Momo San Ch. 04

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Foot Fetish

Momo San CH. 04

To get a better idea of how Mizuki and I got started and other information about us, I would humbly suggest that a new reader go back and start with Momo San CH.01, but it isn’t necessary to do so. However, this story is a continuation of Momo San CH. 02 and CH.03, so a reader really should start there before reading this chapter. And if you really want to understand how Hika was introduced to this story then you really need to read Momo San CH.03.

“Hika, answer me. Are you fucking your brother?” Mizuki pressed her daughter.

Hika had dropped her eyes and was trying to not look at her mother. I took Hika’s face in my hands and softly lifted, then kissed her pouty lips.

“That’s amazing, Hika. I knew you must have played with a cock before taking mine. You are just too good at fucking for this to be your first time.” I told her, trying to show her that she had nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, Hika chan had just fucked with her mother and me, so if she was going to be having sex with her mother, what was wrong with doing it with her nineteen year old brother? That ship had already sailed.

“I’ve fucked with Yu a few times.” Hika said in the smallest voice, still afraid of what her mother might do or say.

“When? How did it happen?” Her mother inquired, but not in an intimidating way, as she moved across the floor to put her head against her daughter’s and then wrap her arms around her naked body so they could hug each other.

This was a story that I just had to hear. Thinking about it was stirring the blood in my slowly growing cock.

“Jkun, would you run down and grab a couple of beer out of the ridge? Hika and I will clean up the floor and then she’s going to start from the beginning and spill everything to us. I’m getting so horny thinking about this.” Mizuki ordered me. I guess she was trying to put Hika chan as ease and not worry about having fucked with her brother.

I jumped up and flew down the stairs to the kitchen and grabbed four tall cans of cold beer out of the fridge and three glasses that were sitting on the kitchen table. The nice thing about beer in Japan is that you can buy them in a wide assortment of can sizes from very small lip wetter cans up to party cans that are great for four people.

Anyways, after getting the beer and the glasses, I ran back up to the second floor and looked forward to hearing all of what Hika had to say. I knew it was going to make me hard again and Mizuki was going to get so turned on that she was probably going to want to try something crazy.

I entered the room just as the girls were finishing, soaking up all the pussy juice that had covered the floor.

“Let’s sit in the corner by the balcony door where there’s a little bit of a breeze and have our beer, and Hika chan can start at the beginning and tell us everything that her and her brother have been doing. Start with how it happened.” Mizuki told her daughter as we settled on the floor in the corner of the room with me in the middle and both girls on either side.

Mizuki popped open the first can of beer and filled the three glasses that I had brought upstairs, passing one to each of us. After draining the first glass each of us got our refills and settled in to listen closely to what Hika was going to tell us.

“It’s kind of your fault, mom, that Yu and I started fucking each other.” Hika said.

“My fault? How?” Mizuki asked with surprise.

“Well, you gave me my dildo for my twenty-first birthday, and I was having so much fun with it, using it to fuck myself crazy every chance I could get. I just loved the feelings it gave me and cumming felt sooo good, I just couldn’t get enough orgasms. A couple of weeks after I first started using it, Yu caught me banging my pussy with it, and it started from there. You and dad were both out of town visiting Aunt Ryoko and everyone in Nagoya. I thought that Yu was out drinking with his friends or something like that, so I took my bath and fucked myself in the tub first, but I was so horny that I just had to continue after I got out.” Hika told us. “I had dried off and decided to move to the living room to continue playing with my new toy and see if I could make myself squirt, like I had seen in an AV movie once.” She continued.

“Cool!” I said, encouraging her to tell all.

“So I put my favorite porn movie on the TV and settled back against the living room table and started pulling on my nipples with one hand and slowly driving my dildo in and out of my cunt with my other hand. I was so engrossed in the movie and the feelings I was giving myself that I didn’t hear Yu return. I had just slipped my hand from my tits down to rub my clit while speeding up on the pounding I was giving myself, when Yu came into the room behind me.” Hika narrated as she sipped more of her beer.

“What did he say?” Her mother asked, also drinking more of her beer.

