Miranda, Wanton Parole Officer Ch. 03

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Dear Readers: If you are following Miranda’s journey I do hope it will continue to bring you pleasure. If this is your first introduction to Miranda, I encourage you to begin with chapter one. It’s worth the trip.





Detective Lyons

Three weeks had passed and Miranda still hadn’t received any calls from the two policemen that had used her so completely. Though disappointment had been real the first week, her feelings changed. Disappointment quickly turned to relief. Miranda had no business playing “hostess” for a bunch of deviants carrying badges. She had a career to save. That’s why on a beautiful Saturday morning when the sun was shining, the young parole officer was at her office working.

Files were stacked on both sides of Miranda’s gray, state-issued metal desk and spilled onto the floor. One hundred and eleven convicted felons were her responsibility and if it killed Miranda she was going to get familiar with each case. For hours she read and took notes on each of her parolee’s files. Miranda’s first report day in the new office was only two days away. If she wasn’t ready for the clients that would file through her office on Monday, she would lose serious credibility with her fellow parole officers.

Biting her lower lip, Miranda ran her red nails through her thick blonde hair. Her thoughts kept retuning to the secret warehouse where men took women for unfettered play. Every time she thought of what she had allowed those men to do to her body, her heartbeat raced and warmth settled between her legs. She didn’t know why what others considered wrong always made her melt and she didn’t know how to change it. Her only defense was to avoid men.

A knock at the door startled the preoccupied woman. Miranda had thought she was the only one working. “Come in.”

“Hey, I wanted to introduce you to someone.”

Her boss’s Saturday had also been destroyed. A call earlier to the forty something parole supervisor had brought the over worked state employee scurrying to the office. Rex would have preferred to watch his teenage son play soccer. The only bread winner in his family of five, the African American man frequently missed his children’s activities.

A parolee had been at large for over six months had finally been arrested. Suspected of a double homicide the twenty-eight year old man had been captured in Round Rock. The primary detective on the case, Detective Lyons, wanted a copy of the parolee’s file.

Standing she watched her tall supervisor motion someone into the small office. “Detective Lyons, this is Officer Williams.”

“It’s good to meet you, call me Miranda, please.”

Reaching over her desk, Miranda offered her hand to the female detective. Closer to forty than thirty the detective was a serious type. Medium brown hair was pulled back into a bun and her smiling face was devoid of make-up. Large light brown eyes and full lips dominated her thin face. The smile on her face did not match the seriousness reflected in the detective’s eyes.

“You can call me Jennifer; I’m pleased to meet you too.”

She wasn’t sure why but there was something about the Round Rock detective that the young parole officer found unsettling. Perhaps it was the way the other woman kept sizing her up or she acknowledged to herself it might just be the coincidence. Round Rock just made her think of the police officers who had so recently dominated her.

“You two get to know each other; I have to make a call.” Rex’s voice trailed off as he rounded the corner. Before she took a seat the slim detective closed the door.

Sitting across from the young blonde parole officer, Jennifer relished the moment. Obviously uncomfortable Miranda squirmed behind her desk as she struggled for something to say.

“You are even more beautiful than Trent said, truly exquisite,” her words were said barely above a whisper as she studied Miranda’s bright green eyes and high cheekbones. As her eyes continued down to the large breasts squeezed into a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt she continued, “And a lot of fun.”

Miranda’s stomach dropped as she sat with mouth open. This couldn’t be happening. Why would they tell this woman about her? It didn’t make sense. She had done everything they wanted.

“I want you to come by my apartment tonight … we can talk. You could use a friend.”

Miranda knew she shouldn’t get her hopes up but the smile on the woman’s face seemed sincere and it was true. She desperately need a friend.

“Okay, that would be nice. I don’t know what Officer Trent told you but…,” before she could finish speaking Jennifer stopped her. The detective was not a friend of Officer Trent, in fact, she despised him. Everything she knew about the young parole officer she had learned from eavesdropping.

“Don’t worry. I make my own opinions. Here’s my address. I’ll see you at eight.” With that Jennifer stood and exited the gray and black office.

Chewing on her bottom lip Miranda studied the address. Detective Lyons was practically izmir escort a neighbor. Any chance of concentrating on her task gone, Miranda loaded her satchel, turned off the lights and left.

