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Naomi felt Ashleigh shift restlessly beside her. She knew clubs weren’t really Ashleigh’s thing but Naomi felt it was her duty as best friend to get her out. Plus it meant she got to find someone new.

Naomi accepted a drink from her latest admirer and ran her eyes over the man who offered it. He was tall, easily cleared her by a foot even in the heels she wore. Naomi made her decision and moved into him, pressing her lithe body against his hard one. She barely even felt Ashleigh move from her side so engrossed was she in watching this mans dark eyes study her closely from head to foot. Naomi shivered, feeling like she was under some kind of inspection.

“Ready to leave?”

Naomi felt her mouth slide open, that sort of question was more than forward. Still she could feel her juices begin to flow at hearing his voice, touching the tops of her thighs already because of her decision to forgo underwear.

She responded by squeezing his cock through his trousers, her way of saying yes, her way of checking out his size. She was delighted with the results. She turned to look for Ashleigh and managed to catch her eye as she was guided by some man off the dance floor. Naomi lifted her eyebrow questioningly but still gave her friend a smile and a thumbs up, pleased she had found someone and wasn’t going to be ditched. Naomi ordered one last shot, feeling like she was going to need some Dutch courage to handle this man tonight. She winked at him and began to sashay through the press of bodies, certain he was following.

He was and the second they were out the door he cupped her ass through the thin material of her dress. She giggled and thrust herself into his hands. He slid an arm around her waist and led her round the side of the building where there was a thin alleyway. Naomi expected his car to be on the other side so was surprised when she was pushed into the cold hard stone.

Her sounds of protest were drowned by his mouth meeting hers. The protest became a moan as she fisted her hands in his hair. His hands were also busy and she only registered her dress was around her waist when she felt the cold night air cool the hot, wet skin that was uncovered. She glanced towards the entrance of the alley, feeling a little wary about the fact anyone could walk past. The man held her chin and moved her face back to his, their eyes meeting. She became aware of the fact his fingers were stroking the top of her thigh and once she realised he moved them upwards. Naomi moaned and tried to move her legs wider, hampered by the fact she was standing and in heels. He seemed to read her mind and grasped her thigh, pulling it over his hip and holding it steady.

It left her spread wide for his touch. Her outer lips pulled apart to reveal the little nub of flesh that could be such a point of pleasure. He stroked her expertly, sliding two fingers through her wetness from the back to the front, flicking them over her clit. She panted and pressed her bostancı escort lips to his neck, sucking enough to leave a faint mark.

“I’m close.”

It was the first words she had spoken to him and he reacted by pressing his fingers firmly into her, causing her to experience an earth-shattering orgasm. She held onto his shoulders for support, glad he was there so she wouldn’t end in a heap on the ground. He waited for her to finish before pushing her to the ground. Naomi squatted on her heels, not wanting to put her knees on the cold ground. He undid his belt and unzipped his trousers unceremoniously, pulling out the cock she had admired earlier. He didn’t waste time in bringing it to her lips, already hard. She wetted the head of him and wrapped her lips around it, flicking her tongue over the sensitive underside.

He leaned one arm on the wall and brought the other to the back of her head, pushing her down his length. Naomi felt him hit her throat sooner than expected and she gagged. He pulled back enough for her to breath and she cursed herself. She knew perfectly well how to deep throat, now he was going to think she couldn’t take a cock! This time it was her who pushed her head down on his shaft, controlling her gag reflex and relaxing her throat enough to take him into it. He groaned loudly and began moving his hips back and forth, setting his own rhythm.

Naomi loved it when men fucked her face, especially those with thick, long cocks that were just made for sucking. One like that which was being pounded into her throat at the moment. She moaned around him, knowing the vibrations caused all kinds of goodness. She brought one hand to the balls that were hitting her in the chin and rubbed them in her hand, giving them a gentle tug now and then. The other hand she brought to her own sopping wet pussy and shoved three fingers roughly into herself, causing another moan to escape. With the man in her mouth and her fingers in herself it didn’t take long for Naomi to bring herself to orgasm. She removed her mouth from the man and moaned loudly into the night air, closing her eyes against the stars that were both overhead and in her vision.

She was dragged up by the hair and leaned weakly against the wall, feeling detached from her own body as she watched the man drag her leg up his hip again and line himself up with her opening that had not yet stopped its post-orgasmic spasms. She slammed back into her body as he slammed his into her. She almost lost her footing at the feeling of him stretching her, forcing himself into her tight wet channel. She gripped his shoulders and held on for the ride, barely aware of her bare shoulders scrapping along the wall behind her.

