Pleasing Traci Ch. 02

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In the previous chapter, we discussed a few simple rules men should follow to capture my heart…and other body parts. Today we will forget the male sex and concentrate on the softer side. The loving side. The female side. Welcome to my bi world.

In my world, I can watch a couple pass by and turn to appreciate BOTH asses. I can scan any person from head to foot and have an unlimited number of features to admire.

So, if you are a female and you are wondering how to grab my attention, let me begin. Guys—you have to make a choice at this point. Either exit now or continue reading and maybe learn something. You are allowed to look, but not touch.

OK girls, I think we’re alone now. We have all day and all night to ourselves.

What’s that? You’ve never been with a girl before and you’re nervous? Relax. You’ve already passed the first test. As soon as I saw your tinted hair curled over your ears and down onto your shoulders, and your bluish gray eyes with those long lashes, I knew you were the one.

You wore just enough makeup to accent your lips and cheekbones. You walked past me slowly, looking sideways at me with your head tilted down like a shy child. Your ass cried out to me from inside your skintight jeans. You oozed passion.

My infatuation led me to your side. A conversation ensued as you looked into my eyes. I touched your arm and you looked down–first at my hand, then my nipples as they pressed against my shirt, and back to my eyes. You were captivated.

Now we sit alone in my apartment. We drink and we talk. I get wet whenever you turn and your black bra peeks out from under your blouse. You’re intelligent and funny. Yes, you are more comfortable than an hour ago, but it’s obvious I will make the first move.

The dreaded first move. It will either lead us to bliss or cause you to leave. It’s a chance worth taking. I want you.

You are Heather, a grad student at a local college. Twenty-three. My age, only more mature. You want to be an accountant and, eventually, a chief accounting officer in a corporation. Your eyes pull me inside.

You’ve dated guys before but never had one treat you right. You admit you don’t know what “right” entails, but you’ll know it when it happens. Lately, you’ve been attracted to female friends and strangers. Your breasts seem small under your blouse. I want to put my mouth over one and taste you.

You like my long straight hair and narrow eyes. You wish you were petite. I look at your hourglass figure and the way your hips curve down to your thighs. Your legs are pulled under you and the jeans are tight against your pussy.

I lean over to you. You don’t back away as our lips get closer. They touch and my tongue feels your warm skin. Our mouths open. We haven’t touched each other, yet. But, the fervor of our kiss confirms your desire.

Before I proceed, I pull away from your lips. You lick them slowly and look furtively at me. No words are spoken. I lean forward once more. We kiss again and I push against you with my mouth. You understand and fall backward on the couch.

Finally, my hands feel your body. They slide under you so I can pull up on your shoulders, pulling you harder against my mouth. I feel your legs as they stretch out on the couch next to me.

I fight the urge to rip open your blouse and pull off your bra, afraid that might frighten you. No. I need to be gentle with you. I need to assure you that you are doing the right thing–that your pleasure is more important than mine. I need to make you want to do this again, and again.

Our legs intertwine naturally. I feel you get tense as my thigh presses hard against your pussy. I can only imagine how wonderful that will feel when we’re naked.

And there’s little doubt now that we will be naked soon. Your arms are wrapped tightly around me. Your fingers get tangled in my hair as you draw my head closer. I can feel our breasts press together and our hips grind.

When I sense that your excitement is growing, I begin to kiss your face and neck. You lean your head back to give me more room. My mouth enters the open area at the top of your shirt and you hold your breath.

I open the top button. My lips can feel the softness of your breast. One more button and I can see both breasts lightly held in a thin, silky bra. I kiss my way down to the material.

Your hands stroke my hair as I open yet another button. Your breathing is heavy and uneven. I can see your breasts rise and fall erratically as I unbutton your blouse down to your jeans. A quick tug and the blouse altyazılı porno is free from inside your jeans. The final button is opened.

I gradually pull your blouse open and take in the beauty of your smooth, flat stomach and silk covered breasts. I lean up and lay the blouse open across your shoulders. We kiss as my hands feel for your skin.

My hands slide under you and find your bra strap. Within seconds, your bra is unhooked and I move down your body. I place my hands below your breasts and unhurriedly push up, sliding the soft bra toward your neck.

Erect nipples come into view first, followed by the entirety of your full, firm breasts. I take them into my hands and knead them gently, feeling the soft skin squeeze against my palms.

You are looking at me with wonder in your eyes…and excitement…and anxiety. Are you afraid you won’t like it? Do you wonder what I expect of you?

Your eyes are closed now because my mouth has wrapped around the tip of your left breast and I suck on your nipple. My tongue glides back and forth across the nipple and my lips bite it.

I hear you moan. Your hand pulls my head down. I put as much of your breast in my mouth as I can, frantically licking and sucking you. Your legs wrap around mine as your desire grows. I can feel the ever-increasing wetness between my legs.

I pull away from you and begin to pull the blouse down your arms. You assist me and toss the shirt to the floor, followed by the bra. My fingers trace around your naked breasts, the moistness of my mouth still evident on one of them.

