Mood Ring Ch. 07

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I woke up slowly and took my waking slow.

Yes, I paraphrase Roethke and truly; why not?

I am learning by going where I have to go.


I woke up and sensed the comfort of the sheets first. I was so relaxed, the sheets so sensuous against my body, the warm sunshine which woke me. The sense of relaxation, of having been completed; yes indeed I took my waking slow. I languished and stretched sensually and dimly became aware of my surrounding; the high thread count of the luxurious sheets against my ‘naked!’ body, the warmth of the sunshine (definitely not my apartment) and the smell of musk, incense, and … sex!”

My eyes opened and I sat bolt-upright and as I began to question just where the hell I was, I realized it was her musk and her incense.

I clutched the soft cotton sheets to my naked breasts and remembered.

I remembered everything.

I reached down between my legs, had it all been a dream?

The slickness that greeted my fingers and tenderness of my tissues said otherwise and I raised my hand to my nose and smelt “Her” in a powerful sense. No it was no dream!

It was our sex.


The song had ended for our slow dance and her long blonde hair cascaded around my vision as she bent down to whisper in my ear, “Shall we go home Cherie?” I kissed her and replied, “You may take me.”

Hand in hand we made our way to the Victorian lobby and waited the limo. As we had arrived together, the lobby was apparently neutral territory and Robert and Anton were there. Anya suggested we share the ride. They lived close and we would drop them off before taking me to my apartment.

The Limo arrived and we all climbed in. I do not remember whether I showed of my pretties or not, I was drunk on wine and desire. As soon as the doors closed, Anya embraced me and we started to make-out. I don’t think the boys noticed; they were too caught up in their own private wrestling match.

Her hands started to make their way to the juncture of my thighs, my secret spot which I had put on display when I had straddled her lap, but I got self-conscious. Not so much because of the presence of the men; they were in their own little world. No, I was stretching my comfort zone tonight and I think that the stretch was as tight as it could go without snapping. I had touched and suckled at her breasts. I am a girl that believes that love-making is reciprocal and an equal-party endeavor. I was cool with her sucking and touching my breasts; I could return the favor so to speak. But the pussy; I was not prepared to make a face to face acquaintance with a woman’s sex just yet. Just the idea freaked me out.

So, when she started to rub my nana, I quickly grabbed her wrist and said, “I am sorry, Anya I hope you do not think I am a tease.

I want this. I just need understanding and for us to go slowly. This is totally against everything that I know and have grown up with and I’m making adjustments as I can. I want you, but please give me some time.”

She replied, “Lynne, you are a rare jewel. You must be savored. I am on your side. I respect your fears. I want you to know that I am your advocate. You are lovely and I want you so very much, but your comfort is dear to me. Just let me know your pleasure.”

I told her that the breast play was fine, as was the kissing. As long as our bodies were in harmony, I was good to go.

We bid the boys adieu. As the limo pulled away, Anya told me “I have been good long enough, I must have a taste your exquisite breasts.”

With that, she eagerly made to force my dress from my shoulders. I did not want her to ruin my garment so I reached back and let loose the stay of my dress, the connection of the fabrics. The material fell from my chest exposing my formidable breasts.

Anya looked on and was stunned with the display.

She simply said. “I am without words.”

My breasts had changed substantially when I became pregnant three years ago. The tissue had become more firm and gained density and size. I had gone from a C-cup to a DD size and somehow I had denied it until the last moment. Now, I was well acquainted with both the size of my breasts and the prominence of my nipples. They were in short, worship-worthy and I was in no position to deny the faithful. The color of the nipple had been the first clue that my body was making a change; to nourish a human life. They had turned a rich plum color and were so much darker than my pink virgin hue.

She bent forward and took one of my engorged raisin-like nipples in her mouth. My breasts had developed to bring nourishment to a budding human organism. That this woman would suckle my supple exposed nipple was along the order of what should be and I felt more complete: as a life-bringer by having a living being suck at my breast.

