didn’t you slut?” He said, somewhat more softly than before.

Mike smiled. “Yes, Sir, I did. Thank you, Sir.”

Paul rolled over to one side, patting the center of the bed. “C’mon, slut. I think you earned your reward.” He helped Mike lie down facing him on the bed, so that his cuffed hands wouldn’t be too uncomfortable. Paul leaned in for another kiss, enjoying the taste of himself on Mike’s lips. He leaned back and smiled. “Now, here’s what you’re gonna do for me tonight.” Mike’s eyes glanced up at his, listening. “You’re gonna cum for me, but only when I give you permission. You got that? You feel yourself close, you tell me. Is that clear, slut?”

Mike nodded. “Yes, Sir.” He watched as Paul slid downwards on the bed, kissing him along the torso as he did so. He groaned and closed his eyes, then opened them again, fascinated, as Paul planted light kisses down the length of his shaft as well. Going lower, Mike shivered with delight as he watched Paul suck each of his balls into his mouth, lightly tonguing them for a bit before releasing them into the cold air of the room. Mike’s eyes fluttered up towards the back of his head; he felt dizzy. Paul planted the flat of his tongue against the side of Mike’s shaft, and licked straight up to the top. Mike thought he was gonna explode, and he quickly spoke up. “Please, I’m getting close, Sir.”

Paul laughed. “Already? Well, I’m not done yet.” He blew across Mike’s cock.

Mike groaned in desperation. The cool air was both soothing and frustrating at the same time. He was panting heavily now, bathed in a thin layer of sweat. His cock throbbed painfully, and his balls were tight. “Please, Sir. Please, let me cum.” His voice was hoarse, and his mouth and lips were dry, though they had been soaked with saliva and semen a moment ago.

Paul grinned. “Eventually. When I’m sure you’re mine, slut.” A small whimper escaped the other man, and Paul knew he was there. “Beg me again, bitch.”

Words tumbled out of Mike’s mouth rapidly now, knowing what Paul wanted to hear, willing to say anything to get the release he so desperately craved. “Please, I’m begging you. I need to cum. I’m your slut, and I’m begging you to let me cum, Sir.”

Paul let loose with his best evil villain laugh, the one he knew Mike loved. He was rewarded by watching the shivers ripple across Mike’s already tense body. He reached out his hand to Mike’s jaw. Mike opened his eyes, his gaze pleading; Paul stared into their steel grey depths triumphantly. “Now, you are mine.”

Mike could not disagree with him, could only watch helplessly as Paul lowered his mouth slowly back to his shaft, pressing his lips lightly against the tip in a kiss, before sliding his own mouth loosely over its length. He found himself on the edge of the chasm again, waiting for Paul to let him fall into the darkness. “Please, Sir may I cum?” he managed to whisper.

Paul gazed up at him, blue eyes bright and sharp. “Yes, slut. You may cum.” With that, he tightened his mouth firmly over Mike’s member, and began to thrust it in and out of his mouth, deep and fast.

Mike gave a loud, guttural groan as he was flooded with an explosion of sensations that were almost painful to experience in their intensity. Arching his back, he pushed his hips hard against Paul’s mouth, pushing his shaft in as far as he could. It was then that he came, fire rushing through his cock, flowing like molten lava into Paul’s waiting, eager mouth.

Paul swallowed quickly, but even then, some of it escaped, dribbling down his chin in a thin stream. He continued to suck hard, milking every last drop from the older man’s swollen and still spurting member, above him, he could hear Mike breathing heavily and moaning. Giving his friend’s cock one last hard suck – and enjoying the gasp of surprise it produced – he slid back up on the bed, lying so that he was facing him. Mike’s eyes were closed, and he wore a sleepy smile. “Thank you, Sir,” he said.

Paul chuckled. “You’re welcome. I guess you can go back to sleep now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32