More Than Friends

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Tory called Michael in tears over her latest boyfriend fiasco. She had the most amazing ability to choose the biggest jerks in town and fall in love with them, and she was always absolutely crushed when they dumped her or were caught cheating with her friends. He was always there to catch her when things got bad, always faithful and ready to let her cry. He was her best friend, and he secretly loved her.

This time the loser was Chris, a muscular basketball player with an ego, and apparently he had just told her that he wanted more time to spend on his game and didn’t want to see her anymore. Chris was very tall, handsome with dark wavy hair and brown eyes. He was in top physical shape and Tory fell for him hard. As usual, her petite body and sexy charm caught Chris’s eye and stroked his ego, and Michael knew Tory had invited him into her bed after their first date, wanting to make sure he got exactly what he wanted. Tory’s apartment was right next to Michael’s and that night he could hear the marathon love session through the walls. He lay in his bed and desperately stroked himself as he imagined the large, muscular man arching over Tory’s naked body, his huge hands engulfing her breasts, her blonde hair scattered over the pillows as her head rocked with his rhythmic, powerful strokes. They went on for what seemed like hours. Again and again he quivered and gasped, cum splattering in his hands, tears running down his cheeks as he listened with self-loathing to their ecstatic love match.

The relationship lasted three whole months, during which time Tory was walking on clouds, utterly oblivious to Michael’s pain as she breathlessly described Chris’s latest compliment or gift that had convinced her that he must be in love with her. Then everything crashed down when he tired of her neediness, and now it was up to Michael once again to pick up the pieces.

He hung up the phone and headed next door to her apartment, stopping to grab a box of tissues. She answered the door and fell weeping into his arms, and he chastised himself for the sudden upward twitch in his pants as her delicate body folded into his. He walked with her to the couch and sat her down, arm around her shoulders and listened as she hiccoughed through the sad tale. Handing her tissues and massaging her neck, he tried to ignore her arm against his thigh and the lingering scent of rosewater from her morning shower. He had become an expert at self denial through these sessions, never allowing himself to reveal to her his desires. But something was different today. He found he could not stop the distraction flooding through his body as she leaned against him. His cock grew harder in his pants and his hands itched to caress more than a friendly shoulder. As she cried into his shirt he had an overwhelming longing to pull her closer and kiss tesettürlü escort away all the tears, to make her see that someone did indeed love her very much, and convince her to give up all these jerks that hurt her over and over again.

As he obsessed over these urges, Tory’s sobs had turned to sniffles and she was quiet, resting her head against his shoulder. She closed her eyes and the exhaustion of her grief began to take over. As her breathing slowed, Michael realized she was asleep and began to ease away from her to return to his own apartment and hopefully take care of the hard-on that had developed in his jeans. Carefully he rolled her head off his shoulder and leaned her back on the arm of the couch. Kneeling beside her he lifted her legs on to the couch and smoothed her skirt over her knees. She sighed in her sleep. He watched her for a moment, then reached to smooth a wisp of hair from her flushed cheek. Then he quietly leaned forward and lay a soft kiss on the corner of her mouth. She was soft and moist, and he sat back again feeling jolts of electricity shooting through his body. He ached for her, and his fear grew that this ache would overwhelm him. The small kiss had stirred something inside him and he needed more, but he knew he should just leave. He fought himself for a moment, then deciding that in her sleep she would never know, he leaned over her head again and very gently brushed his lips across hers. He paused over her ripe lower lip and tasted it with just the tip of his tongue, a mix of salt and breath. Then, as he had wanted to so many times, he pressed his lips into hers and sighed.

It was a brief kiss, and he leaned back preparing to leave, but suddenly her arms around his neck, and she was kissing him back. He couldn’t resist this moment as her lips tasted his and her tongue swept across his teeth. She opened herself to him and he groaned softly, feeling his resistance slipping, pressing into her, tongue questing and tasting, his arms wrapping around those shoulders that trusted him, pulling her closer.

Abruptly he broke the kiss and leaned back, panting, desperately reining himself in. Her eyes flew open and she looked into his face, registering surprise. Michael began to stand up, apologizing, hating himself for this moment of weakness, sure that she could never trust him again, when she grabbed his hand. He looked down at her and saw her swollen lips curve into a small smile, her eyes dark and lidded as she pulled him down onto the couch.

