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It had been a long time since I had traveled for work, but I had accepted a new position and this was the required training. The first two days had proven very dull and long, but the hotel was amazing and the company was paying for everything – including an expense budget for food and drinks. After listening to the instructor drone on for hours for the second day, I was ready to use that money for a good, hard drink.

The hotel was also hosting the training seminars, so when the day was finally done I was able to simply walk to my hotel room. A little about me, I’m in my mid-thirties, average looking and had recently started exploring with bisexuality. I still enjoyed sex with women and preferred it, but had years of suppressed curiosities that I had decided to admit to myself and explore. For tonight, I wanted to have some fun on the town and really didn’t care who it was with.

I grabbed a shower and made sure to clean myself inside and out. I dressed in a nice pair of not-too-tight blue jeans, a polo shirt and my new pair of sneakers then left the hotel and started walking. I went about a block and stopped at the first bar I came across. As I walked in, I noticed it was quiet and that the bar’s patrons seemed to be exclusively guys. I went directly to the bar, grabbed a seat and ordered a whiskey from the bartender; who was quick to greet me with a smile as I sat down.

I killed that drink quickly and the bartender was quick to deliver another, still with that same friendly smile. A gentleman quietly sat down next to me and introduced himself with an extended hand.

“I’m Lucas and what brings you in here tonight handsome?”

The simple compliment caught me a little off guard and I hesitated momentarily, looking around the room and noticing again that there were no women there. I wondered briefly if I had walked myself into a gay bar and it didn’t take very long to be sure that I had.

“Looking to relax and have a good time tonight, how about you?” I finally answered.

Lucas was looked to be a little taller than me and in good shape with a warming smile. “Looks like we have something in common already, I’m looking for a good time myself.” Lucas responded. The bartender had stayed close by and pulled the bottle to pour another drink as I had finished mine.

“This round is on me.” Lucas told the bartender as he filled my glass, then poured a glass for Lucas. “To good times.” Lucas said as he raised his glass. I raised my own glass and we drank, beginning a conversation that flowed easily for some time. I noticed that the bartender always stayed close and that he and Lucas made eye contact often.

As we talked, I felt Lucas put his hand on my leg and over time it moved higher. While enjoying the company of a guy hadn’t exactly been what I was looking for when I left the hotel earlier, I wasn’t opposed to the idea either and didn’t make any move to stop Lucas. After talking a while, Lucas stopped and just looked at me. When he spoke again, he was quite forward.

“This place is going to be closing in a few minutes. How would you like to join me and Bryce at my place?” Lucas asked. When he said Bryce, he looked at the bartender who had been staying close since Lucas and I began talking. Bryce smiled his same, persistent friendly smiled and they both stayed silent.

I thought about Lucas’ question for a moment and looked at them both. I had enjoyed my previous experiences with guys, but it had always been one on one. I was intrigued and I found myself turned on. I returned a smile toward Bryce, looked at Lucas and responded by saying “Sure, sounds like a good time.”

Lucas’ hand grabbed my semi-hard dick through my pants and then stood up. I reached for my wallet and I heard Bryce say, “Your drinks are paid for, don’t worry about it.” I put my wallet away and when Lucas began to walk toward the door, I followed.

“My place is only a two blocks away and Bryce will join us after he finishes closing up for the night.” Lucas said. As we walked, our conversation continued but there was an obvious sense of tense anticipation between us. We had not discussed sexual interests and I had no idea what to expect, which was very much part of the excitement and as I would soon discover, I was not to be let down.

We got to Lucas’ apartment with him leading the way inside. His place had an open floor plan, a kitchen with a bar and attached living room with what looked like high quality furniture. As soon as the door closed, Lucas’ attitude changed slightly. His easy going personality gave way to a stern and demanding tone of voice. He kicked his shoes off by the door and pulled his shirt off, revealing güvenilir bahis his firm chest and stomach.

