Niece Rindi Ch. 04

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Please read the first chapters of niece Rindi to get the background of how my 18 year old niece moved in with me.

———–Saturday of week one.

I was sitting in my recliner when the knocking sounded on the back door, the driveway and garage are in the back, the lake is in the front. I opened the door. Escorted Candy into my living room.

She was dressed for work in her pirate wench outfit, I picked her up and we kissed for a few minutes while I squeezed and caressed her firm butt cheeks.

“Rindi,” I yelled, Get your cute little butt in here.

“Hi Candy,” Rindi greeted her.

“Please give Candy the grand tour,” I suggested to my niece.

They went to the dining room first, through the kitchen to my man cave. “That’s a huge television!” Exclaimed Candy. “Oh and a pool table, nice.”

“This next room is just storing Uncle Roys camera stuff and some pictures.” Rindi explained. They admired a few of the pictures. The black and white of a young girl had gotten a first place ribbon. One with two green frogs in a yellow dahlia had gotten a second place.

“Here is my room,” Said Rindi, When they had come back through past the living room, where I was on the phone. I haven’t slept in here yet though.”

“Hello I’m trying to reach an Abbess Andrews, I told the girl who answered the phone.

“Let me check to see if she is available,” Said the young sounding girl.

“Hello,” This is Abbess Andrews, “How may I help you.”

What do I say, I’ve never been in a situation where I don’t know the person and now I’m about to invite myself and my niece to a high school prom? Start at the beginning I think, like I always advise everyone else.

“My name is Roy, and Candy, one of your students has told me you need another chaperone for your prom coming up in a couple weeks.” I said.

“Candy told me she hoped you would call me today,” the abbess tells me. “If you and your niece can come it would be the answer to our prayers.”

I explained how Rindi had already graduated and that neither of us had ever gone to a prom before.

Abbess informed me she needed to run a background check to make sure we weren’t criminals or sexual predators.

Told me about the live band that played 50s and 60s rock music mostly, along with some newer rock and roll and even some classic dance music. The band will start at seven and quit around eleven or a bit later if enough are still dancing.

After I gave the Abbess all the information she needed, I pushed the icon to disconnect and went to find the girls.

They had just gone into my room and hadn’t closed the door. I stayed outside and listened.

“Uncle Roy and I have both been sleeping here,” Rindi informed Candy, pointing at the bed.

“That is one big ass bed and look at all the mirrors!” Candy exclaimed, “Wow even one on the ceiling. You could watch yourself being fucked even.”

Rindi giggled and said, “We haven’t fucked yet, Uncle Roy says it will be better to wait a while until it can be super special, even though I’m tired of waiting. He has given me several boobgasms and pussy licking orgasms though.”

Candy was a bit envious. “Damn, my boyfriend never does any of that, wants me to suck him, sticks it in, pops off and done. Would you mind if I borrow your uncle sometime?”

Rindi wasn’t sure how to answer. “Well, I’m not sure,” She said, When you kissed him, I got crazy jealous but it made me horny too. I think maybe if I could watch, I might not mind you two doing things.”

The girls went into the bathroom and I went back to my recliner.

It was three thirty, I called out to the girls to come out to the living room.

“We don’t want Candy to be late for work so she needs to leave,” I told them. “Maybe she can visit one day when she has a day off.”

“Every other Sunday and before four on Saturdays,” Candy said, “Are my days off.”

Candy got a kiss from me at the back door and left.

I reclined back in my chair. Rindi came out of her room. I motioned for her to come over to me. She climbed onto my lap.

“Hello there,” She cooed cutely while looking into my eyes.

“Hello yourself Brat,” I answered. “What do you think of Candy?”

“At first I wasn’t too sure,” She replied, “I thought maybe she was a golddigger just after your money. She is working at the restaurant to save money for college in the fall. She might turn out to be my best friend and she wants to have sex with you.”

“What? Are you serious? I pretended to not have heard them both earlier. When I asked Rindi.

“Ha ha,” said Rindi, “I saw you at the door in one of the mirrors, Candy was looking at the one on the ceiling so missed it. You heard her ask me.”

Minx, I smacked her butt. She wiggled a bit. Smacked it again. I didn’t want to hurt her but suddenly found myself getting hard at the idea of spanking Rindi while Candy watched us and fucking Candy while Rindi watched.

Rindi noticed I was getting turned on from the two swats. “Uncle Roy, does spanking me turn you on too?” She asked.

“Everything kocaeli escort about you turns me on,” I say to her.

