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This is about Shannon. She’s a friend of mine, more of an acquaintance. She invited me to her house warming/pool party. We knew each other, but not very well. Occasionally meet up for drinks or run into each other during local festivals. We worked together in the same dept. for about a month before I got a promotion and she went to work for a competitor.

She’s a very cute and a very Irish-American girl with a touch of country. Auburn hair and green eyes. She’s about my height, but taller in heels and has a thick, amazing body. She’s always been involved with someone. Married twice and now dating a guy she met at one of the breweries we both like.

So when she sent me an invite on Facebook I thought it was odd since she’s never officially invited me to anything. We run into each other or at most she will text me and ask if I’m in in the area and we can meet up for drinks if I am. I accept and ask for details. She said just a get together for her friends since the official house warning included mostly family and it was a dry occasion.

The day of the party comes and I arrive with a bottle of wine and board shorts. I brought my back pack holding a change of clothes. She greets me with a great big hug and her tits feel amazing against me. She’s wearing a momkini. She looks amazing to me but I can tell she’s a little self conscious of stretch marks and her bit of thickness, but she was beautiful.

I see a bunch of random people that are eryaman escort bayan all either very country or very much frat guys that got old and fat. I stand out like a sore thumb. The party wasn’t bad. No one other than Shannon really spoke to me with the exception of her really petite, blonde friend Megan. Even when she would introduce me to people it was very awkward. It was almost like they never hung it with anyone outside of their ethnic group. A number of even randomly brought up how they like tacos. I’m not even Mexican, but I was too laid back to subtly mock them.

Shannon and Megan were nice enough keep me company even though it was all their friends at the party. Her boyfriend was pounding down the Jack and cokes with his boys by the grill. When she looked at him it wasn’t the look of a woman looking at a loved one. It was almost like she tolerated him at best.

It was maybe only 3 and after some half-assed swimming and socializing in the pool. I ask Shannon where the bathroom is that connects to the pool area and she says she will show me. I got the feeling that Megan was going to answer, but Shannon took the lead. We get out and walk into the screened porch area around the side of the wall and there was a door leading into a small bathroom that had a standing shower right inside the door. I walk in and go to close the door behind me when I feel her come in grab me by the hand. I turn to ask her what she was doing, but she interrupted etimesgut escort me with a kiss on the mouth and her hands moving to lower my board shorts. Okay this was happening. she pulled away from the kiss and locked the both doors. The one leading to the house and the one leading to the patio. She comes back to me and kisses me again.

I move my hand to her breasts and she instead guides me remove her bottoms before she drops to her knees pulling my shorts down as she did and takes me in her mouth and I am already fully hard. I lean back and support my self on the wall that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom and let her suck and bob on my cock with enthusiasm. Her eyes not breaking contact with mine. Her hand playing with her pussy from what I could see at this angle. Her tits where so nice in that top she was wearing.

She then told me I need to fuck her before anyone realizes we were gone. She lay back on the tile spreading her legs and pulling my down to her by holding my cock. I get between her legs and could feel that her pussy was already very wet and waiting for me. One deep hard thrust that should have hurt her instead was met with an equally forceful return lifting of her hips. She winced a little and covered her mouth with her hand and just accepted the depth and girth of my cock. I didn’t last long and I can’t be sure she came, but I filled her up nice and deep and escort elvankent she held me longer than we should have kissing me and biting my lower lip. As the afterglow started to take hold.

Finally we stood up. She sat in the toilet to pee and push my cum out of her and then slid her bottom back on. I peed after her and flushed the toilet. She exited the door that opened back to her house I assume to clean up a little more in her bedroom. I went out the patio side door and was met by Megan with a coy smile. The party was winding down by 8 and by 9 almost everyone was gone except for Shannon, Megan, myself and Shannon’s passed out boyfriend. To be honest I don’t remember his name.

Shannon asked Megan and me to stay to help her clean up. I felt like she had other plans and I was happy about it.

Shannon and I had one more quickie in her bed this time, before I headed home. The difference now was that Megan was with us and she was playing with Shannon’s nipples and clit while kissing her. I slammed into Shannon this time that lasted longer and was more about making sure she came too. When we both came again Megan nearly shoved me aside and went down on Shannon eating my creampie our from her friends messy pussy. it was a hell of a sight.

Before I left I got hugs from both of them and Megan gave me her number and asked me to call her. Turns out we live in the same county so we have been able to hook up more often than I have been able to with Shannon.

We all still talk, but our schedules haven’t overlapped to see each other as often as I would have hoped anymore and now even less so with corona. When this is over I would like to try a legitimate threesome with them and take out time instead of feeling rushed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32