“Nothing, he was so quiet, I didn’t know he was there. I was starting to cum stronger, and it was building Kıbrıs Escort to a point where I knew I could squirt. I had closed my eyes to focus on the feelings that were overtaking my body, when suddenly Yu stepped in front of my face naked, took my hair in both his hands and drove his cock into my open mouth. I didn’t have time to react.” Hika continued. “I tried to stop him but he just kept fucking my mouth, then he reached down and grabbed my left nipple in his fingers to pull and twist it. I was so horny and so close to squirting that I don’t know what came over me. I reached up with the hand I was using on my clit and wrapped it around his super hard cock, using it to pump up and down his shaft as he continued to fuck my face. I also resumed fucking my pussy with my dildo and was so wet, it was leaking all over the floor.”

“So he took you first, not the other way around!” Mizuki told her daughter.

“I didn’t put up much of a resistance. I knew I was going to fuck him as soon as I could get him to take his cock out of my mouth. I had managed to get on my knees in front of him, with my dildo still fully buried in my cunt, and him still face fucking me. I don’t think he wanted to cum in my mouth and that he wanted to fuck me because he withdrew after a couple of minutes. He could tell I wasn’t putting up any fight.” Hika carried on her story as she drank more beer and moved her right hand onto my tight, softly rubbing up and down my leg with just her fingertips.

Mizuki refilled everyone’s glasses and then moved back next to me reaching down to cup my balls before taking my slowly growing shaft in her left hand, encouraging my cock to continue to grow.

“So what happened next?” I asked as I slipped my hand around her mother’s shoulders.

“When Yu popped his cock out of my mouth, I decided I was going to be in control of the situation. I stood up while holding my dildo inside my pussy, I then took one of the kitchen chairs and turned it around to face the living room. I sat on the chair spreading my legs wide open, so he could have a great view of my big dildo hanging out of my wet pussy. I told him ‘Get on your knees and fuck my cunt with this huge dildo and then when I tell you, I want you to keep fucking me, but also eat my pussy, until I fill your face with my pussy juice.’, which he did right away.” Hika informed us.

Hika must have been getting turned back on because she started slowly rubbing up and down on her clit as she continued with her story.

“Yu grabbed the base of my fake cock and was very slowly pushing all of it into my wet pussy, allowing me to feel all every vein on it and then when he had it all stuffed inside me, he leaned forward and sucked my right nipple deep into his mouth. Then he started pulling it back out until just the tip was touching my outer pussy lips before driving it deep, back into me. He kept fucking me slowly in and out, and sucking from my left nipple to my right and back again. I was leaking so much pussy juice, it was forming a small puddle on the chair under my ass.” Hika continued on.

Mizuki was now slowly stroking up and down on my slowly hardening cock, and in rapture, listening to her daughter’s story.

“After I had my first couple of orgasms, I could feel a big one rushing all over my body, so I grabbed Yu’s hair and pushed his face downwards, so that he could lick and suck on my clit as he continued to fuck me with my dildo. As soon as his lips sucked in my clit, I started shaking so hard that the chair was moving, and my pussy and ass were both cumming hard, and there was pussy juice everywhere. When I pulled Yu’s face up to kiss him, his mouth and chin were covered in my juices, it tasted so good licking myself off of him.” Hika said as her breathing rate increased.

She was also dipping her fingers inside her cunt now as she continued to rub her pussy.

Mizuki was resting her head on my shoulder and gently stroking my almost fully hard shaft.

“I pushed Yu onto his back in front of me and grabbed my dildo in my right hand and started pounding myself like crazy, and at the same time I reached down and rubbed my clit so fast and hard, knowing that I was going to explode in a couple of seconds. I wanted him to see me squirt for the first time and cover him in my honey, then I was going to jump on him and ride him like a horse.” Hika continued as her breathing started to change, and small moans escaped her lips.

I reached around with my right arm and got Mizuki’s hard right nipple in my fingers, while I reached up with my left hand and got Hika’s right nipple in the fingers of my other hand, twisting and pulling on both mother and daughter’s very hard pointy nipples.

“I was furiously rubbing my clit and pounding my pussy with my dildo as Yu was laying on his back in front of me, stroking his hard cock up and down slowly, while looking directly at my wet cunt. My orgasm overtook me so fast, starting in my toes and head at the same time and rushing inwards towards my Magosa Escort tits, cunt, and ass. I yanked my dildo out, letting it drop on the floor between us, and went nuts rubbing my clit hard and fast, just as my cunt seemed to turn inside out and exploded. My pussy started squirting long hot streams of clear pussy juice straight up, dropping back down covering Yu from head to toe. I kept blasting him for almost a full minute and he just kept jerking his hard cock up and down.” Hika told us.

