Milo and Eloise have Margaritas Ch. 02

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This story takes place beginning immediately where Milo and Eloise Have Margaritas ends. This one is from Milo’s perspective. I’ve never tried to write from the guys perspective, so any male comments on how to improve this would be greatly appreciated.


Breathing heavily, I settle onto the bed behind her and pull her gorgeous, naked body towards me, nestling my nose in her neck.

Fuck, I think.

This morning, I went to the library to meet with my chemistry lab partner, who I could barely control myself around. I was so into her, but was sure nothing would come of it. But now, here we are. After a long day of studying and a night of margaritas, I finally admitted my feelings to her. That led to me lying here next to her, breathing heavily after my second orgasm of the evening.

I almost couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Eloise was incredible. From the first day I saw her in Chem, I was taken aback by her beauty. She had sparkling green eyes and the sexiest laugh. She always wore low cut shirts that showed off her luscious tits. It was nearly impossible to look away from them. And her ass… it was unbelievable. And now, by some luck, I’ve got my dick sandwiched between those two perfect, firm ass cheeks.

Tonight has literally been incredible. The way Eloise sucked my cock and let me fuck her face and then come all over those gorgeous eyes… the taste of her pussy was so sweet, I could never get enough. And our sex. Shit. I’ve never had my cock milked like her pussy did tonight.

Fuck, I think again, surprised as my cock twitches at memories of the night before. I’ve always had a healthy sexual appetite, but the other girls that I have been with never kept my attention for a third orgasm. Eloise is different, though. As I stare down at her lithe, curvy body lying there, I start to caress her sides and my cock grows faster.

Before I could ask if she was up for more, Eloise moans, flips around, and pulls me in for another deep kiss. Damn, I think, this girl is something else. I roll on top of her and notice that my skin sticks to her from the remnants of our last few sessions. We need a shower, I think.

I press my lips to hers with force, wrapping my arms around her small frame, squeezing her. She squeaks lightly. “Shit, sorry, I got carried away,” I apologize to her, “Did I hurt you?”

“No,” she smiled mischievously at me, that glorious twinkle in her eye, “I liked it.”

Damn, Who is this girl?

I start kissing down her neck, one of my favorite things to do. “I’m sticky,” I breathe into her clavicle. “We should shower off.” I grab one of her tits in my hand, massaging it softly.

I look up to see her reaction and see that her head is back and her eyes are closed. She is biting her bottom lip. God, she is sexy. Her tits are soft like butter in my hands. I feel her nipple harden as my fingers pass over it, and I decide the shower can wait. “But first, I want to get more sticky.” I tease her as her eyes flick down to meet mine, while my mouth retreats down her neck and I suck her nipple into my mouth.

“Oh god,” she whispers, “That feels good.”

I switch to the other breast, using my hand to take the place of my mouth on the first. I slide my other hand beneath her to her ass and squeeze it. It feels so good in my hand, so firm and full. I allow my cock to grind into her leg, for my own sake, and I begin to kiss down her belly again. As I reach her soft, blonde pubic patch, I get an idea. I quickly crawl back up to her face and press my mouth against hers with earnest, sliding my tongue into hers and exploring. I break away the kiss after several seconds and flip us around, so I am on my back and she lies on top of me, naked and slippery with her own cum and our sweat.

“I want you to sit on my face.” The idea of her squirting her lovely juices down onto my face was a huge turn on, and I was praying she wouldn’t turn me down.

“Ooh, you’re naughty,” she winks at me. She kisses me sloppily, letting her tongue twirl around mine softly before she crawls up the top of the bed, straddling my face with her delicious, tight little snatch.

“You might want to hold on to something,” I tell her sensuously as I place my hands on her hips and lower her womanhood to my waiting lips. She moans softly when we first touch, my lips lightly kissing hers. Slowly, I began licking all around her wet pussy lips, drinking as much of her sweet juice as I can manage. She moans again and grasps the headboard. It’s so sexy to see her tits from this angle– it’s something I’ve always wanted to try.

I try to dip my tongue very, very slowly into her burning wet pussy, but the moment I touch inside her lips, Eloise groans and pushes herself down on my hard, straight tongue, impaling herself on it. She moans more loudly and quickly takes control, thrusting up and down gently on my tongue and pushing her clit against mecidiyeköy escort my nose. I can barely breathe, but it is worth the sweet taste, view, and sounds I am getting from her. It is one of the hottest experiences I have ever had.

