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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts lesbian sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Damn she had been caught looking. Ellen’s face coloured up and she nervously looked down at the floor. She and her colleague Adele had been setting up the meeting room for a training session the following day and she had been sneaking glances at Adele’s chest which could only ever be described as spectacular. Outwardly she was seen as straight but Ellen had done the usual exploration with a couple of her female school friends and if pressed would class herself as curious, but Adele chest was simply gravity defying.

Adele had become quite used to the looks her chest attracted, mainly from men she would hasten to add but still some women would shoot admiring glances. She was an early developer and although it freaked her out a little as a student, she had learnt the power her chest could command over men and she had become determined to use them the best way possible. Although she didn’t dress provocatively, the sheer size and shape of her breasts — a 46DD — ensured they wouldn’t go unnoticed, and she took special delight in drawing admiring glances from men who were accompanying bitchy or snooty women.

And now she had caught Ellen looking “It’s quite okay to look, honestly. It’s actually quite flattering that a woman of your physique was checking them out” reaching out she placed a calming hand on Ellen shoulder. Ellen stood a couple of inches taller than her 5 foot 5, she obviously worked out judging from the lack of bingo wings and the shapely calves plus she had a not too shoddy rack which Adele guessed were around a 34 or 36 C cup.

“Don’t try and make me feel better, it’s just plain wrong” Ellen sniffed and started to cry, prompting the brunette to move closer and place her arm around Ellen.

“Honestly, it’s very flattering. If it makes it any better, I’ve had my share of exploring girls in my student days. God knows a rack like this attracted all the lezzies” Adele replied trying to make a joke.

The humour worked as Ellen suddenly stopped crying and burst out laughing as she rested her head against her friend adding “Haven’t we all.”

Now that sparked Adele’s curiosity as she never pictured Ellen like that and so she pushed a little further “Go on, confession time, how far did you go and how old were you?”

“How come I have to go first” Ellen replied in mock incredulity.

Adele shot down back just as quickly by pointing at Ellen saying “You were the one caught staring at my titties” as a very impressive sight followed as Adele hefted the babies in her hands — needless to say they were dwarfed by the breasts they contained.

Ellen shrugged and said matter of factly, “Sixteen. It was with my best friend at the time Jacqueline and it started as a bit of a dare. We were both scared stiff of getting caught but whenever I went to her house to study we’d go to her room and feel each other’s growing breasts. One time it went further and we brought each other off with our fingers but I think it freaked her out as we never studied together after that.”

Adele looked into her friend’s eyes and said “I genuinely appreciate your honesty in telling me a secret, but I can beat you. Sixteen as well, in the school changing rooms with the Eighteen istanbul travesti year old head girl of the school and if anyone found out that she would sink to her knees and nurse on my tits for 10 minutes at a time she would have been mortified but she kept coming back for more every week regular as clockwork. I guess it was then that I realised the power these babies could capture as she made sure I had a very easy ride at that school.”

Ellen pulled away from Adele, cleared her throat and then jokingly announced “All this talk is getting to me. I guess I’d better hurry and clear up here so I can excuse myself off to the bathrooms for a while.”

Adele wasn’t joking though when she said in slow drawl “Well. Don’t think you have to skulk off to the bathroom on my account. You’ve already said how far you had gone previously, if you want me to lend a hand.”

Now Ellen looked shocked to the core. Was Adele suggesting what Ellen thought she was suggesting. The shorter brunette could see the turmoil on her friends face and ended all debate by spelling it out, “If you’re interested in satisfying some of your curiosity, I’m here for you. The conversation has had a similar effect on me and I wouldn’t mind finding out what I’ve been missing out on” and with that she reached out her right hand, took hold of Ellen’s left hand and brought it to the nearest breast that Ellen had so obviously been admiring. The next step would have to be made by Ellen; Adele would like answers to her own curiosity.

Sure enough Ellen accepted the invitation by continuing to grope the mammary once Adele had removed her own hand. Just to make double sure about this Ellen asked, “Are you really wanting this?” to which Adele answer with a nod and a smile as she reached out her right hand again but reached for Ellen left breast as she repeated what her friend was doing to her.