The time passed slowly as Miranda readied herself for the evening. She just didn’t know what to expect. Back and forth she went. One moment she thought the attractive detective really did want to befriend her. The next, she would remember how the older woman had sized her up. When Jennifer’s brown eyes had traveled up and down her body, Miranda had felt undressed.

Stepping from the bathtub shower, Miranda grabbed a pale blue towel and piled her hair on top of her head. Studying herself in the small bathroom mirror she couldn’t help but ask herself what she had gotten herself into. The move to Austin was supposed to be a fresh start. Instead she was now being told what to do and when to do it.

Tears threatened and were stopped. There was no point in feeling sorry for herself she thought as she pulled a long knit dress from the closet. Slipping on the chocolate brown dress Miranda frowned. She’d never been with a woman before. Despite the stirrings she had felt while Detective Lyons stared at her, Miranda had no desire to eat pussy.

The apartment was only about fifteen minutes away but the drive seemed even shorter to Miranda. She was in no rush to meet the detective but standing outside the apartment complex in the night air seemed pointless. There was no real advantage in avoiding the inevitable so Miranda approached the downstairs apartment and rang the bell.

If she hadn’t been certain she was at the right address she might not have recognized Detective Lyons. Gone was the severe bun. Thick golden brown hair hung straight to her collarbones. Her large caramel colored eyes were heavily outlined and her full lips were painted a muted red. A red silk robe was tied around her narrow waist and stopped just above her knees. With a glass of red wine in one hand, Jennifer motioned with the other for Miranda to enter.

Walking into the spacious apartment Miranda was again surprised. The place was positively girly. Hues of purple filled the living space and covered the walls. A white leather sectional dominated the room and was faced by two club chairs covered in a deep violet damask. Fresh flowers in white and purple filled a large vase sitting on a white rectangular dining table to the left of the entryway.

“Not what you expected? Take a look around. I’ll go get you a glass too … red or white?” Her voice was even different, softer and more feminine.

“Whatever you are having is fine.” Miranda slowly walked around the living room. Art hung in large groupings on all the walls. Wide, silver frames held water color paintings of the female form. Some were of women, nude and simply drawn. Others were of women dressed and undressed performing various acts of love on one another. There was no uncertainty left about which team Jennifer played on.

Miranda felt Jennifer’s presence behind her and turned. “So … what do you think?” A sexy smile on her face, Jennifer raised her dark eyebrows.

“They’re beautiful … very erotic.” Warmth rushed to her face as she looked up to the taller woman. Desire had entered Jennifer’s eyes.

“Here, it’s Sicilian, very dry.”

“Thank-you … I need to tell you something…” Jennifer waved her off and motioned to one of the club chairs.

Feeling a little shaky, Miranda took a healthy gulp of the red wine and sat. Taking a seat on the leather sectional Jennifer pulled her toned legs under her.

“I’m not gay.” Quickly Miranda added, “I’m not judging … you just needed to know.”

Still smiling, Jennifer sipped from the glass in her hand. “I couldn’t care less what your sexual preference is, that’s your problem Sweetie.”

Confusion entered Miranda. Had she read the situation wrong? Was Jennifer really offering to be her friend? She hoped she hadn’t blown it with the unusual woman.

“You’re here to please me-not the other way around. I hope you enjoy yourself, but really that is a choice.”

Miranda was horrified yet still felt her nipples tingle as the woman’s dominant nature took hold of her. Crossing her legs, Miranda squeezed her thighs together and tried to make the heat between them go away.

“Drink up, I’m ready for you to get busy,” Jennifer said as she slipped out of her silk robe. Sitting nude on the couch, the detective motioned to the seat next to her. Panic hit Miranda. She didn’t want to make-out with a woman and she really didn’t want to eat pussy. The idea disgusted her. Indecision kept her frozen even as desire grew in the young blonde. Telling herself it would be over quickly, Miranda stood and approached the older woman.

Now reclining on the couch, Jennifer watched with amusement as Miranda struggled with her decision. Her green eyes reflected her inner turmoil. Why would Jennifer do this? The detective was gorgeous. A slim body tightened by running miles every day sported alsancak escort small firm breasts with darkly tanned aureole. A flat stomach led to a small patch of dark hair over her bare labia and her legs were long and lightly muscled. She wasn’t someone who would have a difficult time finding others to play with.

“Come on, I won’t bite … not much.” Jennifer’s voice was teasing but lust could be heard in her words.

