My American Friends Ch. 2

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In Part I, I relate my acquaintance with Jane, her husband Gerald, and her step-daughter Natalie. Part II occurs the day after my interlude with Jane.

A Natalie Afternoon

The following afternoon, Tuesday, was beautiful and promised a fun day of sailing and snorkeling on the reefs off Anguilla, an island to the north separated from St. Martin by several miles of water. Natalie had assured me she had lots of babysitting experience, and our nanny could arrive soon after a phone call. But the baby had other ideas.

“I’m afraid Mireille is being very fussy today. I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave her alone with Natalie,” I said when the three visitors arrived at the marina. “You go without me.”

Natalie looked extremely disappointed. “Oh, no! I was really looking forward to staying with her. She is so cute.”

“She’s usually very easy, but when she’s cross ‘cute’ is not the word I’d use.”

Natalie looked at Gerald and Jane, then asked, “How ’bout if I stay here with you and Mireille? I can go swimming or to the beach any time.”

“It would be OK with me, but probably a bit dull with just us two for company. Are you sure you want to?” Natalie nodded. “What do you think Gerald?”

Gerald said, “Natalie is really into babies these days. It’s fine with me. Jane?”

Jane gave me a sly look before answering, “I’m sure Natalie can learn lots about babies from Sonia. We ought to be back by five, but we’ll call if it’s going to be later.”

Sylvie arrived at that moment to learn of the new arrangements. She went into the cabin to change, motioning me to join her. “Are you going to seduce the kid as well as the mother?”

“Of course not. She’s still a virgin as far as I know, and a bit young for me anyway. I prefer riper fruit,” I said as I passed my hand around Sylvie’s now-bare breast.

“Behave yourself if you like, but she’s a really pretty girl, and in your shoes I’d make the best of it. If we’re very late getting back, it’s because Gerald will have had a very nice time.”

“Sylvie! You haven’t been on the pill. For god’s sake make him wear a rubber!”

“If all of his children would be as beautiful as Natalie, I’d take my chances.” She opened her beach sack to show me a package of condoms. “In any case, don’t worry. I’m willing to wait a bit for my turn at motherhood.”

We returned to the salon to find Natalie cuddling Mireille and Gerald and Jane making baby noises. Mireille enjoyed the attention, and for the moment was smiling while attempting to force as much as possible of her hand into her mouth. After some short chit-chat, the three left, leaving Natalie and Mireille with me.

“Thanks for letting me stay. I really was looking forward to spending the afternoon with Mireille. And now with you here it will be even better.”

“I’m glad you’re here too. Mireille needs her lunch now. Do you want to feed her?”

“I thought you were breast-feeding. You were last night at the restaurant.”

“As much as possible, but I do have some bottles in the fridge that I’ve pumped. I’ve warmed one up.”

“Can I watch you nurse her? I’ve never seen anyone do it up close.”

Sitting down, I undid my blouse, and unsnapped the flap of my nursing bra, and brought Mireille to my nipple. She quickly latched on and began to suck.

“Does that feel good, or does she hurt your nipple?”

“She doesn’t really suck the nipple so much as around it, like a little pump. It’s very pleasant actually.”

“I want to experience that some day. I love children.”

“If you like, you can put her on your breast once she’s done with mine. She’ll be cranky once no milk comes out, but for a minute or two it will be OK.”

“That will be so cool.” Natalie removed her blouse, and being bra-less it was evident by her hard light pink nipples that she was excited by the prospect.

When I was empty, I told Natalie to lean back on the settee, with the cushion under her head, and to let Mireille lie on her stomach while trying to suck. When they were well positioned, Mireille greedily latched on to Natalie’s breast, which was round and nicely tanned. In the meantime I got the warm bottle ready.

“This feels so neat. It’s like she’s clamped all around. I can feel her gums working.” It was only a few moments before Mireille loosened her hold on the empty teat and started to cry. I gave Natalie the bottle, and Mireille quieted as she went to work on it. The two of them looked very sweet together, with Natalie’s blonde hair cascading over Mireille’s black curls.

“Can I tell you something personal, Sonia?” Natalie asked after a moment.

“If you like.”

“Jane told me what you and she did yesterday.”


“I wasn’t shocked or anything. We’re very close. She tells me lots of things.”

“Such as?”

“Sometimes I read your emails, and hers too. She’s in love with you I think.”

