My First Adventure with Andrea

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Don’t know what made me think of her, but I just got a smile on my face remembering Andrea. It was about 20 years ago, and that girl was a freak! What ever happened to her?

I met her a while back, maybe a couple years out of college. She was a friendly girl, always liked to stop by and talk. We worked in the pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange back when floor trading was still a thing, so she liked to walk by and flirt with the guys every once in a while. She was nice enough to talk to, kind of annoying to be honest – seemed to kind of play the “dumb blonde” card. Someone you would say hi to but wouldn’t really think of as someone you would hit on or try to date. She was nice to talk to for a couple minutes but whenever she walked away I was usually pretty much glad she had left.

What did she look like? Lets see … nice face, pretty cute and young looking (she was maybe 22). Real friendly smile. She needed to lose about 30 pounds, I’m sure, but at least she was nicely “plump.” Big and curvy with some soft, pillowy tits and a big ass. Yeah, she was a little fat, but at least she carried some of that extra weight in the right places. Maybe her weight was part of the reason I had never really given her a second look, maybe I wrote off her conversational skills and her tendency to say ditzy things because she wasn’t model thin. Look, I’m not perfect.

But she seemed to like me. Not so much more or less than the other guys around, but she always stopped to say “hi” to me, even though the firms we worked for didn’t do too much business together. I wasn’t playing hard to get, I always tried to be nice to her. Some of the other guys weren’t because she was kind of heavy.

As it turned out, good thing I was nice to her.

We were walking off the floor one day, it had been pretty busy and we were joking about how tired we each were. She walked around all day, I mostly stood there but had a more stressful job so we compared which of our daily tasks was more exhausting.

Then she threw me for a loop.

“Well, all I know is, after a day like this … I just want to go home and get fucked.”

My head snapped around. “Did I hear you right?”

She looked at me, made sure we were making eye contact: “I want to get fucked.”

“Damm …” And that’s all I said. I was speechless.

“But I can’t get fucked right now. I’m not on the pill, I don’t do birth control when I’m single, it makes me gain weight. But if someone would just eat me out the right way … that would feel so good.”

“That’s a shame …” Smooth, right? I was still tongue tied. And she knew it. She was messing with me. She smiled and started to walk away from me.

In about a tenth of a second, my brain snapped to attention. I scanned her body … and I wanted her. She knew what she was doing. I saw that smile, I noticed her arm brushed against mine as she started to walk faster … those tits, wouldn’t you know it. Of course I had noticed how great her tits were before but now I looked at them silhouetted by her sweater and I wanted them, wanted her … now.

Seriously, a tenth of a second … I knew I was going to make her knees shake. I knew exactly how.

I grabbed her arm and leaned toward her ear.

“I know what to do. Give me 25 minutes and you will be singing for me.”

She turned back, still smiling like she knew what she was doing, but her eyes betrayed her; her little game – to try and make me ache in the pants a little and walk away – had turned. And she was curious.

“Oh you think so? How?”

“Come with me. I’ll explain on the way.”

Her gaze hardened. “What’s in it for you?”

I showed her my watch. “It’s 2:35 now. You cum by 3 or you don’t have to blow me.”

“Wow … Usually I’d have to be pretty drunk for a challenge like that.”

“You are going to be swallowing my load by 3:10.”

Her eyes widened. She was shocked … but interested. She leaned her body into mine.

“Big talk. Where do you suppose we are going to go so quickly? … Hey, I’m not going to a bathroom or the back of a cab or something.”

“No, not like that. Walk with me,” and we turned outside the building and walked up the street.

I happened to be in graduate school at night at the time, and the downtown campus was a single bostancı escort building down the street. Most of the classes were at night, so I was betting that an empty classroom would be easy to find.

We walked down the block, and she seemed to be pretty game. She also didn’t seem to mind a little dirty talk.

“We are out here and you think I’m going to be sucking your cock in a little bit? Dream on ‘big guy.’ Where are we even going?”

“That’s right, baby. You are going to get it good from me. I’m going to eat your pussy until you scream.”

“You can’t just rush it down there.”

“Don’t you worry. I know you already want it.”

“Yeah … I can’t believe I’m doing this. This is the craziest thing I’ve done since that time I jerked two guys off at once in college.”

Shit, this minx had a mouth on her. Fortunately, it seemed like her talking was getting both of us going.

“Here we are … turn into this building.”

We walked into the lobby of the building and I grabbed her ass to guide her to the elevators.

We got on with two other people, who got off at the third floor. I had sent us to the 9th.

While the other two people were on the elevator with us I had kept my hand clamped on her butt and after they left I released it, starting to trace my hand up the small of her back.

“We are going to find a classroom in the back of the 9th floor. I’ve only had one class back there and as far as I can tell they don’t get used very much, they are pretty small.”