I slip one, then two fingers deep into her snatch next to my tongue, and her thrusting increases in power. I take my tongue out from between her pussy lips and rapidly begin licking up the juices flowing from her. I pull my nose back from her clit and replace it with my tongue, swirling slow circles around her delicious little love button.

“Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Don’t stop!” Eloise cried down and she thrust up and down on my fingers. “I’m going to cum!!” I quickly suck her little numb into my mouth and press down on it with my lips. “Yes, yes, yes!!! I’m… I’m cumming!!!”

I felt her pussy walls clamp down hard on my fingers and Eloise’s pussy started squirting cum all over my face, neck and hair. I was drowning in her sweet pussy juices. I lapped up as much as I could with my eyes shut and covered in her cum, which just kept squirting for what felt like minutes. Finally, to my dismay, her orgasm began to subside and her pussy released my fingers. Slowly, she slid them out of her and climbed off my face, running to the bathroom to grab a towel for me.

Soon, I feel a wet cloth on my face, wiping away her sweet juices. I quickly run my tongue over my lips to lap up as much as possible. When my face is clean, I open my eyes and see Eloise collapsing on top of me, spent and breathing heavily. I take a second just to admire her.

Her long eyelashes slowly flicker as she relaxes into my chest, tickling me slightly. Her hair is pulled up in her signature French braid, though it is rather messy from our evening of fun. Freckles dust her nose and forehead, and her full lips are a deep red color.

Slowly, she lifts her head and catches me looking at her, and punches me softly in defiance. “Hey!” She says with indignation, “Cut it out!”

“What?” I ask honestly, “I can’t help but look at you; you’re beautiful.”

A deep blush rushes across her face and she comes in for a sweet kiss. As she lays on top of me, my cock pokes her stomach. It’s huge and purple from all the excitement of eating her out. Feeling it against her stomach must have reminded Eloise of our original plans. “We better go shower off,” she whispered in my ear before she nibbled on my earlobe, making my cock twitch between us.

God, this is going to be hot.

I wiggle out from beneath my sexy woman and run toward the bathroom, so excited I almost forgot that I left Eloise laughing on the bed behind me. “Come on!” I said, turning around and grabbing her hands, pulling her off the bed and dragging her behind me. When we got to the bathroom, Eloise started the water while I watch her lean over, her ass firm and round and her tits hanging sexily over her flat stomach.

I come up behind her and grab her hips, guiding my cock between her delicious ass cheeks. I press up against her and moan at the feeling of her ass wrapped around my cock. “I like how that feels.” She whispers to me. I thrust a few times, and then let her go so we can step into the shower. The water temperature is perfect, and watching it hit Eloise on the back and trail down her tiny, tight little body is almost too much for me. I spin her around to face me and pull her wet body into mine. I kiss down her slightly damp neck, licking and sucking on water droplets as they fall onto her body. She moans in my ear, and I pull her lips against mine, squeezing her into me. As we kiss, I am overcome with a need to feel her sweet pussy lips wrapped around my cock.

“Can I get inside of you? I’ll pull out before I cum,” I ask between kisses, as the water flows into my mouth and between our bodies. Eloise lets her head fall back into the shower of water while I kiss down her neck.

She whispers, “Yes, I need you. Get inside of me, Milo.”

At those words, I find her mouth again and shove my tongue into her throat, probing with ferocity. I pull away from the kiss and spin Eloise around by her tiny little waist and push against her back until she is horizontal, the water is falling straight onto her back, sliding down to her sweet ass, between her ass cheeks, and down to her delicious little pussy, which I can see peeking out underneath her ass. She is so turned on her outer pussy lips hang low, and the water rushes over them, lubricating her already wet hole even more. I grab her hips and, with one powerful thrust, am deep inside of her steaming hot pussy, my cock ramming against her inner wall before I can slam my balls against her ass. She gasps sharply and I can barely control myself; if this had been my first orgasm of the night, I would have cum right then. I begin thrusting in and out faster and harder, moaning, and pushing her hips in the opposite rhythm merter escort against my thrusts. “Yes, Milo, fuck me harder! Faster! Yes, just like that!!” Eloise spurns me on with filthy dirty talk. Soon, my cock is hitting her inner walls so hard it is almost bending inside of her, and my balls are making a glorious slapping sound as they ram into her firm, juicy ass.