“That’s not really love, Natalie. It’s just sex. She loves your father.”

“I know that too. She tells him everything too. Last night they made love a long izmir escort time. Thinking about you must have made them crazy.’

“Did you watch them?”

“No. But they made a lot of noise, and the condo isn’t very big. It’s only one bedroom and I’m sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room.” She paused. “I did watch them one time, last year. They didn’t see me. It made me so hot I masturbated in my bedroom a long time afterwards.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Not really. I’ve dated quite a few guys, but I’ve never fallen in love with any of them. They seem so shallow, just wanting to get into my pants.” A moment of silence passed. “I do have a girlfriend, sort of.”

“Sort of?”

“Well, we’ve done it a few times. Like you and Sylvie.”

“How do you know what I do with Sylvie? In any case, what do you mean by it?”

“Kissed. Played with each other’s pussies. Licked each other. You know.”

“Yes. I do know.” I thought about my first experiences long ago. “Do you love her?”

“Sometimes I think I do, but she goes out with lots of guys too. She says she doesn’t want to get ‘serious’. And we’re going to different universities next year.”

Mireille finished the bottle and was yawning in preparation for a nap. I put her in her crib.

Natalie was eager to continue talking. “Did Jane tell you that we’ve masturbated together?”

“Yes, she mentioned it once.”

“She is so cool. I wonder if she wants to make love to me too.”

“You’ll have to find that out yourself. Would you like her to?”

“I think so, but I want to be more experienced first.” She paused again. “When I saw we were going to be together this afternoon, I was hoping you might want to teach me.”

“Lessons from a profession lesbian?” I laughed. “I think you’ll do fine whomever you make love to.”

“I want to make love to you.” She peeled off her shorts, and being panty-less all her charms were exposed to my view. I had seen her naked on the beach, but up close she was even more beautifully built than I remembered. Her fluffy blond pubic hair was so fine that her puffy tan outer lips were plain to view, with the edges of the pink inner lips just visible. She reached into her beach bag and pulled out the lace gloves and satin slippers I’d given to Jane. “Shall I put these on too?”

“Are you making me an offer I can’t refuse?” I joked. Seeing no harm in doing what both Sylvie and Jane had thought inevitable, I said, “Let’s go into the stateroom. I prefer making love in a bed.”

Natalie stretched out on her back on the bedcovers as I shed my clothing. “What do you want me to do?”

I lay down beside her, and as her hands reached for me, I said, “Don’t try to do anything. Let me love you first.” I kissed her on the lips, and as she opened them I let my tongue play with hers as my hand massaged one round breast, squeezing it as my palm caressed the erect nipple. She started to breather harder as my finger trailed down her gently rounded brown stomach and around the depression of her navel, finally finishing by gently touching the length of her slit. I felt a trace of moisture already between her inner lips as the fine hair covering her mound brushed against my hand.

“Now I’m going to bring you off with my mouth. Just lie back and enjoy it. Play with your breasts while I lick you.” I moved to the foot of the bed, and Natalie instinctively pulled back feet and spread her knees far apart to give me access to her inner thighs, pussy, and ass. I spread her inner lips gently apart with my thumbs as I licked around her tight anus, and then up her slit to slide very lightly around her clit, a light pink nub already peeking out from its hood. Natalie was already very wet, and her musky aroma and slick juices playing over my tongue were intoxicating. I felt my own pussy getting very moist as well.

Pulling back, I held open her inner labia with both hands, exposing the bright pink interior of her cunt to view. The lighter pink of her clit was lovely, and I could see the perforated bands of tissue forming her hymen blocking the entrance to her more inner recesses. This excited me since I had in truth never seen a hymen before. When I was still virginal, I’d always been too timid to inspect myself in a mirror. I let my tongue play over the hymeneal tissues, which were soft and flexible and not very thick. I suspected that when her time came, it would break without too much pain.

By this time, Natalie was moaning and thrusting her hips upwards. I placed my mouth fully over her pussy, working her lips with my own and at the same time plying my tongue strongly along the inner edges and around her clit. She did not take long to clamp my head in her thighs as she experienced a strong orgasm. I held my head motionless between her straining thighs with my mouth lying lightly on her pussy as she raised her hips off the bed, groaning and panting with pleasure. Finally she fell back and relaxed her grip, her thighs opening and her legs straightening while a long sigh escaped her lips.

“From alsancak escort here it seems you rather enjoyed that.” I smiled up at her from between her legs.

