Ms. Laura Pt. 02 Ch. 08

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I waited downstairs in the parlor once again surveying the presents. Of all the ones under the tree I only found the one to myself. It was the largest by far. I was tempted to move it around a little with Ms. Laura gone, but stopped myself. She wanted it a secret and frankly I thought it would be a lot funnier not to know.

The gift I got for her was still upstairs. Being lazy I didn’t wrap it. I just threw it in a Christmas bag. I’m sure she would understand. The stockings were also hung on the mantle. Both Emily’s and mine were stuffed with candy and other things I felt best left a surprise. Over all I was excited for the coming holiday.

Before long Emily came down the stairs, thankfully fully dressed. She wore a fleece lined set of leggings and a knit pull over sweater.

“You ready?” she asked, “It’s not that cold. You probably could get away with a just a light jacket.”

I was already prepared in picked mine off the chair, “yeah show me where we’re headed.”

“All over,” she replied, “you’ve seen most of the house, but her yard and the pool house are a must.”

We walked to the back of the house. It was mostly and open concept with the far end behind the parlor being a living room. It was partitioned only by a large section which wrapped around the TV. It transition to a small breakfast table then a kitchen. Over the breakfast table was the second floor bridge. Then opposite the bridge was a large set of windows with the veranda I had experienced last night just beyond them. Below those windows was the back door.

We exited under the overhanging veranda and step out into the yard. It was incredible well-manicured almanbahis and reminded me of a golf course. The green sloped away from the house some five hundred yards and ended in the pond. The whole thing was then surrounded by woods.

“Aunt Laura has a gardener take care of most of it,” Emily said, “She told me to keep back from the pond though. One of her Ex-husbands had it put in. He was some kind of sport fishermen. Since then a large alligator moved in. She has pictures of it sun bathing if you want to ask her later.”

The pond didn’t seem big enough for an alligator. Maybe a half acre the water’s edge was the only part of the yard not well kept. Cattails and bushed grew along its banks.

“Noted, I guess we won’t be swimming in it,” I said half joking.

“No, it’s much too cold, but if you want we can take a dip in her pool later,” she suggested, “it’s right this way.”

The thought of swimming did sound good. The problem was I didn’t bring a swimsuit. I followed her to the pool building, finding the door under the overhang Ms. Laura had parked under.

She led me in. I was hit with a wall of warm humid air and the strong smell of chlorine. Immediately on the deck, I found a decent sized recreational pool maybe fifteen yards long and ten across. At one end and risen a few feet above the water level was a large Jacuzzi. It was big enough to fit six or eight.

“I don’t know how true it is, but I heard Aunt Laura used to throw some wild pool parties back in the day,” she said as she led me around the deck to the back of the pool building.

The back yard side of the pool house was all glass. It was apparent almanbahis giriş on warmer days you could open all the window. Just beyond them was another veranda and even a little bar and outdoor kitchen.

“From what I hear she had all the guys wrapped around her finger too,” Emily came up to the bar and checked for booze, “she was something else back in the day.”

I smiled and nodded, but held back from correcting her on how much she still was.

Our tour continued into the woods around the pond and back towards the house from the other direction. We talked and joked about our time in the Army and where we were going after. Perhaps she got my message because the sexual tension I had felt towards her this morning was gone. We were once again just people talking and becoming good friends.

Emily told me she was going to move home or live with Ms. Laura while she attended school. She was interested in biology and was talking about being a game warden. It was a bit more of a solid plan than I had. Despite having more than four years to think about it, I wasn’t sure what my major was going to be, much less my career. The natural sciences were on my list, biology and geology both, but also finance. Where I would live was also up in the air. I loved my parents, but I was twenty two going on twenty three. I had been overseas in a war zone, I just didn’t want to live under their roof again.

School and the future were on my mind when Emily stopped and picked up a stick. She then used it to fish something out of the bushes. We were right behind the house and the veranda. Ms. Laura’s room was just above us.

“What almanbahis yeni giriş are these?” Emily said with disgust.

She held them up for me to see and my heart stopped. They were my underwear from last night! I or Ms. Laura must have kicked them over while she was giving me that hand job. I waited silently for the accusation or a scream, but it didn’t come. She only stood there holding them up on the stick like a trophy.

“They look like men’s underwear,” Emily said, “but whose could they be? That’s Aunt Laura’s room up there. Maybe she has a boyfriend!”

Emily seemed to take great delight in the idea of Ms. Laura having a boyfriend. I was happy to go along with it.

“Well she still is a very beautiful woman,” I added, “I’m not at all surprised if she had one.”

“I’ll have to show Aunt Laura when she gets home. Maybe she can give them back to him,” she chuckled noticing my embarrassment, “you look a little red.”

“Maybe we should just toss them. I don’t think she would appreciate bringing out her, or his dirty laundry,” I scrambled for an excuse.

“Oh don’t worry about it,” Emily took them on the stick towards the door, “me and her talk about this stuff all the time. She’s my best gal pal. Being a female in the Army is tough. I don’t have many females to talk to about relationships and men. So she and I discuss everything even some naughty secrets.”

Emily gave me a wink.

“Still maybe it’s a little much,” I protested.

I was sure they did talk, but not about this. For a second though I had my doubts, maybe she knew about Ms. Laura being a dominatrix. Or maybe she knew about me? I perished the thought.

Emily left the errant undies just outside by the door and led me back in. We sat down on the couch together and once again resuming our talk about the future. She almost had me convinced to apply at Texas University with her when we heard the door open.

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