“YESSSS!! I’m cumming!! Don’t stop, Milo!” She cries before her pussy walls clench around my cock in what seems like a gut-wrenching orgasm. All of her yelling and the feeling of her orgasm around my member is sending me over the edge.

“I need to cum, Eloise!” I tell her. I can feel my balls churning and I have to slide out of her pussy before I cum deep inside of her– although I would love to spurt my cum deep inside her hungry pussy. I thrust a few times between her ass crack, pushing hard against her tailbone. She wiggles her ass at me and I lose control, moaning loudly. Cum jumps out of my cock, twitch after twitch of hot, sticky jizz covering Eloise’s back, even reaching her hairline. After what felt like the longest orgasm of my life subsided, I pulled my cock away from her ass and stand Eloise up, turning her back to the shower of water. I grab the loofah hanging behind her and I use it to clean the cum off her back, kissing her neck and watching as it slides down the drain. Once her back is clear of my sticky white cum, I grab the bar of soap and soap up the loofah behind her back. Slowly, I begin to wash her back, neck, and perfect, firm ass. She moans at my touch on the small of her back. Once I am satisfied with her back, I re-soap the loofah and turn her around so the water is hitting just above her large, perky, milky, white tits. I spend quite a bit of time massaging the soap into her breasts, feeling the hard nubs of her nipples and tracing her beautiful, pink areolas. I lower my hands and bring the loofah between her legs, sliding it from the back of her slit to the front and making her shake.

She turns herself back to face me, and takes the loofah from my hand. She lathers it in soap and begins to rub the suds along my chest, kissing my neck as she goes. She pulls away and admires my chest and abs as the loofah slowly runs down each ab. When she reaches my semi-hard cock, she gently slides her free hand over the shaft and softly gives it a few tugs before both of her hands slide behind me, scrubbing my ass clean with the sudsy loofah. When she finishes, she grabs the shampoo bottle and lathers my hair with it, though I have to bend down slightly to allow her to reach the top of my head. When she finishes, I do the same to her hair. It was beautifully long, reaching down to the small of her back. It had so many colors in it, each that shined in a different light. After we finished getting clean, we stepped out of the shower, and I got a laugh out of Eloise when I shook my shaggy wet hair to splash her a little bit. We toweled each other off and I pulled her into an easy hug, then lifted her and let her wrap her legs around me. I carried her to the bed, kissing her all the way.

Once in the bed, Eloise cuddles into the nape of my neck. I look down at her and realized I didn’t want to return to our world of classes and other people. I just want to stay with her. Just as she seems to be falling asleep, I blurt out, “Do you want to go get dinner with me again tomorrow?”

She slowly lifts her head to face mine and offers a large yawn. “That would be lovely,” she responds, “but you can’t starve me all day like you did yesterday,” she mumbles as she snuggles back into my neck and drifts off to sleep.

*The next day*

I am standing in front of my mirror at home, staring at the outfit I finally decided on for my dinner with Eloise. She and I had separated late this morning, around 11:30, to get some work done before midterms hit next week. I was heading to pick her up in fifteen minutes and I have never been so nervous for a date before, despite already having the sex out of the way. In fact, having had sex meant the there was no sexual tension to fuel our date. What if we had nothing to talk about?

On my drive over, I continued contemplating any conversation topics I could use during our dinner. When I arrived at her apartment, I swallowed hard before I went to her door. After I got up the courage to knock, Eloise quickly answered the door. She looked incredible. Her hair was twisted up into a bun with small, curled tendrils on either side of her face. She was wearing low heel black booties and a sexy little black dress that had some cleavage, though nothing crazy. She spun around in a circle and asked, “How do I look?” That’s when the stunner was revealed. The dress had a fully open back, which showed off her tiny waist and the swell of the beginnings of her ass. I was speechless, simply shaking my head up and down rapidly. “You clean up nice, too, Milo,” she said, twisting mutlukent escort my tie with one finger and poking me in the chest.

As we got in the car, my nerves were only heightened seeing her dress ride up her taught, tanned legs. My cock was twitching when I saw her in the doorway, and now I had a full-on erection. Eloise noticed and giggled quietly. “Relax,” she said to me, placing one hand on my shoulder. “We’re going to have a good time; I can see I’m not the only one excited about tonight,” she teases, winking at me and looking down at my erection.

