My Depraved Summer

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This story contains some violence, and a lot of incest and anal sex. These characters first appeared in “One of the Depraved I was devastated.

My mother, sister, and the twins got me through the next two weeks. We buried Gina and grieved.

I hit the bottle and the road. I traveled the country working to keep my mind off my tragedy. Staying busy helped; being drunk helped more.

That was my modus operandi for two years. I called it grieving. The rest of the world would say I was sick…a degenerate drunk…one of the deplorables.


Eve invited me to join her for the Fourth of July. As kids, it was one of our favorite holidays. We loved that we got to stay up late and, of course, the fireworks.

I was mourning pretty heavily at the time. I didn’t think it was safe for me to operate a motor vehicle, so I declined. I celebrated alone with alcohol-induced fireworks in my head.

A week later, Eve called and said, “I need you to come home.”

“What’s up?”

“Everything is falling apart!” she shrieked. She started to cry and said, “Mom’s sick, Rick and I are divorcing, and the twins are out of control.”

“I’m coming.”


It took me three days of hard driving to get there. I arrived at midnight and parked in the circle in front of the large brick house.

Eve ran out to greet me. She had on a simple, loose-fitting white cotton gown. She was braless, and I saw the girls bounce and jiggle.

I got out of my vehicle, and we embraced. I held her tightly, kissed her cheek, and teased, “Is this what you wear to greet all your late-night guests?”

“Yes! This is how I dress when I meet my gentleman callers,” Eve said, playing along.

She laughed and said, “I knew it had to be you at this time of night. Not even the landscapers would drive up to my house in a pick-up truck this beat up!”

We laughed. She shed some tears.

She took me inside, made us a cup of Sanka, and we talked. I admit my eyes drifted southward to the V-neck in Eve’s gown. When she reached for her coffee cup, I got tantalizing views of her braless breasts.

She noticed and called me on it. “Damnit, Ed. I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you, and all you are interested in is checking out my boobs!”

She crossed her arms, grabbed the loose-fitting gown at her shoulders, and tugged, revealing her tanned breasts.

I imagine my eyes widened. I felt my mouth smile, and I said, “Lovely. Nice tan. Do you sunbathe topless or naked?”

“You pervert,” she teased. “You want details? The twins and I sunbathe in the nude. It’s one of the few activities we share without fighting.

“I enjoy the warmth of the sun. They do it for their job. They’re topless go-go dancers.”

“Wow! The women in our family have the tits for topless dancing, but I never thought anyone would choose it as a profession.”

I leered at her tits and said, “Your boobs are bigger and better than ever.”

She cupped her right breast and said, “Bigger, I believe. I’m forty-seven. Between the hormonal ups and downs associated with pre-menopause and me gaining some weight, the girls are a full cup larger.

“Better? Not likely,” Eve said and frowned. “They sag.”

“They look great; the sagging is minimal,” I said, trying to reassure her.

“Oh. That’s right. You’re an expert on saggy breasts. You’ve seen our mother naked.”

I flinched.

“That hurt,” I said. “You know it wasn’t my choice to see Mom’s nude body. Yours I love, and I can’t get enough off, but Mom’s…”

“Gee, thanks,” she said. She punched me on the arm and added, “Every sister dreams of her brother saying they love seeing you naked.”

We laughed.

I reached out and caressed a soft breast.

Eve asked, “What’s the matter, you horny bastard? Not getting any?”

“I haven’t had sex in a while.”

“Me neither,” she said and sighed. She added, “In your case it’s understandable. You look and smell like a bum.”

I rubbed my stubble and said, “Yes. I imagine I do. Are you having second thoughts about bringing me into the house? Maybe I should shower. I’ve been on the road for three days and nights, eating bad food and catching naps in the truck when I was fatigued.”

“A shower would be a good idea.”

She pulled up her gown, ending my peep show, and led me to her bedroom. She gestured toward the en suite bathroom and said, “The shower’s in there.”

I went inside, closed the door, and undressed.

The door swung open while I was adjusting the water. I turned to see my sister entering. I felt my face warm and dropped a hand to cover my crotch.

“I’ve got to pee,” she said, explaining her entrance.

She hiked up her gown and sat on the toilet.

“No şişli escort panties?”

