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The next day she had an email from one of the new guys Frank had told her about. He was coming into town that afternoon and was hoping to see her that evening for a couple hours in his hotel room. She responded and after a couple of email exchanges the date was set for nine pm.

Mindy did her normal get ready process, leaving her home at about eight thirty looking perfect. She was in a little black dress, that had a short hemline that revealed a lot of thigh when she walked, and that was low cut to reveal the slope of her beautiful, full breasts as well. She had on strappy high heel sandals that showed off her perfect little feet with the perfectly manicured and polished toenails. Her fingernails were perfectly manicured and done in a French tip, while her makeup was light and complimented her gorgeous complexion and her hair combed and styled lightly to frame her spectacularly beautiful face.

She drove to the hotel which was about twenty minutes away. When she arrived, she made a quick call to her client to get the go ahead to come up, and in a few minutes stepped out of the elevator on the fourteenth floor and walked to the room. She knocked softly on the door, which was quickly answered. She stepped inside and was greeted by her client for the evening, a short, heavy, bald man in his fifties. While not at all attractive, he was a pleasant man who was very complimentary to her about her looks and several times made the comment that he couldn’t believe that she was there with him.

He told her he had never in his life been with such a beautiful woman, and was almost scared to look away because he was afraid when he looked back that she would be gone, and the whole thing would have been a dream. All this was while they were sitting on the couch in the sitting area, just getting to know one another a little. When Mindy asked him about his sexual preferences, he gasped and said that he had never had that option really, he was just lucky to get any at all.

She smiled at him, and said, “Well, tonight is all about you. Not only am I here to have sex with you, we’re going to do it your way. I hope it will be your ultimate experience. So tell me, what is that?”

The man, whose name was Clyde, spoke in a trembling voice, “To be used. For you to take charge and control the whole thing. I don’t think I could do it anyway. Just do as you will with me.”

Mindy smiled at him as he looked into her gorgeous eyes. She leaned in and kissed him lightly on his lips, then opened her mouth a little to slip some tongue into his mouth. He responded immediately by kissing her back, slipping his arms around her and pulling her to him. The kiss broke and they talked for another minute, and finished the wine they had been sipping, then Mindy slid closer to him, leaned in to kiss him again, and then took him by the hand, and pulled him up to take him to the bed.

She released him to let him sit on the edge of the bed, and slowly raised her foot to the side of the bed beside him to unbuckle the tiny strap that held it on, then the other one, both hitting the floor beside the bed. She smiled at him and did a little dance as she reached behind her to unzip the short zipper that held the dress closed, and then shrugged out of the tiny spaghetti straps, letting it drop from her full breasts, hearing his sharp intake of breath as he first saw the two magnificent orbs come into view.

Just out of his reach, she slowly let the dress slide down her hips, as she very teasingly revealed to him the full slope of her hips and then the taut, firm butt. As the dress slid to the floor, leaving her naked to his appreciative eyes, her beautiful smooth pussy mound was shown to him as she turned slowly to him. She took one step to him, and slowly went to her knees in front of him. As he sat almost immobilized, she reached to his belt, unfastened it, and then unzipped his trousers. She pulled on them, and he rose off the bed a little to let her ease them down his legs. She stopped long enough to untie his shoes and pull them off for him then his socks, before taking his pants completely off and folding them on the chair near the bed.

Still on her knees, the beautiful naked girl turned back to him and tugged at the waistband of his white boxer shorts. He raised up again and let her pull them down, his shirt tails hiding his crotch as she took them off his feet and laid them with his pants. She turned back to him and lifted the shirt to expose his crotch. It was fairly hairy, with a short but thick cock and two full balls hanging tight below it. She let her hand brush lightly over the shaft, making him gasp as she told him, “Clyde, you have some very nice equipment here. I’m impressed. Let’s see what we can do with this.”

