Pregnant Pauses

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The wind gusted hard into Jim as he reached the front door, followed by Abby. After venturing out into the raw winter night, the only thing he could think of was cozying up to a roaring fire. A couple fingers of bourbon would be awfully nice too. He held the door as his eldest daughter passed him before he hurried inside himself. He closed the door behind him, locked it, and flipped the front porch light off.

Overflowing with energy, a blur of brunette hair met him at the front door, hugging him even with his wet jacket. Bouncing from foot to foot, she began pelting him with questions.

“How was the class? Is it snowing out? What are you doing right now?”

“Hold up there Britt. Let me get out of this wet coat and warm myself before you pepper me with questions. It’s colder than a polar bear’s toenails out there.”

Jim marveled at his second oldest daughter’s vivacious spirit. Britt never seemed to stop moving. She brimmed with a nervous exuberance. She bubbled with positivity; always eager to help and spend time with the family.

Life blessed Jim and his wife, Donna, with four beautiful daughters. Two years her senior, he met his loving wife while working a summer job at a local pizza place. She came in with a few girlfriends right before the restaurant closed one night. They didn’t sit in his section, but he ended up serving them when their designated server bitched about having places to go. He volunteered to take over the young ladies’ table and his life changed. After finishing her meal, Donna ditched her friends and stayed with him while he finished up his closing duties. He walked her home and saw her every night for the rest of the summer.

Summer ended and she went two states away to college. They talked on the phone a few times a week but weren’t officially a couple. They decided neither of them should miss out on a full college experience. Those first few months were difficult, separated by a few hundred miles, each aching for the other as the semester crawled forward.

Before winter break, she teased him by saying that she had a surprise for him. He made guess after guess to figure out what the surprise may be; however, she never budged. He was anxious to see her when she came home. Finally, the day came when her exams finished, and she came back for break. He saw a wrapped present for him when they embraced. With a radiant smile on her face, she implored him to open it. Inside, he found a sweatshirt with his college’s name on it. A little confused, he thanked her and said that he could never have too many of these. Her smile remained while she shook her head. “Silly, that’s for me. I figured I’d need it to fit in next semester around campus.” That was how she told him that she transferred to join him. Jim lifted his love, spinning her and passionately kissing her.

If the few months apart seemed to endlessly stretch on, the rest of their college years flew by. By the beginning of her sophomore year, they had moved in together, finding a small house not far from campus. He proposed to her the summer after that, using his first post-graduation paychecks to buy her a modest ring. They married the January between semesters of her senior year. Right after the wedding, she became pregnant with Abigail, everyone called her Abby.

Twenty-one years later, Jim and Donna were still hopelessly in love with each other. Abby and Britt, officially Brittney, were two years apart, twenty and eighteen years old respectively. Claire came six years later, a last-ditch effort at trying to expand their family. Ten-year-old Dana had been a complete surprise. Donna started taking birth control after Claire’s birth. Somehow, Dana beat the odds and made their family complete. After that, Jim and Donna agreed they needed to be more than sure. Jim had religiously worn condoms since, while Donna continued her previous birth control.

Now, Jim, 45, and Donna, 43, were about to become, what they considered to be young, grandparents. Last Spring Break, Abby met and fell in love with an enlisted Marine named Seth. She fell to pieces telling them that Seth and she were going to be parents. She insisted that they would be keeping the baby and now he wanted to marry her before his next deployment that fall.

Abby expected condemnation and lecturing. Jim and Donna, though disappointed by the turn of events, however, expressed nothing but happiness. They told her that no matter what happened, Abby’s baby would enter the world surrounded by the love of family. They did tell her that maybe she should wait to get married, advice she ignored when she married Seth in September, before his deployment overseas three weeks later.

Despite the marriage, Abby decided to accept her parent’s invitation to live with them until her husband’s return. She knew that bringing her daughter into the world would not be easy without Seth. She’d need all the help she could get and figured she’d find none better than her parents.