She nodded thinking it over. Pulled her shirt off, unbuttoned her pants, took them off, put them on the seat next to her.

“If I say stop, will you quit? She asked.

“Rindi I don’t want to hurt you,” I said, “I get just as turned on kissing you as anything else, but spanking might be crazy.

“Promise to quit when I say so then,” She said.

I got up, went and got two towels, took off my pants, didn’t want her pussy soaking them this time and the leather sectional is cold on bare skin. Put one towel down to sit on. Put the other on top of her pants and shirt next to us.

I put her across my lap with her panty covered butt to my right side. Whap, I didn’t slap hard but cupped my hand so it sounded like a loud clap.

Rindi snickered, “Come on Uncle Roy, I hardly even felt that one.”

Was she asking me to hit harder. Did I want to spank harder? I think I’d rather kiss her than spank her. I grabbed her panties, peeled them off. tossed them towards her room.

Whack! “Ouch!” Shrieked Rindi. I looked at the red hand print on her right cheek. Whack! “Ouch!” Another shriek.

I was angry at myself, I had hurt her. I pulled her up to look at her face, massaging her sore butt cheeks.

Wait, was it possible, her pussy was leaking like a fountain I kissed her salty tears. My lips found hers, tongue inside her mouth. She moaned.

Rindi tried to talk. I pulled my mouth back.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

She nodded, then said, “I’m fine, I didn’t expect to like it and it hurt but it also got me horny as hell, not as good as kissing but like an angry horniness, like, I’m not even sure…”

I kissed her again, rubbed her bare naked butt a bit more, massaging away the hurt. Only two swats but I had used enough force to leave two red handprints.

There are better ways to get excited but this was one we may or may not try again. I spun her around so her legs were over the back of my chair, she was face down her face near my throbbing erection. Her butt inches from my face, I kissed and licked the handprints.

Raised her a bit higher, licked her wet seeping gash, ran my tongue up and down that juicy slit until she cried out in orgasmic bliss. One thing about girls like her they reach orgasms really easily.

She was licking at my erection now, using her hands, tongue. Licking it like an ice cream cone, it felt amazing.

I wouldn’t last long, so I just started back up with licking her little slit. She had a second orgasm almost immediately after mine finished.

I turned her back around so we could kiss some more. I handed her the towel and helped her clean up the liquid mess we had made.


“Shit! shit! shit!” Rindi was screaming.

“Okay, calm down and tell me about it.” I told her.

“I wanted to model some of my clothes for you when they get delivered but damn it I forgot shoes.” Rindi was explaining to me.

“Just go barefoot,” I suggested. “I’ll just pretend you’re wearing glass slippers.”

“Not funny and not helpful,” she climbed up on my lap instead of jumping for a change. This meant I was going do something for her that I would object to doing.

Her tongue pried my lips apart, it didn’t take much effort on her part, since I enjoy kissing her. She put my hands on her butt, put hers around my neck and purred.

“Can we go to ShoeMall today?” She asked me.

There’s actually a store called ShoeMall?

“Aren’t we expecting deliveries today?” I asked.

“Mine are coming later next week from the French store and VS.” She told me.

“Bridget told me you were stupid and asked what VS were initials for. When she said what is this store, you said Hard On For Guys instead of Victoria Secrets. It made Stephanie and I laugh for quite a while.” She giggled and smirked as she said it.

We went to Shoe Mall, at least they have some shoes here for guys too. Cute little 18 year old girls get all kinds of help from young guys working in shoe stores, three of them came running from various parts of the store. Fortunately a 35 to maybe 40 year old female was already asking what Rindi needed.

“If you help my niece, I’ll just browse around a while.” I informed Gail, the name on her low cut blouse informed me.

“Your niece?” she asked, “You look like maybe her older brother.”

“He’s my Uncle Roy,” broke in Rindi, “He’s stupid but I still love him.”

“Brat,” I hissed and slapped her butt, Go get some shoes.”

I went and found some Rock Cress hiking shoes, these would be great for walking anywhere. Then I found the Vionics tennis shoes, got three pairs the same color, gray and light blue. I was done and headed to the check out. Used my debit card. Went to the car and used my key fob to unlock it, put in my four shoe boxes. Locked the car and went back inside. Nothing but shoes.

I hate shopping, i’m a broken record but dang it all, I hate shopping.

After kocaeli escort bayan a half hour, I went back out to sit in the escape. Turned the radio on and fell asleep.