Rising from the damask club chair Miranda approached the reclining detective. Shaking inside, she felt unwanted arousal winding its way throughout her body.

“Take off your clothes, I want to look at you.” This time her voice did not carry a teasing tone.

Unhappy, Miranda felt herself continuing to respond. Her self-disgust was real as Miranda tried to halt her body’s responses. She knew the wine wasn’t helping the situation but she downed her glass anyhow and placed it empty on the glass topped end table.

Pretending this wasn’t real, the blonde woman grabbed the hem of her brown knit dress and pulled it over her head. Wearing only a black bra and a pair of black bikinis she stood as if for examination.

Jennifer’s body ached as she took in the beauty before her. The petite woman was even more exquisite than she had imagined. Miranda’s frame was petite. But there was nothing petite about her breasts and hips. There she was more than amply curved. The detective slowly licked her lips as she told Miranda to finish.

Reaching behind her back, Miranda let the bra fall. Jennifer’s eyes widened as she stared at the DD’s. They were going to be fun to play with. Impatiently she watched the frowning woman step out of her last piece of clothing. Still standing, Miranda waited to be told what to do. Jennifer’s light brown eyes filled with longing as they consumed Miranda. She had never seen a more beautiful sight. Miranda’s bare lips were perfectly formed and slightly parted with only a dark blonde landing strip.

The scent of female sexuality surrounded them as both women became more inflamed in the softly lit room. One of Jennifer’s tanned hands twirled her areola as she spread her slim thighs apart.

“Come on … make me scream.”

Slowly Miranda lowered herself onto the white shag rug in front of the detective. With no hesitancy, Jennifer swung her lightly tanned legs on each side of the kneeling woman. Staring between the detectives spread legs, Miranda sighed to herself. She wanted to be repelled as she stared at the bare dark rose lips opening in front of her. She wasn’t. Not at all.

A soft moan escaped Jennifer as she watched Miranda. The girl’s reluctance was intoxicating and the detective felt desire fueled by power rising quickly within. Softly she encouraged the petite parole officer forward. Jennifer reached for Miranda. Her patience was being worn down by a need both strong and demanding.

Miranda gasped as she felt Jennifer grab her blonde hair and firmly pull her forward. The moment of truth had arrived and Miranda wished she had practiced her sexual addiction program more earnestly. But it was too late. Tentatively Miranda softly licked the slit in her face. It wasn’t enough and Jennifer pulled her closer. Face pressed to the detective’s rose lips the blonde began to lick more aggressively. As Miranda’s tongue darted up and down the sensitive flesh, the taste surprised her. Salty and sweet, it didn’t repel her. In fact she found herself wanting more.

Jennifer’s slender back arched as she relished the feel of Miranda lapping at her. Groaning she pressed herself against the woman between her legs.

“Finger me!”

Still lapping at Jennifer’s nectar, Miranda slipped one red tipped finger into the other woman. Immediately she felt smooth muscles tightening around her finger and Jennifer crying for more. Soon a third finger found its way into the moist folds. Back and forth Miranda thrust her fingers into the withering woman. While sucking on Jennifer’s outer lips Miranda realized she was enjoying herself. There really hadn’t been any doubt.

Jennifer’s hands pulled and tugged at her darkly tanned nipples while Miranda finger fucked her. The sensations assaulting Jennifer were all consuming and with moans that excited both women she ground her hips against Miranda’s face. Slippery wetness coated the blonde woman’s mouth and cheeks as she strove to bring satisfaction to the detective. Miranda’s desire to please the other woman spurred her on and Miranda’s tongue sought the detective’s clit.

Pale nipples stood rigid and heat radiated between her legs as desire raged through Miranda. She couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying driving the other woman out of her mind and she couldn’t believe how much she liked the taste of another woman. But none of this mattered. Rational thought had left the room the minute Miranda stripped.

Tongue still circling Jennifer’s engorged clit Miranda brought the older woman closer and closer to satisfaction. Hips grinding and back arched, Jennifer cried in pleasure buca escort and the sound was music to Miranda. She loved to please and it was obvious she was doing a good job. Intensity increased rapidly as Miranda’s pink tongue continued striking the throbbing nub.

Seconds turned to minutes and Miranda lost track of how long she licked and finger fucked the other woman. She wanted to make her cum so bad it hurt. Miranda grabbed Jennifer’s smooth thighs as she felt her begin to tense. Within seconds, sounds raw and ragged were ripped from the detective as she orgasmed. Holding Miranda’s head firmly, Jennifer felt herself begin to climax.

