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Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, places and occupations to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL.


Friend Asked to Watch Ch. 04

Lights, Camera, Action

After the shower with Madison, we ate breakfast and Penny woke us a I started to leave. She ran over and gave me a kiss before I left to work. I was glad she didn’t wake up earlier and witnessed/heard what transpired in the bathroom. Not that I was feeling guilty but more I didn’t want her feelings hurt by what Madison was saying. In my experience just like when people are angry, they sometimes say things during sex that can be hurtful.

The whole day I seemed distracted and who wouldn’t be after the exhilarating bathroom fucking Madison and I engaged in this morning. Penny was the lady I was dating and my feelings for her were legit. I always want to balance being careful not reading too much into things with not being oblivious to what maybe happening. I had planned a fantastic night of fun with the ladies and it went magnificently. Although there may be a possible fallout from this morning.

Madison was right in some sense. I was hot for her physically but don’t know and I’m not sure I want to know her emotionally. Being careful not to confuse lust with feelings is not an easy thing, especially with what’s occurred already. Did Madison really want more than just this weekend of fun from me? Did she really want me to call her when/if Penny’s not around?

Penny and I are just 3 weeks into dating but never discussed being exclusive. However, she told me she loved me last week. And somehow we still haven’t discussed it. I know her feelings are getting stronger for me, as are mine for her. What will/could happen tonight?

The ladies original plan was for Maddy to watch Penny and I fuck. Then she would get a signal from Penny and drive back home. Obviously, that planned has long past and never happened. Now the ladies spent the day shopping and relaxing along the water. Over lunch they had discussed the will events from the previous night. But Maddy didn’t mention our tryst in the morning.

The ladies spent the day shopping and hanging by the pool. Along with a bunch of random things, Penny had bought a small video camera. Maddy bought some private “clothes” she knew I would enjoy. And combined with the “clothes” Penny brought, they had a clear cut idea for us when I got off work. They both kaçak iddaa wanted to do something special for me but would it clash with my plans?

It was 930pm, I just finished a long hellacious day. I had called earlier to tell Penny to grab dinner without me as I’d be delayed. I knew I would get some relief from one or both of the ladies. I wasn’t sure if Maddy was still here but I guess I’ll find out soon enough. I took the elevator up to my floor and opened the door to my suite. Music filled the air and to my delight both ladies were still there, dressed to kill!

I damn near had my eyes pop out of my head. Penny was wearing something similar to the bridal lingerie I fucked her in while in Ashley’s bridal suite. White stockings, crotch less panties, garter belt and a push up bra. Maddy/Madison was wearing black fish net stockings, no thong and a lacy nylon see-through teddy. This time I was the one in for a night to remember.

They had already eaten dinner but there was a fresh plate of room service on the table. Most likely it was for me. And I’m guessing now I was their dessert. They both walked up to me and this time they pushed me against the wall. They removed all my clothing quickly like they had a plan; one takes the top and the other got the bottom. When Penny removed my lower half clothing my hard cock popped right up. She put her mouth around my cock and I had forgotten my long workday.

With Penny focused on my cock, Maddy starts kissing me like we left off this morning. She whispered in my ear “I had touched myself twice today thinking of you.” The music playing, Penny focused on pleasuring my cock and Madison whispering provocative things in my ear. I was living the life. But Madison’s words got more and more sinful. “Taylor, last night Penny fucked me with the strap on but tonight I’m going to fuck her with it. Not only to give your eyes a thrill but so you can save your cock for fucking me.” Damn, who was this woman. Wait, I know it wasn’t Maddy it was Madison.

As we were kissing, I began fondling her breasts through this sexy lingerie. I was about to rip off her top when I noticed a camera on the table. I turned to Madison and pointed at it. I didn’t mean to imply go get it but that’s what she did. I was merely surprised to see that there.

She handed it me and I turned it on. I pointed it down to Penny sucking my cock. Penny didn’t miss a beat. She started sucking and bobbing on my cock with more conviction. Madison not kaçak bahis to be upstaged and miss out on the attention. She drops down to her knees and decides to help Penny with my cock. They both started licking my cock together and looked up at me. What a helluva view!

