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NOTE: This is my first submission, and it may be a little wordy. I need your feedback desperately, so please, don’t be afraid to comment and let me know what I can do to better future stories; I want to make writing a regular habit. This story is focused on a pee fetish, and all characters engaged in sexual situations are of legal age. Enjoy!


I was never really the social outcast in high school; I was also never the one to start a conversation. I’ve always been a somewhat odd individual, but never felt like I was a deterrent to classmates; I just kinda kept to myself. Turning 18 years old a week ago definitely put the last few months I’ll have at Camden County High School in perspective.

Maybe I should detail the basics: my name is Blake, I live in North Carolina, I’m a hair under 5’10”, have a slim build, black hair, brown eyes; I’m nothing special. What is unique about me? My fetish.

It’s more than likely the reason I’ve resorted to a hermit-like state as I’ve gone through the school ranking system. Everyone is out having sex, throwing their junk around at school dances; girls tweeting bikini pics and thirsty dudes favoriting them. This is all fine and dandy, but it’s just not for me. It’s mostly because I have no confidence to even attempt to kiss a girl, never mind think of actually having sex with her. Yep, I haven’t even experienced my first kiss yet, and I’m running out of time in my senior year.

The strange thing is though, I kind of don’t even care. Being a guy living in the 21st century, the desire for (and access to) various different types of pornogrophy is mind-blowing. This is where my fetish was eventually born.

Like most who binge-watch porn, I soon grew tired of the same damn sex over and over again with the same cumshots over and over again: it literally got to the point where even my dick was getting tired of going through the motions. Then, I discovered the greatest thing ever: Piss Porn.

I really can’t pinpoint why it is so arousing, but it just turns me on to see a girl go down into a squat and unleash a torrent of pee all over the ground. What I got off on most were women peeing outside; effectively marking their territory. Ok, so I knew this very specific fetish, and what most would consider gross or disgusting, would most likely not be appealing to anyone else at school. My somewhat despair over this fact was mitigated slightly with a recent text conversation I had with one of my very few, but good friends.

Her name was Minerva, yep that’s right, named after the Roman Goddess of Wisdom. She was never a fan of her own name, which is why when I first met her she was so quick to disparage it herself; saying her parents were cruel for sticking their daughter with a name that could be categorized in the same family as a “Gladys” or an “Eleanor”. Thus, she adopted the nickname “Minnie”, and that’s just what everyone called her.

I first met Minnie my Sophomore year in school; a cute, 5’11” blonde with long, lanky legs and a rich skin tone attained from countless beach days (although her somewhat pale color came back by winter). As you can tell, her nickname didn’t really suit her; she was slightly taller than me! She was also nearly a year older than me (and everyone else in our class for that matter) due to her August birthday.

Minnie always had a warming, playful, demeanor, and was a bit of a rebel (as is usual with teens). She was always a little out of my league in my mind whenever I started to think about her in a more serious way as the years progressed.

As in most cases, we first introduced each other when we got paired together for some dumb group project for math class, and we were friendly enough with each other. Although I was slightly intimidated by her mere presence, we got along well enough and exchanged numbers just for the hell of it. We’ve kept in touch here in there, but nothing gaziosmanpaşa escort major or consistent evolved from what could best be described as an acquaintanceship. Anyways, back to the text:

Minnie: Christ mr mulligan wont let people go to the bathroom once class starts. Whyd i take computer science?

Me: Haha, your overwhelming thirst for java knowledge has landed you in the shit

Minnie: More like the piss… can you like… pull the fire alarm or something wherever you are?

Me: I’m sitting in english, i dont think there are any of those here

Minnie: Forget it, i’m just trying to take my mind off the matter

Me: As in not trying to think of running water? A dripping faucet? Toilet water flushing?


