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The peasant man, Ben’s, shack carries with an uncomfortable air as the young princess, Allysandra, and her maid, Rebekah, wake. The brown haired girl stared, despondently, down at the table that she and her princess sat at. The knife like tension between her and the older man was lacking, compared to the day before.

Ben’s own head hung low. His shame for what he had done to the girl during the night replayed in his mind as he prepared their humble breakfast.

His lust had grown in the few days he had known the two young women. Their soft white skin and fragile features was a drug that threatened his very sanity. The way the young woman he knew as Ally gave no thought to the consequences of her self pleasure on those who slept beside her incited his mind to obscene action. But, most significantly, the resentful submissiveness of the brown haired maiden had changed him in ways he hated.

The night before, she had allowed him to touch her. To use her to satisfy his carnal desires. But, he had humiliated her. He had defiled her mouth with his cock. Shoved his meat down her throat and spent his seed to her displeasure.

The man knew that such an act was abominable to any self respecting woman. An act that only prostitutes and slaves would endure. He hated himself. But, the memory of his organ penetrating her beautiful lips and the confusion and humiliation in her eyes as she accepted it… Despite himself, he couldn’t suppress the wood that dwelt within his pants. It had tortured him since the moment he woke up and refused to abate.

Ally had a soft expression on her face as she looked at the brown haired maid. She was unaware of the experiences of the night. Her companion seemed to be a different woman with every advancing day. The princess had been witness to the deflowering of her maid by a woodsman just days before. The rape still seemed to be torturing the woman. But then, how could it not?

The meal was shared quietly, Rebekah’s appetite lacking. The peasant man wasted no time leaving the young women in his home while he went to tend his garden. The man’s departure did little to remove the tense atmosphere that seemed to cloud the air around the woman in braids.

“Hey,” Ally flashed a faltering smile at her maid.

The gloomy woman looked up, as if realizing that she wasn’t alone. “Yes, my lady?”

The golden haired princess’ eyes flitted around the room frequently as she tried to hold her companion’s gaze. “I’m… you know… I’m…”

Allysandra had spent many years learning rhetoric and diction. But, in this moment, all her training abandoned her. How was she supposed to console an abused woman?

Rebekah’s eyes didn’t falter like her princess’. But, the spark of life seemed absent.

Ally took a deep breath and locked her eyes with Rebekah’s. “I’m here for you.”

The brown haired maid felt something stir in her. Despite her misery, she felt a sense of mirth rise up from within her.

Princess Allysandra is here for her… It almost brought a bitter laugh to the woman’s mouth. Almost.

“Princess,” Rebekah flattened her hands against the surface of the table, “I am grateful for your concern. But, I’m fine. I… I apologize for causing you concern.”

The young woman smiled a professional smile that failed to reach her eyes. “More than that, my lady, we should consider moving on.”

Ally was not such a fool as to believe the woman’s claim of being fine. “Rebekah…”

The plaintiff calling of her name inspired irritation in the maid. Her gaze became a glare, causing her ward to flinch and look away. As quickly as the exchange happened, Rebekah realized her mistake and softened her gaze.

“Princess,” she said softly, “thank you.”

Allysandra’s breath had caught and a new wave of anxiety made it difficult for her to look at her companion. But, the gentleness of Rebekah’s tone served to settle her enough to look back. Gradually, she allowed a cautious smile to return to her face.

“Of course.”

As the princess processed her emotions, she thought about what the next step would be. The trade cities were their best chance for finding support. But, reaching them was a matter of some concern.

“Tyrene is the closest of the trade cities,” the princess noted.

Rebekah nodded, “Yes. But, it’s still quite far to walk. And, with the patrols out…”

A silence hung over them as they thought of the seemingly impossible task before them.

“We should ask Ben,” the princess innocently proposed.

The buxom brown haired girl’s eyes dropped at the mention of the man’s name. But, she nodded her head. There really wasn’t any other choice.

Ally smiled, somehow missing her friend’s mood. “Okay, let’s go.”

The two women left the shack to find the peasant man. His eyes turned up at their approach, savoring the supple pale flesh of their long legs as they parted with their short brown skirts. He couldn’t help his eyes traversing their bellies and up to their defined collar bones and shoulders.