She seemed to be getting excited. She was pressing her body hard against the sensation of my hand on her back, and her hand started to grope toward my crotch.

“We won’t get caught?” she said, breathlessly.

“The door should lock.” I leaned closer to her ear. “But don’t scream when you cum. Lets keep a little privacy.” And I punctuated that by kissing her neck. She gasped.

We walked to the back hallway and it seemed deserted. I tried the second classroom door, fortunately it opened. I held the door for her and she walked in, turning on the lights.

“Come on, keep the lights off,” I hissed as I came in, closing the door quietly behind us. Sure enough, it did lock. “That was dumb. I get an extra three minutes.”

“Ha. … Okay, you’ve got me here,” she said, turning toward me, raising her arms to invite me closer to embrace her. “Now show me what you’ve got.”

I walked her over to the desk at the front of the room, kissing her on the cheek. She turned her mouth to me, and I kissed her roughly and deeply, and seated her on the desk. Our tongues twisted together, harshly since time was of the essence.

I ran my hands down her arms and side, then upward to cup her glorious breasts, feeling the bra underneath her sweater. Fortunately, no shirt – I wanted access but knew I couldn’t get her totally naked in the classroom.

I kissed her ear, then neck, then our mouths joined together again as my thumbs probed the front of her tits, seeking the nipples that were covered by the fabric.

“Oh … yes … touch my boobies …” She breathed.

“Boobies.” Come on, that word was almost enough to make me stop. That’s the sort of thing that drove me crazy about her, like she was trying to be an adult then would say childish stuff like that. I felt some annoyance grow in me, but that made me want her more. Too bad I couldn’t fuck her, but now I really wanted to bust my load in her mouth.

I took one hand and gripped the back of her head, pulling her back to disengage our kiss. I locked eyes with her and was silent. My other hand went behind her back and up her sweater, feeling for the clasp on her bra.

I started to twist the clasp. “You do what I say and you are going to be quaking soon.” The bra unsnapped.

She nodded. “I’m soaking wet. You might be right about the 25 minutes. Pretty great kisser, too.”

She closed her eyes, leaned her head back, and wrapped her legs around my body.

I lifted her sweater up her chest and used both hands to push her bra above her breasts, then spread my fingers to give myself a view of her hard, brown nipples.

Damn, her tits were as spectacular as I had hoped. Any issues with weight she had … büyükçekmece escort forgotten. She looked really fucking good with her tits six inches from my face.

I took one nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around, and instantly heard her inhale and moan gently. She leaned back onto her hands and arched her back to press her chest further into my mouth. I twisted her other nipple, maybe more roughly than I normally would have with my first touch, but she was ready for stimulation that harsh, and her body bucked against mine.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” she started to squeal.

I pinched her nipple a little more and took my mouth away, standing up to kiss her once again, her mouth opening and pressing against me, our tongues against each other again.

I pulled away. “I’d be happy to play with these all day …” And I pressed my other hand between her legs, “But I’m on a schedule.”

“Ahead of schedule, I think,” she panted.

It seemed that I could feel the heat from her pussy as I rubbed outside of her pants. We both fumbled at her buttons, and she stood to shrug her pants off. As she worked them over her wide hips and shook them to the floor, I kissed her again and touched between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her panties. Her wetness was soaking through the fabric.

“Oh God, yes … touch me down there!” She sighed, leaning back against the desk. I slipped one finger around the fabric and pressed it into her, causing her to gasp and squat toward the pressure a little.

“Not much time, though,” I hissed. “Take these panties off and lie back down on the desk.”

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes. Hurry.”

I pulled them down and she shook them back to the floor, hopping on the desk and putting one foot up there as well.

I looked at her pussy. Pink, a little hairy, nicely swollen lips which glistened from the moisture I had spread around.

“Beautiful pussy,” I said.

“Thank you,” she said, leaning back. “Do what you want with it.”

She leaned back onto one elbow, spread her legs a little more, and cupped one of her breasts (now covered by her sweater again) in her hand.

I leaned closer, looked up at her, and thought that she looked pretty damn good like that.

I pressed a second finger deep into her, felt her body clench and pull me in … she was close, closer than I had expected. I swirled my fingers, then spread them so one finger exited her and slipped up her pussy lips, spreading them, opening so I could see her clit.

I leaned closer, tongue out, and I pressed it onto her throbbing button, hearing her gasp with the first sideways stroke of my tongue.

I swear, she had the best tasting pussy I’ve ever been in contact with. I don’t know how to describe it … She was slick and moist and it tasted … good. Not like she did anything to make it that way, it wasn’t soap or lotion. Just … salty, I guess. An incredible, mild, salty slickness that made me want to explore her clit with my tongue.

