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Trips to our cabin were the best! Every year, Brook and I spend the week at our cabin, its a cozy little place. When we go we have no holds barred sex until we can’t stand. This year, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Work has been stressful and Brook has been so grouchy, we havent had sex in 2 weeks.

“I can’t wait to get to the cabin, baby,” I told Brook as I finished pack our suit cases.

“I know!” Brook responded, slightly dancing in place. “It’s been so tight lately we need some release.” I walked over to her and pulled her close to me, grabbing her ass.

“I know we need this so bad,” I stressed my words by grinding my cock into her. I started to lean down to kiss her.

“You know who could use a break,” Brook stated, cutting off what I was hoping to get started. “Tamika! You know she has had it rough.”

She was right, Tamika had lost her father 3 months ago and had been down. Not even Brook’s infectious demeanor could cheer her up.

“Well, I would love to help Tamika, but may I remind you of what this trip is for? I don’t think Tamika is in the mood for a week of raw fucking.”

“Hey, she is my best friend and I think I know what would pick her up! I’m going to invite her.” Brook had already picked up her phone to call her friend walking out of the room. I started to follow her.

“Baby, I’m not sure she wants-“

“Done, she is coming!” Brook hung up with a look of triumph. “She will stay with us. Last time you guys surprised me with a crazy night, this time we will surprise her.”

“Uh, sweetheart,” but Brook had already walked away. When my baby wants something she gets it.

I still can’t believe Tamika agreed to come with us. Though, I will say, she did seem to be happier already. Brook and Tamika sat in the back seat while I drove. Brook did her magic, she giggled and joked and her hands roved everywhere. Every time I looked back in the rear view mirror, Brook had her hands in more interesting places. It started with them holding hands resting them in Tamika’s lap. Then Brook was holding her thighs, rubbing her arms up and down and caressing her face. I was starting to get aroused, I wanted to touch Tamika, too. I still remembered what her ass tasted like and how it felt to pound her pussy. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.

Once we got to the cabin, Brook broke out the champagne. I had a strange sense of deja vu from Brooks birthday. Tamika wasn’t wobbily like Brook had been, she was calm and composed, but she was definitely looser than normal, she had unbuttoned her half button shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“mmm, I’m getting sleepy,” Tamika said, arching her back in her stretch. Her tits almost spilled out. I liked my lips at the thought. I looked over at Brook who was looking at me with a sly, flirtatious stare. She winked at me before turning back to her friend.

“Why don’t we get you to bed, help me Tony.” Brook whispered eryaman escort bayan the words softly to Tamika, close to her face. We each grabbed Tamika’s hand and started upstairs. Instead of heading to Tamika’s room, to the left, Brook led us to our room. I wasn’t going to try to intervene.

When we got to the bed Tamika fell on it on her back with her hands above her head. When she did that, her tits flew completely out of her shirt. Brook immediately went to lay on her side next to her. I slowly did the same on the other side.

“Tamika, um, you are kid of out.” I said, not looking away from the chocolate globes capped with toffee nipples.

“Oh, Im sorry,” Tamika started to put her tits away when Brook intervened.

“No worries, you have great tits.” Brook grabbed Tamika’s hands before she could cover herself. Brook slowly started to massage her breast. Tamika moaned slightly, her nipples pebbled.

“I forgot how soft they were, I remembered they tasted good too, do you mind?” Brook had worked her face close to Tamika’s hard nipples, she was blowing softly on the tips.

“Ooh, go ahead.”

I expected Brook to ravish her immediately, but she surprised me with her finesse. She used the tip of her tongue to slowly tease the tips of her nipples. She flicked the tips back and forth, causing Tamika to undulate on the bed.

“Tony, give it a taste,” Brooke whispered before sucking her whole nipple into her mouth. I didn’t hesitate, Brook still held Tamika’s breast and fed it to me. I started sucking on her nipples, pulling off with loud pops. We continued to taste her enjoying her noises of joy. Brook started to undo Tamika’s pants and stuck her hands in her panties and played with her clit.

“Damn, she is so wet, taste it baby,” Brook brought her hand out and brought it to my lips. I sucked her fingers into my mouth enjoying the sweet taste of her friends pussy.

“Let’s get out of these clothes,” I said once I had sopped all the juices off.

We stopped our heavy petting to get naked. Once we had disrobed, Brook pushed Tamika onto her back and raised her legs to her chest. Brook started to lap at her pussy.

“Yes!” Tamika yelled her mouth hanging open. She opened her eyes and made eye contact with me. “Feed me your cock!”

Who am I to deny? I slipped the head of my turgid cock between her plump lips. Her moans of pleasure vibrated down my shaft all the way to my balls. I started to fuck her face as she sat up slightly to grab my butt and pull my cock as deep as it would go.

“Yeah, choke her with that cock,” Brook demanded. She had stopped pleasing Tamika and reached into our bedside drawer and pulled out our favorite toys: A vibrator, a double-headed dildo, and a few butt plugs. She grabbed the vibrator and turned it on low and rubbed it across Tamika’s pussy.

“Tony, fuck her titties!”

Brook was in total control tonight and made my dick even etimesgut escort harder as I straddled Tamika’s chest and laid my cock in the valley of her breast. She closed her tits around my cock and I began fucking them slowly.