Simply due to the mechanics of the Limo, Anya had to recline and stretch across my lap as she began to draw my energized teat into her mouth. I cradled her head in my near lap and somehow, somewhere, izmir escort something clicked. The puzzle pieces fell into place and I suddenly felt maternal; owning of this dear creature that sought nourishment at my breast. Her suction on my nipple created a warmth in my core that touched my spine, stomach and deeper to my clit. I felt warm, fuzzy and complete. I felt to be a complete woman.

She began to move from one nipple to the other and I felt like a true protector. I would comfort her, to help her relax and find comfort. I wanted to make her feel good, to relax and to melt the tension from her body.

She moved from my breasts and nuzzled up to my neck and then to my lips and we started to tenderly kiss in that intimate way that simply flowed. All along, she murmured telling me what she wanted for me; to protect me, to relax me, to release the tension of life and my past. Her kiss was an affirmation that another human being wished to share in the happiness of creation and life.

She simply moved close so her warm pliable lips formed to mine. We joined tentatively. Our lips began an un-choreographed dance. Sometimes it was a solo, sometimes a duet. Always, it was beautiful. We moved in harmony.

I began to feel a light constriction in my chest and tried to ignore it. We continued to kiss; to gently begin to make love to each other until I could bear it no more. I was suddenly nauseated.

“Quick, have the driver pull to the side!” I said.

It happened so suddenly, I was unaware that I was sick until I was trying to stifle the vomit from exiting my mouth.

We pulled to the side and I quickly opened the door, but it was not soon enough and a thin stream of alcohol and barely digested stomach content jetted from my hands and down the front of my chest and little black dress before I could find the road shoulder and discharge the product of my delicate stomach.

I wretched and wretched and emptied the rich food and alcohol until I was void of content.

I turned to the Limo and was so embarrassed. I was standing dejectedly on the side of the road bare-chested, with sick all over me and my dress. I could hope the ground would swallow me up right then.

“I am so sorry Anya! I don’t usually drink this much.”

She murmured sympathy and told me not to worry. She found some bottled water from the Limo mini-bar and a towel and I cleaned up as best I could.

What a mood killer. I climbed back into the limo and sat across from Anya burying my face in my hands. Anya tried to be supportive, but I asked her to give me some distance. I told her I still felt sick and couldn’t handle anyone touching me at that moment. My God; what could she be thinking about me now?

We rode on with the windows down and I tried to distance myself because even though I had tried to clean it, I knew my dress had to reek. I was mortified!

We had ridden a little ways further, but I knew we had travelled too far us to be going to my home. I looked out the open windows and realized we were in a much higher class neighborhood than where I lived. We drove up to a stately enclosure. As the gate opened, I asked, where were we?

Anya stated, “Lynne, if you are going to be sick, then I cannot in good conscious let you go home alone. If you vomit in your sleep and choke, it would be on my conscience and I simply could not live with such a burden. You will stay here at my home and I will attend you.”

How could I argue? I had soiled my dress. And although the embarrassment had somewhat sobered me up, I was still drunk gods knew how much. I no longer felt ill, but I really did not have the will to pretend to put up a fight.

The limo pulled up to the front of her residence and we got out.

We entered her house and I meekly asked about a shower and change of clothing. She guided me to the bathroom. I disrobed myself of my odious clothing and entered the comfort of the pulsating jets of warm liquid.

I let the warm water course over my body. My hair was short and I did not feel the need to lather it, I had cleaned it well earlier tonight. The warm water soothed and stimulated my body into a relaxed state. The body wash smelled of jasmine and honey adding to my relaxation. I could forget about everything and simply relish the moment.

I exited the huge shower, dried myself with a huge luxurious towel and then wrapped it around me. I looked and saw a bottle of mouthwash sitting conspicuously on the counter. I quickly poured out some into the cap and took a swig. I swished it thoroughly cheeks and gums before spitting it out into the sink. I stared at the drowned rat looking at me from the mirror and saw the amber-green stone dangling between her breasts. Time to face the music.

I hadn’t noticed Anya since I had been led to bathe. So even though I wanted to run and hide, I set out to search for her to apologize again. My soiled clothing had disappeared and I realized that the mouthwash must have been set out for alsancak escort me.

A door had been left open opposite to the one I had entered and it appeared to access the only other lit room in the house.