The princess eryaman bayan escort seemed oblivious to the tent between his legs. But, the maid’s eyes immediately found it.

“Ahem,” Ben cleared his throat. “My lady.”

The blonde beauty smiled sweetly as she explained her objective. She seemed so pure, the older man thought. She stood in stark contrast to the gloomy woman at her side. Ben couldn’t help imagining the petite noble kneeling before his knob.

Ben’s lips turned downwards. His scowl disturbing the princess.

“Ben?” she asked.

The man let out a melancholic sigh before addressing her concern, “I can ask a local wagon driver to take you. But, I don’t know what will happen after you leave.”

The two young women shared a look, it was their only option. The danger had never left their lives since the fall of the capital. What little comfort they had enjoyed since finding Ben was only a brief respite from the crisis they were caught in.

The resolve in Ally’s heart was weak. But, she tried not to show it as she led her companion back to the shack.

The rest of the day passed slowly. Until, once again, the three of them rested for the night.

Princess Allysandra had grown comfortable with her habit of self gratification. The pleasures of playing with her ever moistening pussy compelled her to touch herself again. But, she was patient. She waited for a long time, trying to be sure that the others slept.

A hand drifted down. Her fingers sliding across her belly to dive below her skirt. Despite herself, Allysandra’s breathing grew shallow and rapid. The promise of ecstasy made her lips tremble. Just as she brushed the patch of fluff of her pubic hair she felt a hand grasp her arm.

The princess’ eyes flashed open and her head turned to look into the shadowy face at her side. A new fear came over the maiden’s heart. Even in the darkness, it was obvious that Rebekah was angry. Her vice like grip digging into the delicate skin of Ally’s arm.

The maid really was angry. Angry at how disgraceful her mistress was behaving. At how the royal woman got to feel satisfied while she only seemed to suffer pain and humiliation. She knew her nails would leave marks in Allysandra’s unblemished skin. But, it was hard to let go.

In time, the anger passed and Rebekah let go. Her face turning away from her frightened princess. The interaction made it difficult for both women to find their rest. Still, all they could do was wait for sleep to take them.

Ben was oblivious to the atmosphere in the bed. All he could do was relive the eroticism of the night before. His raging member crying out for release.

He too waited for his moment. And, while the scent of sex never came over the shack, his frustration and expectation drove him to exit his home late in the night.

It was as the nights before, cool with little light. Ben found his place by the river and turned back to his dwelling. He didn’t want to, but he allowed himself to hope.

The brown haired girl, so like his beloved daughter of the past, had come to him in the nights before. Would she come again?

As the river flowed on endlessly, Ben’s mood and arousal fell. He was alone.

The hardness of his cock softened and he felt sad. Somehow, he knew she wouldn’t come to him again. And yet, he’d allowed himself to think that the brown haired girl would give herself to him.

“Fuck,” he cursed bitterly.

It sucked, but what could he expect? He’d face fucked the woman when she’d allowed him to touch her. The kind and decent man his wife had loved was a fraud.

Depraved thoughts hardened his features as he looked into the dark portal of his home. Two beautiful young maidens lay in his bed. All he needed to do was tear away the flimsy cloth that protected their decency and he could feel the softness of their skin. He could plunge his engorged phallus into both of their delicate flowers.

He could…

He couldn’t.

“Hah…” with a sigh, he let it go.

As he returned and reclined to sleep, he couldn’t help thinking of what could have been had he been kinder.

The following day was dull and uncomfortable for the trio. Rebekah’s mood failed to improve and her princess could only agonize at having been caught in her act of indecency. Ben, for his part, caught the attention of a local farmer whose wagon traversed the Southern road.

“Ben,” the farmer’s eyes were tense, “what are you asking?”

The danger of transporting fugitives while imperial troops were patrolling the road was too great for any simple peasant to accept. The empire had only allowed the rural folk their independence because of their irrelevance. Treasonous act against their new rulers was an unnecessary risk.

Ben struggled, “It’s just two women. They’re not fighters and they have no weapons. Please, just take them with you as far South as you can go.”

The farmer bit his lip. He was a man of good conscience, or so he thought. “I… I don’t know. The patrols… Hmm…”

The escort etimesgut man thought for a moment. “I’ll need to wait. The soldiers aren’t as diligent as they were a few days ago. Maybe… Maybe they’ll lose interest in this route if we wait a little longer.”