“Come here and get on your knees.” Lucas said as he stood in the living room. I did as he told me and knelt in front of him. He looked down at me and quickly said “The rest of my clothes aren’t going to remove themselves.” Lucas said. I reached up and undid his pants, grabbing them and his underwear by the waistband and pulled them down. His semi-hard, cut cock sprung from his pants in front of my face and I licked my lips. Lucas stepped out of his pants as I pulled them the rest of the way down and I didn’t have to be told what to do next.

I stuck my tongue out and licked the length of Lucas’ shaft from bottom to top, swirling my tongue around the bulbous head when I reached the tip. I repeated this several times, but still didn’t take his shaft into my mouth. His cock was growing as I licked my way around his shaved balls. I sucked the left one into my mouth and swirled my tongue all around it, repeating the process quickly with Lucas’ right one.

After a few moments, I released his balls from my mouth, ran my tongue back up his now rock hard, 7.5 inch shaft to the head, then opened my mouth and slowly enveloped his cock into my mouth. I worked my way down until I felt his cock hit the back of my throat and my nose against his shaved skin. I heard a low moan as I held his cock buried in my mouth for a few seconds.

Just as slowly, I backed my head off his cock, swirling my tongue all around it as it slid out of my mouth. I stopped when only his cock head was left in my mouth and I sucked while continuing the tongue movements before I started bobbing my head up and down his hard, veiny cock. I felt his hand rest on the back of my head and the same occasional low moan as I eagerly sucked his cock.

I was so focused on sucking Lucas’ cock just a few feet inside the door, that I hadn’t noticed that Bryce had walked in and stripped until I felt his hard cock at my cheek. I let Lucas’ cock slide completely out of my mouth and gently grabbed it and started jerking it while I turned towards Bryce’s cock. I looked up at Bryce to find he was built much like Lucas, just a little shorter. His cock was also a little shorter than Lucas’ cock, but a whole lot fatter. I briefly wondered if I could even fit his fat cock in my mouth, but didn’t hesitate any further.

I started by giving him the same treatment that I gave Lucas, licking his shaft and sucking his balls. I heard Lucas say to Bryce, “He is quite the cocksucker, we’re going to have fun tonight.” I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slid his cock into my mouth. I could feel my mouth stretching, but I was able to take his whole fat cock and started sucking him just as eagerly as Lucas. I still had Lucas’ cock in my hand, jerking it slowly and now felt Bryce’s hand on the back of my head. Different from Lucas, Bryce pushed my head down all the way onto his cock and held it there.

“You weren’t kidding, he is an excellent cocksucker. I can’t wait to feel his ass.” Bryce told Lucas. I began to alternate between sucking their cocks, taking each one deep and enjoying the moans from them both. They both got increasingly more assertive and after several minutes, they were taking turns fucking their cocks into my mouth. My own dick was rock hard and still trapped in my jeans as I tasted the pre-cum leaking from Lucas and Bryce.

I have no idea how long I alternated between their shafts, but eventually Lucas pulled his cock out of my mouth and lifted my head to look at him. He pointed to a short hallway and said, “The bedroom is over there, get in there, get your clothes off and wait for us.” Lucas said. Almost as an afterthought, Lucas continued; “I want you on your back with your head at the edge of the bed.”

I obediently moved onto my foot and walked to the bedroom, where I practically ripped my clothes off. I climbed onto the king size bed in the center of the room, feeling the cool satin sheets against my skin. I laid on my back as instructed, wanting to be ready and excited for what was to come. After only a minute or two, Lucas and Bryce walked in together carrying drinks. Lucas set his drink down on a dresser and grabbed my head, pulling it off the edge of the bed. He pushed his still hard fat cock into my mouth and kept pushing until I swallowed his cock into my throat and his balls were resting on my face.

Lucas began to fuck my throat with his stone hard cock, pushing it as deep as he could with each thrust. “That’s right cocksucker, take my cock.” Lucas said as he thrust into my face faster. I was drooling from the face fucking and güvenilir bahis siteleri I could feel a steady stream of pre-cum leaking from my own dick when Lucas suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth in a quick motion. He turned around and pushed his ass onto my mouth. I didn’t hesitate and reached my tongue out to lick his puckered hole. I licked all around and pushed my tongue in as deep as I could reach.

