Our New Tenant Ch. 1

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Hi, my name is Laura, and my husbands name is Don, he is forty and I’m thirty-eight. We were living fairly comfortably until I was laid off from a dot.com company and then Don’s company was bought up by another company, and if he wanted to keep his job, he had to take a demotion, which meant a cut in pay.

We had a nice large home in an upscale community, and we were close to a major city. However, with our finances such as they were, I thought that we might have to sell the house. We had one daughter, but she was away during summer break, but will be back in less than a week to get ready to go to college, so we had two rooms that we weren’t using.

I thought that when our daughter went off to college and we were alone, that Don would get a little more aggressive in our love making. When Cindy was at home, every time that we had sex, however, not very often, he always used the excuse that we had to be quiet and do it quick because Cindy might hear us, needless to say, I never got much out of sex, other than when I would take care of myself.

I’m not complaining, in fact in many ways I enjoy masturbating more than I do having sex with Don. For one thing, I know that I’m going to have a nice orgasm and I can make myself cum as many times as I want, with Don, I have to fake it almost all the time, usually when he cums, I’m just starting to get into it, he never takes the time for foreplay.

Again, I shouldn’t complain, I know I’m better off than a lot of my women friends. Some of them have abusive husbands, not just physical, but mental as well. Don does treat me with respect, but I guess like a lot of guys, he just likes to stick his cock in me, push it in out for a couple of minutes, cums and then rolls over and immediately falls asleep.

I’m sorry, I didn’t really want to complain about my husband, it’s just that sometimes it gets frustrating. To tell you the truth, I never had sex ed. in school, but our daughter Cindy did. One day I was cleaning her room when I found a book on sex and masturbation as an alternative to sex, for women, and it showed all the techniques that I never dreamed of.. They had illustrated pictures of women with vibrators, dildos and in many different positions. Before reading this book, she got it in her junior year of high school, the only way I masturbated was laying on my stomach with my fingers under my pussy, and just rocking my clit against my fingers until I came.

But getting back to our financial dilemma, I wonder if it’s sexual frustration that makes some women like me, just get off the subject. Anyhow, I came up with an idea that maybe if we rented out one of the bedrooms, not the one Cindy uses when she comes home from school, but the other one that is completely furnished but it was set up as a guest room. I mean that I’m home all day, it would be a rental as a room and board, What’s the difference, I cook for the two of us, so what’s one or two more. Perfect.

Don made some fuss about us losing some of our privacy, so big deal, we don’t go running around the house naked like Tarzan and Jane. God, how many times I have fantasized about the two of us just doing nothing all week-end, just staying naked and making love non stop.

I ran an add ‘ROOM AND BOARD’ etc. and the next day the phone started ringing. I promised Don that I would thoroughly check out anyone that looked like a potential tenant. Of course, in the back of mind I was fantasizing about renting it to some young stud that would get my juices flowing as I watched him running around the house nearly naked. In fact, I was getting so carried away, I thought that I would put a two way mirror that looked into his room from the back of our closet and I could catch him masturbating.

I ended up interviewing two guys that offered nothing to me in the way of my fantasies. Oh well, wishful thinking, but I did interview four different young ladies and one of them really caught my attention. She was a beautiful twenty-five year old, had a good financial statement along with a good job as a consultant, she also had a fantastic body. I jog everyday and consider myself in excellent shape, but this girl almost took my breath away. So I decided that I’d rent it to her rather than waiting for my perfect stud.

When Don came home from work, I told him that I had rented out the room to a very beautiful young lady, thinking that having someone like her around might light his fire. His response was that we had to realize that we no longer would have the privacy that we have had. I felt like telling him that what difference did it make, we never did anything intimately anyway, but I didn’t.

The next day, Tina, our new tenant, brought all her clothes and whatever she had, and with her girlfriend took them to her room and put everything neatly away. It was a warm summer day and they were both wearing hot pants and halter tops. Watching them go in and out of the house, unloading both cars, with the energy that I envied, but Beylikdüzü escort they were so attractive, I was getting a little jealous of their youthful looks and energy.