I walked through the door and realized it was a guest bedroom. Centrally located in the room was a queen-sized sleigh bed with gorgeous bedding. There was a detached canopy and sheer fabric fell around the bed frame giving it a dream-like oriental air. The four dependant lights along the headboard wall cast a warm candle lit glow to the room and I had enough time to register the subdued linen, violet and gold threaded pillows and quilted comforter of the bedspread when I heard a movement and turned towards the main door.

Anya entered the room with a glass of water in each hand,

She offered and I accepted.

We drank deeply and placed our half-empty glasses in the nightstand coasters.

I was completely naked but for the burgundy towel. Anya still was dressed in her evening attire of crème-colored trousers and sheer-floral print camisole. I had left my juvenile mood ring jewelry in place, why not at this point? I certainly felt childish for having drunk myself ill.

I started to apologize again, but she shushed me and told me to stop apologizing.

Fair enough, everyone knows that person who keeps repeating the same behavior when they get drunk.

If she was willing to let it go, so was I.

She suggested that I receive an IV to replenish the fluids lost from my being sick and from my inebriated state. I agreed. The major complication of being drunk is the dehydration effect of the alcohol. She said although she was a doctor, she was still extremely skilled in the basics.

She led me to a small bar kitchen and told me to have a seat on one of the stools.

As I parked my substantial butt on the cool leather, she produced an IV bag of fluid, the necessary tubing and an IV catheter. I bared my arm by laying it on the counter. She quickly pierced my skin and set the needle catheter in a vein, attaching the full tubing and letting a liter of warm saline fluid drip into my body.

She said that she would probably benefit from the same and produced another IV set-up.

I understood that I was to reciprocate and placed a tourniquet on her arm, and selected a suitable vein.

Brave woman!

She knew I was drunk; but I have done it so many times, I can literally place a line with my eyes closed. No really. I had been challenged once by one of the techs and we placed a bet on it. I was blindfolded and successfully “stuck” him and placed the line. I had cheated a little though … He had huge bulging veins and little body fat so I had no problem locating an accessible site. Ssshh, don’t tell anyone. I still won that $20 according to the agreed conditions.

Swiping the skin with an alcohol prep, I told her “one, two, three.” And I placed the needle. She was an easy stick and I made the catheter secure against her skin with a plastic membrane and we talked as the fluids infused.

She told me to not be embarrassed by my episode of illness. She knew all of the different alcohols I had consumed and why and that she felt wholly responsible because she had tempted me with rich foods in addition. She said that if anyone was to blame, she would be the one to take it and that I should forgive her. Again her generosity of spirit overwhelmed me.

“Lynne …” I shushed her and said, “I am Frances now; yours and yours alone.

She placed her well-manicured hand on my forearm and stated, “Frances, (It come out as frahn-sis because of her French accent and I loved it) I am concerned about your health. I will not leave you alone tonight.”

Despite the embarrassment and IV fluid, I was still quite drunk. Even though I was not really feeling that sexy at the moment, I couldn’t resist teasing.

I decided to pretend myself as a bad-ass and told her boldly, “I should warn you; I sleep naked.”

She was unconcerned and replied that she did the same. Bluff called and so much for my bad-assery. I don’t do well in poker either.

The fluid had infused and it was time to seal the wound. I placed a gauze 4×4 on her arm and she did the same to me. We then returned hand in hand to the bedroom. Each step ratcheted up something in me. Anxiousness, but from anxiety or anticipation I could not tell you.

As soon as we entered the room, she let go of my hand. She shucked her camisole and her pants leaving her body clad in only a lacy white panty.

She was drop-dead gorgeous. I was without words. I felt like wilting next to her beauty.

We embraced and she told me I was beautiful. I had been critical of both my appearance and behavior as I looked in the mirror when I had stepped out of the shower and was thinking she was going to be disgusted with me. But her kind words rang sincere and I felt a little glow inside. She wanted me!

I did not know how to reply and buca escort did the only thing that occurred to me. I pressed my lips to hers and initiated a soul-deep kiss.

One kiss became many and as we proceeded, our souls intertwined.

