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Big Dicks

The tiny pharmacy on the outskirts of Rome, New York had never been overly prosperous in the almost 40 years that Arthur Oglethorpe had owned it, and with the coming of the giant chain stores that had begun to creep into the small city the future was none too bright.

Since the aging pharmacist had no plans to work much longer, the dubious future didn’t concern him much. His business survived on a core of loyal customers, mostly old timers set in their ways who liked dealing with someone they had known all their lives.

As Arthur had gotten older, he had started hiring a person to stock shelves and work the cash register in the late afternoon and early evening until closing. They had been a rather unspectacular series of hires, but his latest hire was different.

The kindly silver haired man looked down at the young lady from his perch in the pharmacy area of the small store and smiled at her industrious nature as she stamped bottles of aspirin before putting them on the shelf.

Emily Ann Preston might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, the old man realized, but the fact that she was still a student in the charter high school for a fifth year was more the result of her missing almost an entire year of school because she contracted Rheumatic Fever in her youth.

Although Emily had pretty much recovered she didn’t have the glow that most teenagers had, although as Arthur reminded himself, those bright-eyed bubbly girls he had hired in the past weren’t so much interested in working as they were in boys.

Arthur didn’t think Emily had many suitors, although when she first started working for him she wore a school ring with yarn around it to keep it on her tiny finger. That ring had disappeared however, as Mr. Oglethorpe had noticed.

The elderly pharmacist noted a lot about his cashier, he had to admit to himself when his conscience occasionally started to gnaw at him, and for a man nearly 61 to have thoughts about an 18 year old girl was embarrassing to him, a married man.

Married he was, although the woman he shared his home with for four decades was a wife in title only, having shut him off physically and emotionally several years ago. Doris had a lover, something that didn’t bother Arthur at all, but mostly because the lover was a woman.

That lack of intimacy must be why he found himself becoming more and more infatuated with Emily, the pharmacist reasoned. It certainly wasn’t because the girl was a raving beauty because while the old man found her attractive in an offbeat way, even he would admit that the young lady was rather plain looking.

Skinny and not much more than 5’3″, Emily didn’t seem to be blessed with curves, although given the baggy and bland school uniform she wore to work after classes, it was hard to tell. Just about the only skin the girl showed were her knees and most of her arms, with the dreary blue blouse, matching skirt and knee socks hiding the rest of her from view.

The old man longed for the Catholic school uniforms girls wore in his youth, the white blouses and plaid shirts far more lively looking than this dreary attire they made the girls wear at the charter school.

So Arthur had contented himself by looking at Emily’s knobby knees, occasionally getting a peek at part of her pale thigh if she bent over, and fantasizing about the small swells on the girl’s chest while wondering what was under that blouse and bra.

Arthur had even begun to admire the girl’s creamy white arms, slender like the rest of the young lady with only a fine down on her forearms, and the old man had even began to keep an eye out when Emily would raise her arms while working.

That movement would cause the baggy short sleeves to ride up and expose the girl’s armpits, the pale little hollows smooth except for a tiny patch of barely visible hairs in the center of her underarms which would grow for a few days and then disappear.

“Get a grip man,” Arthur muttered to himself when he realized what he was doing, and the choice of words was amusing to him because that was exactly what his hand had been doing to himself in his pocket of his loose fitting trousers.

One time he had done more than just toy with himself, and he vowed not to repeat that again. Arthur removed his hand from his pocket and went back to work, knowing that like most nights when he got home and tried to go to sleep next to the snoring machine next to him, he would end up masturbating with the image of Emily in his head.

Just then his cashier happened to glance back to her boss, and when Emily gave him a smile and a timid wave Arthur broke out of his trance and returned the wave, after which he found himself something other to do than mentally undress an innocent teenage girl.


“It’s sprinkling out,” Arthur Oglethorpe said as he killed the lights of the store and looked out onto the street which was barely showing the effect of the mist that had just started falling. “I’ll take you home Emily.”

“You don’t have to Mr. Oglethorpe,” Emily protested pendik escort but only meekly since she knew her boss liked to drive her after work now that he was getting dark earlier. “But thanks.”

“First though, we have to celebrate,” the pharmacist said as he went to the back of the store to retrieve something, and when he came back with a bottle and a couple of dixie cups he explained. “It’s your three month anniversary here and you’re officially off probation, not that there was any doubt you wouldn’t pass. After all, you’re my best employee.”

