My Cousin’s Son Pt. 03

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I ran my tongue along his crack, till my tongue touched down on his sphincter, Dillon pulled in a deep breath, my tongue stayed on his hole the entire time. I gently pressed in harder, trying to get in deeper, Dillon held the pillows in tight to his body as my tongue explored his precious hole. I could do this for hours on end, I lapped his crack, I pressed my tongue to his hole, I circled it, I pressed my lips to it.

Dillon wanted to suck my cock as I rimmed him, I wanted him to sit on my face so I could get my tongue in deeper. Me on my back him his cock in my face, and my prize just above me, I sucked his cock as he swallowed mine, Dillon rammed his cock into me, my throat would get a great workout.

I pulled his legs forward so I could get to his hole, I told him to push out as I pushed my tongue in. Dillon admitted he had never been fucked, he had a dildo in his ass but nothing else, a virgin that was so hot. Dillon put his ass on my face, I pulled him in tighter, my tongue dove in, as I pressed in he pushed out.

My tongue soon was inside of him, Dillon was going nuts, he pushed his ass down harder on my mouth. My tongue only went in deeper, my tongue wanted to get him wet get him ready for a real cock. Dillon ground his hole on my mouth, I hit his prostate a few times I was sure he would shoot right then and there.

Dillon could not concentrate on sucking my cock he only wanted my tongue in him, he pulled his cheeks apart so I could get in deeper. He pulled away long enough so I could see the nice gape his hole had, his ass soon back on my mouth my tongue back inside of him. Dillon reached over to grab the lube, he knew he had to have my cock inside of him now.

He slicked up my cock with lube, gently stroking it, getting it ready to breach his tight hole, Dillon pulled off my mouth and pushed his ass to my cock. He fought to get my cock inside of himself, he was trying way to hard, his hole had tightened up like a vise. I took his face in my hands and pulled him in for a kiss.

“You have to relax Dillon your trying to hard, relax and kiss me.”

I held him in the kiss, I grabbed my own cock and placed it at his opening, his pucker slowly relaxed and my knob slid in. Dillon gasped as my cock slowly entered into his tight cavern, but he continued to apply pressure so his ass swallowed up my rock hard cock.

The look on his face once my cock was in deep was incredible, he seemed almost delirious, all the pleasure points were being manipulated at the same time, the border of pleasure and pain. Once his hole got accustomed to the intrusion of the big shaft deep inside of it he was comfortable to slowly ride my pole.

Dillon held my pecs in his hands as he started to ride my cock, he still had this look of both pleasure mixed with a bit of pain. Dillon would ride through it, the feeling of my cock massaging his prostate had him on the edge of screaming. His cock was dripping out precum istanbul travesti like a geyser, I wanted to stroke it but he stopped me, he was far to close to even handle his cock in any way.

I was so close, my balls pulled in, my cock swelled, my entire body tightened up, the first volley hit, my body convulsed, Dillon continued to slide up and down my cock. My balls filled him full, his ass dripped cum as he continued to stroke my cock with his ass. I grabbed his cock and stroked it three full jerks.

Dillon shot over my head, hitting the headboard with his first shot, the second in my neck, the third and forth on my chest. Dillon sat there my cock still deep inside of him, he looked at me leaned in for a kiss. He laid on top of me my cock slowly sliding out of his cum soaked hole, he spread out his legs and got more comfortable.

That is when we both heard it, someone had just groaned at the bedroom door, hy did what they could so we would not hear it but both Dillon and I heard it clear as day. We both looked where the sound came from. John was standing at the door cock in hand a huge load of cum all over my bedroom wall and door frame.

John had not left but had waited till Dillon and I were in the shower, he snuck into Dillon’s room and waited till he heard us going at it. He made his way to my doorway and stripped naked, here he was naked his semi erect cock slowly deflating and dripping.

Dillon looked at me and went to his Father, he took his cum soaked hand in his own and led him to my bed. He had John lay down beside me, Dillon got in between his Dad’s legs and fondled his cock. He rolled his balls in his hand and slowly jerked his cock back to life. Dillon leaned in and took his Dad’s cock into his mouth, first the knob, Dillon slowly sucked his Dad’s cock you could tell he had been waiting a long time to do this.

Dillon slowly swallowed his Dad’s cock, to the base then back out, John looked at me you could see the guilt he felt, his own Son was devouring his cock. I leaned in and kissed John, from his lips to his neck to his nipples to his balls. John was so close. Dillon and I shared his Dad’s cock, one on each side of his cock we sucked him till he fed us what we both wanted.

John shot a massive load of cum for us both, Dillon and I saved it so we could all snowball it together, our lips meshed cum being traded from mouth to mouth. We all fed on John’s load, I laid on his left Dillon on his right side. You could tell John felt guilty, Dillon sat up and kissed his Dad then his lips pressed to my own.

“I would really like it if you two spit roasted me, one in each hole, filling me up.”