“Eat that ass cocksucker.” Lucas almost growled as he pushed his ass even harder onto my face. I felt a tongue licking all around my dick and realized that while I was tongue fucking Lucas’ ass, Bryce was licking up the pre-cum that was oozing from my own dick. I felt his mouth envelope my dick, but only briefly and teasingly. Lucas lifted his ass off my face and walked away from my face, climbing onto the bed as Bryce climbed off.

Lucas grabbed me and flipped me onto my stomach while pulling me to the center of the bed in a single motion. Bryce climbed back onto the bed in front of me and fed me his fat hard cock, which I eagerly sucked. I was on my hands and knees and I heard the click of a lube bottle before feeling the cold lube being spread on my ass. Lucas lifted my ass up and rubbed the lube all around, pushing one finger into my ass.

“You have a hot, tight ass cocksucker. I’m going to enjoy fucking you.” Lucas said. Bryce had started moaning again as he pushed his cock into my mouth over and over and I felt Lucas push a second finger into my ass. He worked his fingers around, getting me ready for his cock and just as the night started, I didn’t have to wait long. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and I felt the tip of his hard cock pushing against my hole.

“You want my cock in you, cocksucker? You want to get fucked?” Lucas asked and all I could do to answer was moan and grunt with Bryce’s cock pistoning in and out of my mouth. He didn’t wait for anything else and he pushed the head of his cock into my ass, stopping for a moment after the head popped in. That was as gentle as it got as he pushed the rest of his solid 7.5 inches balls deep into my ass. His cock felt amazing and I felt full, until he withdrew almost all the way. When he shoved his cock back in, it wasn’t a smooth steady motion this time. Lucas slammed his cock into me and began to steadily fuck my ass.

All the face fucking and moaning proved to be too much for Bryce, he grabbed my head and started to really fuck his cock into my mouth. His already fat cock swelled and he grunted, shooting his load into my mouth. Jet after jet of his hot cum hit my throat and flooded my mouth and I swallowed it as fast as he shot it. Lucas had slowed some while Bryce emptied his load into my mouth. I licked all over Bryce’s cock to make sure I had gotten all of his cum and that he was completely clean.

Bryce slid his cock, which had only softened slightly, from my mouth and he moved off the bed. Lucas suddenly pulled his cock from my ass, leaving me feeling empty. He grabbed me again and flipped me onto my back, lifting my legs onto his shoulders. He lined his cock up with my ass and pushed back inside me in a single motion. I moaned as closed my eyes at the pleasure as Lucas returned to fucking me hard and fast.

I felt Bryce’s mouth on my dick again and he started to suck me deep and eagerly. He was bobbing his head on my dick and I knew I wouldn’t last long if he kept sucking me while Lucas was fucking my ass. As if reading my mind, Lucas started talking loud and aggressively, not waiting for answers to his questions and statements.

“Your ass is so tight on my cock. You want this load in your tight ass, cocksucker? You want me to fill your ass deep with my cum until it’s overflowing? You want to be leaking my cum, cocksucker?” Lucas said. He slowed his pace in favor of pounding me harder and deeper and was all but shouting. With a last, hard, deep thrust; Lucas buried his cock into me and unloaded what felt like a river of cum. I could feel the warmth of his hot cum filling me and his cock spasming as it fired each jet.

Bryce slowed his sucking on my dick as Lucas filled me up. When he was done, Lucas slid his softening cock out of me, reached down and smacked my ass hard. “That’s a tight ass, but it won’t be for long.” Lucas said as he backed away from me and let my legs fall to the bed. Bryce pulled his mouth off my little dick and sat up on the bed as Lucas grabbed me and flipped me over again back onto my stomach.

“You’ll enjoy his ass.” Lucas said to Bryce as he gave my ass another hard smack. Lucas left the room while Bryce moved in behind me. He grabbed me by the hips and lifted my well fucked ass back into the iddaa siteleri air. I heard the familiar click of the top of the lube bottle and waited nervously on my hands and knees. I had never taken anything as fat as Bryce’s cock.