With that, she leaned in and let her lips barely touch the hard red, bulbous head of his cock. She slowly opened her mouth and took the head in, using her tongue and lips to caress it. He was already breathing hard, and as she sank onto it farther, about half way down the shaft he started gasping and she could feel the cock pulsating in her mouth. She closed her lips tight and began bostancı escort bayan to stroked up and down from the head to the base in smooth strokes, as he began to empty his balls into her sweet, sucking mouth. In only a few strokes, he was empty, and she swallowed the load, and then held him in her hot oral caress as he slowly went soft. She finally broke her contact with his dick, and sat back. He was very apologetic. “I’m so sorry, Mindy, I didn’t mean to do that to you, or to come that soon. I’m so sorry,”

She couldn’t help but giggle at him. “It’s ok, Clyde. It’s your night. If you want to cum in my mouth every two minutes you can. But I’m sure you’ll last a lot longer this next time. Let’s just take it slow and enjoy each other for a while.” She helped him out of his shirt and undershirt and once he was naked, they both settled on the bed, with her lying close beside him. He was obviously thrilled and very taken with her. Once they were lying side by side, Mindy cuddled up next to him on her side, her head on his shoulder, her thigh over his body, touching his crotch, and her hand lightly caressing his chest, stomach and paying special attention to teasing his nipples.

They made small talk as she made him feel good with her attention. Soon, she felt his cock slowly rising again to the attention. Soon, it was pushing strongly against her thigh and she moved her let to reach down and caress it gently with her fingers. She ran her fingers lightly over his tight balls, caressing the wrinkled skin and rubbing her whole hand over his scrotum and around it, then moving up to gently fondle his hardness again.

Clyde began to respond to her by rolling toward her and kissing her again. They made out like two teenagers for a long time, before he began kissing his way down her exquisite body. First to her full, heavy gorgeous breasts, where he sucked and licked the nipples to an aching hardness that had Mindy wet and eager. Then he kissed on down her tight, flat tummy, working slowly and from side to side as he moved down. He kissed lower, his hands moving in front of his mouth, caressing and touching her silky smooth skin, until he was kissing her sleek thighs, her knees, her full, sloping calves, her tiny feet and sucking her toes into his mouth, licking them and tasting them.

Finally, he kissed his way back up the insides of her legs and thighs until he reached her sex, first kissing gently over the mound, then using his tongue to part her slick little lips, and dragging it up through her slit until he found the little button that by then was burning and aching for the touch of his tongue. At that point, Mindy found he had a true sexual skill. For the next forty five minutes, he licked, sucked, tongued and lipped her clit and the rest of her tasty little pussy, driving her to the top three times, her orgasms sweeping over and through her whole body, each one a little stronger than the last, until she was exhausted and her clit very tender from all the passion.

She reached down to pull him up to her, his body over hers, as she pulled him down onto her to kiss her again, the taste of her own pussy passing into Mindy’s mouth as his tongue re-entered her mouth. Their tongues swirled together as they both squirmed together. Mindy was amazed at how talented he was with his mouth, and she told him so. He was very proud, it seemed, that he had made her so happy. Mindy opened her thighs to him, allowing his hips to settle between her open legs, and his penis was at the bottom of her pussy, the head almost at the lips of her tiny pussy. She wiggled a little to see if she could make it work, but then reached between them to hold his penis in her hand as she guided him into her.

He felt the beginnings of the warmth and snug wetness around the head of his hard rod, then looked into her eyes, “You’re not going to make me use a condom?”

Mindy looked at him as she spoke, “Do you want to use one, Clyde?”

He shook his head, “Oh no, I would be in heaven, total heaven to be able to be inside you without one. But I wanted to be sure. And I couldn’t imagine why you would be so good to me.”

Mindy kissed him on the cheek and smiled, “Because you were so good to me. Take me, Clyde, make me feel you inside me. Fill me with your cum. I want to know how that feels.” With that, Clyde slowly slid the rest of his cock into her hot, wet vaginal tunnel, gasping as he felt the exquisite sensations of her slick walls around him. Mindy hugged him to her, letting him feel the entire sensation of his penis in her, and them becoming physically one. He was gasping for air, and trembling on top of her as he lay there, then slowly began to slide in and out of her tightness, his cock throbbing and flexing inside her as he felt the overwhelming sensations.

Mindy was surprised that he lasted, as he gained a rhythm and began fucking her steadily as she moved sensually under him. She wrapped her silky skinned legs around his hips, her feet locked behind his butt as he pumped into her. She felt her passions rise again as he fucked her. Soon, he was tiring and she moved him off ümraniye escort her, then positioned her body over him, settling down to retake his hard column into her, and began rising then falling above him as her pussy took his cock in, then let it slide out as she worked on him.