“I’m your only employee,” Emily giggled as she took the cup and sniffed it.

“Even if I had a hundred people working here I think you would still be number one,” Arthur told her, and before she could ask he explained. “I noticed you like peppermint lifesavers so I though you might like this. It’s schnapps. Have you ever had this before?”

“No,” Emily responded before taking a sip, and the old man enjoyed her reaction to the alcohol.

“You okay honey?” Arthur asked, and after she nodded and took another little sip he felt a twinge of guilt, but that went away because after all, this was just a little celebration.

“Takes getting used to,” Emily admitted but held the cup out when offered a refill, and after they finished their drinks the store got locked up and they climbed into the pharmacist’s aging Crown Victoria for the brief ride to Emily’s house.

The sprinkling continued as Arthur drove down the quiet road that led towards Emily’s, but instead of stopping he eased the car down to the end of the dead end street and parked it out of sight.

“I’m not in any hurry to get home, so I thought we could talk,” Arthur suggested as he turned off the engine and swiveled towards his passenger. “Unless you…”

“No. I don’t have school tomorrow. Saturday and all.”



Twenty minutes later they were still in the car but the chatting had slowed somewhat when the old man put his weathered hand on Emily’s knee and gently kneaded it, and as the windows fogged up the pharmacists hand had worked upwards.

“Your skin is so soft,” Arthur commented as the skirt got inched upwards, exposing more and more creamy white skin until the uniform was bunched up high in her lap. “You aren’t scared, are you honey?”

“No,” the girl replied although the word came out with a shiver, and with Arthur having inched over on the seat the nervousness was clear on her face in the illumination of the dashboard lights.

“That’s good. Now you were telling me about that boy you dumped?”

“He dumped me,” Emily confessed, jumping when the old man’s hand reached the leg opening of her modest panties. “He’s in college now and he said the girls are prettier there.”

“That’s crazy Emily,” Arthur assured her, ignoring her gasp when his hand went onto the cotton undies. “Nobody is prettier than my Emily.”

“Mr. Oglethorpe,” Emily started to say, grabbing his arm by his hairy wrist as the hand began rubbing.

“It’s okay honey. I’m sure you and what’s his name did this all the time,” Arthur said while lightly stroking the front panel of the panties while Emily tried to ease back into the car seat. “Doesn’t this feel good Emily?”


“Just relax honey,” Arthur sighed as her grip on his wrist eased a bit, and that was when he slid his hand up to the waistband and slipped it deftly inside. “It’s okay – it’s okay.”

“Mr. Oglethorpe please.”

“Please what honey?” the kindly face asked as he moved his fingers over the sweet mound and over labia that felt quite plump.

“Hmmm – you don’t have much hair down here, do you Emily?” he asked. “Do you shave down there? I know some girls these days do.”

“No, I don’t,” Emily replied, and when she looked at her boss’s eyes not much more than a foot away the pharmacist noticed her eyes were quite moist.

“Do you want me to stop Emily?” he asked, ready to pull his hand out because while that was the last thing he wanted to do, he could never do anything to make her cry.

“Yes – no – I mean I don’t know,” Emily babbled as her body squirmed in the plush leather while her panties got rolled down her thighs a bit.

“Feels good doesn’t it honey,” Arthur said as he ran a finger up between the lips of her sex and noted. “I can tell because you’re wet already. So sweet.”

“Ooooh!” Emily cried out as the finger danced over her clitoris while the back of the old man’s hand was caressed by the downy hair that grew around her sex.

“Let it happen honey. You know you want to cum. Cum for me Emily,” the elderly man chanted as the hand that had been holding his wrist began clawing while her body writhed under his touch. “That’s it. Cum.”

The teen did as she was told, her head arching back as her eyes went white, and Emily let out a squeal when he body convulsed. The force of her thighs coming together made the pharmacist wrist hurt but he barely felt the pain, not stopping his manipulations until her convulsions stopped and her body tuzla escort relaxed.

Arthur removed his wet hand from between the girl’s legs while Emily’s breathing started to go back to normal. As the teen stared blankly ahead the old man brought his hand up to his nose briefly, the scent of her tart pussy juice making the hair on the back of his neck stand on edge, before using that same hand to pull down his zipper.

