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My friend Tom was coming to town to introduce his girlfriend Suzie to his parents. Tom asked me to meet him and Suzie for dinner at a local restaurant. Tom had told me that Suzie was this ravishing beauty, as he described her. When I got to the restaurant I found out differently. I walked up to the table were they were sitting at. There sat Suzie. She had blonde hair and a somewhat cute face. She wasn’t exactly model material, however. Suzie was a little thick in the middle. She was wearing a low cut top that showed off her cleavage. I sat down directly across from her.

Tom was all excited, he wanted to show off his bride-to-be to me. Tom rambled on as we waited for our food to arrive. My friend was relaying his wedding plans to me. I sat there with my eyes fixed on his girlfriend’s chest. Suzie did have big boobs and she seemed to love to show them off. As Tom spoke, I felt something touching my inner thigh. Suzie had taken off her shoe and was rubbing her toes against my crotch.

I was getting very uncomfortable and my face must have been getting flushed. Suzie’s toes were fondling the outside of my dick. I could feel my cock growing as she wiggled her toes against me. I had to excuse myself twice and I ran to the restroom to get my cock to settle down. Once our food was served I ate quickly and then said I needed to leave. Tom was disappointed that I had to leave. He said I should come over to the hotel that they were staying at tomorrow. I said I would and then ran off.

I was trying to figure out what that business had been all about. Suzie didn’t know me from escort ataşehir Adam. There she was trying to get me turned on. The next day I went over to the hotel room that Tom and Suzie were staying at. I rang the doorbell and there stood Suzie. She was wearing another low cut top and a pair of shorts. She invited me in and asked me to have a seat on the couch. She said that there had been a change of plans, Tom and his dad had gone to play a round of golf. I was supposed to wait there until Tom got back.

Suzie sat down next to me, as close as she could get.

“I saw how you were looking at my boobs last night, Gary,” she said.

I decided to confront her.

“What was that all about last night?” I asked.

“You know why I am marrying Tom?” she asked.

I had a pretty good idea by now.

“Tom’s family comes from money,” I replied.

“You’re pretty smart after all,” Suzie said to me.

“I give Tom what he needs in bed and he provided me with what I need,” Suzie told me.

Suzie got up and then sat down on my lap. She put one arm around my neck. I was looking at her cleavage once again. Suzie reached down and pull off her top. I got my first look at her tits. Suzie had big ones that hung down to her chest. Each tit was topped by a pointed nipple. Suzie put her other arm around my neck and tried to pull me closer. I was just inches from those nipples. As she pulled on my neck I opened my mouth. I took a nipple between my lips and sucked on it. I no longer cared what was going on between Tom and Suzie. I was going to suck kadıköy escort on each hard nip.

Suzie threw her head back as I worked my lips on each nipple. I was biting and chewing on them. I got each one hard and erect. Suzie then stood up and pulled her shorts off. She was as I expected. Suzie was thick around the middle. She had a thick bush between her legs. Suzie reached down to my belt and undid it, then slid my pants and underwear from me. Suzie then took hold of my semi-erect shaft and used her tongue to lick my cock head.

In just a few minutes she had me hard. Suzie then climbed onto my lap once more. She slowly lowered herself. I could feel the heat of her pussy lips as she was right above me. I reached out to her hips and pushed down. Suzie’s pussy sunk down and around my thick prick. She began to move up and down my shaft. Her fat bottom was hitting my groin. I could hear that squishing sound as she worked her pussy around my thick dick. I brought my ass up and fucked her harder. We both were working in unison.

“Oh fuck me hard Gary!” Suzie cried out.

I knew I had lost my mind. I was fucking my best friend’s girl in his hotel room. I didn’t care anymore. As I thrust up into Suzie, I took turns sucking on those big, brown nipples. Suzie started to moan and beg me to fuck her harder. I began to thrust faster. I knew I was getting so close to cumming. Suzie told me I better pull out before I came. I had no intention of doing that. I gave her a couple more hard thrusts and I let go. I squirted my hot cream deep into her belly. Suzie’s maltepe escort bayan eyes got big.

“Damn you!” she screamed.

My seed hitting her insides must have made Suzie lose control. I felt her pussy go into convulsions. We came together there on the couch. I kept up my fucking until I finally went soft. Suzie got up and weakly went into the bathroom to get cleaned up. When she came back we tried to wipe up the couch from any wetness from our fucking. We had just barely gotten dressed when I hear the doorknob rattle. Tom had gotten back. He was all happy and wanted to talk. I sat there with flushed face and a cock leaking fluid.

I managed to leave after a half an hour or so. I went home and tried to figure out what just happened. The next day I got a call at home. It was Suzie wanting to get together again. Tom was going out for awhile. She told me to come over as quickly as possible. There was no turning back it seemed. I went to their hotel room once more. When I got there we went directly to bed. I had Suzie get onto her back. I spread her legs and then slid my long cock into her cunt.

I took her and drove my cock as deep as was possible. Suzie told me she had to have my cock. Tom just couldn’t satisfy her in bed. I didn’t care what she told me by now. I pushed her legs forward and slammed my cock in deep. My sacs hit her ass cheeks with every stroke. I turned Suzie into my whore that afternoon. She was begging for me to never stop fucking her. I fucked her twice that day. I blew two big loads into her belly. The second time, she was on all fours as I slammed my erection into her hairy hole.

Tom and Suzie left the next day. I now get phone calls from Suzie. She hopes that after the wedding I can find time to visit her for more lovemaking. I am now marking my calendar until the day I am once more in Suzie’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32