He was lying there feeling the firmness of her body with his hands as he felt the smooth, wet, slick, softness of her sweet little cunny with his dick. Then he began to quiver all over even more, and quake as his whole body jerked. Mindy speeded up to bring him over the edge; then he was dumping his semen into her hot vagina, coating the walls with his cum, filling her with it. It began dripping out onto his balls and thighs as Mindy slowed and then eased off him. She ran to the bathroom and brought back a warm, damp towel that she used to clean him up, then herself as a little cum ran down her thighs.

Once cleaned up, they snuggled together on the bed, Mindy again making him feel very special, as if he was the only man in her life and she was totally devoted to him, just as a really good escort does. She managed to coax another orgasm out of him later with her oral caresses, but he wasn’t able to gain another erection. As she got ready to leave, it was almost eleven pm, and he was telling her over and over how wonderful she was and how much he loved his time with her, and how he hoped she would allow him the honor of her company again.

Mindy assured him she would love to see him again any time he could. As she left, he handed her a white envelope that she slipped into her purse before she got on the elevator. Once in her car, she opened it to find fifteen hundred dollars in hundreds, more than her fee. She smiled to herself as she started to drive home.

On the way, her mind drifted back to the Frank and Josh thing. Sure enough, when she listened to her voice mails, there was one from Josh, hoping to see her again. She called him back and he answered on the first ring.

Mindy talked to him for a while, still realizing how taken she was with his personality and his manner, and she made a date with him for the next night to go to dinner and then a club. She had trouble sleeping that night, as her mind was racing and filled with many possibilities, most of which she imagined would turn out badly.

The next evening, she and Josh went to a very nice restaurant, having a great meal and great conversation. She was very impressed by his mannerisms and attitude, which was very open and broad minded. She realized that in many ways, Josh was a lot like his father. He smiled at her and Mindy felt her heart warm to him every time. They then left to head to a club, and Josh took her to a really nice club that had a great house band and was a very fun place. In the wee hours of the morning, they arrived back at Mindy’s apartment, and she invited him in. Soon they were in bed, naked bodies touching each other as passion ignited and burned like a fire through them. The sex between them was hot, passionate and energetic, as well as relaxed and comfortable for both of them.

Mindy was amazed at how much like his father Josh was. She felt as he seemed to know just where and how to touch her to make her burn in passion. Her whole body trembled in excitement as he slowly worked her to a fever pitch and then took her over the edge with his tongue, then his cock deep inside her, filling her with his hard flesh, then his hot cum.

They finally slept just before dawn, and didn’t wake until almost noon. Mindy slowly woke with bright daylight pouring in through the windows and the noises of daytime filtering into her room. She nudged Josh awake, and they cuddled for a while before they got up, slipped into their clothes and went to the kitchen where Mindy made a breakfast feast for them. Eggs scrambled, bacon, biscuits with butter and honey, and even grits, along with fresh fruit and orange juice sated their ravenous appetites and filled their stomachs. They talked and laughed together, totally wrapped up in each other’s company.

It wasn’t until Josh left that Mindy again began thinking about what seemed to be happening and what she was doing. There were so many things that Josh didn’t know. He had no idea that she was an escort, and certainly didn’t know about his father being in her life, just as Frank had no idea she had met his son. She felt sick to her stomach and thought she was going to throw up as she considered all the things that could happen with her two relationships, and they were, in her mind, all bad.

She didn’t know what to do, and couldn’t come up with a plan that would ease the problem, as she wasn’t going to give up Frank and what they had, and then felt something stirring with Josh she couldn’t deny either. Her head started hurting, she thought from the stress and confusion, and she lay back down on her bed. It smelled of sex and of Josh, which to her was a very pleasant scent. She sighed deeply, resting her eyes, and started drifting off to sleep when her cell phone rang. She looked and the caller was Jim, the guy she had gone on the boat ride with earlier, along with escort kartal his three business associates. She remembered it well, and had enjoyed the raw sexual energy of that day, along with the heat and the excitement of having three men all lusting for her. Jim wanted her to entertain again, this time at a private dinner in a private room in a luxury hotel with three other clients.