Her hands were suddenly everywhere, up and down his back and pulling his body on top of her. She whimpered softly as she crushed his lips with hers, fingers snaking into his hair. The last bit of resistance inside him crumbled as he felt her hips rising beneath türbanlı escort him, and he wrapped his arms around her lithe body and pressed her into his need, groaning. She shuddered as she felt him press into her, and she wrapped one slim leg around his thighs, arching up to find the pulsing, heated hardness at his center and grinding her pelvis into him. Her hands left his back and she was suddenly clawing at the button on his pants, trying to release him but her trembling hindered her progress.

He buried his face into her neck and hair with a moan as she unzipped him and her soft hands burrowed into his clothes, found the organ within and pulled it free. Purple and throbbing, it bounced in the air as her fingers brushed his soft length, tumbling over the rippled veins and then meshing together at his base where they dove into his underwear again, tangling in his pubic hair, pressing into his straining muscles, and then suddenly and shocking wrapping completely around his balls and pressing upward in the back into the sensitive nerves beneath his anus, pulling out the sensitive sack to join his proud cock in the open air.

His body jerked and arched over her, his breath came in staccato moans as her hands explored every sensitive secret spot, appearing and disappearing into his pants, his penis quivering and spasming in the air between them. Their mingled desperate passion quickened as he caught her arching hip and held it down into the couch cushions. She suddenly pulled her hands from his clothes and gripped his ass, pulling him into her with unmistakable intention. There was no time for clothing. He pushed the hem of her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties down her legs. She lifted her hips to help him and then pulled him roughly on top of her again. Then, as he had so many times in his dreams, he leaned back and positioned the tip of his cock at her heated opening. At the soft contact, Tory arched into him and at the same time he thrust smoothly into her, their bodies joining and filling each other with momentary blissful release as he felt her stretch around him, her pussy walls throbbing around his member, gently bumping her cervix inside and then flexing, his entire body quivering as he tensed over her, pulled her onto him, feeling her wrap herself around him and pull him deep, deep inside. For a moment they lay there, gasping into each other’s hair, wrapped as tightly as possible as they each reveled in the sensations caused by their sudden joining. She squeezed him inside her and he flexed in response, and she could feel him grow even larger inside her with each rush of blood.

Then with a growl he began slow, long, deep thrusts, never breaking their tight embrace but pulling back with his hips, then rocking back tüyap escort into her. He covered her quickening moans with his lips as he desperately drank her in, fulfilling every desire that had haunted his lonely nights hearing her with her boyfriends next door. Together they rocked and thrust, grinding into each other with deliberate slow intensity, feeling every muscle and vein, thighs sliding with sweat from their mingled embrace.

As her deep moans began to quicken into panting, his urgency quickened and his long, slow thrusts began to become shorter, leaving more of himself buried within her on each stroke, pressing her hips into the cushions as the muscles of his pelvis stroked her clitoris with each movement in and out.

Her hands began to claw at his jeans as he pumped into her faster, her muffled whimpers turned to cries that blended with his staccato grunts as their pace quickened to match their rising desperation. He clutched at her back and curled his toes as with each movement he felt himself carried closer to oblivion. Her pussy walls gulped at him and excited each spasmic nerve in his long cock, stroking and squeezing with maddening intensity. His swinging balls slapped gently between her thighs as they bunched tightly against them in preparation. He felt the pressure gathering and stars began to pop before his eyes.

He lost complete control and with an animal roar he pounded himself deeper into her, feeling his cock swell and filling her body with his quivering urgency. She matched him as her cries reached a crescendo, receiving his body into hers, feeling the mounting need building inside her, a massive wave of sensation that arched up, up, up.

Thrusting and grasping, panting, deeper and deeper they delved into each other, their mingled orgasms peaking as they buried their faces in each other’s bodies to ease the pain. With a final, powerful, arching thrust Michael exploded within her, spurting hot fluid deep within her center, a drawn-out groan shaking his body, his thighs quivering, his butt flexed to press himself as deep as possible. As his fluid splashed inside her, Tory’s tsunami reached crashing conclusion and she felt the crest wash over her, rocking her body with spasms, her walls contracting around his cock, milking him for more. He jerked against her and came again, crushing her throbbing clitoris with tightened muscles. Again and again he jerked against her, ejecting the contents of his balls into her womb, gasping and panting as his tense body filled with release and long-denied satisfaction.

As their orgasms receded, their sweaty bodies melted into each other and they collapsed, breathing heavily, speechless. They lay there for a while, catching their breath, Michael’s spent cock shrinking inside her. He could hear her receding back into sleep and finally he raised himself from her ravaged body carefully, his used member slipping from her body. He tucked himself back into his pants and covered her with her skirt. He leaned over her sleeping face and kissed her again, this time no longer afraid. Then he silently left her apartment and locked it behind her, returning to his own, wondering what might come next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32