Bryce had suddenly become a little more assertive as he said, “You’re going to take my fat cock now cocksucker.” I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my hole, which was now well relaxed from the fucking that Lucas had given me. Bryce pushed and I winced as he entered me slowly, feeling some pain as it felt like he was splitting me in two.

Bryce continued to push into me inch by inch until I felt his pelvis against me and I realized that his fat monster cock was buried in my ass. He stayed still, buried inside me, while the pain began to subside. He started to piston his cock into me, slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. It didn’t take long at all for what was left of the pain to turn into pleasure as his fat cock hit my spot just right with every thrust. I could feel the pre-cum leaking from my cock again, making a puddle underneath me as Bryce pushed his meat into me over and over.

“Get on your back and spread open for me.” Bryce demanded. He pulled his cock from my ass and I felt even emptier than after Lucas had been fucking me. I rolled onto my back and Bryce quickly pushed his cock back into my ass with no resistance. Lucas’ cum was being pushed out of me as Bryce fucked me and was all over the bed, my ass and my legs. Lucas had walked back into the room and his cock was already hard again.

Lucas climbed onto the bed, jerking his cock in my face and told me to lick his balls. When Lucas had enough jerking himself, he fed his cock into my mouth without saying a word and I eagerly sucked him all the way down. Bryce was really pounding my ass and I did my best to match his speed with my mouth on Lucas’ cock. I had lost all track of time and was lost in the pleasure of having a fat cock pounding my ass and another hard cock fucking my face. They were both grunting and we were all sweating. I’m not sure who, but either Bryce or Lucas grabbed my dick and started to jerk me off.

We were all working towards getting off. When I felt Lucas’ cock start to swell in my mouth, I clamped my ass onto Bryce with what energy I had left. Bryce groaned and pounded his fat cock into me another handful of times before I felt his hot cum flooding my ass. It was the second time I was getting my ass filled with cum tonight and it felt just as amazing as the first time.

At nearly the same time, Lucas pulled his cock from my mouth and jerked himself off the last couple seconds. He blew his load on my face, shot after shot of cum landing on my face and in my open mouth. Between the pounding of my ass and the hand on my dick, I finally exploded and shot my cum all over myself. From the build-up, the first jet of cum from my dick shot all the way up to my face and mixed with Lucas’ cum. The rest of my cum covered my chest and my stomach.

Lucas pushed his softening cock back into my mouth and I swirled my tongue all around it, trying to get every drop of cum from Lucas’ cock. When he was satisfied, he pulled his cock from my mouth and collapsed on the bed. Bryce’s cock was finally softening too and he slowly slid it out of my ass and laid on the bed next to Lucas. We were all lying there in a hot and sweaty pile, my body covered in cum and cum leaking out of my sore ass.

After a few minutes, Lucas was the first to say anything. “You have a great mouth and fuckable ass, cocksucker. It’s been fun, but it’s time for you to go. You don’t need a towel either, you can get dressed and go just like you are.” Lucas said very matter of factly. I wasn’t initially very happy about not being able to clean up, but I did as Lucas said. I got dressed quietly and quickly and left, cum drying on my face, soaking into my shirt and leaking out of my ass and soaking my underwear and pants.

I walked back to my hotel like this, embarrassed at first. I can’t say why, but I began to get excited as I walked and when I walked into the hotel, I got a few very strange looks from a couple customers and employees who were in the lobby. By the time I made it back to my room, my dick was rock hard again. I stripped naked, laid on the bed and started jerking my dick. I could feel the cum leaking out of my ass, reached around and got some on my fingers.

I rubbed the cum on my dick and jerked myself using the cum out of my ass as lube. It didn’t take long before I blew another load all over my chest and stomach, adding to the cum that had already dried there. I didn’t bother to get up and clean myself off, I just laid there. My ass throbbing and leaking, my face and body covered in cum, and exhausted; I fell asleep remembering the events of the evening and wondering what else I could get into with what was left of the week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32