She moved me over to the bed, pulled down the comforter and sheets and pressed her hand to my chest motioning me to sit. She took one hand and deftly removed her silk panty with a finger. She took the lacy fabric and raised it to her nose and sniffed it and said, “So erotic!”

“Frances, smell how excited you have made me!” and offered me the moist undergarment. I raised it to my nose and could immediately discern her scent. It had that unmistakable tang of body odor, but there was an underlying sweetness; a musk and incense that I would always identify with her sex.

She grabbed the towel where I had tucked it to keep it around me and said,” I have to have you,” and tugging ever so slightly, removed the towel from my warm naked body and threw it to the ground.

I scooted back to recline recumbent on the luxurious bed-sheet and she joined me stretching her body alongside my left side. She looked down and said, “Being almost two meters tall, it is not often I find a lady that can fit beside my body. Mon Amour, you fit me so nicely.”

She leaned in to whisper in my ear, “We are going to make sweet love; and then I am going to fuck you hard! Soon, I am going to have you wrap your legs around me, screaming my name as you cum.” A shiver ran down my spine from the sensation of her breathe in my ear, the low vibration of her voice and the anticipation of what she was going to do to me. Apparently I am ASMR sensitive because her voice alone began to make my skin crawl in that good way. As she whispered what she was going to do to me in my left ear, I experienced a quickening; a feeling as if ice crystals and heat along the left side of my body were dancing from hair follicle to hair follicle making tingles before she even touched me. My nipples were already electrically charged and waiting to be grounded against something for a total orgasmic discharge.

She supported herself with her right arm and taking her left hand reached across my body and traced a line from my neck to my right breast lightly raking my skin with her fingernail. The sensation raised goose-bumps on my skin, but I was not cold. Paradoxically I was aflame with sensation. She circled my plum-colored aureole and then grasped the erect nipple of my right breast between her fingernails stroking the entire length of its prominence. She smiled at me and lightly pinched and tugged with a small twisting motion. The little shocks reached to my toenails and I shuddered involuntarily.

She quickly reached down parted my legs and cupped my groin sliding a finger along my slick folds. Her finger was cool, but parted my sensitive labia without any friction. “Frances you are very wet,” and raised her hand up so I could see. She spread her fingers apart and I could see a spiderweb of fluid stretch between them. She then brought her wet finger to my breast and started to trace around my right nipple moistening the skin and lubricating her touch. I was passive, but willing. Usually I like to be an active participant in love-making, but right now, I was so far out of my comfort zone, all I could do was follow wherever she guided me. That alone served to heighten my excitement. I felt safe in her hands and her hands were gifted.

She took her hand and gently squeezed my breast causing more blood to infuse the already engorged breast tissue. My nipple had already been aching and now I wanted her to lavish her attention to it with her tongue. I breathlessly whispered “Please, suck on my titty.” Although it must have been barely audible, she obliged and a groan escaped my throat as her moist lips simultaneously quenched the burning skin and lit my passion even brighter.

She leaned over me and said, “You smell divine,” and curled her tongue around my engorged aching nipple before drawing the entire plum pigment of my aureole into her mouth and sucked gently.

She popped the nipple out of her mouth and moved up to kiss me on the lips. Her tongue invaded me and probed deeply.

Her hand replaced her mouth at my breast and she teased and pinched my sensitive flesh. She licked and sucked at my neck causing me to giggle and gasp.

She moved back to my breasts and began to lavish attention to them. One hand would caress and support my right tit as she kissed and sucked my left. Her warm moist lips traced my aureole as her tongue flickered across my sensitive nipple. My arousal began to heighten and I thought I would climax just from the sensation of her licking, stroking, and stimulating my breasts alone. Then she would change position and repeat left and right.

She moved quickly and next thing I knew, she had mounted on top of me. She was straddling me and sitting on top of my thighs.

She leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Now I am going to show you how a woman makes love to another like I promised

She reached back with her arms and placed her hands between my knees and gently pushed them apart. I drew them up, she moved to prone, an almost push-up position and just like that we were in missionary. She scooted forward and I could feel her moist slick heat join mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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