Pushing Limits Ch. 08

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As always everyone in the story is well over 18 and there are things in here that some will find icky…check the tags and read at your own risk.


While Madame left the room to consider which of Helga’s requests would be granted with my body I welcomed the much-needed break. I immediately headed for Sir, so anxious to see what he was thinking.

Jeannette put her hand on my arm and drew me back. “Don’t. I know you need him right now, but if you want the results we talked about you must process this on your own without input. Even from him.” Maybe this will help…

She puts a button-down shirt of his that he wore yesterday around my shoulders. I slip it on and bury my face in the collar…it still smells like him.

“Yeah, this helps.” She has no idea how much. “Thanks. So funny, until I put this on I forgot I was naked.”

Jeannette grins, “you don’t say.”

I shiver as I realize what that means. Changing the subject…

Did Mary conduct your rituals?”

“No. It would be highly unethical for a mentor to have a sexual or romantic relationship with someone they were guiding on their sacred path.”

I raised my eyebrow at her and she laughed, “sex is part of the ritual, you can’t exorcise your fear, insecurity, and inhibitions without exposing and confronting your true self. Sex taps into the most deeply personal aspects of us …our minds, our bodies, our spirits. Sex is also where we cling to some of our most tightly held and self-limiting beliefs.

So many go through life being exactly who others want them to be. Only by forcefully stripping someone of their carefully crafted persona can they see themselves for who they really are.

You started this process on your own without knowing what you were doing. Looking inward to try to understand the parts of you you’ve denied, often even to yourself. Confronting the shame, acknowledging that it’s real then setting it aside to try to look at your sexuality objectively. Shame and guilt have been excellent cohorts in obfuscating part of your own truth from yourself. But you’re clever so you kept catching your brain lying to you. I bet you’ve had some highly entertaining arguments with yourself in your own head.”

Who me?

“You started a journey into a world that has it’s dark and scary corners alone and without a map. That’s fucking brave.

You’ve got a few areas of irrational craziness like everyone, but your self-esteem is pretty damn solid. Great but it can make submitting harder for you than most. If you didn’t have that ball gag keeping you quiet I hate to think how many extra lashes that mouth of yours would have gotten you.

I’m curious, what was harder to bear? The leather strap on your ass or having to stifle all the logical arguments you wanted to make?”

I laugh…”the beating! I can go home and spatter my logical arguments anonymously all over the net but that fucker hurt!”

She moves behind me to lift the shirt enough to run her fingers over my battered ass.

“It was so beautiful…your ass flinches a microsecond before the strap lands, the sound of it hitting your skin…admitting to all the depraved things you love, seeing your pretty ass get redder and then watching you take the fucking no matter how brutal Helga got… I know you couldn’t see me as what and who are in your line of vision at any given time is no accident… Good thing, I wouldn’t have wanted you to be distracted by my fucking myself with a dildo until I exploded.”

“What?” I ask, incredulous something like that could happen without my noticing.

Smiling she shrugs, “I couldn’t help it, you were smokin’ hot.”

“You know you have this look at times…an expression that’s both submissive and challenging, it Beylikdüzü escort does something to Mary. Thank you for that, because as worked up as she’s getting from you I’m going to get well fucked tonight!

Speaking of Mary, she sure is taking her time. In the meantime, lets fix your hair” she says as she plugs in the curling iron and searched the floor for my black hair ribbon. She finds it…”it’s no longer quite so pristine” she says as she holds it up.

“Could have said the same about my ass after my first night with Sir.”

“A sense of humor about ass fucking will serve you well this afternoon” she yells over her shoulder as runs upstairs to get another one.”

I glance over at Sir talking with Helga. He looks so bored. Good.”

He looks up catching my eye and smiles, “You okay?” “Yep.” “You sure? Say the word and we’re out of here.” “I’m okay as long as you’re here.” “You are kicking 7 kinds of ass, kitten!” “I know, right?!” Verbatim transcript of the entire conversation we had without saying a word.

Jeanette returns and does her magic, soon my hair is once again softly up I start to feel like me. Washing my face, brushing my teeth, some fresh mascara and some clear strawberry gloss I feel refreshed and ready to face what’s next.