We arrived at the restaurant and were quickly seated due to my reservation. “I am so excited, I love Italian!” Eloise beamed when she looked down at the menu. Eloise loved food, but she exercised daily and could eat whatever she wanted and would still look amazing. After we ordered some wine and some food, the conversation flowed smoothly. I clearly had no reason to be nervous– she and I had always gotten along in class, and it was as easy as ever. Eloise was beaming at me. Before our food came out, she leaned in toward the middle of the table, and gestured for me to do the same.

“Seeing you all dressed up and your erection in the car really got me going, if you know what I mean,” she whispered to me with a wink, “I kind of want to leave now and take care of it, you know?”

God, did I ever. Looking across the table at her tonight, smiling and laughing, had kept my erection consistently large. “I don’t know if I can wait that long,” I whispered back, half teasingly, half seriously.

“Me either. I’m literally soaking through my panties. Maybe we could sneak away, before the food comes,” she said quietly, glancing side to side and blushing. “I’ve never done anything like that before, but you just turn me on like nothing else.” It was obvious she was nervous to ask me, and to be honest, I had never had sex in a public place either. That didn’t mean that the idea wasn’t a huge fantasy of mine– one I never thought that I would fulfill.

Worried I would sound too excited, I tried to respond calmly. “We could, if you wanted to.”

“Yeah?” She looked back and forth over her shoulders again, “Where?” she asked.

Shit, is this really happening? I think. “Well,” I responded quickly, “This place has individual bathrooms… we could use one of those?”

“Perfect, I’m so hot for you!” She says excitedly. Her eyes scan the restaurant until she spots the bathrooms. “Meet me in the left one in two minutes!” She lets out a quiet yelp of excitement and rushes off to the bathroom.

This is the longest two minutes of my life. I sit, trying to calm myself down so that I would last longer. I had a feeling it wouldn’t help all that much.

When the two minutes were finally through, I rushed to the left bathroom and slid into the room, careful not to open the door too far and allow anyone to see Eloise hidden inside. I turned to lock the door behind me, and the minute I clicked the lock, I felt Eloise’s hands reaching around my waist and rubbing my erection through my khaki pants. I moaned softly before I spun her in front of me and up against the door.

“Fuck, that was hot,” I heard her whisper as my tongue licked up her neck and found her earlobe, flicking it quickly. He moaned a little too loudly for our privacy, so I quickly moved my mouth to hers and shut her up quickly. As my tongue slid deep into her mouth, probing insistently, one hand slid behind her head and another down to her ass. I lift just beneath her ass, and her legs wrap around my waist, causing her dress to ride up and pop over her ass, allowing me to feel her exposed ass cheek. So, she is a thong girl, I think, That’s hot. She feels my cock against her panties, and she begins grinding up and down against it. This girl’s core strength was incredible.

I spin around and slam her against a wall rather than the door. She moans into our kiss. I break away and whisper into her ear, “You like it rough and dangerous, don’t you, you saucy minx?”

“Yes, Milo, yes, just like that!” She moans quietly as I grind my engorged cock against her clit.

“I want you so fucking bad, Eloise.” I groan into her neck, “I want to feel your pussy walls clinging onto me while you squirt all over me in a mind-blowing orgasm.”

“Oh, God, that is so fucking hot Milo. You are the sexiest man I have ever been with. I need you to be deep inside of me, here, in this restaurant.”

She did not have to ask me twice. I set her down and hooked my thumbs in her panties, pulling them down to the floor. I grabbed my wallet from my back pocket to grab a condom, and I felt Eloise start to undo my belt quickly. As I pulled out the condom, she was unbuttoning my pants and underpants and sliding them down my legs. I opened the condom and flipped it to the correct side. Eloise grabbed it out of my hands and placed it on my engorged, purple head. She slid it down quickly and placed her arms back around my neck.

“Give me that giant cock, NOW!” She cried at me.

I smirked at Eloise. “Oh, you want my cock?” I teased, as I let my hand slip below her skirt. I slid one finger all the way across her slit, feeling how dripping wet she was.

This only seemed to spurn her on more. “God, yes, please! Don’t tease me anymore! I need you!” She begged.

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