You surprise me by pulling off my t-shirt, adding it to the clothes already on the floor. Your eyes take in my breasts, but you don’t touch them. I smile to myself, seeing the desire on your face.

Gently, I take your hands and place them on my chest. Your mouth opens as if to speak, but you are silent, absorbed in the moment. I feel your fingers wrap around my breasts. They touch my hardening nipples and you look up at me. Your eyes blaze with a yearning that is only evident during lovemaking. Yet, you don’t even know that is what you’re doing. You don’t realize these moments excite me as much as an orgasm. You will learn.

My body falls forward, towards you. With my breasts still in your hands, I guide them to your face. I slide to one side so my right breast is directly above your lips. For the first time in your life, you experience the taste of another woman’s nipple.

I feel your tongue, then your lips as they close around my breast. My body quivers with anticipation, the pleasure flowing from my chest through my stomach to my clit. I desperately want to cum, but will wait until you are satisfied.

You alternate between my breasts now. First one, then the other, seemingly unable to get enough. When you lightly bite my engorged nipples, I moan my approval. If you could put my entire breast in your mouth, I’m sure you would.

Hating to stop you, I move away from your face. I kiss my way down your stomach until I reach the button on your jeans. I open it and pull down the zipper. Black panties become visible as I lower the pants down your hips. You raise your ass off the couch to allow the jeans to slide down your legs. The panties are pulled down a little, exposing a hint of fine hair above your clit.

You smile as I slide the pants over your knees and you extend your legs straight up so I can take them off. I admire the soft, smooth looking thighs. My fingers trace from your knees to the bottom of your panties, then around the outside of your legs.

Immediately, you reach for the snap on my jeans and open them. The zipper slides down easily and you pull down on my pants. I finish the job for you and add my pants to the pile of clothes next to the couch. Wearing just our panties, I yearn for the feel of your body on mine.

I lay on you, allowing our breasts to come together when we kiss. Your hands are all over my back and shoulders and waist. Finally, you reach inside my panties and squeeze my ass. Our pussies press firmly against each other and our tongues battle for space inside our mouths.

My hand is cupped over your breast. When I squeeze the nipple you moan under my deep kiss. I have to get you naked.

Surprisingly, you beat me to it. Your hands grasp the back of my panties and pull them off my ass. I raise my hips just enough for you to pull them down to my thighs. The feel of your fingers on my ass is only bettered by the sensation of those same fingers coming around to my pussy. When your finger first touches my clit türkçe altyazılı porno I’m afraid I’ll cum instantly. But you move your hand over my shaven pussy until finding my vagina and I breathe again.

I let you insert a finger an inch or two inside me before moving down your body. You look confused, but I smile at you and look at your panties. Little by little I draw them down your legs. There is a small triangle of hair above your clit and a trace of finely trimmed hair down to your clit. As I remove your panties, my tongue wets my lips in anticipation of tasting you.

Your naked body is fully exposed under me. As I admire it, I feel your eyes. I am the first girl you’ve ever had and I intend to make you enjoy it. I’ll let you do whatever you desire and right now I sense you want to devour me. You watch my breasts and my waist and my pussy as I run my fingers over every inch of your body.

It is only when I touch your clit that I get a reaction. Your eyes close tightly, your mouth opens and you gasp. A couple more strokes and I see your hips rise and fall involuntarily.

I’m not sure that you even realize I’m moving until my head is between your legs. I press gently against your thighs and you spread them for me. With my hands under your ass, I lower my head to your pussy.

It is wet and warm and sweet. My tongue makes a long, methodical swipe from the entrance to your vagina halfway to your clit. You again raise your hips and let your ass fall back into my hands. It feels cool and soft.

I lick you a half dozen times before sliding my tongue inside you.

“Oh, Traci,” you sigh. Your hands were at your side, but now they hold my head in place.

I fuck you with my tongue for a minute, feeling the tightness of your vagina. My tongue reaches up and licks your g-spot, resulting in another whimper of pleasure. As much as I want to stay there, I know you must be desperate for satisfaction.

Not allowing my tongue to ever leave contact with your skin, I move up to your clit. As expected, you flinch when I make contact. My hands can feel your body shaking.

“Relax, Heather,” I say. “Just lay back and relax. Let it come.”

You take a deep breath and put your hands over your face. I watch you as I begin licking your clit. When your hands move up to brush back your hair, I place a hand on your left breast. Your eyes are still closed tightly as I squeeze the nipple and take your clit in my mouth.

It’s difficult to say which is more erect: the nipple or the clit. With equal zeal, I attack them both. The sweet taste on my tongue and the feel of your rigid skin between my lips makes me shudder with excitement. I pull up on your ass, engulfing as much of you as I can in my mouth.

Your hands are on my head again, urging me to take in more.

“Yes. Oh, yes. Traci. I’m…there…I’m gonna…”

I squeeze hard on your nipple and lick frantically all around your clit. You utter something I can’t make out, but your body gives you away. You stiffen. Shake. Then stiffen again.

You cry out and cum. It’s hard keeping up with the gyrations of your lower body, but I manage to keep in contact with your clit. Cries of ecstasy fill the room and I watch your head roll back and forth on the arm of the couch. Your hand is on your right breast; duplicating the manipulation I am giving your left nipple.

