Mother! Ch. 02

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!”

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Author’s note: If you’re reading this as the follow up to the story I posted some time ago please be advised that I have re-written that original story. You might want to re-read it. Or not, it’s not necessary.

(o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o)

She answered the door bell wearing a gauzy robe. It was the robe she had tossed on the bed before she had crawled over her afternoon playmate and socketed her tight little pussy onto his giant cock. His dick was just over a foot long and wrist thick! She had anticipated an afternoon of earthshaking sex before the door bell had interrupted.

‘Who the hell…’ she wondered as she opened the door.

“Hello. Mother.” Contempt dripped from the words. Words that were uttered by her daughter. They had not spoken since Mother had pulled her daughter’s then boyfriend, Lew, up to her boudoir for an afternoon of hot, sweaty sex! It had been the most humiliating experience of her daughter’s life!

Mother eyed her daughter with suspicion. When she’d stormed out of the house she had vowed to have revenge. Mother wasn’t sure how, but she sensed that she wasn’t going to like what might come next. Nevertheless…

“Please come in. I think you remember Lew,” she gestured at the young man who had followed her from the bedroom.

“You’re still here, Lew?” asked the younger woman.

“I’m back. Just for the afternoon. I lasted just over a month before your Mother kicked me out. I spent ten days in the hospital on fluids and bed rest.” He sighed. “It was worth it!”

“Yes. Lew did really well! He lasted longer than most of them! An inch or two shorter than the biggest I’ve ever had, but great stamina! I invite him back from time to time.” Mother smirked at the young man while making sure to show off her figure in the skimpy robe she was wearing. As usual, his eyes were running over her 54-28-38 figure. Those 34-Triple O boobs were the biggest he had ever seen! Under the robe he was wearing, his dick could be seen growing hard. It was the normal reaction to Mother’s fabulous body!

“I just wanted to let you know, in person, that I’m getting married soon.” Her daughter spoke up. “And I wanted to introduce my fiancee to the woman who caused me to become the person I am now!”

As she spoke a young man stepped into view behind her. He was of average height and build. Most of her earlier boyfriends had been taller, more masculine, and movie star good looking. This young man seemed a significant step down from Lew and all the others that Mother had appropriated as her own. Nevertheless…

“Well, hello, young man. And what is your name,” she purred while stepping closer to the young visitor.

“His name is Lawrence Spellman Holmes. But I just call him ‘Dick’! Show them why, Dick”.

“You sure?” he asked.

“I’m very sure. Now show them!”

“Okay” He unbuckled his belt, lowered his zipper and reached into his pants. He extracted his penis and gonads. It took more than one trip! Placing otele gelen escort his hands on his hips he endured the examination of the others.

Displayed to Mother and Lew was a flaccid dick that dangled most of the way to his knees! Even tho it was flaccid it was almost as large as Lew’s current hard-on!

“Dick suffers from Benign Gigantic Priapism,” she told the other two. “That means that he has an abnormally gigantic dick and that he stays hard much longer and cums much more than an average man! Much, MUCH more!” she emphasized.

“Ooohh! How pretty,” cooed Mother. Stepping closer to Dick, she let her robe fall to the floor.

“Hahaha! Just like you said, honey!” Dick chortled. “Not very subtle, is she?”

“Wha… I’m so much more…” Mother started.

“I think its time that you learn what you created when you stole my boyfriend and told me that you’d had all the other men in my life!”

Without another word she pulled her coat off and let it slide down her arms behind her. She was wearing a skin tight sleeveless sweater and a miso-mini skirt that showed off her legs from her stripper heels to the bottom of her perky little butt.

“What!” That was Mother while Lew blurted out, “What the FUCK! HOLY CRAP! What a set of TITS!!

“Sixty-five, twenty-five, thirty-eight, Mother! After you crushed me that day I got a set of huge implants! And a new career. And a new name! I’m now known as Carnal Cannons! I’m a feature dancer, soft-porn star and internet photo sensation! I have my own website and am making a ton of money showing off my amazing figure!”

“But, but, but,” Mother was speechless.

“That’s right! I’m the hot one now, not you! Look at these men. See how they react to me! I LOVE it!”

Mother looked at Lew and Dick. One of them was sporting a hard on. Lew’s shaft was trembling, pulsing and bobbing in front of him as he examined the unimaginable pulchritude that his old girlfriend was now so proudly displaying. Dick, in turn, was running his hands up and down his prick. While not yet fully hard, it was getting there quickly! Already larger, longer and thicker than Lew’s woody, it was too much for one hand to surround and it was still expanding. Dick’s gaze was locked on his fiancee as she posed and turned to let them see her from all angles.

“Bigger, sexier, and hotter than you, Mother! You should see Dick when he’s in bed with me! He can fuck for hours! He cums again and again and again! None of my earlier boyfriends can hold a candle to Dick! Watch!”

Quickly she pulled off her sweater. She hadn’t planned on this but she was caught up in the moment. This would be sweet revenge and so much fun!

She drew Dick to her and kissed him as hotly as she could. He responded just as he always did!

His cock snapped to attention! She was fondling him with one hand while the other was drawing him to her massive cleavage. Dick was at full strength and full length when she pried him from between her gigantic tits.

“Come on, lover,” she moaned. “Lets show them what a real man and a real woman can do!” Climbing out of her skirt he pulled him pendik escort between her legs as she reclined on the sofa.

“Over eighteen inches! The biggest cock I’ve ever heard of! And so fucking thick! It’s taken me a long time to be able to take what he has to offer. But it was worth the effort, I’ll tell you!”

