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We’d made arrangements to meet at the luxury hotel in the city, and you arrived quite a bit earlier than I did. You took advantage of the time, and relaxed with a long bath. Afterwards, you put on one of the plush white robes hanging in the closet, and had a glass of wine. While lazing about that afternoon, you thought about how we might make love later, and you could feel your body getting aroused. You lightly caressed your breast and touched yourself between your legs, but resisted the need for satisfaction, knowing that this would come later.

You hear my knock on the door, and when you open it, I take you in my arms. I close the door behind me and look deep into your eyes, brushing your hair away from your face. I hold your neck and touch your face with my other hand, tracing your soft skin. Our eyes meet and I lean down to kiss you, our lips softly meeting and then our tongues dancing and exploring.

I suck your lower lip between mine and run my tongue over and over it again, and then inside your mouth, darting it in and out. I kiss my way up your neck to your ears, and you can feel my warm breath. I take you earlobe between my full lips, holding it there while I lick it slowly with my soft tongue. I want to make love to your mouth and ears and make you think and wonder and anticipate how I will make love to the rest of your body later.

Although we have all weekend for lovemaking, our passion and urgency overcome us. You take my hand and lead us towards the bed. You lay back, and I begin to undress. Fully naked, I stand before you and you can see my hardness rising against my flat belly. I hold your ankles and pull you toward me, until your ass is on the bakırköy escort edge of the bed, and I kneel between your legs, unwrapping your sexy body from the loose confines of the robe. You watch me remove the belt from the robe and toss it towards the head of the bed. I look hungrily at your body, remembering all the details from the last time we were together.

I kiss the tops of your feet and toes and move up your ankles, my lips tracing light butterfly kisses on your smooth skin. Raising your legs, I kiss behind your knees and run my fingertips over your thighs. I move my hands and fingers and lips over the taut skin of your upper thighs and kiss all around your pussy and above it to your smoothness of your belly. I move my kisses and hands from your thighs to your belly, teasing you, almost touching you where you want me to. I run the backs of my fingertips up your belly to the bottom of your full breasts, lightly caressing their underside, on the way to your shoulders. I move my naked body up yours, and you can feel my hardness now, hot and urgent against your thigh.

I caress all around your breasts, moving closer and closer to the nipples, but not quite touching you there yet. Finally, I press my palms into your breasts, letting your now very hard nipples slide between my fingers, where I can squeeze them. I straddle your body, and put my knees on either side of your waist. I move my hands from your breast down your belly up my thighs to my now enraged hard- on. My excitement for your body is overwhelming me, and I find that I have to stroke myself. I feel like I could come with just a few strokes, and you can see my pre-cum beşiktaş escort rise, a bead forming at the engorged head of my cock, and then another, the juice running down my shaft.

I lean down to cup one breast with both hands, and take your nipple between my soft lips, suckling it into my mouth, my tongue dancing all around and over it. I feel your cool hands first on my thighs, and your fingers embracing my cock, your thumbs pressing the underside. You stroke me, milking even more pre-cum, it now running down your fingers, coating them with my passion for you. My cock feels like a fiery poker in your hands, almost hot to the touch, aflame for you.

I move back down your body, and kneel again between your legs. I place my hands on each of your thighs and part them, where I can look at you. You let me gaze at your pussy, you thrill at your own brazenness, unashamed and lusty. OU eyes meet and I can see the heat of passion glimmering in your look. You can see the incredible desire burning in mine. I kiss your thighs and move lower. I reach under you and cup your ass with my strong hands and lift you to my face. You can feel my warm breath on your lips, and then you can feel my lips getting closer and closer to touching you. I kiss on both sides on your pussy, and run my tongue up and down, almost touching your outer lips.

I lean back and then move forward again, this time, letting my tongue run so lightly run up the middle of your pussy, up and down again, and again gently spreading your swollen lips. I lick between your lips, tasting you and loving you, my lips and tongue swirling back and forth. You feel my full lips surround your beylikdüzü escort clit, and my tongue runs lazy circles around and around it, moving closer and closer. Then you feel my lips close around your hard clit, taking it softly into my waiting mouth, pressing against it with my tongue, and then over and around again and again.

You feel one of my fingers at the entrance to your pussy, and then another. I insert them just a little ways into you, pressing up against you, letting you feel the pressure there. I stroke you steadily with my fingers, sometimes pressing upwards, sometimes circling inside you, sometimes spreading my strong fingers deep in you. All the while, my lips and tongue are swirling and sucking and devouring you, tasting you, taking in your warm sexiness.

I can feel your first orgasm approaching, and I move my mouth and tongue steadier, and faster. I move my fingers deeper inside you, until I am moving them in and out as though they were fucking you. You arch your back, pressing your pussy into my willing mouth and I bury my face in you. You clench the bed sheets with your toes and fingers and writhe in the throes of your orgasm. I slow my pace, and hesitate, but only for a few moments. Then I resume my oral assault on your pussy lips and clit, my fingers inside you again. You feel me insert first two fingers inside you, as before. But then two more fingers from my other hand, spreading you and filling you. I stroke and spread and fuck you with my hands, my lips and tongue working non-stop and you start coming again, almost before you are finished with your first orgasm. I feel your feet on my back, and you spread your legs wider, giving me complete access to you. I keep our rhythm going until you come again, much stronger this time and then again, finally your legs collapsing around me. I lay my cheek against your throbbing and satisfied pussy, thrilled that I could give you this pleasure, but knowing that we still have all weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32