Neighbour, Dad and Me

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I’d been watching my neighbour Tom, in the mornings for a few weeks. He’d stand on his back porch smoking, wearing tight lycra shorts, showing off his massive package and his fit body. If he wasn’t hard in those shorts, he was packing a huge cock. I’d stand to the side of my bedroom window so he couldn’t see me, and lust after his cock.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Paul, I’m 21, fit, I guess reasonably attractive as I have no trouble pulling when I go out looking for dick. I have dark short cut hair, slight facial growth I keep trimmed, stand 6 foot tall, hairless body and an 7″ uncut cock with tight balls.

I live with my dad, Greg, since mum died a few years ago. Dad is 48, also 6 foot tall, has a bit of a dad body but not fat, short hair too. He has a little hair in the middle of his chest. I haven’t seen him naked but have seen him in his undies and his cock looks to be about the same size as mine.

Tom, our neighbour, is a hunk. He has a gym toned hairy body with magnificent pecs, bald headed and he keeps the hair on the sides of his head close cropped too. He has a black trimmed beard.

I think Tom might be gay. He is such a hunk, but I’ve never seen him with a woman since he moved in about 2 years ago. Looking like that, he could have any woman he wanted. He runs every morning and goes to the local gym 3 times a week – not that I’ve been stalking him or anything.

On this Saturday morning as he stood on his porch smoking, he was rubbing his other hand over his package. It started to bulge even more in his white lycra shorts. He put his hand inside his shorts and repositioned his cock. It was now hard and pointing to the left – it looked to be at least 9″ long and thick. He finished his cigarette, and stretched his hands way over his head pushing his groin outwards. That cock looked like it was going to bust out of his shorts.

He turned around and bent over to touch his toes. His ass almanbahis was firm, and well rounded. He was a perfect specimen of a man. He finished stretching and went back indoors. Show was over for today I thought, so I went downstairs and started fixing breakfast for dad and me.

Shortly before midday, I was reading in the garden when my dad called out to me “Paul, we’ve been invited to Tom’s next door for a barbecue. You wanna go?”

Did I want to go? Get to be up close to the stud – hell yeah!! “Sure dad. What time?” I yelled back.

“In about half an hour” he replied.

“OK, I’ll be ready”.

I ran upstairs, and had a quick shower, then dressed in a jock, loose fitting shorts and sleeveless T-shirt that hugged my body. If Tom was gay, I was going to find out, but I had to be cautious in front of my dad. Dad knew I was gay, but I’d never flirted with a guy in front of him before.

When I came back downstairs dad was wearing similar shorts and a loose T-shirt. I thought he was going commando cos I could see his cock swinging in his shorts as he walked. Bit odd for my dad I thought but it was a warm day so maybe he just wanted to be comfortable. And it was only a back yard barbecue after all.

We walked over to Tom’s front door and rang the bell. When Tom opened the door I almost fainted. He was stark bollock naked!! His huge uncut cock was hard and sticking straight out in front of him. It was surrounded by closely trimmed pubes, and he had a thick black rubber ring around his cock and balls. I looked at my dad who was smiling. He said “Glad to see you’re ready.”

We entered the house and then I got another shock. Dad walked up to Tom and locked lips with him as he ran his hands all over Tom’s hairy pecs.

Dad broke from the kiss and bent down. He started kissing Tom’s hard cock. Then Dad pulled the foreskin back exposing the huge knob, and started licking around the ridge. I stood there almanbahis giriş in shock. What the fuck was going on?

Dad reached around and pulled his shorts down exposing his hairy ass to me as he sank as much of Tom’s cock into his mouth as he could. Dad pulled his ass cheeks apart so I could see his shit hole.

“Don’t just stand there Paul. Your dad wants his ass eating out. Get in there lad” Tom said.

“It’s my dad!!” I replied.

“So fucking what? A hole is a hole, and your dad has a fucking tasty ass cunt. I can see you want to.”

I realised then that I had a hard cock bulging in my shorts. I pushed my shorts and jock down and stepped out of them freeing my cock.

“You got a nice cock Paul,” Tom said. “Your dad will love it up his cunt.”

I bent down and started stroking my dad’s ass cheeks. I pulled them wide apart and sank my nose and tongue into his crack and hole. Fuck, I was eating my dad’s ass. This was so wrong but I fucking loved it. I slobbered over his hole, pushing my tongue inside his shitter, eating him out for all I was worth.

Dad was still sucking on Tom’s cock, moaning and groaning. Tom handed me a bottle of lube. “Fuck him Paul. Shove your cock in his cunt and fuck your dad. Don’t be gentle either.”

I lubed up my hard dripping cock and dad’s ass. Then with one thrust, I rammed my cock balls deep into my dad’s hot juicy ass hole. It felt so hot and juicy as his ass swallowed my cock.

“Give it to him hard boy. Your dad loves a hard fuck.” Obviously Tom had fucked my dad before as he knew what my dad wanted. I started banging away hard into dad’s ass as he sucked on Tom’s cock. “Get him juiced up for me Paul. I’m gonna fuck him after you’ve loaded his guts with your cum. Then I’m gonna fuck you so I hope you’re as able to take a big cock as your dad is.”

I was so fucking horned up at the thought of Tom fucking me with my cum and dad’s ass juices almanbahis yeni giriş on his cock as lube. I couldn’t hold back. My cum started churning in my balls. “Oh fuck, fuck, FUCK I”M CUMMING” I shouted. My cock unleashed a flood of spunk deep inside dad’s guts.

As I pulled out of my dad’s ass, my cum dribbled out of his fucked hole. He stood up, turned around, bent over and started sucking on my still hard cock. Tom wasted no time. He rubbed his huge cock up and down dad’s ass, coating it with my cum, then pushed it deep into my dad’s ass. He power fucked my dad, banging him hard and fast, pushing him onto my cock. It was so hot watching Tom fuck my dad. I couldn’t wait to feel Tom inside me doing the same. My hole was twitching at the thought.

“Lube up your hole boy. I want to fuck you,” Tom said. I used the lube on my hole, turned around, bent over showing Tom my ass cunt. I felt him stand behind me, placing his knob at my entrance. I didn’t wait. I pushed back taking his 9″ of cock meat deep inside me in one go. It felt so good to be full of a huge hard cock.

“Hungry ass you got boy. Like father like son.”

Dad moved in front of me, his cock hard and dripping with precum. He pushed his cock into my mouth. I was being spit roasted by my dad and Tom. My hole was being stretched and my prostate was being pounded.

After a few minutes my cock erupted in a hands free cum blast. My asshole clenched around Tom’s cock and he started yelling “Fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum. OH FUCK here it comes boy.” I felt my ass get warm and wet as Tom unloaded his baby batter into my guts. Dad also let loose, his cum flooding my mouth. It was hot, slightly salty but tasted so good. It was a huge load too. I couldn’t swallow it all, some dribbled out of the sides of my mouth.

I felt Tom slide out of my abused cunt. I clenched my hole to keep all his spunk inside me. As I stood up, dad leaned in and started licking the cum that had dribbled out of my mouth. He kissed me and shared the cum.

“That was good guys” Tom said. “Hope you’re up for some more soon.” Dad looked at me and smiled saying “I guess we need to talk.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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