“It’s good to air out my vagina. It reduces the risks of getting a yeast infection.”

“TMI, Sis,” I said. ” Hmm. Those words sound familiar.”

I stroked my chin as if deep in thought, and said, “Oh, yeah. Mother gave me a lecture on the need for vaginas to be panties-free when we were on our cruise. God! That was a memorable trip. I still haven’t forgiven you for ducking out and sending me instead.”

The shower came to a comfortable temperature. I stepped in as my sister peed in the toilet. I wet my body and luxuriated in the warm water.

I opened my mouth to speak, and said, “Eve…”

My sister flushed the toilet. The toilet stole cold water from my shower, the shower water pressure dropped, and I was hit with some uncomfortable hot water.

“Jesus!” I shouted and raised my hands to block the hot water from hitting my more delicate skin.

“What were you saying?” Eve asked.

Exasperated, I said, “I was going to ask you not to flush the toilet so I wouldn’t be scalded.”

She giggled and said, “Sorry. Maybe I can make it up to you.”

She removed her nightgown, stepped naked into the shower, and asked,

“Remember, what happened the last time we shared a shower?”

“Vaguely,” I lied. I reached for her and groped a breast and her ass. My growing erection pressed against her warm, soft body.

She laughed, hugged me with one arm, and grabbed my cock with her free hand.

It was like old times.

She beat me off, and I came on her imported tiles.

I sucked on her tits and fingered her until she moaned loudly as she climaxed and said, “Oh, Ed!”

We rested, washed, and got out of the shower.

“I needed that,” Eve said with a smile. “Masturbating with a vibrator cannot compete with climaxing while in the arms of a man.”

We dried our bodies. She slipped her gown on and gave me a pair of Rick’s pajamas.

We returned to the family room, sat in silence, and sipped good bourbon from cut glass tumblers.

When her glass was half empty, Eve said, “Mom has cancer. The prognosis isn’t good.”

I shook my head, felt sad, and asked, “Is she in pain?”

“No. The doctors have her on morphine. They say she doesn’t have much time.”

“Can we see her tomorrow?”

Eve nodded and took a sip of her drink.

“So you and Rick are getting divorced. I can’t say I didn’t see that coming.”

“Yes. It’s a relief actually,” Eve said. “We haven’t been close for years. I stayed with him for the girls’ sake. That turned out to be a mistake.”

I raised an eyebrow.

Eve saw my reaction and explained, “Divorce is hard on kids. They may worry that if their parents can stop loving one another that someday their parents may stop loving them. Or they think the family breakup is their fault.

“Children of divorce tend to have emotional and behavioral problems, and they do poorly at school.

“I waited until the twins graduated high school before initiating a divorce. I hoped that since they were older, they’d handle it better.”

I nodded and said, “That makes sense.”

“It didn’t help. The girls are angry. They are acting out: drinking, using drugs, and being sexually active.”

“Don’t all teenagers experiment and behave that way?”

“Addy and Maddy are reckless and promiscuous. They were arrested for drunk driving, got gonorrhea, and were kicked out of college.”


“Yeah. That’s why I called and said I needed you here.”


Three days later, my mother died peacefully in her sleep. I was thankful she didn’t suffer and that we had a chance to say our goodbyes. The funeral was a solemn affair.

Eve’s divorce went through. She got the house and a pile of cash.

The relationship between Eve and the twins remained strained.

Have I mentioned the women in my family are stubborn and hard-headed?

I spent as much time with the girls as I could. I could see they were lost, confused, and unhappy.

Rick hadn’t been much of a husband or father. He ignored his family and focused on making money.

Still, the girls craved his attention. They struggled with feelings of abandonment and low self-esteem. They were angry, impulsive, and made poor choices.

I was determined to do what I could for them.


Eve was alone in the big house. I moved into the guest bedroom.

We were both hurting, mourning the loss of our mother. We also worried about her girls. Neither of us had anyone to confide in, so we spent a lot of time together. We comforted each other and, yes, we had sex.

Eve stuck to her no intercourse rule.

It was great to be with her. I enjoyed mecidiyeköy escort her breasts and eating her sweet pussy. I’m not sure if it was because I’d had an embarrassing long dry spell or if she’d improved her cocksucking skills, either way, I thoroughly enjoyed her blowjobs.