My arms wrap tightly around your legs in an attempt to hold you in place. You squirm from side to side, apparently giving in to a series of unrelenting orgasms. Beads of perspiration form on your forehead and your hair is wildly disarrayed. But, you look beautiful to me.

“Traci. Stop. Oh, God. No,” you say in a barely audible voice. You are trying to pull away from me.

One more shudder from a long lick and I let you go. You slide back onto the couch and lay your head by the arm. The look in your eyes is nearly indescribable. It’s a combination of pain, desire, exhaustion and exhilaration.

I lay on you again and we kiss more passionately than before. Your legs wrap around my waist and I feel the heels of your feet on my ass. As I wipe the moisture from your brow, you thank me and confirm the splendor of the sex. I just enjoy feeling your warm body on mine.

After a minute you speak. “I’m not sure I know how to please you.”

I laugh and kiss your cheek as we lay side by side. “How about if you let me take charge and you just do what comes natural?”

“OK,” you say hesitantly. “But, that was wonderful and I…”

I don’t let you finish. I roll across your body hd altyazılı porno and stand up. I take your hand and pull you from the couch, turning at the same time toward the hallway. The smile on my face as I look over my shoulder at you makes you feel more at ease, and you respond with a nervous smile of your own.

We walk past a bedroom and turn into the master bathroom. I watch you look around at the white wallpaper with vivid patterns, plant stands and glass enclosed shower. Then your eyes fall upon the centerpiece of the room–a large, beige Jacuzzi.

“Wow. This is nice,” you say softly.

“Would you like to relax in my tub for a while?” It was a question that didn’t demand an answer.

“Would I? Of course.”

I had already walked to the faucet and started the flow of water. When I stood back up, I was surprised to find you directly behind me with your arms around my waist. Your hands rose to the base of my breasts and your warm breath was on my neck. Through my hair you kissed my ear and whispered how happy I had made you.

My breasts were covered now with your outstretched fingers and your lips were biting the bottom of my ear. I reached behind you and pulled you closer, feeling the softness of your ass once again.

One of your hands slid down my stomach and landed between my legs. A finger moved from my clit to my vagina, then inside me. I bent slightly and you molded your body with mine. The finger slipped in and out repeatedly.

“God, Heather. You can’t be new to this.” I could have cum in an instant.

I heard you giggle quietly before I bent down to turn off the water and activate the jets in the Jacuzzi. Your hand left my pussy but your body was still in contact with me the whole time. The soothing swoosh of the water was the only sound in the room.

I stepped into the tub and sat with my back against one side, watching you follow behind me. You easily slid into the curved area for the second occupant and stretched out your legs over mine. We both slipped down until only our heads were above the water, watching it swirl around and over each other’s bodies. I felt your feet slide up and down my legs, not quite reaching my pussy, which now urgently needed your attention.

We unwound for a couple minutes before you began to lean forward. You approach me and soon are hovering over me, water dripping off your nipples. We kiss as you lower your body onto mine. I hold your ass and you grind your pussy down onto mine. Lost in the kiss’ craze, we nearly end up under the water. Water laps against the side of my face, adding to the warmth of your mouth and tongue. The end of your hair is wet and hangs around your face. You look incredibly sexy.

You move down to my neck, which I’ve raised to water level. Sensing that you want more, I rise out of the water a few more inches and you take my breast into your mouth. The already ultra-sensitive nipple is maneuvered between your lips and I feel like exploding. I feel your hands on my ass, lifting me yet higher.

I decide it is time. Or did you? In one easy motion, I sit on the edge of the tub, my pussy at the same level as your mouth. I spread my legs and watch you. Your eyes never leave my pussy. In another couple seconds, your tongue is on me. First inside me, then up to my clit.

I put my hands on the back of your head and feel the smooth dampness of your mouth. You are licking below my clit, beside it, around it. On it. God, you lick it harder and take it in your mouth. I feel your lips and tongue, then a finger in my vagina. I put my hand on my breast and squeeze. Hard. Then my nipple. I roll it between my fingers, feeling you fuck me with your fingers and lick my clit.

“Yes, Heather. That’s it. Yes.”

You urge me to cum, but I need no help. The orgasm starts deep inside my stomach and flows out in a wave. I buck my hips up and down, forcing my pussy harder against your face. Your tongue works harder and faster and you pull me closer. My hands fall to the side of the tub, trying to hold on while a second and third orgasm roll over me.

I cry out your name over and over, begging you not to stop. My body shudders from the power of the sex, the power of your mouth. Until I can’t move.

You know I’m finished and lift your head. Your eyes peer out from under your hair, looking up at me as though you were a child looking for approval. Tears fill my eyes.

I slide down into the tub and into your arms. I try to talk but your mouth is on mine and the words disappear into you.

We spend another half hour in the Jacuzzi exploring each other. We spend the rest of the day in t-shirts; talking, eating, playing, learning to love.

I get outrageously jealous when you go out with guys, now. But you always come back. Back to my arms, my bed and my love.

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