“I guess that’s about it, Sandy.” Tina said to her friend. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” Tina said to me, this is my dearest friend, Sandy.” What is it about some women, in your mind you know if they were a guy that you would be all over them, Sandy was that kind of a girl, and the way she looked at me, I almost felt naked.

“Well, girls, how about something cold to drink, maybe a coke or some ice tea?”

“Gee, thanks” Tina said, “but do you mind if we have a cold beer. I mean that coke is fine, but we have some beer on ice and I think that, if you don’t mind that is, if we have a couple of beers?”

“Oh, of course not.” I said. “but let me bring you a couple of glasses.” I felt a little embarrassed because we never have alcohol in the house, neither Don or I drink.

“Forget the glasses, we just drink them out of the bottles.” Tina said. She went into her room and brought out three bottles of beer and gave one of them to me.

“Don’t waste it on me Tina, I don’t know how long ago it was when I had my last beer, or as far as that goes, I haven’t had a drink since I got pregnant with my daughter.”:

“Oh, c’mon Laura, it couldn’t have been that long ago. How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking, but I would guess that you’re about twenty -eight.”

“That’s sweet of you Tina, but I have a nineteen year old daughter that’s in college, so at your guess of my age, I would have been nine or ten when I had Cindy.” I said with a giggle.

Then Sandy said, “Wow, you have to be kidding, you certainly don’t look old enough to have a nineteen year old,. and what I can see of your body, you look in as good a shape as Tina and myself. Do you have a private trainer, or what?”

We sat there, talking about how I had Cindy at eighteen, lived with my parents and they baby sat while Don and I went to college. It worked out fine, I mean that we weren’t planning on getting married until we finished college, but as they say, nothing is one-hundred percent guaranteed to prevent pregnancy, not even condoms when your having sex in a car.

As I was telling them how Don and I worked, but still living with my parents so that we could save up enough to put a down payment on a house, rather than renting, Tina interrupted me for a second and said that she was all sweaty, and if I didn’t mind, she was going to get out of her clothes. With that said, she just took off her top and bent over and removed her shorts.

My eyes couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful body. She didn’t have any underwear on and was standing in front of us stark naked. Her nipples were firm, sitting on top of a puffy halo and her breasts just stuck out firmly, straight out, and her pussy, there wasn’t a single pubic hair. Not knowing exactly what to say, I just said, “Tina, you certainly have a beautiful body, I mean it’s just so, uh, sexy.”

“”Laura, if you think my body is beautiful, you should see Sandy. Sandy, show how good work outs can make a body look great.” They both were about five seven or eight and I don’t believe either of them weighed more than one hundred fifteen or twenty pounds.

Sandy took off her clothes, well the top and bottom, like Tina, she was sans underwear. Sandy was right next to me and as she took off her shorts, they landed right in front of me. She peeled them off so that they were inside out. I could see that the crotch of her shorts were damp, or I should say, wet. Another thing, as she leaned against the chair I was sitting on, I noticed that her pussy lips were not only hairless, but in a state of arousal, I could see the moisture on them, but even more so, I certainly could smell that aroma of an aroused woman, I know that when I was horny, I smelled the same.

Why was seeing this, these two beautiful naked bodies, why was I getting aroused, after all, I had seen my beautiful Cindy walk around the house naked all the time that she was home. I used to tell her, ” honey, don’t you have any modesty, what if your dad comes home unexpectedly,” even though I had to admit to myself that Cindy’s body had developed beautifully, almost as sexy as these two, or was it that I wasn’t thinking of Cindy sexually as I was of these two.

I came out of my trance when I heard Tina say, “Laura, would you mind if Sandy and I took a little nap? We’re both kind of tired and we just want to take a quick nap so that we can continue on with getting me organized. Oh, one more thing, I know we talked about this when I signed the rental agreement and agreed to pay you extra monthly so that I could have friends of mine stay over occasionally. Well I know that this is short notice, but is it O.K to have Sandy spend the next day or so with me.”

“No, it’s perfectly all right, my husband is away for a few days at a clients site and Cindy won’t be home for a Beylikdüzü escort few days. In fact I think I’ll take a little nap myself and when you get up, I’ll start preparing dinner so that we can eat, or if you feel like it, we can go into the pool or our Jacuzzi.”

