My Four Women Ch. 02

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Diana: 22 years old, Portuguese 5 foot tall about 105 lbs long brown curly hair and loves to wear bling even at work.

I met Diane about a year after Nancy. When I first met her she was plump teenager who was just starting at the job. I was told very (not so politely) sternly told by her mother to leave her alone, and that she was spoken for already. From the look on her mother’s face I figured I better not even think about this girl.

I didn’t even see Diane for about two years and when I did I was amazed by the transformation. She was now a hot looking girl and she was definitely a big flirt. The first time I saw her she came up and gave me a big hug that had groins grinding together.

We would run into each other at work on a very regular basis and I made it very plain to her that I wanted to get it on with her. She always would laugh and say that she wasn’t interested in a sexual relationship with anyone at that time. What a waste.

About a year of the playing went on and we just had fun with it. But all of a sudden she was giving me more than just flirt y looks. She would occasionally grab my ass and when I grabbed her she would push up against my hand.

I decided that I was going to see how far I could push it. I asked her to accompany me to a social event for some friends of mine that were getting married, She agreed and I told her that I would pick her up about 8 pm., on the Friday.

When I picked her up that Friday, I was blown away by what she was wearing. She had on a very tight red dress that stopped just beyond her crotch. She looked amazing and I started to get hard right then. We drove to my place because the hall where the event was, was right across from my apartment building.

We went to the event and started to have a drink and talk. As the night wore on Diane was getting fairly drunk. She was cuddling up to me when we were sitting at the table, and was just about climbing into my pants when we were slow dancing on the floor. Several people made the comment to get a room somewhere.

At the end of the evening, we walked across to my place. We got into the apt. and I asked her if she wanted another drink.

She said “Most definitely. I don’t think that I am going home tonight. You are to drunk to drive cevizli escort me home, so I guess I am staying here for the night.”

I got a smile on my face and I went to pour the drinks. I gave her the drink and we sat on the couch and talked. About a half an hour later she said that she was ready for bed. I walked her to the bedroom and just as she sat down on the bed, she grabbed me and pulled me on top of her.

She said ” I want you and I am going to have you even if I have to rape you. I want you to make me a woman, I am still a virgin, and I want to lose it tonight.”

I Kissed her and she started to pull my clothes off. I started to take hers off and soon we were on the bed nude and kissing passionately.

I got in between her legs and pulled her to me so that my cock was up against her pussy. From that position, I could see her body completely and what I saw was spectacular. She had a slim waist and breast that were just a little smaller than a B cup. She was already starting to rub against my cock and was starting to moan.

I started to rub her body with hands and she moaned and moved even more. She was starting to squirm and soon she started to come from rubbing up against my cock. I then told her that it was time to get her ready.

She said ” Tim Just ram that cock into me and fuck me, don’t be gentle and just give it to me hard. I want you to fuck me right now.”

I told her that I had to get her ready, and she reluctantly agreed. I started to kiss my way to her tits and I sucked and nibbled for what seemed an eternity. Diane was starting to moan again and I worked my way down to her pussy. It was adorned with just a small pencil wide strip of hair and I soon was licking her outer lips. Diane started to squirm again and I kept licking starting at the bottom and licking all the way up to where her button was. Her button soon popped out and I took it in to my mouth and sucked on it, driving her to another orgasm. She kept coming in buckets and I drank all of the juice that I could. It had a sweet salty taste that tasted like heaven.

Diane said “please Tim fuck me now, make me a woman, take me hard long and deep. I want you in me now please please please.”

I erenköy escort didn’t let her beg any longer, and I climbed up and placed my head right at her pussy.

As I was starting to push in I said “This might hurt a little.

She replied ” That is OK, just do it fuck me now.”

I pushed up against her hymen and she looked at me and gave me a nod. I rammed into her and she screamed and kissed me hard. I just stayed there for about ten seconds and she said it was alright to start.

I started to move in and out and slowly let the heat and passion build. Soon we were stroking hard and we seemed to be made for each other. She was matching my movements and we were in total agreement with our movements.

Soon she was starting to babble, and said “Oh God Oh God Oh God I am going to cum. God that feels so good, drive it harder. Make it come out of my mouth, I want that cock as far in as it will go. I want you to fuck me until I hurt. FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME.”

I said ” I am going to fuck you so hard that your ass is going to cum at the same time as your pussy.”

She said ” God please fuck me harder.”

I was fucking as hard as I could and soon she was coming so hard that I had to hang on so she wouldn’t buck me off.

She eventually came down, and she had the most erotic smile on her face. She said ” Fuck me like that again. God that was amazing. I want to cum like that again.”

I said ” I don’t know if I can hold out that long again.”

She said ” Well let’s take care of that problem.” She rolled us over and disengaged us. She didn’t even try to make it sensual, and just went down and started to suck me off. I didn’t last more that 30 seconds. She sucked all of my cum into her mouth and swallowed it She licked her lips and said ” you have taken two of my virgin holes.”

I got back on top of her and slid right back into her pussy, and now she started to work it and clench onto my cock as I was driving into her. She started to moan, and uttered the OH GOD OH GOD again. She was egging me on to fuck her hard. I was working up a good sweat and soon she was coming again.

After she had cum, we just laid on the bed and tried to catch our breath. esenyurt escort After a while, she rolled over to me and said “make me a real portugese woman, take my ass. I want you to fuck my ass and drop a load there. I want to feel your hard cock driving into my ass and I want to cum that way too.”

With her talking that way, I was now rock hard again. I grabbed the Vaseline out of the bedside table and greased my self and her up. I got her on her hand and knees, and put my cock at here asshole. I was just starting to push into her and she told me to ram it in. I just slammed into her, and it hurt me just about as much as her. I waited a few seconds, and started to pump into her. She started to push back against me as I pumped in and soon she was begging me to fuck her harder. I reached around the front and started to play with her clitoris. She was soon screaming and she started to cum again. She clamped down on my cock and her rectum started to milk my cock. That finished me, and I came in her ass.

After we separated, and we both went to the bathroom to clean up, we climbed into bed and she laid in my arms. She said “This will never happen again, but I want to thank you. I am now saved from a life of hell.”

I asked her explain.

She said ” I won’t have to marry the pig that my dad picked out for me now, as I am no longer a virgin. My dad told him that I was going to be a virgin on our wedding night, and the pig said that if I wasn’t the he wouldn’t marry me. So now I can find the man that I want, and love. I don’t have to worry about that pig anymore.” “I am sorry,” she continued ” that I used you for this.””

I told her ” It was okay, as I wanted to fuck her for about a year and a half now.” “you have fulfilled my dream of getting you in my bed.”

I told her that it was time for bed, and with that we cuddled up and went into a deep sleep.

We woke up in the morning and we fucked one more time, and this time it was passionate and long and slow and full of orgasms for both of us.

We never got together for sex again, but on the night of her wedding, she pulled me into a alcove and gave me a long slow kiss and jacked me off. She told me that she would be forever grateful for what I had done for her, and that she would never forget our night together. She told me then that she had only one drink and that she had poured all of her drinks out and was just acting drunk She said that she had planned the night from the moment I had asked her out.

Her mom never found out who had taken her virginity, which was good thing because her dad probably would have killed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32