“That was fantastic. The best I ever had. How did you learn to do that?” she gasped.

“Well remember! I am a professional lesbian. And I’ve had lots of practice too. With some repetition you’ll become an expert too. Maybe you can convince your girlfriend to give up boys,” I joked. “Seriously, women usually know what other women like best. Sometimes men are good at oral too, but otherwise you have to be content with their penises.”

“Jane said you’re not a lesbian. Don’t you like men too?”

“Yes I do. But now that I’m with Sylvie I just use them for pleasure now and then. Even with a steady girlfriend, it’s nice to be fucked with a real cock from time to time, and you don’t have to live with them. Actually I’m joking about that. Men can be very nice to have around, and I’ve had some nice boyfriends too.”

“I’ve thought about how it would feel to be fucked. My girlfriend says it’s great. I want my first time to be special, though.”

“It’s OK to wait for the right time. Just be sure to take precautions.”

“You mean like birth control? I’m already on the pill. I started last year.”

“That and condoms too, especially if you don’t know whom the man has been with. If your first time is with a virgin, then that’s safest if you can trust him. I would still use a condom anyway.”

“Jane says she loves the feel of a man’s cum in her pussy.”

“It’s very erotic as long as you know it’s safe. I love having the man eat his own sperm from me afterwards.”

“Yuk! They do that?”

“The good ones will. It’s all in what gives pleasure to your partner. You’ll want to learn to give blowjobs and swallow the semen.”

“I did jack a guy off once. It got all over my hand and was so yucky and sticky.”

“You’ll think differently when you’re in love. Do you think you’d like to do to me what I just did for you?”

“Oh yes, please!”

Natalie did her best to emulate me, and although she was awkward and not as talented as Sylvie I eventually had a very nice orgasm. Afterwards, I complimented her.

“I’m glad it was OK. You took so long I was afraid I was doing something wrong.”

“I do take a long time to cum the first time. That’s why I don’t like doing my partner at the same time she does me. Taking turns is always the best way, at least for us. But you were very nice and I had a very good orgasm. Did you enjoy doing it for me?”

“Yes, I love a woman’s taste. I always taste myself when I masturbate.”

“I could tell you are a virgin by that fact that your hymen is still intact. Have you ever looked at it?”

“Not really. I know I can feel it.”

I got a hand mirror and put placed it where she could look into her opening. I reached into her and slid my finger along it, as she immediately became wetter. “Yours is the first I’ve ever seen.”

She smiled. “I’m glad I could show you something new. ‘Cause I was going to ask you to show me something I’ve never seen either.”


“Jane said you had a strapon that you fucked her with. I want to see it.”

“OK.” I got its box from a bedside drawer and showed her the belt and where the three dildos could be attached.

She picked up all of the cocks and hefted them in her hand. “Which one did you use on Jane?”

“The second largest one. The big one is larger than most people like. I tried it on myself once and it was too big for me.”

“Even the second one looks big. Which ones did you have inside you?”

“This one was in my vagina,” I said pointing at the five-inch one. “This little fellow I had in my anus. He’s only about three inches and not very thick.”

“Could I try it on? It must feel so sexy.”

“Of course you can. We don’t need to use the internal ones, especially if you want to remain a virgin.” I smiled as she blushed.

“Did it hurt to have the one in your rear? Jane lets Dad fuck her that way, and it has got to hurt.”

“It hurts if you don’t take your time and get relaxed, get used to it. If you use lots of lubrication and take your time, having something in your ass can be very sensual. Some women can have an orgasm just from that.”

“I want to try the little one. Can you show me how?”

“Are you sure? If you decide you don’t like it at any time we can stop.” I showed her how to attach the dildo through the bottom of the strap and to screw on the base. “Once we try it on we can adjust its position.” I took a tube of KY jelly and applied a generous amount to the head of the little cock, and also on my fingers. “Now bend over, and let me loosen you up.” Natalie got onto all fours on the bed with her rear to me. With one well-greased finger I easily slipped inside her, feeling her ring of muscle clamp down as I penetrated. “Now try to relax your rectum.” My finger went in slow circles, pushing against her as she did her best to relax. A second finger buca escort followed the first, and then I twisted my hand, widening her opening as I could feel the sphincter slowly loosen its grip. I let my free hand caress her pussy and pass lightly over her clit as I worked, until she began to moan lightly.