Ben smiled a half smile, “Please, let me know when you think it’s safe.”

The farmer shrugged, “I can’t promise anything.” As he said this, he whipped his ox and moved his wagon full of produce on down the road.

The older gardener scratched the back of his head as he looked back to his home. The ladies maintained their isolation in the shack, making it difficult for Ben to get the nerve to rest there. In a way, he hoped they would stay with him for longer. But, the mood between them had only grown colder as they stayed together.

With a sigh, he returned to his garden.

The days passed slowly for the princess and her maid. And, Allysandra felt pent up as she held herself back from masturbating. It was a sensation she found difficult to understand. Her breath would catch as she thought of the ecstasy that she had only recently discovered. And, much as she hated it, she found herself reliving the moment of Rebekah’s rape. It was gross and sad. And, she didn’t understand why it brought butterflies to her stomach when she thought of it.

The princess wasn’t the only one who had recently discovered her womanhood. Rebekah’s torment had opened a gate in her soul. She found herself wearing the mask of indifference and apathy to hide from something that had changed within her. The moment of her deflowering had inspired little pleasure in her. But, she couldn’t deny that in the days that had followed she felt a moistening of her lower lips at the thought of being taken there again. How Ben had lined the crown of his dick with her folds. How his heat had seared her.

It disgusted her. But, as the days wore on, she felt an overwhelming desire to touch herself in the same disgraceful way her princess had.

They all agonized in their own way. And, the mood in the shack gradually shifted once more. Ben’s regret and guilt had momentarily suppressed his arousal. But, the scent of young women assailed him whenever he entered his home. And, the pale skin of perfect beauties was a feast for his eyes.

The patrols had reduced as the days wore on and the farmer had returned every few days to conspire. “They’ve abandoned their checkpoints. And, the patrols have dropped down to alternate days. I… I think I can take them tomorrow.”

Ben nodded. It was a tremendous thing for him to ask of this man. But, he didn’t know any alternative.

“Thank you. I wish there was something I could offer you for the risk you’re taking.”

The farmer allowed himself to laugh, “It’s what men do for the fairer sex. Isn’t it?”

Ben smiled softly as the man moved on. His mind was bitter as he thought of other things men do to the fairer sex. After a moment’s thought, he entered the shack.

As usual, the maidens sat at his small table. Their eyes turned up to him as he entered. And, he couldn’t help think there a softness in the brown haired girls gaze as she appraised him. A certain acceptance.

“Tomorrow,” Ben said bluntly.

Allysandra puzzled, “Tomorrow?”

The older man nodded, “The wagon will take you in the morning. The empire shouldn’t have scouts out tomorrow.”

The girls had mixed emotions at his statement. The desire to move on had grown in the dull days since their arrival at Ben’s abode. But, here they felt some measure of safety. Beyond this…

The blonde princess nodded with an anxious smile, “Thank you, Ben. You’ve done so much for us.”

The older man smiled kindly at Ally before his eyes hesitantly touched Rebekah’s. There was a question in her gaze. But, he didn’t know the answer.

“Ahem,” he coughed. “I’ll… um, be back later.”

With haste, Ben returned to his garden. And, spent the rest of the day tending his tomatoes, corn, and beans. As dusk settled, he returned and made dinner for them all.

The night was anxious for them all. Allysandra suppressed her growing desire and, in time, found a restless slumber. Her companion in the bed experienced her own confused emotions. All around her, the scent of man had mingled with Allysandra’s and her own scents. It only served to exacerbate her anxious longing.

And, the arousal of the older man had only grown in the days since he had released his seed in the pretty Rebekah’s throat. It took him some time. But, he found himself standing to look down on the angelic faces of the girls. Their sleeping forms hid in the shadows. But, he could see the outlines of their lips as they hung delicately open.

The vulnerability of these two was something he would never see again after this night. And, again, bestial impulses threatened to overwhelm him.

“Ah…” he sighed and turned to leave while he still could restrain himself.

The night was crisp and awash with moonlight. It was beautiful. elvankent escort The river rolled on endlessly.

His lust was strong. But, his mind was pensive. He sat by the river and relived his memories.

