Mistress of the Office

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Susan sat back in her office chair comfortably. She was the president of a major software company and she knew how to get what she wanted when she wanted it. She was a very attractive lady, with long, full red hair and big green eyes. She had large, full breasts that almost looked too perfect. Her body curve followed all the way through her shapely legs.

All of this combined seemed to scare most men away. Most men seemed to be intimidated by her, except for one. William was Susan’s assistant, and not only did he not seem intimidated by her but he also flirted with her. William stood fairly tall at 6’2 and was fairly well built. He was the kind of guy that looked amazing in a suit. But even more impressive to Susan was the bulge that formed in his pants whenever he was near her.

She knew she couldn’t wait too much longer for him, she felt the need for him deep within her. The thought of the two of them together, making wild love made her heart beat faster. She felt herself begin to get wet.

Calmly she pushed the intercom ” William?” she asked.

“Yes mam” came a smooth voice.

“Would you please come to my office right away.” She said it as professionally as she could.

“I’m on my way” came his reply.

Susan stood and walked around the desk just as a knock came on the door. Susan pulled her skirt up just above her thighs, the she told William to come in. William opened the door slowly, his dark suit coming into view, than his face. He shut the door behind him then turned to look at his boss. His eyes popped open for a brief second and Susan noticed right away a bulge begin to form in his pants.

She walked over to William slowly. She smiled at him seductively as she slid her hands across his abdomen, then reached past him and locked the door. Then she pulled back tuzla escort and looked deep into his eyes, a smile plaid on his lips. He leaned down and there lips met, cautiously at first. But as they began to get comfortable with what as happening there kissing became more passionate. They sucked on each other’s lips and tongues as there hands fondled through each other’s bodies.

William began to undo Susan’s blouse, slowly undoing each button. At the same time Susan undid Williams suit and suit. William than leaned over Susan and kissed her neck excitedly as he pulled off her whit blouse. Susan leaned back as she enjoyed his lips on her neck. His hands rubbed her back firmly as he undid her bra. When the last clip was undone she pushed William onto the sofa.

She looked at him teasingly as she turned her back to him and slowly let her bra fall to the floor. She moaned softly as her breasts felt the release. William could see the outline of Susan’s large, perfectly round breasts. The Susan put each thumb into the top of her skirt and slowly lowered her skirt to the floor. She was wearing a red g-string underneath that revealed her round, plump buttocks.

She turned to look at William and smiled at him staring at her body as he lay there on the sofa. She turned back to him and leaned over him. Her nipples were large and brown. They too were almost perfect with just enough bumps on theme to give the texture. She slid her hands up his chest, than in one swift motion tore his shirt apart. Button flew all over the office. Susan lay over him and began kissing his chest. At the same time he felt her soft breasts rub across his body. He reached down and began to message them gently; ever so often he softly pinched her nipples. She moaned into ucuz escort his flesh as he did so.

She kissed down to his belly, pulling her breasts out of his reach, so he ran his hands through her thick red hair instead. This encouraged Susan to go further down. As she kissed his stomach she slowly undid his belt and un-did his pants. Then she clenched the zipper in her teeth and slowly pulled the zipper down. A soft moan escaped Williams’s lips. She could see the tip of his man-hood sticking out of his underwear; the rest of it pulsed under his underwear.

She slowly removed the pants and underwear, releasing his large erection and exposing it to the air. She smiled at it, as it lay flat against him. At was at least seven inches long and proportionately thick. She smiled at him, and he had the look of lust and anticipation in his eye. Susan smiled at him again as she slowly licked it from the base and all the way back up to the tip.

William was holding on to her hair again, his grip tightened as her smooth tongue coursed the length of his cock. Carefully she pulled it up and placed her lips softly at the base. She let her tongue slide out and she licked the head of his penis, tasting it. Then slowly she guided its head into her mouth. They moaned in unison as she did so. Then slowly and carefully she guided the entire length of his penis into her mouth. She wasn’t able to make it all the way to the base, but she got close. The she slowly pulled him out of her mouth and let his penis lay back down.

By this time it was all William could do to keep himself compose. She sat up on top of him and William helped her remove her panties. Carefully William felt the wet spot between her long legs. He pulled her close to him and tickled ümraniye escort her hard clit with his thumb. His index finger and front finger carefully rubbed the velvety outer lips of her vagina. Then carefully he slid his index finger between the ready lips and slowly inserted his finger deep inside of her.

Susan moaned loudly in response as he glided his finger and rubbed the walls of her vagina. Then he hooked the finger up and rubbed the spot right behind her clit, his thumb remaining on her. Carefully he rubbed, and her excitement was building fast. He passionately sucked on her breasts and nipples as she squirmed in his hand.

Then suddenly, Susan pushed him down. Sitting on top of him she grabbed his huge, throbbing cock and tilted it up. She slowly guided him deep into her and buried him deep. She grinded into him for a few moments then slowly leaned back. This put Williams’s penis almost exactly where his finger had been.

Slowly they ground into each other like this. Ever so often they would look up into each other’s eyes. But the feeling was so intense that they had to close their eyes again. They moaned together as they started moving their hips and sliding into each other. The pace continued to quicken, and they started banging in to each other harder and harder. William couldn’t hold out any longer, neither could Susan. They tensed, and there muscles tightened. William moaned so loud he thought the office could hear as he let a load of semen shoot deep into her. Not long after Susan also tensed, an electric like charge coursed through her entire body. Then she climaxed, screaming, “Yes William, oh yes.

They lay there gasping for breath for several more moment. As Williams penis softened it slowly slid out of Susan. They sat up and held each other on the couch for sever moments. There sweat mixed with each other. Neither spoke, but many soft kisses were exchanged.

It wasn’t long before a female voice came over Susan’s intercom “ma’am, is every thing ok in there.” William and Susan both laughed as Susan stammered to the desk and replied back into the intercom that everything was better than all right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32