That bursa escort is how, the week between Christmas and New Year, Abby came to be accompanied by her father to her Lamaze class that blustery night. Normally, Donna would take her to her class, offering advice and adding additional pointers on their drive home. Tonight, her mom was sick, a nasty sinus infection. His wife, shivering under two blankets and prepared to be knocked out on cold medicine, asked Jim to take her place.

Jim originally planned to do nothing that night. The two younger girls had gone with his parents after Christmas, and there was a full slate of college bowl games he could watch while enjoying a nice glass of whiskey, or several.

He knew, though, that his wife would never ask him to take her place at the Lamaze class unless it was impossible for her to go herself. After checking with Abby to make sure it was ok, he assured Donna that he would take her place. He told her to get lots of rest and asked if she needed anything before turning their bedroom light off and closing the door.

The nasty, late December weather did not cause the class to be canceled. Abby and he bundled themselves up in thick winter coats and left for the class. Though he drove cautiously, they were the first to get there. Abby showed him around and led him towards a circle of chairs in the large room. Walking behind her, he glanced down and noticed the sway of her hips. She wore a tight pair of maternity yoga pants. The swing of her walk caused her pregnant booty to jiggle. As she sat down, it dawned on him just how far along she was, her ample breasts perched on top of her swollen, pregnant belly. The sharp V of her t-shirt revealed her cleavage.

Recognizing Britt’s excitement, Abby interjected while she could get a few words in.

“It is freezing cold out there. I am going to go soak in the bath for a bit to defrost then head to bed.”

“Alright sweetie. Get warm, relax, and have a good night. Have nothing but the sweetest dreams,” her father said as he stepped over to hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek. Abby turned and took the stairs slowly, using the handrail to brace herself.

“As for your questions,” Jim said, removing his scarf and unzipping his jacket. “The class was fine. It is snowing but should pick up shortly. I am going to go check on your mom, change, and come back down and catch up on the game. If you need something to do, you can add some wood to the fire. I wouldn’t mind if it is blazing when I come back down.”

“Ok, dad. I’ll get the fire ready then I want to hear more about Abby’s class.” Jim loved her exuberance. Though Britt was a great athlete and popular at school, she always seemed her best at home with her family. He could count on her warm, inviting smile to greet him when he got home every day, and her eagerness to converse about his day. He hung up his jacket and turned toward the steps.

Britt passed by him, lightly brushing his arm, as she gracefully ascended the steps.

“I’m going to change too. I’ll be right back down and have that fire roaring for you,” she said over her shoulder. She reached the top before he had taken the first step and disappeared down the hallway. His ascent was much slower.

He reached the hallway and peered into each door as he passed. Abby’s room was the first on the left and closest to the steps. The door was open without anyone inside. Across from that was the room that Claire and Dana shared. Claire was twelve and about to get to the age when she shouldn’t be sharing a room with her elementary school aged sister. He’d promised Claire that when Abby moved with Seth, she would get her own room; a promise cheered by both of his younger daughters.

The next door on the left opened inward and Britt burst past him and hurdled down the stairs. She had changed and was back on the move. He glanced into the teenager’s room. Dirty clothes covered the floor. Clean clothes hung from partially open drawers, as if escaping their wooden confines. A mix of schoolbooks, shoes, and other assorted teenage girl bric-a-brac took up the bed. A calendar hung on the wall opposite the door, several days crossed out leading up to a red-circled date, today. He would have to have Donna stress the importance of keeping the room clean to his most precocious daughter.

Across from Britt’s room, he heard running water filling the bathtub. Even through the closed door, a melodic whisper of song could be heard, Abby being a choral singer all four of her high school years.

Passing a closed linen closet, Jim arrived at the door to the room he shared with his wife. He gently turned the knob and pushed the door inward. Stepping in, his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He could make out the sleeping form of Donna on the bed, covered in a couple blankets. He fussed with them before grabbing the cup of water off her nightstand. He turned to his dresser and with a reflex borne from habit, pulled a pair bursa escort bayan of athletic shorts and a worn t-shirt from the drawers.