“Holy shit! I would have loved to have seen that. It must have been so hot to see.” Mizuki groaned, surprising both Hika and me.

“Me, too!” I seconded her thoughts.

“”It felt so fucking amazing. It was the best orgasm I had experienced until today. When I came back to my senses, I just stood up, moved over Yu, and dropped my open wet pussy down onto his hard cock which he was holding straight up. His cock is nice, but a little too hairy, and it’s not as thick or long as my dildo or Ha$%’s dad’s monster, so it was easy for me to bottom out taking all of him inside of me. I didn’t even bother with a condom, I was going to ride him hard and get him to shoot is seed all over me. In this position, only his cock was touching my body, so I put my left hand on his chest to steady myself as I started to move up and down on his shaft as he reached up and took my hard pointy nipples in both his hands.” Hika kept going, turning all of us on even more.

“Jkun, put your leg straight out.” Mizuki ordered me, so I did as I was told. I straightened my right leg out in front of me. Mizuki swung herself up and planted her pussy on my knee, where she immediately started rubbing her wet pussy and clit along my hairy thigh, while I continued to pull on her nipples one at a time.

“Hika chan, what did you guys do next?” I inquired as I dropped my fingers down to help her play with her very wet pussy. I managed to get two of my fingers into her pussy as she continued to rub her hard exposed clit.

“I put both my hands flat on his chest, so I could drive up and down his cock hard and fast, and he continued to pull and twist my nipples, sometimes changing to squeeze my big tits. I was cumming so much and so hard, it felt amazing. I was cumming in my cunt and my ass at the same time, everything was exploding inside me. I don’t know how close Yu was to cumming, but I was going to squirt again, so I popped up off his cock and stood over him as my pussy let go again, splashing myself all over him again and again.” Hika moaned as her pussy released a load of juices all over my buried fingers.

Mizuki was soaking my leg as she continued to rub her clit back and forth on my hairy thigh, then she leaned forward to bury her tongue in my mouth. I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and attacked her mouth and tongue.

“OHHHHHH FFUUCCKKK I’M CUMMING SO HARD! I WANT TO SQUIT AGAIN.” Hika screamed as her cunt started contracting on my buried fingers.

I got Mizuki off my leg and managed to lay flat out on my back on the floor.

“Get on top of me and ride me like you did with your brother.” I ordered Hika chan. “And Mizuki, you get that beautiful tasty pussy up here on my mouth. Your daughter is going to drown us in her juices, and I want you to have a front roll seat to see it happen up close.” I instructed Hika’s mother.

The girls got themselves into their ordered positions with Hika straddling my hips and driving her very wet pussy down hard onto my now, very hard cock. Mizuki turned around to face her daughter, and swung her leg over my head, then she plopped her wet pussy down onto my waiting mouth and tongue. I reached up over Mizuki’s legs and got my hands around them so I could grab both her ass cheeks in my hands. This allowed me to pull her cheeks and pussy lips apart to get better access to her tasty private parts.

We had all forgotten that Hika was telling us how her brother and her had started fucking each other, but I was sure we would come back to it later, but for right now everyone was so horny and turned on by what we had heard so far.

Hika was pounding herself up and down hard and fast on my shaft, and her mother was moving her hips back and forth moving my tongue from her clit, to her pussy, then to her asshole and back again.

I had cum twice already, so I knew I was going to be able to last a very long time on this go around. Hika was fucking herself down hard onto my stiff cock, so I decided to help her on her way, by fucking my hips upwards driving my hard cock deep into her very wet pussy, smashing our bodies together. At the same time I was concentrating on Mizuki’s expose clit, hoping to drive her over the edge to another powerful orgasm. Mizuki has a very tasty pussy and loves to have it eaten, so I was going to oblige her.

I felt Mizuki tilt forward a little. I guess to get at her daughter’s big bouncing tits or that sexy mouth of hers.

“FUCK MY CUNT…FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM…I’M GOING TO CUM SO HARD!” Hika screamed as I Girne Escort felt her pussy start to contract around my pounding shaft, and at the same time I heard Mizuki let out a long deep moan as her asshole started contracting, signaling to me that she was also cumming hard.