“Knock. Knock,” I said one evening. I stuck my head in as I opened my sister’s bedroom door.

She was lying in bed with a book. She looked at me over her cute reading glasses, smirked, and asked, “What do you want?”

“A snack.”

“This is my bedroom, not the kitchen.”

“I want to snack on your snatch,” I said. I stepped into her room and showed her my naked body and large erection.

She smiled, took off her glasses, and set them on the nightstand with her book. She threw the sheet off her and exposed her nude body.

“I was hoping you’d stop by.”

She spread her legs and showed me her trimmed pussy.

I entered the room, got on her bed, and stuck my nose in her crotch. I breathed in her musky scent and licked her slit.

“Mmmm,” she moaned.

I forced my tongue inside her vagina and scooped out her nectar.


She raised her knees and spread her legs.

I took full advantage of my improved access. I licked a finger and stuck it inside her. My tongue went to work on her button.

“Ohhh. Nice,” she said.

I kissed her nub, licked her gash, and sucked on her labia. My finger was out of her vag. I focused my oral efforts on her clit and brought my slick finger to her asshole; I shoved it in.

“Ohhh,” she gasped. “That’s new.”

“Like it?”


“Ever had anal sex?”

“Of course,” she said. “Rick has a small cock. I felt nothing when he was in my pussy. At least when he was in my butt I got some sensation. If I frigged myself, I had a chance of climaxing.”

She giggled, “My first anal experience was in college.” A faraway look appeared in her eyes as she recalled the event. We stopped having sex as she told me an interesting story.

^^^College Flashback^^^

Eve returned to the sorority house after another disappointing date. She sighed as she closed the front door and climbed the steps to her bedroom.

Katey, a sorority sister, was wearing a robe and coming down the stairs. She pointed at Eve’s leg and said, ‘You’ve got something on your thigh. Is that cum?’

They stopped on the stairs. Eve wiped the sticky white substance off her inner thigh with a tissue and said, ‘Probably. My vagina is full of sperm. My panties are soaked. I had a date with Tim Travel, and he deposited a huge load in me after two minutes of passionate intercourse.”

“That’s not long. Did you cum?”

“Nope. He shot his load, rolled off me, and said, ‘Sweetheart, that was great.’ He got up and left.

“That inconsiderate bastard!” Katey hollered. “You deserve better.”

Her face brightened, she grabbed Eve’s arm, and said, “The Guru is visiting tonight. Let’s see if we can get you an appointment.”

Katey escorted Eve to the president of the sorority, who was hanging out in the main room on the first floor with other members of the sorority. Katey lifted the front of Eve’s skirt and showed everyone her cum-filled panties.

Eve’s face warmed and reddened as she pushed her skirt back into place.

“Tell them what you told me,” Katey ordered.

Eve balked, blushed, but eventually, repeated her story.

Everyone commiserated with her.

Jane, a flatchested education major, went to a whiteboard and added Tim Travel’s name to the ‘Undateables’ column. This was a list of douchebags, guys to be avoided.

“It’s all well and good that Tim is blacklisted,” Katey said. “Can’t we do more? The Guru is here. Can we work her in?”

“Guru? What are you talking about?” Eve asked.

Jen, the president, was about to answer when they heard a shriek of passion. It was the loudest and longest orgasmic scream Eve had ever heard. The sisters stopped and listened. Those in the know smiled.

Katey grinned and said, “That was the Guru’s doing. I believe that was Susie Wong announcing her climax.”

“Her second one!” Jane said, giggling.

“The Guru is a privilege for Juniors and Seniors,” Jen said. “Due to your unsatisfying experience tonight, I’ll make an exception, and give you my slot.”

“What is ‘The Guru’? Eve asked.

“It’s not a what. It’s a who,” Katey answered. “The Guru is a skilled lover who has made it his mission in life to bring orgasmic bliss to women. He visits twice a month and entertains two of our members.”

“You can count on coming twice with him!” Jane said.

“What’s the catch?” Eve asked.

“He’s going to fuck your butt,” Jen answered plainly.

Eve istanbul escort flinched and mumbled, “I’ve never done that.”