Me: <3 It was sometimes hard to play aloof with someone who I’m sure had already lost their virginity, and who probably thinks I’ve lost mine too. These mostly innocuous conversations happened from time to time, but the obvious difference with this one is it involved pee. Urine. PISS. MY FETISH. It doesn’t always happen this way, but it’s funny when opportunity strikes at the most convenient moment: I owned a car. Minnie did not. Minnie liked to drink. I knew I shouldn’t. Friday night I get a text from her asking for a ride from some party she was at. I was vaguely aware via twitter of some banger that was going on cause someone’s parents were out of town or something of the like, so underage drinking was obviously on the table. Fearing she may be hammered out of her mind and taken advantage of, or the cops show up and start arresting kids, I felt obligated to stop playing my competitive match of CS:GO immediately, throw on a jacket, and venture out to grab her. Fuck the cooldown; game sucks anyways. The night was surprisingly cool for what’s been an early summer type of spring. When I arrived, it was clear what was going on at the house; it really did amaze me the police didn’t show up already. Cars everywhere, several stray solo cups on the ground, and a few beer cans were pretty good indicators something was going down. Another factor? Loud as fuck. Either the neighbors don’t care, or are heavy sleepers because this thing was a rager. I sat in my car for a moment thinking if I really want to try and do this; I don’t belong here, and she may not even be that drunk anyways. She’s probably been in this situation before and can fend for herself. The sight of a clearly underage kid, I somewhat recognized from our school, shuffling off the front steps and immediately puking on the front lawn pretty much sealed the deal for me; this place wouldn’t last. I got out of the car, and waded through the masses piled up near the front hallway trying to find my blonde goddess. It seemed as though a substantial amount of people were in the backyard as well, fairly pegging the guest list near the century mark. There was no sign of Minnie inside, at least from what I could distinguish, so I ventured my way toward the backyard. Unfortunately, this shit-show made it impossible to maneuver through the sliding glass door with people packed on either side of it; the place was a labyrinth. I was able to locate a door leading to a small, side-yard area, which I assumed must’ve led to the backyard; I opted for that entrance. I went through the door, turned to my right, and was immediately greeted by a petite, brown haired girl in mid-squat, full-flow with a beer and phone in one hand, the other holding her garments above the line of fire. Needless to say, I was speechless, and stared for a moment until she noticed… “What the fuck?! Go away!” “Sorry! I-I didn’t know!” Although I didn’t really get a long look, I got a good one. Her white cotton panties and black yoga pants bunched up together in her hand. The moonlight coming down, casting gölbaşı escort shadows on everything but her smooth legs and brown bush which emanated a clear liquid from the most forbidden area known to man. I nearly had a heart attack right then and there, and I couldn’t even recognize who this person was. I didn’t recognize her from school, and it would make sense as I guessed she must’ve been in her 20’s. It really didn’t matter though; I was mesmerized by the performance.

The urine was splashing and foaming on the green grass as her flow was positively torrential. As I scurried back into the house and processed everything that happened, I began to feel upset. I wanted to see it all; I wanted it all. To whoever that was, it may just be a drunken “guess what happened” memory; a fleeting conversation with her girlfriends and nobody thinks anything of it. However for me, it was the most sexual experience of my life up to this point.

“Okay, great. Now I have to find Minnie while fully torqued,” I thought to myself.

It didn’t take long though. With my boner apparently acting as a compass, we found Minnie as she stumbled through the sliding door from the backyard.

“Blake!” She screamed.

“Uh, Hey! You uh, texted me you needed a ride?”

Obviously she did, idiot.

She came closer so I could actually hear her. She had on a stunning black dress, tight fitting, almost looked like latex based on the reflective material and the way it hugged her body. Black heels, black eyeliner; it was amazing contrast to her light blonde hair. She leaned into my ear:

“I’m kinda beat, and a little drunk. Take me home?”

I nodded; truthfully she didn’t look as plastered as I feared, and seeing that she could at least haphazardly walk toward me and string together short sentences made me feel a little better.

My first instinct was to get her out as fast as possible before any cops show up; I may be paranoid about lots of things, but I also have never been in this situation before. I gained enough courage to just take her by the hand and lead her through the crowd. She said some half drunken goodbyes to people as we made our way through, but I really wasn’t having any of it. I kept my feet moving so she got the hint to bid her farewells on the fly.

She was decently popular based on her attractiveness, so maybe the image of me leading her out would at least give a bump to what little reputation I had; this thought alone made me feel pretty important for a brief moment. However, my sole task was to just get here out of here, and that was my focus.

Once I got her to the car, and she at least proved she could stand up straight for a moment, I opened the door for her and sat her down.

“Can you help me take off my heels?”

