My Summer Cougar Pt. 06

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Big Tits

Tuesday afternoon. Arriving at Annie’s once again, I started wondering what was in store for me today. Was Annie back? Or would I see Meg again. As the back door was closed I deduced that Annie wasn’t back yet, it was a warm day again so no reason for the door to be closed unless she wasn’t home.

As I worked my thoughts again on the last few days, the whole thing seemed to be some kind of dream. A dream where you live out your fantasies. ‘I must not get my hopes up,’ I thought to myself. One day I was going to be disappointed. But of course I hoped it wouldn’t be today.

I looked at my watch. I’d been working over two hours and no sign of Annie or Meg yet. I remembered what Meg had said that if Annie wasn’t back, then she would be there, but as the time went by my doubts increased.

Then I heard the shout that I had been eagerly listening for, it was Meg. As I walked towards the back door I wondered what was on offer today, if anything.

“Hello John how are you today? Sorry I’m a bit late, just had a long soak in the bath, lost all track of time. Lemonade!” she said handing a glass to me.

“Thank you, yes I’m fine, how are you?” I asked.

“Very well thank you dear, all the better for seeing you,” she said, with a broad smile, “take those boots off and come through to the lounge.”

By the time I entered the lounge Meg was already seated in the armchair, “sit yourself down John,” she said as she nodded her head in the direction of the sofa.

“How is Annie’s sister,” I asked as I sat down.

“A lot better apparently, Annie phoned me last night, said she hoped to be home soon. We had a long chat actually, your name was mentioned, more than once,” Meg said.

Surprised that they’d been talking about me, “Oh, I hope my work is up to scratch?” I asked wondering what had been said.

“Oh yes dear, don’t worry about that. Annie can’t wait to get home, she said how jealous she was that I was getting the benefit of your labours. But she did say that I merter escort must take good care of you,” she said with a lustful look in her eyes.

I looked away breaking eye contact, feeling embarrassed but pleasantly so.

“Annie was saying how much she missed your big tasty cock and that made me think…I realised I haven’t actually tasted it. When I told Annie, she told me that I really must and made me promise to sample it today, so I’ve got my orders!” and as she finished speaking moved to kneel in front of me.

Today as usual she wore a thin summer dress. She watched my reaction as she pulled the straps off her shoulders one at a time and let the dress fall to her waist. Reaching behind herself she unclasped her bra and let it slip from her, her heavy breasts drooped down under their weight.

Her hands took their weight as she lifted them slightly, “There dear I hope you like them,” she said and looked down to my shorts, “Oh yes, I think perhaps you do.

As she rubbed her hands over her tits I found I was fascinated by the huge dark areolae around her nipples, bigger than any I’d ever seen. Under the stimulation from her hands her large nipples grew stiff.

As she leaned forward her hands reached for my shorts and her tits, now unsupported, hung down, “now dear help me get these shorts down,” she instructed.

I undid the button as she unzipped the fly and lifting my bum she pulled my shorts and pants down together, pulling them clear of my feet and dropped them on the floor out of the way.

“Now that’s better, Oh that lovely big hard cock,” she said as she played with her tits again.

She shuffled forward a little and reached for my shaft with one hand and started running her finger tips lightly over the now wet tip. When she thought there was enough pre-cum on her fingers she lifted them to her mouth and licked them clean, closing her eyes as though savouring the taste.

Pulling her fingers from her mutlukent escort mouth she said, “Oooh John I think I need to taste some more, stand up for me.”

As I stood before her, my cock inches from her face I saw her hand disappear from view between her legs while she pinched her nipple between thumb and finger with her other.

Sticking her tongue out she licked my shaft from the tip right down to my balls. Tilting her head to one side she gently licked all around before taking one inside her mouth and gently sucked.

Letting my ball fall from her lips she returned her tongue to my cock and flicked and licked around the base. Moving her head around she licked up the side to the top and back down again. After repeating this several times, up and down, up and down, she moved around to the other side and did the same.

In between licks she said, “Annie wasn’t wrong, you have a very tasty cock.”

Turning her head side on, she rubbed her cheek against my shaft and proceeded to rub it all over her face. When she was satisfied that she had touched every millimetre of her skin with my cock she pulled her head away.

Raising her hand from her pussy, I could see how wet her fingers were as she started rubbing her pussy juice all over my knob. My cock throbbed as she swirled her fingers around and around, twitching several times under her touch.

“Oooo that’s so nice, my juice mixed with yours,” she said and moved her fingers to her mouth.

Licking her fingers, tasting our juices she then held my shaft firmly at the base and lowered her mouth on to the knob. With her mouth just covering the glans she sucked hard, her hand wanking slowly at the base. Her other hand disappeared between her legs.

With my knob firmly held between her lips and her hand holding the base she pulled her head up as though trying to stretch it between hand and mouth. Easing the pressure and then repeating the process over and over until otele gelen escort she knew I was getting close, she let it slip from her mouth and removed her hand from the base, I so nearly came.

She reached out and grabbed a cushion from the sofa, “eat my pussy John, like you did yesterday,” she said as she laid down on the floor tucking the cushion under her bum and opened her legs wide.

Kneeling down between her legs I ran my hands up her inner thighs before lowering my head between them. I ran my tongue all over the large lips of her labia before gently probing her hole, my nose rubbing her clit.

The musky smell of her cunt encouraged my tongue deeper. She was so wet. Now fucking her hole with my tongue she moaned with pleasure.

“That’s so good John, I’m so close but I want you to cum with me. Rub your cock on my clit while you wank yourself, let me feel that spunk shoot over my clit,” she said.

Bending her legs I was able to slide my legs under them to bring my cock close enough to reach her clit. I started wanking my cock, lowering the knob to her clit. Looking up her body I saw her pinching and pulling on her big stiff nipples, her eyes were closed.

The feeling of my knob on her wet clit, slipping and sliding around as I wanked had me on the verge and I could see Meg was just as close

“Oooh, John, shoot your load, let me feel it on my clit, I’m co…ming John,” she said.

Holding my cock at the base and rubbing the knob firmly on Meg’s clit I shot my load, stream after stream, Meg cried out as her orgasm enveloped her. Her body rigid. My cum dripped down her pussy to join her creamy cum oozing from her hole.

Struggling to my feet, legs shaking, I sat down on the sofa and after giving myself a moment or two to recover, reached for my clothes.

Meg, still laying on the floor with her eyes closed said, “I think Annie will be satisfied that I looked after you today John, I’ll tell her how hard you worked, I’m sure she’ll be pleased. So I’ll see you tomorrow then dear.”

Now dressed I looked down at Meg. Her large tits laying under her hands, her legs still wide open with a wet mess of juices all over her pussy. As I left the room to retrieve my boots from the kitchen I knew that was an image I would never forget.

Could it get any better than this…

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