Katey said, “Don’t automatically dismiss the idea. I was an anal virgin when I arrived on campus. I love regular sex and never imagined taking a dick up my ass, but you heard Susie Wong holler. Did that sound like someone in pain or not having a good time?”

Eve shook her head no.

“I swear,” Jen said. “It’ll be the best sex you’ve ever had. It’s naughty and fucking fantastic.”

Betty, a petite brunette, came forward, looked Eve in the eyes, and said, “I don’t cum from vaginal sex. Before I met the Guru I only came when a skilled tongue or vibrator was on my clit. This guy is special. I orgasm twice every time I’m with him, and the climaxes are huge.”

“Try it,” Katey said, “I guarantee you’ll like it. The Guru is kind and gentle and, if you say stop or this isn’t for you, he’ll stop without any hard feelings.”

“You all have sex with this guy?” Eve asked, looking at the upper-class sorority members.

The young women laughed and nodded.

“You make it sound so dirty,” Jen said and smirked. She adopted a serious face and said, “Sometimes sex is about expressing your love; sometimes it’s about getting off. Guys separate love from sex; why shouldn’t we?”

“How is sleeping with the Guru any different than having sex with Tim?” Betty asked.

“Besides one leaving you unsatisfied and the other sending you to the moon,” Katey chipped in.

“I thought Tim and I had something or could have something…”

“And he treated you like a cum dumpster,” Jen said. “He shoved his penis in you, came, and left you with a mess dripping out of your vagina.”

“Maybe if you weren’t so horny you’d be more discriminating about who you sleep with, and you could find a lifemate,” Katey said.

Eve looked confused.

Jane said, “We women do a lot of things for others. We paint our nails, shave our legs, and put on makeup. All to please men. What’s wrong with doing something just for you…for your pleasure?”

“I have anal sex with him,” Jen said. “Many here do. It’s nice knowing that I’m going to orgasm, and I don’t have to worry about pleasing him, about the two pounds I’ve put on, how my hair looks, or the condition of our relationship. It’s like a spa day: something you do for you.”

“Go to the bathroom and clean up,” Jen said softly. “I’ll bring him to your room and introduce you.”

Eve washed her vagina with a wet cloth and went to her room. She was too nervous to sit on her bed. Her mind swirled as she paced.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Eve said.

Jen and a man entered. Jen introduced them and exited the room.

The Guru was a sandals-wearing, long-haired guy of medium height. He was older than her, in his late twenties. He wore glasses and a simple white gown.

He looked like someone into Eastern religions. He had that look of serenity.

He wasn’t a handsome man. He had a plain face, an under-developed physique, and an over-developed Adam’s apple.

They talked.

He was calm and non-threatening, and he put her at ease.

He reminded her of a yoga instructor. He spoke about self-care, reducing stress, and how he helped others find peace and joy.

He didn’t push her to have sex or grope her as Tim had. He said, “The decision to have sex is entirely up to you. If we do, the focus will be on your pleasure, not mine.”

She had questions. Would it hurt? How would they do it? Etc…

He answered all of them to her satisfaction.

Eve thought, “What do I have to lose? My sorority sisters vouched for him. More than that, they gush about how being with him was the best sex they’d ever had. Women who never orgasm climaxed when they slept with him. Orgasmic women had multi-orgasms.”

She smiled sheepishly and said, “Let’s do it.”

They undressed.

Eve was a young, hot coed with a pretty face and a toned body. She had hard nipples centered in a ring of pink flesh on full round breasts. The curls between legs were neatly trimmed.

The Guru was a slim man with no muscle definition. Black hair covered his chest, belly, groin, and legs.

He trimmed the area around his crotch.

His cock was hard. It was a decent length and lacked girth.

She critiqued it, saying to herself, “That’s the skinniest dick I’ve ever seen.” She giggled and added, “If something is going in my butt, skinny is good.”

“Lay down on your stomach in the center of the bed,” he said gently. “As I explained, we aren’t going to kiss or make up. I will give you a massage to start. I want you to relax. The keys to great anal sex are trust, relaxation, stimulation, and plenty of lube.

“I’m going to prepare your body and earn your trust. Your job is to prepare your mind.

“Close your eyes if they’re open.

“Do this simple breathing technique. Take a few big, deep breaths. Breathe in and exhale through your nose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32