Of course, since I liked it so much, she clearly got the benefit. I slowly dragged my tongue sideways, around the outside and lingered at the very top of her clit, pressing into the folds, covering all of her bundle of nerves that I could. I had no desire to rush through this, even though I knew I needed to keep it quick.

I slowly went back down, across the clit again and toward where my fingers were still inserted in her, pressing my tongue inward. My fingers were rhythmically going in and halfway out of her, counter to the more random motions of my tongue. Her insides were clenching and grabbing, pulling my fingers in. Her hand moved to the back of my head, guiding my mouth back up to her clit, and I could feel it shaking a little.

I could hear her breathing quicken into shallow pants, I could tell she was close. I wished she wasn’t , I wouldn’t mind eating this pussy longer.

But, sure enough, the orgasm she wanted was building and about to surge out of her. I felt her insides grab my fingers even harder, and the texture of her wetness change. Her body was sucking me in, and I focused my tongue more directly on her clit.

“Oh yes … Oh yes … Oh yes …” She panted, Her foot that was on çekmeköy escort the floor shook, and she raised it into the air.

“Oh … I’m there …” she squealed, clearly trying not to scream out in delight. But she didn’t have to tell me, I could feel the squeeze of her inner walls and taste the change in the added moisture coming from her as she came against my hand and face.

She held as still as she could as the wave of orgasm shook through her, then she fell in a chatter of activity. Her foot dropped, tapping on the floor and she struggled to sit up, cupping my head, but starting to pull me away as the sensitivity became too much for her to bear.

“Oh my … Oh my God … Oh … That was … Amazing …”

I looked up and smiled, then made a show of looking at my watch.

“2:56 pm. Told you.”

“Yeah … Yeah …” She stood up, almost seeming disoriented. “That was amazing. Your mouth … Never had someone go down on me like that.”

She bent over to pull up her panties and pants, getting them to her knees, then turning to kiss me. She had a blank look. “That was … ”

She took a deep breath and looked at me. “You earned what you are about to get.”

“I never had any doubt.”

She was coming back to Earth. She had her pants on, and reached up under her sweater to fix her bra.

“So I said something about wanting to get fucked. Did I say anything about wanting a snack?”

“Funny. See anything you like?”

She reached for my belt, pulled me closer, and felt my hard cock through my pants.

“Not yet. But I feel something I like.”

We undid my pants and let them fall, and she reached inside my underwear and started stroking my cock. There was no need for foreplay, my precum had left my cock slick before she ever reached inside, and her hand was coated instantly.

“Oh, give me a taste,” she said, and she removed her hand and made a show of licking one finger.

She lowered my underwear, which I shook down and I leaned against the desk. She looked at me, smiled, and kneeled.

“May I suck your cock?”

The way she asked that … reminded me a little of the “boobies” comment earlier, but in a very, very good way … snapped me to attention.

“Oh, of course. Let’s see what you can do to me.”

She smiled and nodded in a demure way, looked up at me and inhaled my entire shaft. With a swirling lick, she slowly pulled me out of her, then took about half of my cock in again. She began working up and down, sucking with a popping noise. I wasn’t going to last long with this chick on my dick, that’s for sure. I could already feel my cum welling up, and I started to straighten.

She took my dick out of her mouth, and propped the head against her cheek and looked up at me. “How is that?”

I could have nutted just from the look on her face combined with seeing my dick held there.

“Fucking perfect. Now put it back in your mouth and don’t take it out until I explode.”

She smiled. “Oh, of course.”

Back into her moist mouth my cock went, and she worked it with fury, sucking and licking in circles, her hand following up and down my shaft. Within seconds I was trying to delay my orgasm, but it was no use. She was milking me for all I was worth.

“Here I come … Now … Oh … Andrea … Here it is … ” I hissed, and I leaned back, my body shaking as my cum pumped into her mouth.

She sucked on my cock deeply as I came, working her hand on my shaft and cupping my balls with her free hand. Spent, I fell back and she pulled away, looking up at me … a confused look on her face.

She looked around.

“I think you better swallow it.”

She worked her face up a little, then swallowed with a loud gulp. She laughed a little.

“Never swallowed before. That’s the first time I’ve ever let someone cum in my mouth.”

“Really? You’ve done two guys at once but have never done that?”

“I haven’t done two guys at once, I jerked two guys off at the same time. We were all so fucked up, they came all over their own pants. It wasn’t a big deal. But I think I might be interested in a real threesome some time … with the right two guys.”

“Damn girl, you got quite a mind for adventure.”

“You’ve got quite an imagination yourself. Glad I flirted with you as we left work. Never thought this is how my afternoon would go!”

With that we left the classroom and went our separate ways. For the remainder of my time in grad school I would always try to schedule classes down that hallway so I could walk by that room and remember Andrea and her sweet pussy. Fortunately, that wasn’t my last time with her.

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