She groaned in a mix of pain and lust! Dick had placed his huge dick head between her legs and began to try to drive himself into her pussy. Slowly, with gasps and moans from both of them he began to make headway. It wasn’t easy but he persevered until he was sinking four or five inches with each stroke.

“Oh, Honey, OHHH, Dick! So big, so thick! So good! I love your humongous cock,” she moaned. Dick kept up his steady pace. Slowly, so slowly, he was working more and more of his shaft into her over stretched pussy! Her first of many orgasms struck as he reached the five inch mark. There was still more dick to go than Lew’s big cock which was now at full strength.

“Dick, you know I love you more than anything. But I need to prove something to Mother!” She beckoned to Lew. “Come here Lew, I want to show you both something. I know you’ll love it!”

As Lew stepped up next to the rutting couple she reached out and pulled his cock within reach.

Kissing and licking his dick head she made sure that he was at full strength before she pulled him even closer and while looking her Mother in the eyes she sucked Lew’s hard cock into her mouth. With out pause she slowly, ever so slowly, ingested his more than foot long cock shaft!

Expecting her to ram her head back and forth to push Lew to ejaculation, Mother was surprised to watch her daughter reach out with both hands and, grasping his butt, pull Lew even closer to her. Every last bit of him was down her throat.

For moments nothing happened. Mother was unimpressed. She had done that same thing and with larger dicks than Lew’s. What was the big deal?

But then Lew began to groan and gasp. He stared down at his ex-girlfriend who had his entire dick in her maw.

“Oh, God, that’s amazing!” he declared. “I’ve never felt anything like that in my life! Jesus, what a cocksucker!”

Glancing at Mother he explained, “She’s SWALLOWING me! Her throat is doing amazing things to my dick! It’s like she has fingers all up and down her throat and they are squeezing, pulling, OH GOD THAT’S GOOD! I’ve never cum so fast in my life!”

It was true, less than a minute after taking him between her lips she was now swallowing his gouts of cum. Again and again he spurted down her throat. And she took it all without any difficulty!

She pulled her self away from Lew’s softening dick and looked up at Dick.

“You’re fucking me so good, Dick! You must be almost a foot deep into me! So thick, so big! I love it so much. I worship your cock, you know! You cum more than anyone I’ve ever known. Drown me in your jism! Pull out and jack off all over me, darling!”

With a grunt of effort Dick pulled himself free of her weeping cunt and they both grabbed hold of his cock. There was room for more hands even with their four hands working rus escort him over. Together they pulled wad after wad of cum out of his immense balls. Cum splattered onto her boobs, her face and past her head to rain onto the couch and floor!

Laughing and giggling she spread the goo all over her self. There wasn’t enough to cover her huge dirigibles but there was more cum than Mother had ever seen from one man! She licked her lips, wishing that it had been her that had been rained upon.

As she finished up scooping as much of his jism as she could she reached out and grabbed his still stiff dick.

“Come on honey! You know once isn’t enough for either of us! Fuck my big titties until you cum all over me again, darling!”

Pulling her gigantic tits apart she made room between them for his massively thick shaft. Her tits powered almost straight up in the air above her chest. He straddled her waist, his dick head resting on her forehead as he prepared to fuck the largest, firmest most exciting tits he had ever imagined. He had done it often in the past. It was one of the things that they both enjoyed the most! She loved how he could spurt time and again. She took each spasm of cum as an offering in praise of her munificence. He loved the ways she worked to excite him with her truly colossal breasts. She loved to show them off for him, getting him hard by teasing him and then doing her best to empty his balls of all the cum that he had to offer.

She was licking and kissing the underside of his shaft as he began to saw back and forth between her boobs. As the head passed her mouth she would try to pull it between her lips so she could suck up the precum that was leaking out.

“God, I love tit-fucking you!” he exclaimed. “You have the biggest, firmest tits I’ve ever seen! And you made yourself like this! You expanded your boobs so large, so big! So much larger than anyone else! I love that you made yourself into a fuck toy! A woman that can take on anyone! Even me with this gigantic cock! I love that I get lost between them. That you want to make me cum again and again until I have no more to offer you! You are such a great fuck bunny! Here I cum again!”

Indeed, as he spoke the first of many geysers of cum rocketed out of his dick to splash on her face and the sofa behind her.

“What a stud”, moaned Mother who was watching from across the room with one hand playing with her cunt and the other pulling on her nipples that were stiff with excitement.

“Come on, Dick we have to get back. We have another chapter of “Carnal Cannons Conquers Cox” to film and then I’m performing tonight at the club! Say your goodbyes and let get moving!”

“Wait, what about me? I’m a better fuck than her no matter what she told you!” Mother spoke up. “Just ask Lew here!”

“Oh, I’m sorry Ma’am.” Dick replied. “I prefer to fuck girls with big firm tits. Your daughter is almost a foot bigger than you and she doesn’t droop or sag at all! Compared to your daughter, you’re just a saggy old hag! So, no, no thanks, anyway.” He turned and pulled his pants back on before snaking his still semi-erect dick down his trouser leg.

“Ta-ta,” chortled her daughter as Mother burst into tears of rage and embarrassment. Never had she been rejected so thoroughly, so plainly. Her daughter was now the biggest breasted woman, the best fuck, in the family. How would she ever get over this abject humiliation?

Her mind whirled all afternoon as she forced Lew to satisfy her time and again. How would she get even? Could she get even?

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