With that I walked out of the room and shut the bedroom door and headed for my room that was right next to Tina. I couldn’t believe that looking at those girls got me so sexually excited, especially when I saw Sandy’s wet pussy lips, and I think that I saw her clit come out from under its hood. My god, I can’t believe I’m having such erotic thoughts.

I quickly undressed and was about to hop into bed with my vibrator when I heard them talking in their room, I just had to listen. I got the drinking glass from my bathroom and put it up to the wall so I could hear what they were saying. They were talking about me and I heard Tina say, “what do you think of Laura, isn’t she hot looking? I think that I’m going to enjoy living here, she’s really sweet.” Sandy said that she agreed and then I heard them get into bed.

Here I was, standing as quietly as possible, next to the wall with my glass against the wall and my ear pushed against it, listening to everything these girls were saying, and doing. What am I, some kind of pervert, I must be sick. But I couldn’t pull myself away from the wall. Then I heard Tina say to Sandy, “sweetheart, from the looks of things,” and Tina giggled, “I think you need one of my special massages.”

Then Sandy said, “I sure do, lover, I mean, like, I’m hot, that Laura of yours really turns me on, but did you see the way she looked at us, especially at my dripping pussy. Come on baby, I’m ready for that massage. Then all I heard was moans and groans that sounded sexual in nature.

After listening to them for a few minutes, my pussy was leaking down my legs with my pre cum and I just had to lie on my bed and get myself off, god, I was more than horny.

Forgetting that I wasn’t alone in the house, I was really moaning loudly, as I usually do when I’m real horny and having sex.. I had my vibrating dildo in me that also had the clit stimulator as well as a G- spot massager. I was on a high and I wanted to hold off and enjoy the peak as long as I could because I didn’t have that much time where I could make myself cum several times. I couldn’t hold on any longer as I moaned out loudly, anticipating my orgasm, when suddenly there was a knock on my bedroom door. I quickly got under the covers.

The door opened and Tina and Sandy came over to me, they were still naked, I quickly noticed that both of their pussy’s were wet, and then Tina asked. “Laura, are you all right? I mean we heard you moaning loudly and thought that maybe you had hurt yourself, or weren’t feeling well.”

I had pulled the covers up to my face and looked at them sheepishly and said, “Oh Tina, thank you for your concern, maybe I was just having a nightmare.”

“I don’t know, Laura,” Tina said. “You look flush and you’re sweating, lets take this cover off of you, you don’t want to dehydrate and pass out on us.”

As she said this, before I could hold on to the covering tight, she quickly pulled the sheets off of me and I froze. The dildo was still in me and was humming away, I was embarrassed to the point where I just wanted to close my eyes and die. I also knew that if I didn’t stop the vibration from the dildo, I would cum right in front of them.

“Oh, I’m sorry Laura, I didn’t know. Would you like me to do this for you, I mean to help you cum?”

I didn’t know what to say, but I quickly pulled it out of my pussy and turned it off. It was coated with my pre-cum, in fact it was dripping when Tina took it out of my hands and said. “I’m sorry that I interrupted you, but let me clean this off for you. Now are you sure you don’t want to finish this, or have me and Sandy help you out, I mean we would be happy to do it for you.” However, I noticed when Tina took the dildo and said that she was going to ‘clean it off’, I didn’t realize that she was going to suck my sex juices off of the dildo.

“No, no,” I said as I jumped out of bed, standing in front of them, as naked as they were. I put on a light summer dress and as frustrated as I was from being interrupted just as I was about to have a fantastic, needed orgasm, I just said as calmly as I could, “well, I better get some food ready, you girls must be starving.”

“Don’t rush on our account, but Laura, I hope you don’t get offended at me saying this, but you have a fantastic body, I can’t believe that you’re that much older than us,” Tina said as the two of them left the room and went back to their room. But I was in pain, it was so sensitive in the area of my pussy, that I knew even sitting down was going to hurt.

As I walked slowly to the kitchen, I knew that my pussy lips were swollen, in fact I didn’t put on panties because I knew that rubbing against my clit, the panties would Escort Beylikdüzü drive me crazy, my nipples weren’t much better off, even my dress touching them sent sparks through my body and straight down to my pussy, I was a wreck.