“I think you’re ready. Stay still while I put it in.” Holding the base of the dildo I brought the head to her slightly open hole. It slid in easily, until the restraining strap was lying between her ass cheeks. “How does that feel?”

“Very, very full, but it doesn’t hurt. I kind of like it.”

“You can squeeze down on it if you like. Now lie still while I adjust the straps.” I inserted the external dildo onto the belt and then fastened all the straps in place, buckling the waist strap just over her hips. “Ok, stand up and let’s see how it fits.” When she was standing, I adjusted the outer dildo so that its base was tight against her mound. “You see, when you are fucking your partner with this, each stroke presses against your clit, and you get pleasure from it as well. Take a look in the closet mirror.”

Natalie posed before the mirror, a vision of loveliness: a tall, pretty blonde girl, slim and deeply tanned, with firm round breasts and hard nipples, but with a shiny leather thong bearing a long black cock sticking out from the base of her belly.

“I bet it would really be fun to use this on someone.”

“You don’t think I put it on you to let it go to waste, do you?” I lay back on the bed, spreading my thighs and holding my pussy lips open with both hands. “You can pretend you’re the man, and you can do all the work too. Get between my legs and put the dildo inside me.” She crawled between my legs, and I guided the head of the dildo to my opening. Then as I pulled her hips forward, the entire length slide easily into my sopping tunnel. This movement naturally caused her to fall forward, supporting her weight with her arms as our mouths met in a sensuous kiss.

“This feels so good,” Natalie exclaimed when our lips parted from each other. “The belt is rubbing against my clit, and I think i could cum already.”

“See if you can move your hips in and out slowly. Yes! Just like that! Wonderful!” Natalie soon had a nice rhythm going, with every stroke penetrating fully into me and pushing the base of the dildo against her sex. I reached between us, circling the base of the rubber cock with thumb and forefinger, so that when she pressed into me I could direct even more pressure against her. I wasn’t surprised when a couple of minutes of this brought her to climax.

“God, that was a good one!” she panted, falling forward so that her chest was pressed against mine. “My legs feel so weak, I can’t hold myself up. Did you cum too, Sonia?”

“Not yet my dear. Let’s roll over and change places. Don’t let the cock fall out of me.” We managed the manoeuver awkwardly, but in a few seconds I was astride her, the cock buried in me and me looking down at her flushed face and chest. “Now I’m going to ride you. Is your clit still very sensitive.” I rode up and down one time, pushing onto her.

“No, it feels nice. Go ahead!”

“Play with my nipples while I ride. I don’t think this will take very long.” Natalie was happy to obey as I raised and lowered myself rhythmically, supporting myself with one hand on her knee as the other played on and around my clit. As I felt my orgasm arrive, Natalie had her second, crying out with eyes closed and grasping my hips. Three more long, hard stroked on the cock brought my climax, and stars appeared on the inside of my tightly shut eyes.

Afterwards we lay together, I on my back with my arms around her as she snuggled against me. Both of us felt the warm, lazy aura of good sex surround us, and neither felt the need for conversation. Mireille had other ideas, and her waking cries drew me from Natalie’s warm embrace. Mireille wasn’t hungry, but did require cuddling and attention. We played for several minutes until Natalie emerged from the stateroom, nude except for the gloves and slippers, but carrying the strapon in her hand.

“I took the belt off, but my ass is still wide open. Is it supposed to do that?” Natalie seemed worried.

“That’s normal. Your muscles are just relaxed. It will close up in a few minutes. You’re not damaged. Go look at yourself in the mirror. I think it looks very sexy, open like that.”

Natalie returned a few minutes later. “It’s already starting to close up. And you were right, it does look very hot.” She paused. “Jane lets Dad fuck her there. Do you like that too?”

“It’s OK if you get ready like we did. Men seem to like it very much, but I really prefer the normal way. If the man goes too fast or hard, it can really hurt. I have to masturbate during anal to have an orgasm. Most of the sensation is around the opening, so having anything deeper doesn’t add anything. But if you have a dildo in one hole and a cock in the other, you can feel them rubbing against each other. I have enjoyed that in the past.” I paused briefly and handed her Mireille. “Let me show you how to keep your toys clean. You should always disinfect them after use so microbes don’t grow on them.” I detached the dildos and showed her how I wash them with soap and then soak them in bleach. I also wiped the leather belt with soapy water and bleach, before drying it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32