Three days later, NO, I exaggerate, it was three hours later when Rindi came out to the car, said she had been trying to find me for 20 minutes, I pointed to my phone, said “Call me next time, stupid.” I get my licks in when I can.

She asked me to drive to the entrance and the three boys were all carrying boxes of shoes to put in the back of the Escape. She grinned at me, “Aren’t they all so cute.”

I glared at her, “They look like young punks to me.” I said.

“They all three work and are in college starting in the fall. Nice boys Uncle Roy.” She defended them.

“Punks,” I said.

When two of them brought out a second load I was stunned. “How many shoes did you buy?” I asked.

“Well, I didn’t want to go overboard, so I just got one pair in colors to match each of my new dresses. Several pairs of flats, some sandals, some flip flops, half a dozen pairs of tennis shoes in different colors.” She said.

I’d hate to see her go overboard.

“Did you get anything?” She asked me.

“Umm yeah, three pairs of matching Vionic tennis shoes and a great pair of hiking shoes.” I told her.

She told me to wait, got out and came back 15 minutes later.

“If we are ever going hiking, I needed a pair of them myself.” She said.

I think I growled at her. Said something insulting about her parentage.

“Hungry?” I asked her.

“Always,” Her reply.

“I meant for food,” I told her.

“Hungry for that too,” She said.

“Capt Jacks Pirate Cove,” we said at the same time, “Jinx you owe me a kiss,” also said at the same time. So I kissed her and she kissed me.

“Whoot Whoo what a cutie,” sang out the parrot, Rindi blushed, she blushes for me too. Then the damn bird said, “Uncle Roys Stupid.”

“Jack?” I yelled, “When can I barbecue your overgrown chicken that calls me names.”

Jack laughed, “Sorry bud but parrots are like two year olds and if they learn a phrase you can’t unteach it.” He said.

“The frying pan might work,” was my reply.

Candy came to sit with us for a few minutes. “Have you talked to Abbess Andrews yet about prom?” She asked me.

“Yesterday while you and Rindi were in the bedroom,” I replied.

Candy actually blushed remembering about how she asked Rindi to borrow me.

Abbess Andrews said she has to do a background check on us and then will get back to me. It shouldn’t take long since Rindi has been out on parole for nearly five years and the last bank I robbed was at least two years ago.

“Ouch!” I yelped as Rindi kicked me in the leg and Candy punched my arm. “Sheesh you two, can’t you take a little teasing?” I asked while rubbing my leg, then my arm.

Pointing at Candy, I said, “No tip for you tonight, then to Rindi and no playing with my tip for you.”

“Ouch!” I yelped again.

Note to self, don’t tease girls they fight dirty, using feet and fists instead of words.

Candy still got a twenty dollar tip added to our total when we Ieft. I like to tease but I’m not a mean person.

Rindi and I spent the rest of the day playing pool and watching tv. She let me win a few games. I still can’t believe how good she is and I’ve won a few tournaments in my time. Playing against drunks in a bar isn’t saying much for my ability but I always thought I was a good player.

That night I did allow her one small orgasm courtesy of my tongue in her pleasure box while my hands were massaging her boobs. Then we slept.

———–Monday afternoon

“Hello Roy? This is Abbess Andrews, I’m happy to say that the background check from the sheriffs office came back and they found nothing in either you or your nieces background to negate your attendance at our prom.” She said, sounding as excited as I was at the news.

“So we have eleven days to pick out your prom dress,” I tell Rindi, “Hopefully it won’t need too much altering.”

“Where can we go find one? She asked.

“Way ahead of you there.” Miss Brat, there is a Bridal and Prom store not too far from the Pirate Cove and they even have Tux rentals.” I informed Rindi.

We had a quick lunch of tuna sandwiches and cranberry juice. We both wore t-shirts and blue jeans. I called the bridal store, explained about the prom and made an appointment for one thirty today.

At the wedding boutique we went inside. We were greeted by a very cute middle aged lady named Karen.

She needed to take measurements for both Rindi and myself.

My tux was easy, plain black with gold vest, gold cufflinks and matching cumberbund.

“Will you want him to help you pick your dress?” Karen asked Rindi.

“What do you think Uncle Roy? Rindi asked me.

“I might just enjoy that,” I said. I hate shopping but damn, some of these dresses are cuter than hell and I can imagine my Rindi in a few different ones.

They had a gorgeous looking white ball gown. If it was only in izmit escort green or light blue it would be perfect I was thinking.