Now lapping as quickly as possible, Miranda drank the delicious nectar that poured into her mouth. A few more pulses of pleasure and Jennifer started calling for Miranda to stop. Sitting back on her heels, Miranda looked up with a face that was shiny and slick. Her green eyes held pleasure as she smiled at Jennifer. The detective leaned forward and pulled Miranda’s face to her own. Jennifer loved to taste herself on another woman’s lips and with a pleased sound she kissed the young parole officer.

Groaning low in her throat, Jennifer held the blonde woman tightly. Kisses that had begun gently grew in intensity as Miranda’s mouth accepted Jennifer’s tongue. Aggressively the older woman dominated the younger. Soon small yips and moans entered the feminine room as Jennifer squeezed and pulled Miranda’s engorged nipples. Excitement welled in the nude blonde as tremors of passion shot through her.

Melting into Jennifer’s embrace, Miranda marveled at how good the woman in her arms felt. Rose colored nipples pressed into darkly tanned ones and both women responded. Wrenching her mouth from Miranda’s, Jennifer spoke.

“Let’s move this to the bedroom, come on Miranda.” Taking Miranda by the hand the nude brunette headed down the hallway. The master bedroom was awash in shades of purple. A queen sized brass bed dominated the room. The only other furniture visible were two white side tables alongside the bed and a dark purple chair sat near the window. Climbing onto the violet coverlet, Jennifer reclined back onto the oversized pillow propped against the headboard.

Miranda didn’t hesitate and joined the other woman. Rolling over, Jennifer climbed on top of the younger blonde. Their kisses resumed where they had left off. Soon both women began to grind against one another. The dimly lit room filled with the sounds and smell of sex as their passion grew. Pulling back, Jennifer began biting and kissing down Miranda’s slender neck. Her hands played with Miranda’s large breasts as she continued kissing the younger woman.

A fire deep and persistent was growing in Miranda and she arched her back. The softness of another woman’s skin was intoxicating. The whole situation felt dreamlike as arousal eclipsed all else. She wasn’t gay. How could this woman make her body sing? The questions were forgotten as she felt her engorged nipple first nipped then suckled into Jennifer’s warm mouth. The pleasure in her core became painful as the brunette woman fondled and sucked first one breast then the other.

Slender hands stroked Miranda’s body wherever they landed. Never had her responses been quicker or more intense. The young parole officer felt both relaxed and inflamed as Jennifer’s whispers filled the night. Between kisses and bites Jennifer complimented all she touched.

Hesitantly Miranda touched the detective’s thick brown hair. Miranda wanted Jennifer to move lower and after a few moments she began pushing on the brunette’s head. Chuckling at the young woman’s urging, Jennifer continued to slowly savor all of Miranda. Every nerve in the blonde’s body screamed for relief as she ground her hips against the detective. Words she didn’t know she was going to say were released as Miranda’s need came all encompassing.

“Please … please … please,” over and over the younger woman begged for relief. Jennifer’s exploring mouth moved lower. Miranda’s natural taste was intoxicating as the detective licked a trail from breasts to mound. She just couldn’t get enough of Miranda. Jennifer’s neatly manicured hands separated the squirming woman’s thighs. Whimpering, Miranda arched her back and again begged for relief.

Jennifer inhaled Miranda’s light musk as she stared between the other woman’s legs. Two perfectly smooth lips were swollen with desire and with a soft guttural sound Jennifer leaned forward. Lightly she licked up and down the slit. The salty sweet flavor of the younger woman filled Jennifer’s mouth and she wanted more. Soft licks became stronger as the detective’s tongue lapped from clit to anus.

Frantic for release, Miranda pushed herself against the other woman’s face. Firmly gripping Miranda’s pale thighs, Jennifer continued to torture the wriggling woman beneath her. Clenching inside had Miranda feeling crazed and she again begged the older woman to make her cum. As Miranda pleaded, she pulled and pinched her own swollen nipples. One long finger then another slid into Miranda’s wet and wanting folds. Immediately the detective began to roughly finger fuck the blonde. To a background of wet smacking sounds Jennifer pounded the tender flesh. The harder she thrust the louder Miranda cried for more. Inserting a third finger she continued her assault on the frenzied woman.

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