With his clothes and the glass of water, he entered the adjoining bathroom. Making no noise, he closed the door before turning on the light, shocking his eyes in the process. He changed, leaving his spent clothes in the hamper, before filling up the glass with fresh water for his wife. Returning to her bedside, he placed the glass on the nightstand before delivering a light kiss to her forehead. He could feel the fever radiating from her skin. She moved slightly, emitting a few incomprehensible words of a fever dream, then returned to her unmoving slumber. He wished her sweet dreams and to feel better before tiptoeing backwards, letting himself out of the room.

His daughter’s sweetly sung song continued from the girls’ bathroom as he passed, louder now that the tub’s faucet had been turned off. He moved down the stairs and towards the living room.

The sight of his daughter on her hands and knees presented itself to him as he entered the room. Propped up on the floor, Britt tossed two pieces of chopped wood into the fireplace, then stoked the fire with a metal poker. A pair of shorts, he recognized as once belonging to his wife, grabbed her hips. The material hung from the rolled waist, sloping down across her cheeks and loose against the back of her thighs, probably a size big for her. A loose t-shirt, this one belonging to him, draped across Britt’s back and shoulders. He thought that he’d worn it yesterday; she must have gotten it from his hamper.

As he approached the bar cart he kept in the living room, Jim cleared his throat, successfully garnering her attention. Britt looked over her shoulder, welcoming him with an excited, “Hey daddy!”

Glass filled with amber liquid, he turned toward the couch, grabbing the remote, while instructing her on proper fire etiquette. “Don’t forget not to stuff too much wood in there.”

“Yes, dad. I know. Shouldn’t choke out the embers,” she returned with a bassy, mocking version of his own lecture. She closed the fireplace door before catapulting to her feet in one movement. He dropped himself onto the couch, pointed the remote at the screen, and triggered the on button. She joined him a few feet away on the couch. She reached and grabbed the remote from his hand, muting the football game that had popped up on the TV. She handed the remote back to him.

“Now tell me about the class. I got the fire going for you,” she said, turned her body to his, sat cross legged, and stared at him. He didn’t remember making such an agreement.

Jim, diverted part of his attention away from the football game, asked his daughter, “well, what do you want to know?”

“Everything! What did you learn? How many people were there? What did you think of it?”

Her eagerness to know about the Lamaze class surprised him. He looked at his 18-year-old daughter, her long brunette hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, a few wisps cascading on either side of her face, her brown eyes anticipating his answers.

“It was a pretty standard class. Most of the women are very pregnant, ready to go in the next few weeks. The midwife went over a couple breathing techniques, then reviewed the schedule for next week’s class. They are touring the local hospital. She wanted everyone to know what to expect. Not much has changed since your mom and I were having you girls. I could have told Abby all the insider tips, but I guess it’s better hearing them from an experienced midwife. It did remind me of loving when your mom was pregnant.”

Britt absorbed all the information he just gave to her.

“Why did you love when mom was pregnant? Wasn’t it all morning sickness barfing and weird cravings?” she asked.

Jim hesitated to answer the teenage girl next to him. He tipped his glass, finishing his first bourbon. Taking this as an opportunity to delay his answer, he hopped up and filled his glass again. He sat back down and turned his focus to the silent game.

“Come on dad,” Britt scolded, “I just want to talk.” She reached for the remote, but he steered it away from her grasp.

Knowing that he could not brush this topic away, he replied to his daughter. “Don’t get me wrong, there are some unpleasant road bumps being pregnant. There is just something about a woman on the brink of bringing a new life into the world that just gets to me.”

“I should not have said that to her,” he thought the second the statement left his lips. It did cause him to think back to his wife’s pregnancy. When Donna had been pregnant, she ached for him. Nothing made her hornier. He recalled many nights, trying to quench her insatiable desire to be fucked over and over. Even after he was spent, she would furiously play with herself, her hands reaching around her protruding stomach. He’d helped by endlessly eating her pussy or plying her clit with a vibrator that they escort bursa used in their sex play.