“It’s okay Emily,” Arthur told the girl after with great difficulty he managed to extract his erect cock from his pants.

Her eyes bulged when she saw the pharmacist’s long beige prong pointing upright in the dashboard light, as hard as it had been in years, and although she resisted at first when her boss brought her hand over to he manhood, he clamped his own over Emily’s and began to move them up and down together.

“Please honey. You don’t know what it’s like to look at you all day. So pretty, and I’m so lonely,” Mr. Oglethorpe almost sobbed as he watched Emily having her hand used like this. “That’s it. Grip it hard. Harder. That’s it honey. Oh – oh – oh!”

The elderly man’s eyes went blurry as he held onto Emily’s wrist for fear she would let go at the worst time, but she didn’t and Arthur’s eyes cleared my the time Emily’s little paw was moving on his own up and down his veiny cock.

“Faster! Yes!” Arthur gasped as his cock erupted as the semen flowed out of the tip of his uncut member like lava from a volcano, drooling down his dick and over Emily’s hand.

“I’m sorry Emily. Please don’t be mad at me,” her boss begged while grabbing tissues from the glove box and wiping her hand off.

“I’m not mad, but I gotta go home now,” the girl said as she pulled her panties up, and Arthur apologized again as he drove back down the road to her house.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” Arthur asked as the girl jumped out of the car and closed it fast before running up the drive to the safety of her house.

“Silly silly old man,” Arthur berated himself as he drove home, because while he told himself he didn’t force Emily to do anything and she seemed to be doing it willingly at the end, he still wasn’t proud of himself.


Arthur Oglethorpe was a little surprised when he saw Emily’s face peeking through the window about ten minutes before the store was to open, not because she was there early because that was her nature, but that she was there at all.

“Good morning Emily,” the proprietor said as he let the girl in, and although Emily seemed jittery she did return the greeting.

The clothes Emily was wearing were no more flattering than her school garb but the plain green blouse and shorts did make her look older, and while Arthur was eager to clear the air Emily seemed to not want to talk about it.

“We need quarters and pennies,” she reminded her boss.

“I need to tell you something,” Arthur started to say but she cut him off.

“Can we talk later?” she asked respectfully, and the pharmacist nodded and retreated to the rear of the store.

It was a long 8 hours, but the fact that it was a little busy helped make the tension more bearable, but then 6 o’clock came and the door was locked.

“Emily,” the elderly man said after flipping the OPEN sign around.

“I’m sorry Mr. Oglethorpe,” Emily said as she nervously squeezed her hands together like she had when she was interviewed, and he was expecting her next words to be along the lines of ‘I quit’, but he was wrong.

“I’m not like that. I swear.”

“Like what honey?” the owner asked, and when he realized she was apologizing he shook his head.

“Doing that stuff. Don’t know what got into me,” Emily explained.

“It wasn’t your fault dear, it was all me,” Arthur assured her as he reached over and put his hand on her shoulder. “I had no right to force myself on you.”

“You didn’t force myself on me,” Emily replied. “I didn’t have to do anything, it’s just that the stuff you said to me? Stuff like I was pretty? Nobody ever said that to me before, at least not a man. Goofy Craig. He was just a kid so I didn’t believe him, but when you said it? Even if you were just saying it, I guess I liked hearing it.”

“I didn’t say anything I didn’t mean, that much I swear to you,” Arthur responded. “I think you’re the cutest girl I’ve seen in ages.”

“Really?” the girl said as she scrunched up her face.

“Absolutely, but I swear what I did to you last night will never happen again,” Arthur promised. “If you need a ride home because of the weather I’ll call you a cab or something, but I’ll never put you in that position again. Okay?”

“What’s wrong?” Arthur asked after Emily shrugged in response.

“I dunno. I kinda liked the ride home last night,” she confessed.


“I wondered what this room was,” Emily said as she was led into the back room of the pharmacy, a room far removed from the business that the pharmacist used to use in case a winter storm made driving home impossible. “This is nice.”

“I’ve called it home kartal escort on more than one occasion,” Arthur Oglethorpe said of the little room with a big old sofa against the and a mini refrigerator in the corner where an old Philco radio sat on top of it. “I can leave the door open if you want.”

“I don’t care. I trust you,” the teen told him, and those words made him feel even more guilty than he already was.

“You shouldn’t do that – trusting old men like me who have – such impure thoughts regarding you,” Arthur confessed.