I asked Karen about it after she had measured Rindi, five foot two 32b, 26 inch waist and 28 inch hips.

“I don’t know if I can get either color in time and have it tailored too.” Karen told me.

“What about the white one then?” I asked.

“You know, hold on a minute, there is one I have, a girl almost the size of Rindi decided to get a different one, let me show you.” She said.

She brought out a gold strapless lace dress. I was instantly hard just picturing Rindi in the thing.

“Why don’t you try it on and we can see how much work it will be to make it fit, the other girl was five foot four inches and a 32a, so it might just need hemmed up, if it’s not too tight across the bust.” Karen led Rindi into a dressing room.

Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! I though to myself. I will need to hire a bodyguard and buy a pit bull to keep the boys away from her if she wears that.

Strapless, the dress started at a point about one third down her boobs, slightly darker gold material at the nipples, a gold or yellow bra would be necassary or she would be showing her nipples already. It was see through lace all the way down to the floor and her panties showed through the material.

I gulped a couple of times, turned my back on the ladies, readjusted my crotch and turned back around. Rindi was giggling at me, she knew what I had done. So did

Karen but she was experienced and knew young guys would be turned on by the dress.

“It’s perfect,” I said. “How much is the bodyguard and a pair of dobermans going to cost me to get her past all the horny guys her age though?” I asked Karen.

Rindi smiled wider, Karen knew she had a sale.

“I can hem it in about twenty minutes if you want to wait,” She told us.

Rindi spoke up then, How much does it cost?”

“Wait don’t tell her.” I don’t want her to know.” I instruct Karen. “I’m buying it for her.”

Rindi was ecstatic and went back to change into her own clothes.

With the extra work done to hem the dress and the tux the total was eighteen hundred dollars, I put it on my debit card. Showed Karen my drivers license.

We were all very pleased with each other, the way that experience went was like it just fell into place to work out for us. Right place, right time. Good things happen to good people.

“Hungry Brat?” I asked Rindi after we were in my car and driving away, with the gown safely in a box in the back next to my new tux that I bought instead of renting.

“You know the answer,” Rindi told me “But we need to eat sometimes too.”

“Whoot Whoo, what a cutie, Holy shit those aren’t real! Uncle Roys stupid!” The parrot greeted us immediately.

Rindi blushed, Candy laughed.

I asked if anyone wanted Parrot stew?

We told Candy we were all set for prom in eleven days. She led us to our table. There were several other couples scattered around. Not too bad for early evening on a Monday.

Jack came over to talk for a few minutes. Rindi left us to go to the restroom. I told Jack we were going to invite Candy to visit us on her day off Sunday.

“Roy. I think you’re a good guy.” Jack told me. “Candy has a major crush on you and she likes Rindi too. Try not to hurt her.”

“I’ll do my best to see to that.” I said. “We will be going to prom the Saturday after next.

“Great, you can make sure Candy dances a few times then, her boyfriends a total clod. I don’t like him much but it’s Candys choice. I’m betting she breaks up with him after prom.” Jack told me.

Have you thought up a signature dish for this place yet?” I ask him.

“Not yet.” He says.

“I have an idea,” I tell him, You open at four, meet us here tomorrow at say two o’clock, that will give me almost two hours to fix a couple things that might knock your socks off.”

“I’m intrigued,” Jack said, I look forward to it.

Rindi came back, Jack left.

Candy brought our orders.

We ate, paid for the meal. Candy got her twenty dollar tip. We kissed a couple minutes.

Rindi and I went home. She hung up her dress in her closet. I hung up the tux in mine.

We met back in the living room.

“I haven’t thanked you for my dress yet,” said Rindi.

“Oh, really.” I teased her. “How are you going to thank me?”

“What would you like me to do for you? She asked.

“Hmmm? Let me think.” I tell her. “You could kiss me until I stay stop, or you could

just say thank you.”

“Thank you,” She said, almost shyly. “I love you so much it hurts. I will let you play with Candy, she can borrow you for one day this coming Sunday.” I will watch though and if I say stop at any time, will you stop?”

“Of course,” I tell her, You know you don’t owe me anything at all. Seeing you in that dress is all the thanks I need.”

“That reminds me, mom left me a few things after she died.” I tell Rindi, “I will be right back.”

In my room, it doesn’t take me long to find the little wooden jewelry box. I bring it to the living room. I opened it up, pull out the 24 karat gold necklace with the gold heart that will land right between the breasts, matching earrings, and tennis bracelet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32