It was the same now as it was then. Being in that room, surrounded by all those expectant mothers, a glow emanating from each one, excited Jim. Through most of the class tonight, he struggled to hide the bulge in his pants. He loved seeing a bare pregnant belly, the breasts hanging over it engorged with milk. The way nature accented the curves of an expectant mother. He couldn’t help but thinking about how horny, how insatiable each one was in their current condition, and the actions that got them there in the first place. He imagined each woman there tonight naked, cradling her belly in her hands, a wet pussy between her legs.

And with some shame, every woman in the room that he imagined included Abby. Seated next to her, he possessed the perfect vantage point to look down her shirt at the exposed cleavage. He imagined the darkened nipples that lay under the stretched bra. He couldn’t get the pussy that hid inside the tight pants out of his head. Soon it would burst forth with new life, now he hoped that it was constantly yearning to be stimulated, rubbed, fucked.

“So, you think pregnant women are sexy?” Britt’s questioned, snapping him out of his daydream. He turned his head to her, meeting her eyes.

“Why would you say that?” he queried. He drained the last of the throat warming liquor in his glass. The intoxicating nectar certainly did its trick, a warm fuzz had reached his belly before expanding back up and settling in his head.

“Well. It’s pretty obvious.” She cleared her throat and pointed to his crotch.

Jim looked down to see his lap tented with an erection. Oh God, he hadn’t realized. He attempted to push it to the side, adjusting his shorts in a vain attempt to hide his hard dick.

Ever the pleaser, Britt scooped the glass from his hand, rose from the couch, and poured her dad a refill from his stock. She turned, handed him the bourbon, and flounced back down.

“Dad, that’s ok. Abby tells me that since she’s been pregnant, she is horny all the time. It seems like everyone gets happy around pregnant ladies,” she said smirking. Jim looked down at his lap and then back at her. He could see that she was also excited, her nipples poked against the fabric of her shirt, proof that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He also saw that, when she sat back down, her shorts had ridden up higher, allowing him to see up the leg of her shorts at his daughter’s hairless pussy.

He couldn’t keep looking at her. He turned to the football game, unable to orient himself to the play on the screen. He felt her place her hand on his penis. Evidently, his adjustments did nothing to conceal the excitement hiding underneath the shorts.

“Please, stop touching me Britt,” he said, brushing her hand off his dick. “That is inappropriate.”

“You know, I can’t wait to be pregnant. I’m already horny all the time, but it will be fun to be even hornier. Plus, I am ready for a baby,” Britt asserted. She returned her hand to his groin, tracing an outline of him with the back of her hand.

“You are most definitely not ready. You’re only eighteen. You have tons of time to be a parent. You still have prom and graduation and college, and all the other fun stuff young people get to do. And please stop touching me. I am your father,” he stammered out, trying to edge his tone with authority.

“I know that. But, with mom and your help, I can still do all that. Plus, I know you love me.”

The conversation momentarily distracted Jim from the small hand that was now squeezing his dick through the shorts. The hand now began to stroke up and down, drawing his attention back.

“You need to stop that now. This is not appropriate.” He again tried to be authoritative, despite enjoying the way she touched him.

“Come on dad. You said you were excited by pregnant ladies. You were in a class with nothing but them earlier. Let me help you out. Mom is sick. This will be good,” she replied.

Britt took her hand from his stiff dick and pulled down his waistband, freeing his rigid member. It bounced up before settling in a ceiling facing position. She returned her hand to him, this time without the barrier of the shorts. She stroked up and down on the engorged member. He sighed, signaling to her that he was enjoying the attention she was giving him. Responding to the positive feedback, she inched closer to him until, still cross legged, her knees made contact.

Jim finally turned to face her and met her eyes. He knew he needed to bolster his voice with authority, instead of pleading. He failed. “Please stop this. We can forget this happened. Stop this and go upstairs and tomorrow we’ll start over new. Just father and daughter again. I love your mom. I love your sisters and you. We just can’t do this.” He begged her.

Britt smiled back at her father and kept playing with his hard cock. “I’ve played this through in my mind for a long time. Thought about it happening a million different ways. I see the love you have for all of us. Mom would understand this. I have the perfect man right here with me. A man that loves me. Loves everyone he cares about. It has to be you.

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