“Oh, yes, fuck my pussy,” Tamika groaned out. Brook must have put the vibrator in her pussy. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Yes, cum all over the bed,” Brook encouraged then started to suck on Tamika’s clit. Tamika shouted and came, squirting on Brook’s face.

“Ooh, I never knew you were a squirter! Let’s see how many times you can do that,” Brook squealed in delight. She stood up and came around to the front of me, she rubbed her pussy as I titty fucked Tamika.

“I can’t wait to taste that fat cock. First, I want you to feed our asses.”

I got up and grabbed the oil. Brook got on her knees and started to lay her chest down on the bed when Tamika sat up, a little worried.

“I don’t know I’ve never done anal before.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Brook sat up and wrapped her arms around Tamika and nibbled her lips. She worked her middle finger between Tamika’s cheeks and circled her tight hole making Tamika moan. “It’s just a little toy, Tony and I would never hurt you. Just try the toy if you don’t like it we don’t ever have to do it again.”

“Okay,” Tamika whispered succumbing to Brook’s anal ministrations.

“Just do as I do and hold that juicy ass open and Tony will do the rest. Don’t worry, Tony is the best.” Brook returned to her previous position holding her ass open. I came up behind Tamika and kissed her shoulder.

“It won’t hurt, I promise,” I whispered against her skin, rubbing my cock between her cheeks. “I’ll use the small one.”

Tamika copied Brook’s position, holding her ass open. I had to stop and admire the view in front of me. My beautiful wife and her sexy friend offering me ass, though not really. Tamika wasn’t ready for my cock, but she could take the plug. I lowered my face into Tamika’s ass and tongued her tight hole. She hissed with desire. I leaned back, took the oil and poured a generous amount onto both their ass holes. I used my hands to work it into them, diving my fore and middle finger into Brook’s ass.

“Oh, yes, baby, more,” Brook squealed, using one hand to massage her pussy.

I slowly worked one finger into Tamika’s ass, she clenched up at first then slowly relaxed and started to fuck herself on my hand. Brook was getting restless, so I removed my fingers from both of them and grabbed their respective toys. I slowly put the tips into their asses. I teased them by pushing it in and out before pushing them all the way in.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Brook moaned sitting up and rubbing her pussy. “Tony, you want to feel her squirt on you, don’t you.”

I smirked at her, knowing what she wanted me to do. I grabbed Tamika and rolled her on her back. I was finally getting what I had secretly escort elvankent craved since that night months ago. I spread her legs and stroked my cock through her folds, getting it covered in her juices before surging in.

“Damn,” we both moaned in unison. I didn’t waste any time, I pounded into her, enjoying the smacking sound of my balls against her pussy and her bouncing tits. I leaned down and captured on of the globes into my mouth.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Brook said. She had grabbed the vibrator and laid back against the pillows, fucking herself. She had it on full blast. She used her other hand to pull the plug in and out of her ass. “Make her come baby, it’ll get me off!”

I increased my pace, still sucking her stiff nipples. I worked my hand in between us and started rubbing her clit. Tamika started panting hard.

“Oh, fuck, I’m coming again!” I felt her clench around me and sat up so I could watch as she drenched me with her cum. It was hot and splashed all over my stomach and chest. Brook squealed as she came herself. I could have came right there, but Brook had another idea in mind.

“Damn, I want some of that,” Brook moaned, coming down from her high. “Bring that sexy body over here.” Brook removed the vibrator and grabbed the double-headed dildo and pushed half of it inside her pussy. Tamika crawled over to her and assumed the same position, opposite of Brook and worked the other end into her until her pussy was flush against Brook’s. They grabbed each others wrists and began humping each other. I moved to the head of the bed and shoved my cock into Brook’s mouth, ruthlessly slamming into it. Brook smiled around my cock enjoying my rough treatment of her mouth.

“Oh, shit, I’m going to cum al over you,” Tamika moaned, pushing herself off of the toy and squirting again, getting it all the way up to Brook’s mouth. Brook removed my cock from her mouth and kept it wide tk recieve her friends juices, licking up the rest from around her mouth.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to lay on back and dragged a still quivering Tamika to squat over my face. “I want to taste some of that too,” I growled before feasting on her sopping pussy.

“It’s so yummy,” Brook said excitedly before sitting on my cock and started bouncing up and down. My balls started to tighten, but I need to feel her drown me with her cum. I stopped my manipulation to her clit and order my wife, “Brook, play with her ass.”

“Oh, yes, daddy!” Brook leaned forward, while she continued to fuck herself on my cock, and pulled the plug all the way out of Tamika’s ass, causing her shout in delight. Brook then begin tease her with the tip.

I continued to lave her pussy with my tongue.

“Oh, shit, that’s good. That’s so good,” Tamika yelled before cumming on my face. I lapped up all her delicious cum as I exploded myself in my wife’s pussy. Brook screamed in delight as she found her own final release.

Tamika fell to the side, quivering, covered in sweat. Brook was slumped over on my chest, panting hard.

“Hey, Brook?” Tamika said slowly.

“Yes?” Brook raised her head up from my chest, I looked up to the top of the bed as well.

“Thanks for cheering me up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32