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This is the third in a series about first a daughter and then her mother having sexual adventures that change their lives. The first chapter is about the young daughter’s adventure with the boss’s son. Next, with her husband out of town, the mother is swept off her feet and soundly fucked by the handsome boss himself. Next, today’s story where she is invited for a sailing day on the yacht that transforms her sexual way of being. Enjoy.

Yacht sailing day.

My head has been in the clouds since yesterday. My moral compass is in disarray. None of my friends would believe what I did yesterday or what I’m going to do again today. I’m being pulled by some force that seems impossible to fight. My life had gotten to be so dull and yesterday made me feel so alive. The feelings I have for Earl are like when I first fell in love with my husband. I’ve longed for that feeling again but didn’t think it was possible to find. The sex was so lusty and intense, it keeps popping into my thoughts and sends yearnings into my body. I realize this could be a crush that goes away but I want to give it a chance until my husband comes back this weekend. I don’t know where this goes and it’s selfish, but I need this.

I arranged to have my sister take the kids overnight just in case Earl wants to spend more time with me. I’ve decided whatever he wants, I’ll do. I’m wearing some tight shorts that show off my bum that Earl likes and a t-shirt with no bra. The outlines of my nipples show through the thin cotton, but Earl has seen everything anyway. I want him to think I’m sexy and I feel sexy to have my breasts free. When I get to the boat, I’ll be changing into my bikini.

I meet Earl on the dock. It strikes me again how masculine he is and very handsome. He smiles broadly at seeing me and my heart leaps. We do an New York air kiss greeting and walk to his yacht. It feels good to be near him. On the yacht, he pours me a cold Pina Colada and we stand on the deck. He’s not into kissing but I reach up my lips and kiss him as my breasts touch his chest.

He says, “I’ve invited a young man and young lady to join us. Oliver is almost like a son to me. I met him when he caddied at my golf club and now, I’m paying his way through college. He’s quite a kid, you’ll see. The young lady, Sammy, has a great personality and I thought her and Oliver might hit it off. Who knows?

I’m nervous about being topless in my skimpy bikini around a young man but whatever Earl wants is okay. We’re all adults. Soon the young people arrive. She is very pretty with a big friendly smile. Oliver can be summed up as a real hunk. They both look to be about twenty. I keep my body trim and young looking with yoga and exercise but I’m still intimidated by their hot bodies.

The young girl, Sammy, and I go down to the bedroom to change into our bikinis. My goodness, I feel uncomfortable baring my breasts to that hot, young man back on the deck that is half my age. But I’m kind of trapped here. I take off my clothes and put on my bikini bottom. The girl puts on a bikini bottom and top.

She looks at my naked chest and says, “Wow, you are going topless already? The other times I’ve been on Earl’s yacht with guys and gals, the bikini tops come off after a few drinks. What the hell, I’ll go topless too.” She takes off her top and lush, young breasts with large areolas are revealed.

I say, “Yes, Earl calls it going European-style. I’m still not used to it to be honest, but he insists. So, you’ve been on Earl’s yacht before?”

“Hell, yes. When he has businesspeople to entertain, I get called to give the event some eye candy along with other hot looking girls. I do some modeling. He really knows how to party. Today, he wants me to be with the young guy. It’s all good.”

I’m not sure what ‘wants me to be with’ means but I’ll just enjoy the day with Earl and the kids followed by hot lovemaking when they go home. We go up on the deck and the men have already changed into their small Speedo bathing suits that hide very little of their manhood. Oliver’s eyes are drilled into Sammy’s chest and then he looks at mine. My face burns with a hot blush as he eyes me boldly and hungrily. He has a toned athletic body and a nice sized package in his Speedo. You can’t blame a woman for looking. I feel so naked standing in front of him.

Earl says to Sammy, “Why don’t you get us some drinks.”

She says happily, “Okay guys, what would you like.” Earl and Oliver want beers and I do the same to make it easy for her. Off she goes with her tight bum in sexy motion.

Earl says, “Karen, you need some sunblock. Come over here. I stand in front of him and he is holding a big tube of sunblock. “Turn around, love and I will do your back.” I feel the cool lotion on my back as Earl works it in. Oliver’s eyes are drilled into my chest. I close my eyes to block out his young lust. I can feel my breasts jiggle when Earl rubs the lotion into my shoulders strongly. My goodness, what is that young man thinking?