Once, he had been very happy. Two beautiful women had shared his humble home like another pair did this moment. His wife had been kind and his daughter happy. It had been a good life. One that he never thought he deserved. But, could only be grateful for as long as he could. And, of course, it had not been something that could last.

The fond, reminiscent, smile that clung to his lips as he remembered those happy moments slowly fell. He had lost them both in the space of a few days. Their sweat drenched faces plagued his mind as he remembered them struggling to hold onto this world.

For the longest time, he had hated how the sickness had somehow left him behind while stripping him of all that mattered. Whatever god ruled this world had chosen suffering for him. That’s what he thought. And, what’s more, a ghost had come back to him. The maiden Rebekah haunted his mind with her likeness to his lost daughter.

In the quiet moment by the river, he allowed tears to well up in his eyes. The loss he’d experienced. The shame of his own contemptible desires. It all boiled within him. He didn’t even notice his company until the brown haired girl in braids sat a pace or two at his side.

Ben didn’t turn to her. He simply saw her in the periphery of his vision. In a way, he feared that, like a ghost, she would disappear if he surprised her. But, she was there.

Rebekah was confused by her own actions. Conflicting thoughts had told her to stay in bed and to go out into the night. She thought of all the shame she’d endured. The one time fantasy of being a respectable wife and mother… It all seemed to have been stolen from her.

And now, her face twisted as she felt the heat in her loins. The itching anxiety of her crotch. It was sickening. It was sad. And yet, she longed for something she could barely comprehend.

The pair sat in silence, neither knowing what to do. But, it was Rebekah that chose to act.

Her lips trembled and her hands fidgeted as she stood and moved in front of the older man. She looked down on him as her breathing grew shallow. With hesitant fingers, she reached behind her to pull the string that bound her top. The cold air caressed the tips of her breasts as the fabric fell away.

Ben’s mouth hung open as he looked up. The luscious orbs of the woman stood out defiantly from her chest. In his mind he was lost. He wasn’t what he thought of as an ugly man. But, he had long passed his prime. A woman like this had no comprehensible reason to present herself to him. And yet, she was.

A quaking came over the young maid as she slipped her fingers down to her short skirt. The private place that only a husband should know. The place that had been taken by a stranger and tested by this old man. It was revealed faster than she could process.

Her naked lips looked pristine and unblemished. They didn’t gape as they did after she had been raped. The flowing gunk of a man had long been washed away. But, she knew that she was dirty. And, that it didn’t matter if she was dirtied again.

Mournful thoughts of what he’d lost left the man as he looked up into the shadow of the beauty’s crotch. In the moonlight, he could see the delicate slit that served as gateway to a heaven that only men could know. The bulge of her thighs begged him to grip them and pull her down to him. But, he held himself back.

Rebekah breathed deeply. In her mind, the conflicting thoughts threatened to overwhelm her. But, a decision was made. She dropped to her knees before him, her eyes avoiding his face. The bulge in his pants was the only thing she could focus on.

Twitching fingers found the hem of the man’s pants. He worked with her as she pulled them down.

It was contemptible, but Rebekah felt her mouth water as she freed the beast within his clothes. The penis that had brutalized her throat spasmed with excitement at the exposure. A small glistening droplet at the tip of the dick showed his readiness.

The brown haired girl felt her tongue flit out of her tight lips. She didn’t mean to wet them. But, she did so without a thought.

As her face drew close to the monstrosity, Rebekah drew in the smell of Ben’s musk. His manly scent should have repulsed her. But, it somehow excited her.

For the first time, her eyes turned up from the fleshy stick to look into the face of the man she had such conflicting emotions for. His mouth hung open as he panted. The eyes that looked down on her were excited, but passive. He was within her power.

The thought of control made Rebekah more confident in her actions. There was no denying the degradation of what she would do. To wrap her lips around his smelly meat. To suck cock like a whore. But then, she was already a used woman. What was one more disgrace?

Her eyes returned to the ugly knob. Somehow she wanted it. She hungered for it.

Rebekah’s lips parted as she lowered her mouth to the stinking cock. Her pink tongue dipped out to lick the glistening precum from his crown. Its taste was neutral, neither disgusting or tasty. Just the fluid of his lust.

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