He also asked her if she knew another girl she could bring for the guys. Mindy told him she would have to get back to him on that but agreed to show up herself. It was three days away, and she didn’t really know who she could find to go with her.

The next evening, Mindy met Brenda for dinner. She told her about her date with Josh, and how he had made her feel and how well they seemed to fit together. Brenda asked her about her feelings for Frank. Mindy admitted that they hadn’t changed any and that she was confused by the conflicting feelings inside her. She wondered out loud to Brenda why someone couldn’t love a person just because she also loved another person. Brenda agreed with her but pointed out that it was made much more complicated by the fact that the two men were father and son. Mindy nodded in agreement and shook her head.

After a few minutes in silence while they ate, Mindy decided to take a chance and approach Brenda about her upcoming party with Jim and his clients. She told Brenda about it, and asked if she was interested. Brenda at first shook her head no and refused to discuss it. Then after a while, she asked, “What would that party thing pay?”

Mindy smiled at her, and answered, “Jim said he would give the girls each a couple thousand dollars if the time was good enough to make everybody happy.”

Brenda asked, “What does that mean, exactly?”

Mindy answered, “Well, pretty much no holds barred, I suspect, Each guy gets what he wants. And there may be some multiple partner stuff. I don’t really know. I know Jim and that’s he’s a little kinky but don’t know the other guys. It could get pretty wild, probably.”

Brenda nodded and shook her head. “I need the money really bad right now but I don’t know, Min. Could you get hurt doing that?”

Mindy replied, “Well, maybe I guess. But I don’t think Jim would allow that to happen. If I have to, I’ll go by myself, but he asked for two girls and I don’t know any others to ask. I know you aren’t a hooker like me, but I also know you’ve been a pretty wild girl for a long time and I thought you might as well get paid for what you might be doing anyway. After all, I used to be the tame one and you were always trying to get me to loosen up. And I have, and I’m having a blast and enjoying myself, as well as making good money. That can’t be all bad.”

Brenda giggled. “OK. I’m thinking about it. Can you find out any more about what might be expected of us and who is going to be there, and what might happen? I’m a little nervous about just showing up, getting naked and jumping into crazy sex with strangers.”

Mindy smiled at her friend, “Do you remember the night I met Frank? That party we went to? What went on that night? We were there with a bunch of girls who were being paid to do that. If I remember right, we both had a pretty wild night. But we didn’t get the money part. We gave it away when we could have made it even better by leaving with a purse full of money.”

Brenda nodded, “That’s true. I guess it couldn’t be any wilder than that night. Find out more if you can. Maybe I’ll go.”

The two girls finished their dinner, and parted ways with a hug in the parking lot, and as Mindy left Brenda she had mixed emotions about leading her friend into this life she was leading. She hoped it would be good for Brenda financially and emotionally.

On the way home, Mindy got a call from one of her clients. He was in town and wanted to see her the next day about two. She agreed to meet him at his hotel then, and then almost immediately got a call from Josh. They talked for a few minutes, and then he asked if he could see her that night. She immediately felt herself warming at the thought of him being close to her. She thought for a moment, then said yes, and for him to come over to her place. He agreed, and as she pulled up in her parking space, she saw Josh’s SUV park near her. She watched him get out and walk to her, as she got out and stood to meet him with a kiss. They walked inside together, his arm around her, and her leaning against him slightly as she unlocked her door and they entered her place.

Once inside their cuddling continued on her sofa, and then they moved to the bedroom, clothes coming off and passion overtaking them, as they felt each other’s naked bodies touching. Mindy could feel his hardness pressing against her flat, taut tummy and Josh could feel her softness against his harder toned male body. They moved onto the bed, and their passions soared as they caressed. Mindy’s hands and then hot mouth were on Josh’s smooth skin, his chest, stomach, then the insides of his thighs. She took his balls into her mouth, and then his throbbing hard penis, caressing it with her lips and tongue, sliding up and down the length of it, listening to his heavy breathing and soft groans as he thrilled to her caresses. She sucked him as he lay back enjoying her touch, before reaching for her sexy, soft, silky skinned body beside him and beginning to return her eager loving.

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