Earl finishes my back and says, “Now your front.” I go to turn to face him. He says “No, stand just like that.” I comply and while facing Oliver, two lotion-filled ankara yabancı escortlar hands reach around and start applying lotion to my stomach. His hands swirl over my stomach and down to just inside my bikini bottom. A shot of adrenaline hits my chest when I think he might dip his hand inside to my sex with the young man watching. But his hands go back for more lotion, and I realize he will be applying it to my breasts in front of the boy’s young eyes. He is showing me off to this hunk he calls another son. My body betrays me, and my nipples protrude rock hard in anticipation. Earl hands reach around and cup my breasts, then swirl the lotion over the sensitive skin. I give a sigh as he massages them and tweaks my nipples. My eyes are wide open in shock as waves of pleasure roll over my breasts and my pussy wakes up. I see the young man adjust his penis in his Speedo and he licks his lips. I’m proud that a young hunk finds me attractive, but he is so young.

Earl says, “Turn to me.” It’s a relief to turn away from the boy’s lust-filled eyes. Earl pulls me close and takes my hand and slides it inside his Speedo to his penis. We are so close the boy can’t see this. Now he puts lotion on his two hands and reaches around to cup my ass-cheeks and apply it there as the boy surely watches him groping my bottom. It feels good and I feel his penis and balls as he plays with my bum. My goodness, Earl’s brain is always in the gutter but truth be told, I like going there with him.

Sammy returns with our beers. Oliver applies lotion on her perfect body the same way as Earl did me. She is surprisingly compliant to any sexual touching for someone she just met. What a tart. Young people are so different than they were in my youth. It is so erotic seeing Oliver’s hands caressing her body and unnerving to see his eyes looking at mine as he groped her intimately. I can see Earl’s penis thicken in his Speedo and he watches the young ones. I take the tube of lotion from his hand and apply it on his back and chest. Running my hands over his hairy strong chest turns me on like it did yesterday. There is an erotic energy in the air, and we haven’t even left the dock.

Earl directs Oliver to undo the landlines and we motor into the harbor and out to sea. The men set the sails and we go forward at an exhilarating pace. What a life. I stand beside Earl at the steering wheel as he guides the big yacht on. It feels good when he cups the cheek of my bum. The two young people are sitting at the bow where we cut through the water. Sammy hugs the young man. I think she makes friends very easily. They point out to the ocean on the left and tell, “Dolphins!” I go to the railing, and I see a pod of dozens of dolphins swimming and jumping. What a sight! I watch in glee as they keep pace with us and then swim out of sight. I go back to Earl and give him a big hug. Life around him is so amazing. He drops a sea anchor to have the yacht sit in place in the calm saltwater. Only the sounds of a pair of seagulls breaks the silence of the ocean this far out from land.

Earl leads me to the foredeck, and we sit on deck chairs with the kids. Sammy brings us more cold beers and we relax. Sammy moves her chair close to Oliver and strokes his forearm as we chat. Boy, she is a very touchy girl.

Earl changes the subject from small talk, “Oliver, didn’t you tell me your family was into vacationing at nudist camps?” My ears perk up.

Oliver replies, “Yes, I went to them since I was in preschool.”

Earl says, “Liz and I did it in France last year. It was fun. What do you think about it now?”

“It’s great and very natural to be nude among friends. I still join them every summer.”

Earl says, “Hey guys, hands up for anybody that votes for us to go nudist right now. There’s no public around.”

I cringe as the other three, laugh and shoot up their hands. I instantly realize this will happen regardless of what I vote and force a smile before raising my hand too not wanting to be branded a prude. I follow as they stand and strip off their bathing suits. My eyes go to Oliver’s perfect body and glorious uncut penis. I can see Oliver is staring at my pubic hair-covered crotch and fight not cover it modestly with my hands. I just can’t act on my prudish instincts among these free-minded beautiful people. We stand together and Oliver leads us in a toast, “Here’s to natural bodies and sexy thoughts.” We clink our beer bottles together.

Oliver says to Sammy, “Go down in the galley and make us some lunch.” She trots off with her naked butt swaying erotically. He continues, “I’m going to have to show her where everything is at.” He looks at Oliver and I saying, “Why don’t you get to know each other. We will be back soon.”

I feel uncomfortable being totally nude standing beside this hot, young man. It’s completely evident that lusts for me. Young men are so obvious. I’m proud that he thinks of me that way and sure nothing will come of it. He is totally comfortable with nudity from his family’s lifestyle. I wonder how people in the nudist world can mingle without getting horny. It seems impossible. Maybe it’s because ankara yeni escortlar most of the people there are older with less than perfect bodies. But being a mature woman being close to young, virile, fit young men like Oliver who looks at you with obvious lust on their minds is so erotic. It’s impossible not to get aroused. My god, he can’t take his hungry eyes off my crotch.

