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The phone rang 3 times before Janet could reach it, “Hello” she said a little out of breath.

“Janet, it’s James!” replied the man on the phone. “So glad I reached you.”

“James, it’s been ages since you called. How are you, what are you up to? When are you coming to New York again, we’d love to see you?”

James smiled, “Well that’s just the thing. I have a 1 day lay over on Tuesday on my way to London. I was hoping to see you and your family while I’m there! Maybe take you all to lunch and do a little site seeing with the locals?”

“That’s wonderful! I was just thinking about you the other day. Must be a psychic connection! I am sure we can meet you in Manhattan. And Kelly’s job is there so we’ll get her to join us. Now that she lives in the city we don’t get to see her often enough so we’ll all catch up.”

“That would be great. I have a Red-Eye flight and want to check in to my hotel and clean up first. So we could meet at 11:30, OK? I haven’t seen Kelly in maybe 7 years, just before she went to college I think.”

“She’ll be so excited to see you! She always had a crush on “Sweet James”. anadolu yakası escort You could always get her to smile.”

“I saw a picture of her on your Facebook page. She has certainly grown up.” He laughed.

“Yes, she has definitely grown up, very beautiful. She has a good head on her shoulders so even with all of the guys chasing after her she just takes it in stride.”

“Just like her Mom I think! None of us could get to first base with you and then John show’s up and steals you away. Damn lucky guy!”

“Stop it! You are still the biggest flirt! Send me you Hotel information and we’ll meet you at 11:30. Or I’ll send you Kelly’s address and we can all meet there.”

“Okay Janet! Look forward to seeing you soon.”

“Bye James.”

“Ciao Bella!” as he hung up.

She held the phone a moment, thinking about how she had been willing to let him go a lot further than first base back in college but was just too shy to initiate it. And he had always treated her like a princess. “Damn shame” she whispered to herself.

That night ataşehir escort she thought about telling her husband but thought she might want to just go to town without him. The idea was exciting. She had never even thought of taking a lover but “what if …” She lay on her bed having trouble getting to sleep, her mind going over the “Another man’s hands on her body ,,, his lips on hers … James’ cock pushing deep inside her.

Suddenly, she woke with a start as her body shuddered from her orgasm. She listened to her husband still sleeping beside her. Then she slid her hand silently over her beasts. Her nipples were rock hard and as she squeezed both of them. She felt her pussy clench and a tiny orgasm pass through it. Slowly she slid her right hand down under her panties and found she hot and soaking wet. She slid her fingers over her aroused clit and labia. And as her fingers slid into her pussy she could fell if gripping her fingers. Her hips involuntarily rose up to meet her hand and another larger orgasm grabbed her. She bit her lip as the waves passed over her and her ümraniye escort fingers continued to silently slide in and out. She felt as if she had just been freshly fucked and wanted even more.

Silently she slipped out of bed and went down the hall to her daughter’s bedroom. In the bed stand she found one of her daughter’s vibrators and began rubbing her clit and labia. When she was further aroused she slid it in to her molten pussy and plunged it in as far as she could. Rapidly fucking her pussy and thinking of James fucking her. With her other hand she cupped her full breast and squeezed her nipple. This time her body came hard, full blown massive orgasm. She just had time to pull the pillow over her head and muffle her scream. She collapsed in a giant sigh gasping for air. She had never cum that hard before. Her body was soaking wet and then she realized that she had literally cum herself. Her cunt was dripping fluids all over the bed.

She lay there for a half hour running her hands over her body loving the continued tingly she felt whenever she touched one of her pleasure points. And wondering what would it be really like. It had felt like James was right there inside her.

She got up and pulled the sheets off the bed – she’d wash them in the morning. As she slid back into her own bed she knew she couldn’t really go through with it. She just wasn’t that kind of girl. “Damn-it.”

“Or am I?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32