The stranger stopped his thrusting long enough to pull her dress up over her breasts. Naomi gasped and tried to cover them, not from his eyes but she suddenly realised they were in public! He grabbed her wrists in one of his hands fatih escort and forced them high above her head, holding them against the rough brickwork. He resumed his thrusting and used his free hand to squeeze her breasts roughly, having no trouble in teasing the nipples into tight peaks. He latched his mouth onto one nipple and left his hand free to wander down to her over-sensitive clit. He gripped the slippery little jut of flesh in two of his fingers alternated between tugging it and pressing it firmly. Naomi closed her eyes against the onslaught. Never before had she felt so…taken. Normally she was in charge. She felt like she was going to come again. The mans thrusts became quicker and rougher, indicating he was also.

Naomi came with a scream, the wetness on her thighs became a flood and her knees shook with the force of it. Her eyes had remained tightly closed and there was an explosion of red behind her lids. The feel of the man spending himself within her ensured the spasms wracking her muscles didn’t end.

His softening cock slipped from her. Her pussy clenched unconsciously trying to keep it locked inside her. She met the man whose name she still didn’t know eyes. A wicked smile curved his lips and he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“Jack.” He offered her his hand.

“Naomi.” She shook it with a breathless laugh. She was glad when he helped her straighten her dress, unsure if she would be able to do it herself, being certain the only reason she was standing was the wall at her back.

He kept his arm wrapped round her waist as he led her through the alley. She was thankful for the support. As she had first suspected his car was indeed parked on the other side.

She made her way to the passenger side and waited for him to unlock it. Instead he gave her the same wicked grin as before and pulled her to the front of the car. He kissed her thoroughly before pulling back and staring at her, turning her in his arms to press her back against his chest. He moved his lips gently against the scrapes on her back and shoulders from the wall. Jack ran his hands down her arms to her hands, urged them forward and placed them palm-down on the hood of his car. She turned to look enquiringly at him but he simply began to roll her dress back up her legs. Naomi stood up straight. Jack forced her hands back down onto the hood. “Don’t move them.” he growled in her eye. Naomi shivered and obeyed.

He continued lifted the skirt of her dress until it was draped over her waist and she felt the night breeze touch her. He pressed his thumbs into her flesh and held her open for his inspection. Naomi felt a blush creep across her face, she had never felt so openly exposed, both down there and the fact that here she was bent over a car in a parking lot!

Naomi jumped when she felt his tongue touch her. But it was brief. Just one long slow lick from the front to the back, lingering on her clit. She leaned back into bağcılar escort him, trying to encourage but he ignored her attempts and stood back up. He administered a sharp slap to each cheek of her arse and she bent down further on the hood, leaning her entire upper body onto it. She heard Jack undo his belt and he immediately seated himself deep within her. Naomi gasped, feeling him rub along her g-spot, doggy was always her favourite for a reason.

Jack kept his movements steady, a long slow slide in, held for a beat, before dragging himself back out of her tight tunnel. He kept his hands held tight on her narrow hips and began pulling her back to meet his thrusts. Naomi loved the friction he was creating, her clit was being dragged with each in and out movement and the head of him kept nudging her g-spot. She hadn’t thought after the first round that she would be able to come again so quickly but she was definitely ready to go again.

Jack recognised the signs, her eyes had fluttered closed and her breathing became erratic, the muscles she was using to tighten and release his cock gripped faster. He pulled her hard against him and held, his cock pressed against her cervix, adding a delicious little stab of pain.

He moved his head down to her ear.

“Don’t even think about coming.” Naomi whimpered and the place between her legs gushed in response to his words. Being so used to being in control of men she was loving the way he was taking her.

“Why I come, you come. Ok?” Naomi nodded, unable to speak, all her focus was on not coming just from him exercising his control over her. He slid his hands under her dress to cup her perky breasts, kneading them in his palms as he continued his thrusts. Every time Jack felt Naomi was close to coming he would stop, making her cry out in frustration. She felt he fucked into her for an eternity without her being allowed release. Her thighs were sore from being pushed into the front of the car, the scrapes on her back were stinging but the only thing she noticed was his cock buried deep inside her, his hands stroking over her.

Naomi lifted herself onto her hands and began to push back to meet his thrusts, trying to help him come so she could too. It worked, he dug his fingers deep into the flesh of her ass.

He came.

She did too, she felt her wetness explode from her, her arms gave way and she collapsed on the hood of the car, coming over and over. Her sound was to scream his name. He didn’t release her hips, simply held her tight, riding both of them through the storm. He finally left, leaving her feeling empty for the second time that night. She turned so she was on her back and looked up at him, memorizing the features of the man who had made her experience the best orgasms she had ever felt. He stroked her sides, staring at her too, still exposed from the waist down.

The sound of footsteps brought them back to the moment and they quickly rearranged their attire. Naomi allowed him to open the door for her and she pressed a soft kiss to his lips before she slid in. She could feel their combined come slide from her and she grinned as he walked round to the drivers side of the car. The grin widened as she thought about what else they could do this night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32