I had to stop them as I was about to cum. I had other plans and so did they. Madison grabbed both our hands and led us to the bedroom. She pushed me down onto a chair and bent Penny over the bed. She turned on the music in the room and put on the strap on. Since the back side of the strap on was open when Madison penetrated Penny her hot love tunnel was open and facing me.

I hear Penny moan with pleasure with Madison fucking her. I could see Madison’s pussy calling for me to enter her. I quickly ran to the bathroom and grabbed the lube. While going back into the bedroom I applied a generous amount on my cock. If Madison wanted my cock, it was going into her ass again.

I arrived back at the bedroom and stood right behind Madison as she still was still pumping into Penny. Madison said earlier in essence she was going to fuck Penny so my cock would be free for her. Well her pussy wasn’t going to get my cock. I slid my lubed fingers into her asshole. She looked back at me like “oh you mother fucker.”

I was just in her ass last night. Now I was coming for it again. I slipped fingers from my other hand into her pussy and she just screamed in joy. Both my hands had fingers going in and out of her at an accelerated rate. Giving her one helluva a thrilling orgasm.

She flopped down onto Penny then I lift her off of Penny. I tell Penny to climb up onto the bed, put her hips by Madison’s head and spread those fucking legs. I pulled back Madison’s head by yanking her hair back. I looked at her and said, “Eat her pussy you fucking slut.” Penny’s pussy was now being devoured by Madison. I started spanking Madison and calling her a “good slut.” She loved it every time I called her a slut. Now it was time for her anal entry to be fucked.

As my cock entered her asshole I told Penny to grind her pussy into Madison’s face. “Make her cum you fucking slut.” I yelled at Madison as I was letting her rear opening get used to me. Madison was really diving into Penny’s pussy. All the slut talk egging her on really lit a fire into her. I was now moving slowly in and out of her rear. Picking up steam each time and increasing the pace.

I notice Penny is about to cum. I tell Madison to put a finger illegal bahis in there and fuck her. Soon after I hear Penny yell out she was cumming. This time she orgasmed with more of a splash then like the stream she hit the limo window with. Madison tried to lift up her head but I held her there, “I didn’t say stop, keep eating her pussy. Stick another finger in there. Pleasure her until I say stop you fucking slut.” I wanted to make sure Penny didn’t feel left out. 3-way logistics is not easy.

My cock like a piston, pumping the hell out of her rear entrance. I went into a selfish pleasure mode as I wasn’t pumping to pleasure her I was now pumping for my own orgasm. She was now just a hole for me to use and leave my load in. I was looking over at Penny and our eyes met. She was enjoying Madison pleasuring her and I was enjoying the pleasure from fucking Madison. I told her to let me know when she was close again. I steadied my pace and delayed my orgasm.

I tell Madison “Put 3 fingers in and make her feel even better. She deserves to feel another round of gratification doesn’t she, slut?” Madison continued to submit to everything I asked her to do. Could it have been guilt from what happened this morning. Could it have been all the innuendos and flirting with me. Could it have been wanting me to be happy. No, it was the fact that she was loving that she could let loose and being called slut. Something had really been unleashed in her. Was I responsible for it, “possibly”.

“Ooooooo, I’m about to come again.” Penny yells out. I picked up my pace and tried to blow right when Penny did. But she beat me to it. Her orgasm wasn’t as strong as the first one but still very rewarding. Her body sprawled out on the bed. Her pussy had become even more sensitive and she laid back on the bed to catch her breath.

I was about to cum but I pulled out of Madison. I went over to grab the camera. I forgot I put down the camera and it was still running but only captured the audio of this part. Although, we did get video of my cock getting licked and sucked by both of them. I pulled Madison down to her knees and held Penny next to me. I lifted off Madison’s teddy. Her nice rack came into perfect view. I placed Penny’s hand on my cock. No words spoken; Penny understood what I wanted.

I held the camera while Penny jerked my cock. I came all over Madison’s breasts. But it didn’t end there. I pointed at the cum on them. Penny knew what I wanted her to do. She licked those firm breasts clean and she did so without hesitation. The joy from my orgasm was one thing but also getting the thrill of watching her lick and suck clean Madison’s breasts. All of this part was on video.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32