Nicole and Dr. D

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My first submission! Leaning more toward romance than stroke. Thanks Dr. D and all of you who write excellent college stories!


The classroom was large, easily accommodating the ninety-odd students who had enrolled this semester. A whiteboard stretched across the front of the room and the rows of seats curved gently upward. The room was dingy – a promised remodel having been delayed indefinitely when the economy tanked and the school’s endowment shrunk.

Dr. Davidson carried himself with the confidence of man who had gone from being ‘cute’ in his teens, to ‘hot’ as a young adult, and now that he was in his 60s his wife’s friends referred to him as ‘distinguished.’ His blue button-down shirt enhanced the blue of his eyes. His blonde hair and black slacks rounded out the picture.

Nicole stood virtually eye-to-eye with him: she 5’6″, he 5’8″.

Nicole had never taken a philosophy course before and so signed up for the introductory course, Fundamental Questions, with a bit of trepidation. She wasn’t the only Black student in the class but her skin the color of bostancı escort coffee with lots of milk, dark brown eyes, and curly hair stood out nonetheless. And while most of the students were 18 or 19-year-olds using this class to meet the their distribution requirements, she was back in school pursuing a certificate in computer programming after 10 years of being an elementary school teacher. Nicole hoped the cool rationality of programming would serve as a balm for the heart-breaking, irrational things she had witnessed while teaching in the inner city.

At first it was just another class and Dr. Davidson was just another professor. But his words drew her in, he invited her to think about the most basic of ideas in a new way, to question the most widely-accepted principles; this excited her to her core. Starting the second session, she sat in the center seat of the third row–the perfect position to be virtually eye-to-eye with him. She listened, rapt, as he talked about the nature of meaning.

Nicole began choosing her outfit carefully. The soft, loose büyükçekmece escort blouses she wore showed a bit of the round cleavage of her 36C breasts. Somehow her tops seemed more erotic than the self-conscious near nakedness that the teenagers displayed. Her skirt ended just above the knee. Nicole was slender but not skinny. She wished for a bit more ass, but she was grateful for the hips that had appeared when she was 20, saving her from looking like a boy from the waist down.

At the beginning of each class, he was in the habit of summarizing the readings without explicitly saying that he was doing so. Most students took feverish notes during this time. Nicole learned to write her summaries before class, as she was reading, so that in class she could just enjoy watching his lips move and imagining what it might feel like to kiss him. She’d stare at his fingers as he’d emphasize this point or that and imagined…

He ran two fingers lightly down her face, before tilting her chin up and pressing his lips to hers. His fingers traced a line down çekmeköy escort her neck to her clavicle as their tongues met and intertwined. He cupped her breast in his hand, circling her nipple with his thumb…

Then Dr. Davidson would begin new material and she would pull herself out of her reverie.

Nicole wasn’t the only student who fantasized about Dr. Davidson. But during the fourth class she felt a strong moment of connection to him and she wondered if other students had had this type of experience.

The room was stuffy—unseasonably warm weather combined with a heating system that was on from October to March, regardless of the temperature outside. The class had thinned out a bit as some students realized that you couldn’t use this class as your facebook time. Dr. Davidson was lecturing on the nuances between what is signified, what the signifier is, and who is doing the signifying. Nicole’s dark eyes were looking deeply into his, her lips parted like a woman who was being touched in a place where she had never been touched before. It was as if they were the only two in the room, the confused faces of the other students faded into the background. The sensation of his mind touching hers intensified her arousal, dampening her panties.

A student called out, Will this be on the midterm?

Dr. Davidson paused and gave Nicole a wry smile, which she returned. The moment was over, but something else had begun.


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