Her own nipples had sprung into action while they had been talking but as she traced her fingers over Ellen perfectly sized breast, she couldn’t help sensing something attached to the nipple as she rubbed her thumb backwards and forwards and seeing Adele’s puzzled expression informed her “I have my nipples pierced” and smiled as her friends expression changed from puzzlement to surprise. With her free hand she unbuttoned the front of her blouse and lifted the cup aside to show Adele the little metal ring clipped to her right nipple.

At this point there was a faint tap on the door and Paula entered the room. By rights it should have been the other two that jumped in surprise but in fact it was the tall blond who mumbled the apology and moved to leave. Before she had taken a step Ellen looked at her and said, “There’s no need to leave, I was just showing Adele what my piercings look like” (Although she fully realised it didn’t go to explain why she was mauling Adele’s amazing tit) turning back to Adele, Ellen then continued “If you speak nicely to Paula she may show you hers, she has a bar rather than rings like me.”

Adele played along with Ellen’s premise, but the look of surprise returned to her face and as she said “Really, what do they feel like?” It was Ellen who replied first “Well I can’t speak for Paula but with me it’s like someone is tweaking my nipples all day. I’ve taken to bringing two spare pair of panties to work otherwise they’d be sodden by the end of the day and my boyfriend really likes to play with them as he says that I come amazingly quickly. Here let me show you.”

Paula looked on stunned as Ellen unbuttoned Adele’s blouse, unclasped the bra at the front and unleash the impressive chest. Neither did she turn to leave as Ellen started to tweak istanbul travestileri both nipples saying “It feels like this all the while”, to which Adele simply threw her head back and let out a long sigh. Instead, Paula took a step closer to the door, turned the lock and moved to be beside Ellen so that she could better see what Ellen was doing to her friend’s large rubbery nipples.

God, watching the other two was making her horny, the atmosphere in the room was electric and she took a few moments to process what Adele said as she asked “Do you mind if I have a look at your bar” while Ellen continued to work both nipples.

“Err… Umm… I guess not” replied Paula as she hesitantly pulled her jumper over her head, adding, as she pulled the strap and cup down to expose her right breast “I’ve only got one piercing though unlike Madam here who has three.” Adele could now reach over with her left hand and caressed Paula exposed nipple but looked at Ellen and questioned “A third piercing?”

Ellen nudged Paula and said “Big mouth. Yes, I have a ring through my clit, I suppose you want to see that as well?” Ellen dared Adele to take the bait but also wanting to see Paula’s reaction.

Ellen needn’t have worried as right on queue Adele said, “I sure do, we are all friends here after all.” Adele continued to flick Paula’s nipple ensuring the blonde remained on a steady simmer and wouldn’t be leaving any time soon, sure in the knowledge that Ellen was on board. Paula remained routed to the spot holding her bra strap aside so that Adele could continue her fondling but also looking down at Ellen crotch as she started to peel her panties down, revealing a very prominent damp patch making Paula realise that her own underwear would be in a similar state.

Once she had kicked her panties to one side, Ellen sat up on the table behind her, opened her legs to expose her pussy and teasing her clit ring with a fingertip said to Adele “Looks good doesn’t it. Have a feel if you want, it’s okay.” Adele looked as if she was in a trance but took a step forward, leant forward and started to play with both the ring and the clitoris itself prompting Ellen to fidget slightly to get more comfortable.

Paula had a similarly trance like expression as she watched Adele play with Ellen while she reached up for the nearest of Adele’s boobs to cup the surprisingly firm flesh and received by way of reward a faint “Mmm, that’s nice” from Adele. It was at this point that things changed gear dramatically.

Ellen leant back further on the desk which encouraged Adele to stroke further down until she could worm first one, then two and eventually a third finger inside Ellen, gently stroking her digits in and out which made Ellen start to rock her hips backwards and forwards. Adele happened to look over to Paula who was still entranced by Adele’s fingers but snapped out of her revere when Adele pointedly told her “I want you to suck on my tit. Now!” In a heartbeat the blonde leant forward and attached her mouth to the nearest breast. Capturing the nipple between her lips she started to flick it with her tongue before grating it with her teeth making Adele encourage her with “That’s a good girl, Really bite down on it”.

