My Incredible Life Ch. 01

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It was my senior year when my life took a really big turn for the better.

I was an only child to Suzie and Lorne. In that year, Suzie was 38 and Lorne was 42. My Dad had been working for three years at a large international company. He had risen through the ranks rapidly and held a Vice President’s job responsible for “Customer Relations”. This meant he was gone on extended business trips around the World. One would think that my Mother, Suzie, would get bored or intolerant of all the travel. But since she was good friends with the President’s wife, Laura, my Mother never seemed to miss her husband.

At the time, we lived in a South Western US state in an up-scale neighborhood. We had a large house with an outdoor pool which was very private. I was use to seeing Suzie and Laura lounging by the pool when I came home from school. Both were always relaxed. This one particular day, I came home and started to clean the pool. Since it was a warm Spring day, I removed my shirt and had on shorts. I couldn’t help but enjoy the view of Suzie in her bikini and Laura (who I think was only 34 – a true trophy wife) in a Brazilian cut white bikini. I couldn’t help but notice that the white bikini had no lining and there was a distinct “camel toe” which I couldn’t help but continually take glances at.

I know you must be wondering what these women looked like. Well, Suzie was 5 foot 7 inches tall, a size 8, with nice B sized breasts. She worked out often, so her stomach was nicely flat and her butt firm. I never really wondered whether she was pretty or not, but she did keep good care of her brunette hair and rarely wore much make-up.

Laura, as I said, was a true trophy wife. She was a tall 5 foot 9 inch blonde, with C cup natural breasts, topped with nicely sized nipples and dollar sized areola, clearly visible through her top. She was extremely pretty too!

I guess the women couldn’t help notice that they were distracting me. For me, I just seemed to zone out, mesmerized by istanbul escort the near naked Laura. I was snapped back to reality when Laura shouted out, “What are you doing for the summer, Tom?”

I replied, “It is still a bit early, but I need to get a summer job to earn money for college.”

She said, “Would you like to be my ‘Pool Boy” for the summer? I will pay you well and even give you performance bonuses.”

I said, “Sure, as long as the pay is good.”

Laura responded, “I am sure I can make you an attractive deal. Why not drop over to my home on Saturday and I can show you around and what I would like you to do?”

I said, “Sure!”

So, that Saturday, I showed up at Laura’s door around 1:00 p.m.. The door was answered by a very hot young woman. I later learned that Jennie was Laura’s Personal Assistant. Jennie was dressed in short shorts and a halter type bikini top containing her perky B breasts topped with very erect nipples.

I stammered, “Hi, I am the new Pool Boy” while thinking this job just keeps getting better and better

Jennie said, “Follow me”

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her incredible tight round butt! One could surely bounce quarters off of it.

I was lead through a very nice home, down the stairs, and out the sliding doors to the pool. The house was built on the side of hill, so it appeared to be one story from the front, but had a walk out through the basement. Like our home, the backyard was very secluded and it was a good thing, because there was Laura laid out on her stomach with not a stitch of clothing on!

Jennie shouted out, “Help has arrived!”

Laura rolled over and I couldn’t help but get a hard on when I saw her naked and totally shaved body!

Laura met my eyes, then dropped them down to my crotch. I could only hope she was impressed.

She rose to meet me, and said, “Well the pool was already cleaned today, so why not get out of your clothes and join us by the istanbul escort bayan pool for some sun as we get to know each other?”

With that, Jennie, stripped and laid down on another lounger. She had small dark areola, but large nipples. Like Laura, she was shaved and her inner labia were swollen.

So what could I do? I stripped down and took a spot on the loungers between the women.

It was almost a simultaneous, “mmmm” that slipped out from both women.

Laura said, “I can see you are up for the job. I sure hope we can reach an amicable agreement.” With that, she reached over and wrapped her hand around my cock.

I asked, “what about your husband? Won’t he be upset?”

Laura just laughed, “He has such a small dick and really doesn’t know how to use it. So I show him what a real cock can do for me. If he is good, I let him clean up what is left behind.” With that, she lowered her lips around my cock and started to tease the head of my cock.

I looked over at Jennie. She was caressing her breasts, tweaking her nipples, and clearly enjoying the sight.

Laura continued to suck on my cock and I could feel myself about to burst. I came quickly and hard. Laura sucked every drop from me. I couldn’t help myself.

“Sorry”, I said. I didn’t’ want to cum so quickly, but you two just set me over the edge!

They both laughed. “No worries, we have all afternoon and we both hope to enjoy that cock before you leave for the day.”

Laura laid back down on the lounger and waved Jennie over. Jennie took her place between Laura’s legs and began to lick Laura’s swollen pussy. It was clear that Jennie was practiced at this, as she was making Laura squirm and moan loudly.

Laura looked over at me and said, “finger her cunt”. Not to be one to pass up an invitation like that, I took a position behind Jennie, wet two fingers, and slid them into her pussy from behind.

I wasn’t a virgin, but I had been with only istanbul bayan escort two girls before. Jennie was only the second girl who I fingered, so I was surprised at how different her cunt felt from my girlfriend’s pussy. She was very “textured” inside and I couldn’t help but rubbed the upper front wall of her cunt. Jennie seemed to love this as her pussy started to flow with juices and her hips moved to maximize the pressure of my fingers in her.

By this stage, Laura was screaming, “Oh my gawd! Don’t stop! Harder! Like my fucking cunt! Ahhhhhhhhh!!” Almost in unison, Jennie lifted her mouth from Laura and screamed out her orgasm.

That’s all it took for my cock to reach full hardness again.

“Fuck me” commanded Laura. She directed Jennie to the lounger beside us and took up a position on her hands and knees with her face buried in Jennie’s crotch. I took up a position behind Laura and slipped my cock easily into Laura and started to fuck her slowly. I locked eyes with Jennie. It was only then that I noticed how cute she was and also how young she was (I later learned she was 20). I continued to fuck Laura, all the while thinking of how nice it will be to fuck Jennie too. I looked down to admire the sight of my cock sliding in and out of Laura and also noticed how nice her ass looked. I don’t know what made me do it, but I wet my thumb and slid it inside of Laura’s ass. I had never played with a woman’s asshole before, so I was just as surprised as Laura.

Laura stopped her cunt lapping long enough to turn her head and say to me, “You are one kinky fucker! Don’t stop!”

Being one to please, I dipped my thumb deeper into her ass, feeling my cock sliding in and out of Larua’s pussy. Just then, I felt her orgasm. Waves of contractions were pulsing through her pussy, squeezing my cock like I had never felt before. I couldn’t help it, but I came for the second time, filling her cunt with even more wetness.

Laura screamed, “Don’t stop! I am going to cum again”. I had never been so turned on before, and was surprised that I didn’t totally lose my erection. My cock remained hard enough to keep pumping Laura’s pussy. Her second orgasm seemed to help me along as I once again reach full hardness.

Just then, I noticed Laura’s husband at the back door…

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