What was it about these girls? Why did I get so aroused by just looking at them? Yes, they were very attractive with beautiful bodies, but I’m not a lesbian, in fact, if anything, I was probably more outspoken against gay people. I know when Cindy said that at her college there was a large lesbian community and I explicitly told her to stay away from them, and certainly not to bring any of them home with her during school breaks. I wish now that I had just rented the room to one of guys.

There was one thing that I knew that I was going to do, when Tina was going to be away for the day, I was going to remove the mirror that was on the wall and replace it with a two way mirror. I’ll call an order the same size mirror and then replace the one in her room. where the mirror is placed, the back of it is the wall in the back of my closet, I’ll just make a small hole on my wall and I’ll be able to see what she is doing in her bedroom, either alone or with one of her friends, like Sandy.

As I was preparing the meal, Tina and Sandy came out of their room, still naked, Tina said, “Laura, we’re not hungry yet, and if you don’t mind, we would like to get some of that late sun as we lay by the pool. In fact, why don’t you join us and we can chat and get to know each other better.”

I didn’t want to be stand- offish, and told them that I would get my suit and then join them in just a little while.”

“Laura!!!, it’s just going to be us girls, we’re not wearing suits, and besides, you get a nice even tan all over your body that will make you look real yummy.” Yummy???

Again, I didn’t want to appear to be a prude, so I nodded my head in agreement and told them I would be out in a few minutes after I picked up in the kitchen. Fortunately, Don always calls to tell me when he’ll be coming home.

My kitchen window overlooked the pool and the lawn around it. Tina and Sandy were laying on a large beach blanket that they had spread on the grass and they were on their backs. Their legs were spread in a most provocative way with their pussy’s facing me and clearly visible, and again I could feel the heat build-up between my legs. Well it’s now or never, I told myself as I removed my dress and went out to join them. Damn, I wish Don was home, even one of his ‘quickies’ would help me out.

They were next to one another and as they saw me coming out, they separated and indicated for me to get in between them, their blanket was plenty big. I hesitated, but couldn’t refuse their request, so I sat down on their blanket, in between them.

I looked first at Sandy, and then at Tina, both of them were spread out and there wasn’t a thing on their bodies that I couldn’t see. They both had beautiful breasts, but my eyes just kept drifting down to their pussies. Being that they were both hairless, I could see every detail of their lips, that were open and moist, obviously from their state of arousal. But Sandy’s pussy was awesome to look at because her clit at the crest of her inner lips, looked as large as a small finger tip. Oh god, why did this excite me the way it does..

Then Tina said, “Lie down Laura, and enjoy the nice warm sun caressing your entire body.” As she said this, with a slight bit of pressure, she took her arm next to me and just gently pushed me down on my back. Even this light touch of her hand on my body, motioning me to lie down, sent a shock like feeling, down to my pussy.

Flat on my back, both girls pressed against my sides, it was almost unbearable and my heightened state of arousal was impossible to conceal. My nipples stuck out hard and pronounced, and every time that I tried to squeeze my legs together so that they wouldn’t see my engorged lips and my wetness, they would lean over me to talk to one another and in doing this, they would force my legs to spread. If I had my pussy shaved, they would have been able to look right into my open and waiting love hole.

They were talking back and forth to one another and every time they spoke, they would squeeze my upper thighs, as if they did it unconsciously. Then Tina said, “Oh we’re sorry Laura, we’re talking away and ignoring you, so why don’t you tell us a little about yourself. Like is your daughter as beautiful as you, we can hardly wait to meet her, and your husband just as well.”

As Tina was talking to me, she was nonchalantly brushing her hand lightly over my pubic hair, it was soo sensitive I was about to scream, my entire body tensed up tighter than a drum. Then she said. “Laura, I can’t believe how stiff your body is, you have to learn how to relax.” When I didn’t respond, Tina continued. “Sandy, I think poor Laura is under a lot of tension, I think that she could a good body massage, don’t you think so?”

“Oh no, Tina, I’m O.K.. I guess I’m just tired from running around, I just have to learn how to slow down and relax a little more. You know, it’s just from worry about different things.” I knew very well that Tina could see and smell my arousal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32