“Uhh, sure.”

I knelt down and took off one, then the other, and placed them on the floor of the car. For some reason I got a kick out of her red painted toe nails; maybe the whole contrast thing again with the rest of her outfit. I closed her door and marched around to the driver’s side, got in, and we took off.

Minnie was messing around with the radio as we pulled away, but whether it was her drunken state or inability to find anything she liked, she settled on nothing at all, and just turned down the volume. Although I was still a little nervous about just being in the same car with this gorgeous woman, the silence was kind of nice.

We moved along like that for a good few minutes until she piped up:

“I don’t think I can make it.”

I was perplexed. We were probably only a few miles away from her house, but then again, I guess I really wasn’t at all that surprised figuring she needed to throw up. I typically don’t enjoy trying to clean vomit out of the car, so I didn’t bother question. I pulled into a beach parking lot without saying a word, and left the car keçiören escort running.

She swung the door open somewhat hastily, and asked me to grab her purse. Now thoroughly confused, I grabbed her bag and stepped out of the car, thinking she just wanted me to hold her hair while she upchucked or something like that. I walked around the back toward the passenger side, but she, instead, sauntered toward the front of the car just to the side of the headlights so she was somewhat visible. Minnie then hiked up her dress, pulled down her red panties, and went into a squat. I lost my mind.

I don’t remember the steps I took to close the gap between us, but I was soon getting a magnificent view of her completely shaved pussy. Her creamy thighs were spread wide as her panties stretched between each knee, and her soft, round ass hung low in the background. It looked like Minnie was having trouble getting started, either that or time was practically standing still for me even though my heart raced; then it happened.

A thin, clear stream shot out of her pussy and made contact with the asphalt brilliantly illuminated by the headlights. My jaw dropped as her piss pattered playfully between the white lines of the parking space Minnie was happily assaulting with her deluge of pent up urine. I’m not sure if she didn’t fully mind (or maybe didn’t notice) my close presence, but she didn’t look up for a single second as she was heavily concentrated on her peeing.

She must’ve drank quite a bit over the course of the party, because the puddle was growing rather large. So large in fact, that her bare feet were getting wet by the ever growing river of of pee that rained down. The stream. Would. Not. Stop.

To say I was a little excited at this point is an understatement, I thought my penis was going to break right through my jeans. As her torrent died down, her aim became a bit more unpredictable, vandalizing her red toe nails.

“Damn it,” she uttered.

She contracted her muscles and let loose a couple more spurts, further adding to what seemed like a small lake in the lot next to the ocean. She stood up slightly,

“Can you hand me some tissues please?”

I have no clue what took over me. Maybe it was a primal, animalistic instinct. Maybe it was just my sick love for pee. Instead of satisfying her request, I dropped her purse from my sweaty palms, gripped her things, and dove into her forbidden region.

The minute my tongue hit her pussy I was in complete ecstasy, Minnie on the other hand reacted in a startled fashion. She jerked up almost to a full standing position from her initial half-squat, which caused her to lean back on my car to regain her balance. My response to this was to follow her movement, and continue lapping like a dog.

Whether she began to feel horny or maybe her drunken state just said “screw it” and allowed it to happen, Minnie very clearly began to enjoy the sensation. Her urine tasted unique, although I’ve never even tasted anybody’s before; it wasn’t very salty, and was very diluted based on the alcohol.

I couldn’t even believe the courage I had to go through with this, nevermind attempt something that I had no experience in (and only seen online). These thoughts came to me along with an additional one: regret. Fear. What am I doing? I just ruined whatever friendship I have with the only girl I really know. I’ll be thought of as a sick perv once she tells everyone.

I pulled away from her now clean, glistening pussy, and began my ascent up her body as I tried to gauge her overall reaction from her face. I met her at eye level. She looked at me with a mix of confusion, shock, and maybe lust. I just stared at her blankly; not knowing what to do, or say. I was scared.

Then, she put a hand to the side of my head, and drew me into her lips for a deep, passionate kiss. My mind was blown. Words can’t describe how relieved I was. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths; no doubt she was getting a taste of herself and the remnants of her monstrous piss. After what seemed like another eternity in this never ending night, Minnie began to grin a mile wide as we broke our heated kiss. My first kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32