If I could only pee. It’s been forever…

Just in time as Madame rejoins us with a sheaf of papers in her hand which hold my fate. I am once again very, very nervous.

Madame holds a print out of Helga’s requests. Jeannette instructs Helga and I to stand before them – like we’re doctoral candidates facing a panel for a weird PhD program.

Madame begins “The remainder of our day will be as follows. We’ll discuss Helga’s requests, followed by the commission of the approved acts, after which Helga will be dismissed.

We will conduct the final 3 rituals and conclude our session.”

I’m struck by the formality. It’s like we’re at a clothing optional financial audit.

“Let’s begin

1. Ravishing ass and pussy with mouth: Granted.

2. DP with strap-ons: Denied.

3. Wetting panties on lap: Granted.

4. GS by her Sir: Denied.

5. Belt choking with double headed dildo: Denied.

6, watching her suck cock: Denied.

7. Golden shower struggle fuck: Denied.

8. Getting GS from fucktoy: Denied due to logistics as she will have emptied her bladder. You may, however, have her urine soaked panties to do with as you wish.

9. Fucked by her Sir: Denied.

10. Service another man: Denied.

With her black robe and brusque manner it’s like Madame is clearing the docket in some kinky version of small claims court.

Madame addresses Helga, “As for the requests you made in direct violation of basic protocol you will be punished for those leave today and we will address them in depth at your next training session.

Now that this is settled let’s get started, Helga please take a seat in the chair.”

it was then we noticed a hard-plastic chair had been moved to the center of the room.

“Be a good girl and put these panties on for me” Jeannette said as she handed me a pair of cotton bikinis..

“You’d better hurry up…the way you keep shifting from one foot to the other I don’t think you’re going to be able to hold it much longer.”

Was that anticipation in her eyes? Nah – I doubt very much she’s dying to watch me wet my panties while on another woman in front of an audience.

Is she?

As Helga takes her seat Jeannette whispers something in Mary’s ear. Mary Looks intrigued and they move to a far corner of the room speak privately, asking Sir to join them.

“Remain standing, we’ll return in a moment.” I hear a desperate whimper saying “nooooo” and it takes me a second Beylikdüzü escort to realize it came from me.

They all turn around and I’m crying, grabbing myself through the pink cotton panties, shifting from foot to foot in a desperate attempt not to wet myself, a fight I’m about to lose.

They look at each other Jeannette says to Mary, “given the circumstances…” to which Mary replies “but it will only be a few more minutes…”. Sir has had it and ignoresthem both…

“Helga, on the chair, now, legs together. Kitten on her lap, legs apart, wrap your feet around her legs for balance…that’s my girl…”.

Mary and Jeannette have also returned to their seats but I have no idea what their reactions were as my eyes were locked on Sir.

Helga is getting what she wanted in the few seconds it takes me to get situated, as I’m squirming so much she’s having trouble keeping me balanced on her lap…

“Wet your panties like a good little slut. Now.” Absolutely nothing could have kept the dam from bursting at that point and I let go on his command. Flooding Helga’s lap, its running down her legs, soaking the chair pooling on the floor…it feels like I’ll never stop.

I finally do and I lean back lying on Helga exhausted, relieved, and so fucking grateful.

“Thank you, Sir.” Thank God he knows an emergency when he sees one since neither Mary nor Jeannette did.

“You did a very good job fuck kitten.”

To Mary and Jeannette, he said “I told you I was going to intervene if she needed me.” If they were offended by his completely unapologetic tone they showed no sign.

I make no move to get up. in part because I haven’t been told I could but also because while my panties and bottom are soaked other than that I’m dry because my legs were tucked out of the way. Helga on the other hand is drenched and sitting in my puddle.

Mary addresses both of us: “the three of us need to discuss something in private. And will be over there for a few minutes…”

Jeannette interjects, “but first stand up, both of you.” I rise to my feet and it starts to run down my legs. So much for staying dry.

“Helga, remove her wet panties and lay them over the back of your chair. Then bring her a clean chair and cover it with soft towels, fold some for the seat so she’s comfortable…”

Helga obeys immediately.

Jeannette tells me to sit down and turns back to Helga, “you are to make sure she’s comfortable then clean her. You’re the reason she needs a bath so give her one. First with your tongue.”

“Are you comfortable, slut?” Helga asks.