Adele was really pumping her fingers in and out and was driving Ellen to an impending orgasm when she decided to change the dynamics slightly. She removed her fingers and pulled away from Paula’s sucking mouth, making sure both women watched as she sucked her fingers clean. She then told Paula “Stand where I stood and finger Ellen’s pussy.”

Once the leggy blonde was in position, Adele knelt behind her, reached up her skirt travesti istanbul and gently stroking her hands up her legs reached the elastic of her panties and pulled them down. With that obstruction out of the way, Adele could stroke Paula’s pussy. Only the blonde was too transfixed by the reaction she was generating from Ellen to react to Adele’s actions so the brunette purposely forced her legs apart so that she could access the prize.

Paula’s clitoris didn’t take any finding as it was already enflamed, and her pussy was damp which prompted Adele to worm two fingers inside of Paula to repeat her own actions on Ellen, repeatedly drawing her fingertips across her g-spot and both were soon panting and grinding their hips to meet the probing digits. Adele decided that a situation like this would never occur again and as she was feeling especially horny, it was a prime time to satisfy her curiosity, so she turned and sat on the floor, pushed Paula’s legs wider still and clamped her mouth to the writhing blonde’s pussy.

As soon as the pussy juice reached her taste buds she was hooked, it was like nothing she had ever tasted before, and she impulsively knew that she would be coming back for more. Even though she was bucking her hips and proclaiming to the world that she was coming, Paula never let up her pumping of Ellen’s pussy, but her writhing made her fingers accidentally reached Ellen’s g-spot triggering the prostate girl to tip over the edge and convulse in the most powerful climax that she had ever experienced, so much so that her pussy muscles clamped around the intruding fingers almost stopping circulation.

Slowly Ellen’s grip on the probing fingers loosened allowing Paula to withdraw them. Immediately Ellen grabbed the retreating hand so that she could suck them dry. She rather enjoyed the taste of her own pussy having sampled it on numerous occasions while blowing her boyfriend’s cock. Once cleaned, Ellen turned her attention to Paula exposed breast that hung free and the twin sensations of Adele’s probing tongue and Ellen’s tight suction on her nipple tipped Paula over the edge flooding Adele’s mouth with yet more of her delicious come.

Adele slowly extracted herself from between Paula’s legs as the blonde leant against the table panting while the stars cleared from her vision, and it was at this point that Ellen caught sight of Adele’s breasts hanging free and the large extended nipples were just crying out to be sucked. Ellen licked a little of Paula’s pussy juice from Adele’s face before kissing her friend frantically. As they kissed, Ellen steered Adele to rest at the table behind her and then disengaged from Adele’s full and succulent lips to lean down and capture the nearest nipple between her lips.

Paula came to stand the other side of Adele and capture the other nipple and Adele luxuriated in the feeling of having her two friends suck longingly on her pendulous breasts. Her nipples were super sensitive and just longed for this kind of attention. As quickly as she was leaning back enjoying the sensations, Paula disengaged her mouth and knelt before her, looking her in the eye as she extended her tongue and captured Adele’s clit between her lips.

“Oh god that feels good” exclaimed Adele adding to Ellen “Get up here and sit on my face, I need to taste you.” The leggy brunette wasted no time in climbing on the desk and placing her pussy squarely on Adele’s upturned face, her reward was to feel Adele’s tongue lap and probe her moist pussy. Simultaneous orgasms from Ellen and Adele prompted a switch of positions, this time Adele sat on Paula’s mouth so that Ellen to savour the taste of the leggy blonde’s pussy. The final switch round saw Ellen sampling Adele’s juices while Paula sat back watching them with three fingers buried in her own snatch.

This heralded a new level of their friendship and the three met up as often as they could, either as a two or threesome, but firmer friends wouldn’t be found.

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