“Impure thoughts?” Emily Ann asked as her boss brought her over to the couch and sat next to her. “You mean like the stuff we did in the car last night?”

“Yes, that and more.”

“Oh. I don’t know much more than that about – you know?”

“Sex?” the pharmacist asked, and after the girl nodded he wondered aloud. “You mean you’ve never?”

“I did stuff with Craig. Stuff like you and me did.”

“That’s all?”

‘Well, he made me put his thing in my mouth a couple of times,” Emily admitted.

“Well that’s not nice, making you do that.”

“I guess he didn’t really make me,” Emily offered.

“Did you like doing it?”

“I guess so Mr. Oglethorpe,” Emily replied.

“It’s just that you seemed so scared when I put your hand on my penis,” the old man reminded her. “I thought it was something new for you.”

“No, but it was – you know – different?” Emily tried to explain. “I was surprised when I saw you had it out and it was…”

“What honey?”

“It was so big. Bigger than Craig’s and way bigger than Brian’s – he way my first boyfriend – and it looked different too. Scarier.”

“Oh. Is it because I’m not circumcised?” the pharmacist asked the teen, and after she nodded he agreed that he wasn’t all that pretty down there, what with all the veins and all.

“Maybe you would feel more comfortable if you saw what it looks like when it’s not so excited, although I’m afraid with you here that won’t last long,” the old man admitted as he stood up and dropped his baggy trousers.

“Bony knees,” Arthur noted before taking down his boxer shorts and exposing himself, stretching the flaccid organ and then letting go. “There. See? Not so scary now is it?”

“Yes it still is,” Emily Ann giggled nervously. “It’s even big when it’s soft.”

“Nothing to be afraid of though honey,” the elderly man told her and he took her hand and put it on himself again. “See. Now just grip it and pull down. What’s so funny?”

“It’s like a rubber band,” Emily chortled as she pulled on the aged tube.

“I guess you’re right. Here. Use both hands and really grip it,” the pharmacist directed, and when she did and kept chuckling he asked, “Got a case of the giggles?”

“Reminds me of when I was in 4H when I was a kid,” the girl explained.

“Well, you’re really milking me good,” Arthur admitted as he reluctantly took the girl’s hands off his manhood and sat down before he became erect. “But this is all about my pretty Emily. Who wants to see an old man when there’s somebody as cute as you in the room? Now as pretty as the blouse is, I think what’s underneath is even nicer. Let me see.”

Emily kind of raised her arms when the elderly man’s hands took the bottom of her blouse and began to pull it upwards, but as the top came off she stopped resisting as it was lifted over her head.

“Now I’ve got you,” her boss kidded as he held her wrists back against the wall securely with the blouse around them. “Ooh, look at this.”

Emily giggled and blushed when the pharmacist leaned over and kissed the little strip of tiny hairs that were like an island in her otherwise creamy underarm.

“I’m sorry,” Emily told him. “I shave on Sundays so I get really hairy come Saturday.”

“Is that so? Well I certainly don’t think this patch of peach fuzz makes you really hairy, but I think you look sexy just like this,” he assured her as he leaned down again and this time let the flat of his tongue glide over the peach fuzz while Emily squirmed into the couch.

“You taste as sweet as you look,” Arthur told her as he let go of her wrists and cast the blouse aside. “Did you like that?”

“Made me tingle,” Emily replied.

“Did it make you wet between your legs like you were last night?”

“A little.”

“Good. Now let my take your brassiere off for you,” Arthur said as his wrinkled hands moved upward.

“You don’t have to,” Emily said as she swallowed hard when the fingers came to the front of the bra.

“Of course I do honey,” her boss said as he touched the tiny pink rose in between the cups. “Pretty flower. This opens in the front I reckon. Let’s see if I still know how to do this.”

Arthur deftly undid the single hook of the harness and opened it up, exposing the girl’s apple-sized breasts capped with tiny pink nipples, and the old man sighed when he eased the straps off her shoulders.

“Kinda little,” Emily lamented.

“Nonsense,” Arthur replied as he cupped the round tits, the contact making Emily shudder. “What they are is kinda perfect. Sensitive too I bet. Does this feel good?”

“Yes sir,” Emily shivered as the elderly man kneaded the firm globes which fit perfectly in his weathered hands.

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