He says, “Wow, I’ve never seen a woman with full pubic hair. All the girls shave nowadays even in the nudist world. It looks great.”

I say, “Thanks” And instantly realize how lame that is.

He says, “Why don’t we sit at the bow. It’s great up there. Sammy and I loved it when we sailed out here.” I follow him and we sit at the V of the bow facing each other. Oliver sits with legs in a broad man-spread with his beautiful penis and cleanly shaven balls hanging down. I sit with legs closed in feminine fashion, as modestly as possible. There is an erotic sense in the air as I sit in the buff close to this gorgeous naked young man. As we chat, whenever he looks out to the horizon, I sneak a peak of his ripped body and manly penis. You can’t blame a woman for looking and feeling horny. He is more brazen and looks my body over with a confident, lusty eye.

As we make small talk, I relax and my knees part a bit more naturally rather than being uptight. I lift my chest to show off my breasts as best I can. I’m proud to be a woman. The air around us is getting more sexually charged. I keep forgiving myself that it’s natural to be aroused sitting so close to a virile, beautiful young man? His penis is so near, I fantasize holding it and cupping his balls. He stares down at my crotch as I part my knees some more. I’m sure he can see the lips of my pussy now. The staff of his penis thickens and the tip of the head peaks out of the foreskin. I love having that effect on him. I’ve never seen an uncut penis. I’m feeling so naughty. My nipples are now protruding and exposing my body’s response. I get the urge to show him what a real woman looks like down below. I’m sure that happens in the nudist world.

The devil makes me lift my foot onto the rail I’m sitting on, completely spreading my pussy to the young man. His eyes bug out and I can hear a sigh from his throat as he looks. As his eyes burn into my pussy, my heart beats faster and I can feel blood rushing to my crotch. His cock is lifting to be semi-hard and the foreskin is now only covering half of the head. If only I was brazen enough to reach and hold it. We are speechless and enveloped in our private bubble of sexual energy. I can feel my nostrils flair as my breaths come in small pants.

He says about his growing erection, “I’m so sorry, Karen. I can’t control this bloody thing when I see a sexy woman.”

“It’s okay, Oliver, it’s just natural. It’s a compliment to me. Don’t worry, relax.”

“Thanks. You are amazing. You mature women know all about sex.”

We are silent for a few minutes as our minds swirl with erotic, forbidden thoughts.

Then he says, “Karen, can I ask you a big favor?” His voice is curious but confident.

“Sure, what?”

“Is it possible for me to feel your incredible pubic hair. It’s so amazing. I’ve never done that before.” It’s like he was reading my mind. I look nervously and guiltily back at the other end of the yacht. He picks up on that. “I won’t tell Earl or anybody. Don’t worry.” My primal brain screams for me to let him. It’s harmless. Who will know? Whenever will I have a chance like this with a young hunk like Oliver? My mind is in turmoil with my pussy begging for the naughty pleasure of the young man’s touch and my brain is saying this boy is half my age, be the adult here. I bite my lip and nod yes. He stands and steps towards me.

I hold my breath as he reaches down and rakes his fingers through my pubic hair. He says in wonder, “Boy, that feels so sweet.” I stifle a moan as an explosive wave of pleasure shots from my crotch, through my chest to the primitive areas of my female brain. His fingertips explore along my pussy lips. “Wow, there is even hair on the lips.” A moan escapes my open mouth as my super-sensitive crotch is stroked. I swim in the sheer joy of being a slut for this amazing young man.

“You can feel my cock if you want. It’s only fair.” He takes my hand to his now, very stiff erection.

My hand has a mind of its own and grips the shaft of his impressive, stiff erection. The foreskin is fully receded now with the engorged head exposed and a deep red. What I’m doing is so inappropriate. Oh fuck, he’s running his fingers inside the wet slit of my aroused pussy. My god, that feels good. I frantically look guiltily down the boat to make sure nobody is coming while I reach lower and cup his ball-sack with my other hand. I love stroking a nice hard cock like this one. It is like velvet on granite. He grunts when I stroke the outer skin up and down slowly. I can smell the odor of my love juices well up from my crotch. Maybe the boy doesn’t know what that means. His fingers strum my pussy like an experienced lover. This young man has had a lot of experience with girls. This is so sincan oral yapan escortlar fucking sexy that I feel an orgasm starting to build.