Suddenly, Hika chan jumped up off my cock and then I felt her start to spray warm pussy juices all over her mother and me.

“Oh GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!…I’M CUMMING SOOO HARRDDDD!” Hika screamed as her mother fell onto my stomach, then swallowing my cock as far into her mouth as she could get it, putting us in the 69 position, with Hika continuing to cover us in her juices.

Just when I started to really enjoy the feeling of Mizuki’s mouth enveloping my hard cock, she jumped off of me, breaking my hold on her, then turning around and got herself in the exact same position that her daughter had just used.

“I want to squirt like Hika chan. Make me squirt, please.” She almost begged as she dropped her open wet cunt straight down onto my shaft swallowing all of me inside her hot, wet box completely, which was something she wasn’t ever able to do before, so I knew she must be really turned on and closing in on a powerful orgasm.

I could also now see Hika chan standing a little off to the side, still rubbing her clit and shaking as she dribbled more pussy juices down her legs.

“Hika, Baby, come here and let me eat your sexy pussy.” I told her as her mother started driving herself hard, up and down my dick. The sounds coming from the banging of our bodies together was amazing to hear, so I knew there was lots of natural lube between us.

Hika staggered over to my head and squatted herself down, planting her wet, tasty pussy squarely on my waiting mouth. I immediately drove my tongue deep into her pussy hoping to scoop out more of her delicious nectar. I also licked back and drove my tongue into her open asshole, letting her bounce up and down, before moving back towards her exposed clit.

“Hika chan, sweetie, suck my nipples!” I heard her mother moan as she took it to the next level, flying up and down my shaft as fast and hard as she could go.

I managed to get my hands under Hika and was holding both her ass cheeks up on my palms, thus allowing me to move my head and tongue around her lower body move easily. I was also able to speak, so I told Hika chan, “Rub your mother’s clit if you can.”

Hika was cumming continuously now, while moaning around her mother’s tit sucked into her mouth, and I could feel Mizuki was on the verge of letting go any second. Her pussy was soaked and very slippery from her juices, so fucking in and out of her cunt was so easy.


I felt a gush of tasty cream flood out of Hika pussy, and then Mizuki let go. Her pussy still had my cock buried inside and on every up stroke I could feel her squirting as her pussy started contracting like a boa constrictor around my shaft.

“Jump off, Mom and rub your clit hard. You’ll shoot off like I did.” Hika ordered her mother as she tried to grind her pussy down onto my face again.

Mizuki must have been enjoying my cock in her pussy because she didn’t immediately spring up off my cock, but continued to bounce herself up and down my shaft for another minute before suddenly jumping up and doing as her daughter instructed.

Hika pounced down on my cock like her mother had, swallowing me almost completely inside her mouth and throat. At the same time Mizuki was blasting her pussy juices over us, but it didn’t seem to be as much as Hika had done.

When Mizuki had finished she flopped down onto the floor to lay next to me. I rolled over towards Mizuki causing Hika to land on her back next to her mother with me over her. I lifted myself up so that I could get my two longest fingers buried inside Hika cunt, while she continued to try and deep throat my plunging cock.

When I was in position, I attacked Hika’s G spot and clit causing her to shoot off again, while she held my hard cock in her hand in a death grip.

I yanked my fingers out of her pussy which she immediately replaced with her own as I plied her other fingers off my still hard cock.

I leaned over and kissed Mizuki deeply as I managed to get to the other side of her, as Hika continued to play with herself, on her back next to us.

“How about you and I get a drink while this little kitten has her fun.” I whispered in Mizuki’s ear as I pulled the soaked condom off my hard cock.

“Great idea!” She whispered back as she rolled onto her knees and started crawling towards the glasses and beer in the corner. Hika seemed lost in her own world of pleasure and was building towards another powerful orgasm on her own.

Mizuki and I got our glasses refilled and were sitting so we could watch Hika chan, please herself.

“She sure is a sexy little thing.” I told her mother.

“I know. And she’s a natural for having sex, she seems to love it and can do many amazing things. I’m still shocked how easily she took your big cock in her asshole. I really want to try that later.” Mizuki replied as Hika sent another long stream of juices towards the ceiling, finally dropping her arms to her side on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32