“Helga, you are now to address her as Miss, is that clear?” Said Jeannette.

Okay, now we’re both confused.

“Are you comfortable, Miss?”

To her credit Helga knows how to obey.

“Clean her pussy with your mouth, now.” Jeannette orders and she instantly drops her head and starts licking me…first tentatively then opening me with her fingers to get everywhere her tongue could reach. I wonder if she’s thinking about how she cleaned Sir with her mouth after he emptied his bladder on her. I bet she is. I bet she thinks about it a lot when furiously rubbing her pussy.

If this is supposed to be punishment it’s not working, she’s so excited she’s trembling and She so enthusiastically tonguing my pussy I wonder how long she’s been wanting to do this.

“Good, Helga.. Now her ass.”

“Miss will you please rise so I can clean your bottom with my mouth?” Her voice shaking with excitement.

Talk about a sentence I never thought I’d hear.

I stand and turn around and eagerly licks every inch of my ass…spreading my cheeks open and getting between them.

I hear a barely audible “yes” as she flicked her tongue over Escort Beylikdüzü my sensitive asshole and am surprised to feel the tip of her tongue trying to penetrate…I instinctively clench but undeterred she continues to try to work her tongue into my bottom. I finally relax enough for her to slip it inside and she immediately starts fingering her pussy as she tongues my ass with wild abandon.

“Nice job Helga. Go wash yourself quickly taking care not to touch yourself any more than necessary.” Jeannette instructs her.

Once this is done take her into the bathroom and give her a quick but thorough sitz bath. Dry her give her the shirt hanging behind the door, it’s her Sir’s. Do you understand what you are to do?”

“Yes, Madame Jeannette.”

“Good. One other thing, I don’t think she’s in the mood to talk with you at the moment. Take her wet panties and use them to gag yourself until she gives you permission to remove them.”

I have no idea what’s going on. And I’ve never seen Jeannette in Domme mode before… it’s impressive and a little scary.

Jeannette sees the stunned look on my face and grins…”I may have forgotten to mention that I’m very comfortable on either side of the belt” and with that they go to have their private discussion.

Once we’re alone I immediately tell Helga she may remove the panty gag. I may not be thrilled with her at the moment, but I’m not cruel.

I expected her to be grateful but she looks disappointed. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that being kind is treating someone how they want to be treated, not how you would want to be treated in their position.

“On second thought, leave it in if you want to.” I felt so silly telling her what to do, like I was in a skit…but there was genuine gratitude in her eyes – worth feeling a little silly for.

She follows Jeannette’s instructions to the letter with amazing efficiency. Minutes after she was done with everything Sir, Mary, and Jeannette returned.

“Excellent.” As Jeannette surveys the scene.

“You haven’t allowed her to remove her panty gag?” She’s asks me, genuinely surprised.

“”I told her she could then she looked so sad I took it back. She likes it.”

Mary gets our attention and we turn in our seats to face her. “As I told you both before the plan was to do the things granted on Helga request list, punish then dismiss Helga, and complete the three remaining rituals.

But as the requests granted all fall under one of the three it’s a sign to use them as such.

And there is no shortage of opportunities to give Helga the punishment she’s earned.

Stand up.”

We both rise silently.

“The sacred rituals are designed to push your limits by experiencing first hand different variants of the dynamic. This will be uncomfortable, painful, and designed to upset your emotional balance.

You will be required to do things you’ve never done before. Some you’ve never considered. Some you may find distasteful. We don’t expect proficiency, that takes experience. But you need to try to perform to the best of your ability and answer all questions with completely truthful and explicit answers.

Do you understand?”

“Yes, Madame. I understand.”

“Good. Helga, this experience will be invaluable for your training, but that’s not why we’re here. You will serve in whatever capacity will best serve her needs. You must obey without question no matter what is asked of you and answer all questions honestly and explicitly. Do you understand?”

“Yes Madame, I understand”

“Do you? You have had problems being open and explicit when answering questions about your feelings or desires in the past. We won’t coax it out of you or read between the lines. If you cannot admit to your filthy needs and desires you’ll be immediately dismissed and then punished when this is over.”

“I will do my best and if I fail I will accept my punishment.”

“Good. The first ritual is dominating another…let’s begin…”

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