I hear some voices coming up the stairs from below the rear deck and pull back my hand from his cock with my foot quickly down on the deck. My lust-filled brain is in a tizzy, but I try to look normal as Earl and Sammy appear on the deck. I walk back to meet them. The wet lips of my pussy slide against one another erotically as I walk to Earl and Sammy. I hope they don’t smell my pussy’s sexual arousal. They have a tray of sandwiches and more beer. Oliver lags behind to give his erection time to deflate.

Sammy sees Oliver up on the foredeck and says, “I’ll take Oliver’s sandwiches to him.” She walks away, swaying her cute, naked bum as she goes. I hug Earl’s body and kiss his shoulder.

He says, “These young people are so beautiful, aren’t they?”

“They certainly are.”

“You know Karen, I really like you and we are starting something very solid. You should know, I’m not a jealous man. If you want to be with Oliver for an experience, just go for it. It’s all good.”

In surprise, I reply, “I couldn’t do that. He’s half my age and I just want to be with you.”

“No, I’m serious. I can see how he looks at you with lust in his eyes. Here’s a secret. Last week, he told me he has always wanted to be with an older, more experienced woman. Sex with these young people is so refreshing. You should give it a try. I’ll likely fuck Sammy tonight. She was all over me in the galley.” He cups the cheek of my bum and says, “Think about it. But one thing, don’t let him cum inside you. That’s my territory.”

I’m surprised by his matter-of-fact attitude about an open relationship. The idea starts to bubble in my mind. At first, I think, no way. Then, I remember holding Oliver’s precious cock. Can this really happen? Should I let it happen? We finish our snack and join the young ones on the forward deck. It is late afternoon. The sun will be down soon.

Oliver says, “Hey guys, I brought some joints. Marijuana is all legal now. Let’s smoke some.”

Earl says enthusiastically, “Great idea.” Earl is such a hedonist.

I haven’t smoke weed since university. Truth be known, I was going to buy some to try it to lift my mood. Oliver lights the joint and passes it around. I inhale and hold it in. A pleasant rush washes over my body. This stuff is much stronger than my university variety. By the time I take a third toke, we are all giggling hysterically at nothing. Earl has a great idea to play music so we can all dance. He brings out a remote control and classic rock fills the air from built-in speakers. We dance joyously to the fast music. I can feel my breasts sway to the beat, and we all shake our bums outrageously. It is great fun.

Then, a slow Roy Orbison tune comes on and I melt into the arms of my lover, Earl. Our bodies mesh together, and I kiss his neck in complete surrender. He cups my ass, and we have an intimate moment. The song ends and another slow one comes on. Earl goes to Sammy and asks for a dance. Oliver comes over shyly to me. We wrap our arms around each other. His naked body is very different than Earl’s or my husband’s. He is lean and muscular with not an ounce of fat. As we sway to the music, our bodies rub together erotically. My mind is filled with what Earl said about it being okay to have sex with this young man. I decide that it’s too far to go tonight but maybe in future if I ever get the nerve. Meanwhile it will be okay to have some adult play. I reach down and cup his tight buns. He responds and holds my ass. I look over at the others and see Sammy holding Earl’s penis in her hand as they dance. What a tart. Earl is looking at me and smiling. The song ends and each couple sits back down on long lounge chairs facing each other.

Sammy embraces Oliver and they kiss passionately. Earl and I watch in wonder as they grope each other’s body. Sammy is so easy. She cups Oliver’s balls and giggles into his ear as his penis thickens. He massages her breasts. Surely, I think, she doesn’t want to have sex right out in the open here. I can see Earl watching the action very intently. He holds my bum as he stares at the couple. Holy shit, Sammy is going down to suck Oliver’s cock. He gets an instant erection, and she gobbles the head with relish. That is so erotic. I see Earl’s penis is awakening and I reach down and cup his balls as he continues to stare at the lovers. My god, Oliver is staring straight at me as Sammy’s head bobs up and down on his junk. It sends an erotic chill through me.

Earl says firmly, “Suck my cock.” loud enough for all to hear.

Of course, I kneel as instructed between his legs and lick his cock from his balls to the tip before wrapping my mouth around the head. I suddenly realize the crack of my ass is wide open with my anus in full view to Oliver’s young eyes. I resist the urge to put a hand back to hide it. It shocks me that I get a naughty thrill showing him my asshole. My attention is back on my man. I hold his ball-sack as I pleasure his cock the best I can. He says, “Lick my balls.” Once again loud enough for all to hear. That is so nasty, but I love doing it and roll my wet tongue over his balls. Oliver must think I’m a real slut. I hear Oliver emulate his teacher and say, “Lick my balls” to Sammy. Then his says, “That’s the ticket. Yes, just like that. Oh yes, that feels so sweet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32