John and I looked at each other, I knew I would not say no to this, I laid there biting my lip in anticipation of fucking Dillon in either or both holes. Dillon took control, he took his Dad’s cock in his mouth I positioned so my cock was at his hole. I lubed up and pressed istanbul travestileri it in, Dillon was working his Fathers cock.

I fucked him for some time then John and I traded, Dillon would devour my cock, and his Dad would fuck his cum soaked hole. John was close, I was right on the edge as well, John shot first, then pulled out I shoved my cock deep inside Dillon’s ass, he would take both loads deep inside of him. I filled him to capacity, his ass dripping cum all over the bed. All three of us laid back worn out I looked over at John then at Dillon.

We all repositioned Dillon and I on each side of his Dad, I had missed having sex with John, his cock always ready for more, even after he had cum multiple times. We lay there for a few minutes, we all had to catch our breath. Dillon got up and grabbed a damp towel to clean us both up, he wiped his Father and I with great care.

Dillon drained the cum out of his ass and suggested a swim, he led the way to the pool in the back yard, that perfect ass of his I could so fuck that once more tonight. We all dove in and came up on the other side, Dillon kissed us both, then dove back under to come up on the side where the loungers were. He lay on his back his legs still in the pool.

His cock of course was semi erect, ready for one more round, John and I would drain him of one more load. I started by kissing him John went straight for his Son’s cock, he licked it, he kissed it, he swallowed it and held it in his mouth. John was fulfilling a fantasy he obviously had for quite some time.

I kissed licked and sucked Dillon everywhere, I worked his nipples, I kissed his lips, I sucked his balls, John would not share his Son’s cock, he had to swallow one load out of him before he went back to his wife. Dillon shot his Dad with a massive load of cum, it dripped out of John’s mouth as he tried to swallow it all. I took John’s face in my hands and licked him clean, I lapped up all the remainder of Dillon’s huge load.

Dillon laid there spent, we all were done for a while, I went in and grabbed us all a beer, John and Dillon got into a lounger and sat, I handed them a beer and sat beside Dillon. John again felt remorse of letting his Son suck his cock and then draining his own Son of a load of cum.

“Dad come on we both know this is not the first time you and I have sucked each others cocks, you and I frequent the same bath house. I’ve sucked your cock more than anyones in that bath house, the first few times in the glory holes, but most times in the dark room. Dad you and I made out in that dark room multiple times.”

John looked at his Son, he kind of suspected it might be Dillon in the dark room the one time but he simply dismissed it. John got up to go get his clothes and cell phone, he had put it on silent so we would not hear it as he watched us. She had sent multiple messages, she wanted to know where he was and where her Son was as well.

John travesti istanbul told her they were all sitting poolside and he was on his way back to the hotel, Dillon and I walked John to the door. He kissed his Son first, not a peck but a full on kiss on the lips, John held his Son tight then pulled me in close. We kissed then held each other.

“Thank you Bill for this and for taking care of my Son, Love you both.”

Dillon and I would take one more swim then maybe a sixty nine in bed then we could both relax. We skipped the swim and went for the sixty nine instead, he and I both shot each other with a massive load once again. We both kissed then snuggled in close to each other.

He and I slowly dozed off, he got in beside me cuddled in close I pulled the covers over us he and I slept for over an hour. He woke up he looked me in the eyes, I was laying there so comfortable with him beside me. We started with a kiss that led to another sixty nine, that ended with my cock pushed deep inside of his tight hole.

We showered then would go for a quick swim, we laid in the lounger, his back on my chest, I so could get used to having him around all the time.

Dillon and I would have the night alone, we would make dinner then relax by the pool, naked of course. Dillon and I talked he was about to start taking courses in university, he knew what he wanted to take but would have to work and study at the same time.

He did not want to live at home, but the only way he could do it was to do just that. I told him to move in with me, I had the room and would love to have him live with me.

“Bill are you serious right now? This would be the answer to my whole university situation problem.”

“I would not offer if it was not genuine, move in today if you like.”

He kissed me, arms around my neck, legs wrapped around my waist, his lips meshed with my own.

“Thank you Bill you are the best guy ever. The courses I want to take they offer here in your city, if I have lodging then I am okay, and I can trade rent for sexual favors.”

“Rent free for you Mister, but if you want us to do sexual favors for each other, I am down for that.”

The family reunion went off without a hitch, it was great to be with so much family, Dillon told his parents after the reunion that he would not be going back with them, he would stay here with me. His Mom was furious, John was okay with it, trying to calm her down.

Life went on for Dillon and I, we went to the local bathhouse on Friday nights, had some fun then came home and played with each other. Dillon excelled in all of his courses, he would soon graduate and on to his next venture in his life.

Dillon and I did not end up together happily ever after, he got a career in a larger city on the east coast, I would stay where I was settled in. I knew I would miss him dearly but he had his life to get on with. He came by a few times a year he and I spent the entire time in the bedroom. The sex always so great with him, he eventually met a man that he fell madly in love with him.

I still go to the baths on Friday nights, it’s not the same as when Dillion and I used to go but I still have lots of fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32